Male God is Chasing My Brother
Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 43

Chapter 43 – Just like a sweet dream

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It took less than a second from the cramping pain in his right arm to the time he fell forward. An Xumo should have been able to make an instinctive reaction of self-protection but his mind was so occupied by the man standing not far away, that he didn’t have the time to withdraw his straightened left arm and just jumped forward.

The yoga mat was only one person’s wide, and in front of An Xumo was the hard wooden floor. When he fell over, he looked like he was going to knock his face directly on the floor. Even without much height, the force of such a direct collision cannot be underestimated.

It happened so fast that An Xumo didn’t even have time to react. He slammed straight to the floor, his body made close contact with the wooden floor, making a “peng” sound.

He subconsciously closed his eyes tightly and only after a while did he slowly recover his reaction.

After all, the area of force on the front of his chest was relatively wide. Even if he fell directly straight down, he didn’t feel any sharp pain, but it is a bit uncomfortable. The face is different, with the bridge of the nose and the chin being the easiest places to get hurt, these two places would definitely bear the brunt of such an unbuffered movement.

However, what really made An Xumo freeze for a long time was not the sharp pain he had expected, but the temperature coming from his chin.

His face was being firmly supported by someone’s hand.

The man who caught An Xumo was Zhou Jinchen, who had just pushed the door and came in. He was originally standing not far from the door, but the gym itself was not very spacious. He was able to rush over in time and reach out his hand to cushion An Xumo’s face.

Zhou Jinchen stood on one knee beside An Xumo, looking down at the boy lying on the ground and whispered, “Are you hurt?’

“No, no.”

An Xumo was supported by the palm of his hand and didn’t directly hurt his face. But he could confirm that he had just clearly heard the sound of his palm hitting the wooden floor.

He hurriedly got up from the ground and sat back down on his yoga mat, his eyes are still on Zhou Jinchen’s right hand.

“Thank you, Brother Jinchen. Is your hand alright?”

Zhou Jinchen slowly retracted his right hand, looked at him, and said, “There is no one else now.”

An Xumo called out in a low voice, “Brother.”

Zhou Jinchen moved his wrist, “It’s nothing serious.”

He looked at the person, “What happened to your face?”

An Xumo said blankly, “Huh?”

“It’s very red,” Zhou Jinchen said. “You’re not really hurt?”

An Xumo couldn’t say anything but shook his head desperately.

The temperature on his chin did not disappear as the man’s palm moved away, but instead, like a cluster of ignited flames, it burned into a raging fire from a seed the size of a star. The blazing heat burned An Xumo’s senses and thoughts to a pulp, burning his cheeks, ears, and even his neck with it.

Zhou Jinchen was still looking at him. In An Xumo’s current condition, his expression was not very convincing.

It’s just that An Xumo can’t say anything properly now, even explaining and covering up has become incredibly difficult.

The room fell silent for a moment, leaving only the yoga music playing gently on the phone.

Zhou Jinchen got up from his half-kneeling position, turning around, and walked towards the door. An Xumo, who was sitting on a yoga mat, looked up at him blankly and realized that the man was also wearing a workout outfit. It seems that he also came to exercise.

Zhou Jinchen wore a pure black workout outfit. Although the clothes were loose, and even the waistline can’t be clearly seen, this outfit still looks particularly eye-catching on a well-proportioned man.

An Xumo finally didn’t think he was dreaming anymore.

He could never imagine such a wonderful and concrete scene.

Zhou Jinchen turned around and came back holding the water bottle An Xumo had just placed at the door. He walked over and handed it to An Xumo.

An Xumo quickly reached out his hands and took it, “Thank you, brother.”

Zhou Jinchen watched as he tilted his head up and took a sip. He waited until the boy lowered his head to wipe the water droplets from his chin and said, “You have to be careful.”

An Xumo didn’t react for a while, “……what’s the matter?”

Zhou Jinchen glanced at the yoga mat underneath the other party’s body, “Don’t do overly difficult movements, lest you get injured before acting and delay the filming progress.”

An Xumo recalled his own action when he fell down from the mat. He couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed.

Zhou Jinchen was assured, but wrinkled his brow, “Your face is red again.”

An Xumo simply wanted to hide himself under the yoga mat. He finally calmed down with great difficulty and seriously explained that he wasn’t really hurt.

After his repeated reassurance, Zhou Jinchen let the issue go.

When the man saw that he was fine, he turned and went to the open space beside the treadmill to do some stretching. An Xumo quietly breathed a sigh of relief and got up from the ground to get his phone which was stuck on the wall.

There was no one in the room earlier making An Xumo feel comfortable playing music. But now that his brother was also in the gym, he was too embarrassed to continue playing the music like this.

An Xumo found a pair of wireless earphones from his chest pocket, putting the charging case aside, and inserted the earphones in his ears.

The music was automatically transferred to the wireless earphones. An Xumo was supposed to turn up the volume, but it’s as if the demons and gods were at work,[1]鬼使神差: demons and gods at work (idiom); unexplained event crying out for a supernatural explanation; curious coincidence. he turned off the volume, muting it.

With a soft “plop”, Zhou Jinchen switched on the treadmill. He stood on the treadmill and was less than three meters away from An Xumo on the yoga mat.

An Xumo was listening to the sound of running from his brother’s side while doing new moves. The rapid heartbeat gradually subsided and the heat on his face slowly receded.

He suddenly remembered an incident from a long time ago.

During a group outing in senior high school, a boy was sitting next to a girl he had a crush on. The boy kept his earphones on and didn’t talk to her, while the girl kept talking to her friend across the aisle. It wasn’t until the guy in the front row pulled his earphones off which revealed that he hadn’t even turned up the volume on his earphones.

An Xumo didn’t understand why everyone mocked at that time, nor did the two people who were mocked blushed. In group activities, no one took him along and no one would ask him. After such a long time, An Xumo suddenly understood the feeling of worrying about being discovered and couldn’t help but listen to the other person’s voice.

The slight sourness with a lot of sweetness, like a cream cake drizzled with strawberry jam, one person quietly eats heartily.

The two of them were exercising in the gym without disturbing each other in harmony. It took a long time for the peaceful atmosphere in the gym to be broken by the ringing of An Xumo’s phone.

Zhou Jinchen, who was doing leg muscle training, glanced his way at the sound. An Xumo, who was raising his head on the wall to do flexibility exercises, withdrew his leg and raised his hand to tap on the earphones twice to answer the call.


An Xumo’s breath was still slightly unsteady.

“Xiao Mo, it’s me.”

Tang Tang’s voice came over.

“Tomorrow at noon is the crew’s opening time.[2]开放: to be open ((to the public] Arrangements have been made for the media and fans to come over for a visit. I let you know in advance that your fans will also come.”

“Okay.” An Xumo responded. He thought for a moment then said, “Do I need to prepare anything?”

In addition to the fact that he still has not made much contact with his fans, An Xumo was not yet famous during the promotion of 《Dance to the Top Show》 and the 《Sunny Weekend》 was done by a few permanent residents. The time is not yet ripe for the fan meeting. Even picking up at the airport and other activities, the team decided to keep An Xumo low-key to avoid being plastered by sunspots and did not disclose flight information.

“It’s fine. Xiao Zhang and I will be there. We will help if something happens.” Tang Tang said. “Besides, tomorrow’s main target should be Brother Zhou and Lin Rui, as well as Ma Lao and the others. We don’t need to worry too much for the time being.”

After a few brief conversations, An Xumo hung up the phone. He was about to go back and continue his workout, but he saw Zhou Jinchen coming over, and standing in front of him, nudging his ear.

An Xumo hurriedly took off his earphones, “What’s the matter, brother?”

“It’s ten o’clock.”

Zhou Jinchen’s breath was steady, but An Xumo, who has sharp eyes, still saw traces of sweat on the side of his face. The outline of the man’s face was already perfect, but when he looks at it in close range, he looks even more aggressive.

An Xumo tried hard to concentrate before he heard the second half of his brother’s sentence, “Don’t stay too late.”

Although Bai Qingchi’s part has not yet started filming, An Xumo has been following on the set these days, and Zhou Jinchen had naturally seen his performance. Tomorrow, he would have to get up early in the morning to film again, and only then would Zhou Jinchen come over to remind him.

An Xumo realized that he had unknowingly spent nearly two hours with his brother.

“Are you leaving, brother?”

Zhou Jinchen nodded his head.

“Let’s go together then?”

It was only after the words came out of his mouth that An Xumo realized that he had been abrupt. However, before he could remedy the situation, Zhou Jinchen gave an “um” and made his way to the side and stood aside to wait for him.

From the moment An Xumo grabbed his jacket and water bottle and was about to leave, he still felt somewhat erratic and surreal.

Six months ago, An Xumo was still counting the days he did not see his brother as a trainee. Even half a month ago, when he saw Zhou Jinchen, he couldn’t even come forward to say hello.

Now, they can actually see each other for more than eight hours a day, discuss scripts, and exercise together.

An Xumo had never been so grateful for his original decision.

Fortunately, he gave up his daily life and put all his eggs in one basket[3][孤注一掷迈入了: to stake all on one throw; putting everything in doing one enter the entertainment industry.

Even if he only looked at how they get along after joining the crew, An Xumo felt that he had already earned enough money.

The two of them left the gym together and headed to the crew’s area. This was the first time that An Xumo realized clearly that the distance was so close.

When they arrived at An Xumo’s room, Zhou Jinchen’s room was still some distance away. An Xumo waved goodbye and tried to naturally say, “Good night, Brother Jinchen.”

Zhou Jinchen not only nodded in response as he had expected but also replied.

“Good night.”

An Xumo swiped his card to enter the room, inserting the room card in the wall switch, and the bright light came down, landing on the thin boy’s shoulders.

It was the most beautiful dream he could imagine.


The author has something to say:

The filming process of 《Different Roads》 is the stage when the elder brother changes his mind, so the writing may be more detailed. About the elder brother’s illness, as well as his attitude towards Xiao Mo will be in this period.

I write it out in between so it might seem a little bit slow, but I hope you don’t mind _ (: 3 ” ∠) _

After all, the outline has already been written and I would not dare change it easily. I would like to thank everyone in advance for their tolerance (putting palms together)


1 鬼使神差: demons and gods at work (idiom); unexplained event crying out for a supernatural explanation; curious coincidence.
2 开放: to be open ((to the public]
3 [孤注一掷迈入了: to stake all on one throw; putting everything in doing one thing.

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