Male God is Chasing My Brother
Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 41

Chapter 41 – What is the 37th Scene

When he woke up the next morning, Ma Lao gave an order to officially start shooting.

The filming time was set from the protagonist’s teenage years, and the main actors continued to use yesterday’s look. An Xumo was still watching carefully, but he could clearly feel the difference between today and yesterday.

“Cut! No, Ling Sihang, your eyes are too blank. Look at Ye Qisheng, keep an eye on him! It’s a scene between the two of you, which may only be a few seconds when we cut it out. You have to use those few seconds to make people see the relationship between the two of you. Again!”

The volume of Ma Lao’s voice was already relatively loud, coupled with his loudspeaker; his voice could be heard throughout the set. He was repeatedly stuck with a scene he filmed yesterday for five times. Not to mention the two leading actors, even a group of extras on the set were a bit scared.

However, when the scene record hit the board again, everyone in the shot regained their most serious demeanor, and there was almost no difference from the first shot.

The flashback scene of the main character talking in the classroom had been shot for seven times. Only after the seventh time that the scene was over did Ma Lao finally felt satisfied. Everyone outside the camera was busy preparing for the next scene.

Today’s rhythm is obviously much faster than yesterday, and the atmosphere was no longer as laid-back as yesterday. An Xumo, who was watching from the side, was inevitably affected with tension. He was a little startled when he heard Ma Lao yelled for several times, “Cut! Again.”

Nonetheless, in his opinion, it was the experience of watching slowly that made up for his lack of acting.

An Xumo has already been long familiar with the script. After reviewing yesterday’s scene, he also did a simulation scene that he would be shooting today in advance. In fact, An Xumo’s imagination could be described as lacking, but it was this advanced simulation that made him fully realize the gap between himself and the real actors.

For example, in the scene where Ling Sihang and Ye Qisheng are gossiping in the classroom, what An Xumo thought was that the two people finished their lines separately then supportively show some appropriate expressions. However, Zhou Jinchen and Lin Rui used a lot of body language during the filming, reflecting the character’s personality in detail — when listening to Lin Rui’s lines, Zhou Jinchen has been spinning his pen indifferently. And then, when Ling Sihang was about to be surprised by what Ye Qisheng had said, he grasped the spinning pen, letting the tip mark a long trace on his finger.

The scene was shot four times and Zhou Jinchen scratched his hand four times. An Xumo helped to pass the wet wipes to erase the pen marks.

However, there are some free-play parts that are corrected by Ma Lao. Whether desirable or undesirable, the actor’s thoughts about their role are revealed in their performance, turning the thin line of the scripts into three-dimensional images for the camera. In this observation, An Xumo quickly absorbed all kinds of knowledge like a sponge.

He used to know too little, but he could learn a lot. As a top director in China, Ma Lao’s process of filming on set can be directly used as a classic example. For An Xumo, meeting a director like Ma Lao for the first time was indeed stressful, but as a result, his starting point was much higher than that of other actors.

It’s like an exam, and what An Xumo has accumulated now are real exam questions and detailed standard answers. Although there are a lot of steps he still doesn’t understand, as long as he can memorize them, there will always be a time when he can get through them.

Fortunately, An Xumo is best at memorizing.

To this day, An Xumo still remembers the sweet taste of the first piece of toffee his brother gave him. As he grew up, the malice around him became overwhelming that An Xumo had to learn to focus on things that wouldn’t hurt him. That’s how he got his admission notice. When he was practicing dancing, he could imitate his teacher’s movements just by looking at them once.

Now, when he watches the filming, as long as An Xumo watches carefully, he can record the entire scene in his mind, including the actor’s subtle processing of expressions, and every little gesture used to show their personalities.

He was the second backup camera on the set.

The morning shooting was spent in repeated and intense reshoots. Fortunately, various situations have all been anticipated during the previous coordination. When the last scene passed, it was five minutes before the scheduled lunch time.

Everyone finished their work and prepared to have a rest. The actors changed out of their tops and put on their own clothes to avoid their costumes getting dirty in the lounge. An Xumo quickly stopped Sister Liu in the crowd and instantly expressed his wish before sending out the lunch boxes.

“You want a new script?” Sister Liu was slightly stunned.

“Yes,” An Xumo nodded. “I heard that the script has been changed, I wanted to see the new copy.”

“It’s like this.” Sister Liu held the thing in her hand under her arm, clasping her palms together, and explained to An Xumo, “Ma Lao often changes the script before making a movie, so we have a limited number of new prints. We only give them to actors who have changed their parts; otherwise, we print them in every change. The next time it was changed again, the previous batch will be scrapped.”

An Xumo hesitated, “I know Sister Liu, but I heard that……it seems to include my part in the revised script.”

“Oh, that’s right Xiao An.” Sister Liu patted his shoulder, “Your male four is one of the few roles that Ma Lao has been making changes to, and still hasn’t been finalized. Only a few actors you’re in the scenes with have gotten the revised script.”

“For now, your part hasn’t officially started filming and the final scene hasn’t been settled yet. We’re going to wait for Ma Lao to confirm before giving you the new script.”

With this matter at hand, An Xumo is not in a position to ask further questions. He smiled at Sister Liu and said, “Okay, I will just wait. Thank you, Sister Liu. I’m sorry to bother you!”

“No bother, no bother.” Sister Liu waved her hand, laughing, “Xiao An’s mouth is sweet, and looks good when he smiles, how can it be said to be disturbing.”

An Xumo was fiercely praised and couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed. He helped Sister Liu bring back the lunch box before taking his share and going to the rest area.

Before leaving, Sister Liu added, “Oh, hey, Xiao An, if you really want to get familiar with the new script, you can also try to find the two main actors, as they both have the latest and most complete script.”

An Xumo replied, “En. Thank you, Sister Liu.”

“Sister Liu’s friendly advice ha, Xiao An you’d better go and try to find Mr. Lin Riu,” Sister Liu kindly advised. “Although the age difference between you and Mr. Zhou Jinchen is smaller, he may be a little colder in private.”

An Xumo smiled again and said, “Okay, I know.”

When he turned around and walked away, Sister Liu took back her eyes. She weighed the warm box of rice in her hands, and said to herself, “What a lovely cub, oh. Don’t be scared.”

An Xumo did not hear Sister Liu’s feelings, but he still has a general image of his brother in the eyes of the public.

Some media reports have posted on the internet about their impression of Zhou Jinchen, and the report was quite widely shared. The report interviewed many audiences of different age groups, ranging from senior citizens in their 70s or 80s to elementary school students in their 7 or 8 years old. A large number of samples were selected from each group.

It’s not necessary to watch it for those citizens who are around forty and below, and the fan situation is basically crushed. The problem is that, although Zhou Jinchen acted in many movies, he hasn’t played in many classical melodies. His popularity does not spread among those over fifty. The tester directly took Zhou Jinchen’s gifs to the interviewees, surprisingly, nearly half of the aunts and uncles didn’t have a good impression of him.

“He looks too fierce. This baby looks good, but it’s not good to pinch[1]to pinch (with one’s fingers); to knead; to make up. at first glance. If he comes in the door, It’s sure to be, hey, wife!” (Hey: teaching fiercely)

The audio of this interview was released as a clip to be cut into the collection as highlights. As soon as the video report came out, Zhou Jinchen’s fans almost died of laughter at that time. Since Zhou Jinchen himself did not have a Weibo, the Royal Guards went to the studio Weibo to line up. The messages read, “Brother Jinchen, hey wife?” and “Wife, clocked-in and wait for training!”

Sister Liu’s son is about the same age as An Xumo. Naturally, her attitude towards Zhou Jinchen was a little different. But in the end, An Xumo could not bypass his brother to ask Lin Riu for the script. Holding his lunch box, he went to find Zhou Jinchen, who was about to eat.

It was noisy as people came and went on the set. However, Zhou Jinchen was standing in the temporary makeshift resting shed, looking like it would be no problem to film in the shed right away. He has always been the one who can’t be buried in the limelight, with a long, slender body, and an outstanding temperament which can be seen at a glance among many people.

What’s more, the person looking for him was An Xumo.

Once raw, twice cooked,[2]一回生二回熟: unfamiliar at first, but well accustomed soon enough [idiom] An Xumo took the initiative to greet several actors gathered together and found a seat next to Zhou Jinchen. After their lunch, the others went to get the snacks distributed by the crew. Only then did An Xumo have the opportunity to talk with Zhou Jinchen.

“Brother Jinchen.”

As soon as An Xumo called out, Zhou Jinchen put down his chopsticks, turned his head, and asked, “Are you full?”

An Xumo suddenly felt as if he had become a hungry tiger that needed to be remembered for every meal. He smiled embarrassedly and said, “I’m full.”

Zhou Jinchen didn’t say anything and just looked at him. An Xumo was guilty of looking at him. In the end, he honestly took out the beef stick from the big side pocket.

There were five flavors, cumin flavor, grilled flavor, and of course, the most original flavor without much flavoring. An Xumo wore a specially prepared spacious clothes today. He showed his full inventory to his brother, “Tang Tang prepared it for me in advance.”

Zhou Jinchen glanced at it and said, “Called me for something?”

An Xumo said, “Brother Jinchen, will you be using your script now? I want to take a look at the part about Bai Qingchi and learn about the new changes made in advance.”

An Xumo thought that this should not be too much to ask. He won’t take up too much of the other party’s time. He only needs to read it once and write it down, then go back to his own script to change it.

He didn’t expect Zhou Jinchen’s expression to move slightly, but he didn’t agree to it right away.

An Xumo didn’t know what was going on. Seeing Zhou Jinchen’s hesitation, he hurriedly added, “It doesn’t matter not reading the script. You use it first, Brother Jinchen. I can’t delay you.”

Upon hearing this, Zhou Jinchen frowned and said, “I don’t need it.”

An Xumo still wanted to say something else, but Zhou Jinchen had already raised his hand and summoned his assistant. He took his own script from the assistant and handed it to An Xumo.

“Bai Qingchi’s scenes have been revised a lot, mainly from 35th to the 40th scene and the part after 78th.”

Zhou Jinchen’s deep voice was faint, and he could not hear any ups and downs.

An Xumo thanked him and was about to turn to the 37th scene to read it, but he heard the man near his side adding another sentence.

“The 37th scene includes a kissing scene between Bai Qingchi and Ye Qisheng.”

“Me……and who?!”


The author has something to say:

Xiao Mo thinks he’s a hungry tiger in the eyes of his brother, but the truth is…… [Cat’s Paw]

In addition, there seems to be no accurate answer to the exact content of the 37th scene……

As for who Xiao Mo is going to have his first kiss with on the television screen, listen to the bag announcement [panda head holding up a windmill.jpg]

On the question about the ship, there will certainly be. Xiao Mo asks for a kiss and his brother gave him several kisses, plus, cough. The time has come to wait for my ship’s ticket, ha. 

[panda head holding up a windmill.jpg]


1 to pinch (with one’s fingers); to knead; to make up.
2 一回生二回熟: unfamiliar at first, but well accustomed soon enough [idiom]

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