Male God is Chasing My Brother
Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 44

Chapter 44 – An Xumo’s little dark cloud

In the early morning of the next day, it was still a busy day of filming. As usual, An Xumo woke up early and went to the set to watch.

However, unlike the previous days, there were two special events today.

First, the visit that Tang Tang mentioned to An Xumo on the phone last night. Second, the actor Wan Xianming, who has already filmed all his parts, will leave the group.

The character played by Wang Xianming is the same as the perpetrator of the first murder, Xiong Shouzhen. Although he is the original creator of the story in the film, he does not appear in many scenes, and only appears in a few flashback shots from ten years ago. In addition to the fact that the entire film is only a hundred minutes long, you can imagine the length of time Wang Xianming was left behind. In less than ten days after he joined the crew, he was officially finished with all his work.

The schedule of the crew has always been tight, so there’s no way to hold a farewell ceremony for Wang Xianming alone. They just bid goodbye to him after a few scenes in the morning.

An Xumo also followed.

Although Bai Qingchi’s part had not officially started filming yet, and there is no interaction between the two characters, the relationship between An Xumo and Wang Xianming has made obvious progress when the crew just started. An Xumo was easily liked by the elders. He helped Wang Xianming find his glasses twice, and the two became familiar with each other. Before he left, Wang Xianming especially took care of An Xumo, telling him to relax and make a good film.

Wang Xianming’s role in 《Different Roads》 was not much, but he is a certified veteran actor who has proved his strength having played several famous supporting roles, and many years ago, he won the Best Supporting Actor Award at the Wutong Awards. This time he played the extremely vicious drug addict and murderer in the movie and his explosive performance in the few scenes really scared An Xumo.

It was only then that An Xumo realized there would really be someone who could show such viciousness with obvious murder intent with one look and action.

However, outside the film, Wang Xianming is a very nice plump uncle. At first, he had no impression of An Xumo, but later, he saw that the young man was hardworking and diligent. After the two of them gradually interacted, he never failed to mention An Xumo. Whenever An Xumo went to him with a script, he would always answer his questions.

An Xumo was not the only young actor in the cast, but he was the only one to receive such treatment.

After bidding farewell to Wang Xianming, An Xumo couldn’t help but feel a little sad. When Tang Tang came over, she saw her artist, who rarely recite the script while watching his brother, staying under a tree where there were not many people in a daze.

“Xiao Mo,” Tang Tang called out.  “Xiao Mo, what’s wrong with you?”

Only then did An Xumo came to his senses. He looked in the direction of the studio’s door and said, “Uncle Wang has left the crew and just sent him out.”

Tang Tang also knew about the senior actors taking care of An Xumo. She comforted him by saying,  “It’s alright. You still have plenty of opportunities to make movies and there will always be a chance to meet again in the future.”

“En.” An Xumo responded. He wrinkled the tip of his nose, “I just feel that my seniors take good care of me. I kind of, I don’t know how to respond to that.”

Starting with Zhang Zhiwei and Yan Xiangyan on the first variety show, more and more people began to show goodwill towards An Xumo. The trainees who had surrounded An Xumo and the water armies who intentionally bought black materials did not make much of an impact in An Xumo’s heart. However, in the face of these seniors who took care of him, An Xumo felt a little……at a loss.

He didn’t know how to repay their kindness.

Nevertheless, Tang Tang laughed. She patted An Xumo’s shoulder and said, “It’s good to keep this kind of thing in mind because there will always be opportunities to help your seniors in the future.”

“In that case,” An Xumo was a little hesitant, “I’m always worried about what I owe……”

Over time, Tang Tang also noticed the peculiarities of her own artist’s in dealing with the attitudes of others towards him. She patiently explained, “Most of those old generations in the circle have also climbed up bit by bit with the help of others. It’s only natural that they would take care of the younger generation.”

An Xumo asked, “Are all seniors like this towards their juniors?”

Of course not, Tang Tang thought. This circle is a place where they eat people without spitting the bones.[1]吃人不吐骨头: ruthless; vicious and greedy. Nonetheless, there’s no need to say these words to An Xumo, she’ll just keep an eye on him.

Tang Tang said, “Xiao Mo, you have to understand one thing. The seniors will take care of you because you are worth it.”

An Xumo was stunned, “I’m worth it?”

When Tang Tang saw his reaction, she knew he didn’t understand what was going on. She was both angry and amused, “How many young artists do you think would be willing to stop their high salary activities and voluntarily enter the crew to observe and act? Xiao Mo, in a movie like 《Different Roads》, the actors are paid on a daily basis. The artists have to rack their brains to reduce the amount of time between the actors on the film and try to concentrate on everyone’s scenes into the tightest time frame. The days after you joined the crew, let’s not mention that you were not paid, even the lunch boxes were paid separately.”

“These days, you not only did not ask for 《Different Roads》’s pay but also turned down a lot of business activities, with your current price, people who know a little about the industry can figure out how much money you’ll lose if they think about it. If not, why would people be so surprised that you’ve been on the set all this time? In other people’s eyes, you’re actually exchanging a high salary for the opportunity to learn how to act, and very few young idols would choose to do that. That’s why they look at you differently.”

An Xumo really does not know about this. He was still a trainee when he signed with Jin Dian, and the contract he signed at that time was actually the cheapest artist contract. After his debut, he did not have much financial freedom, all the money he earned went to Tang Tang and the company to manage. It’s just that the company is willing to spend money to give him resources because he earned more money back, but the money that really fell into his hands wasn’t much.

However, An Xumo himself does not much have a desire for money. It’s enough that he can eat well and can afford to buy his brother’s various magazines, posters, and Blu-Ray movies. Now Tang Tang devotes herself to feeding An Xumo with all kinds of tricks every day. Since they are in the same company, An Xumo can directly get some limited edition products from Zhou Jinchen, so he really has no more place to spend money.

Tang Tang saw that An Xumo was a bit unresponsive for a moment, and felt that she was a bit too straightforward. She continued, “Of course, the seniors taking care of you has something to do with your hard work and humility. This is also the reason why you are liked.”

Tang Tang didn’t think that there was anything wrong with her words. An Xumo did work very hard, so much that the people passing by could not resist but want to help him out.

This was An Xumo’s good fortune, and it is something he deserves.

An Xumo’s reaction was once again beyond Tang Tang’s expectations.

He looked somewhat evident but he did not seem to be comforted. Tang Tang thought she had said something wrong and thought about it repeatedly.

Only when Tang Tang could not help but ask the question, An Xumo said, “As long as you work hard……you can win other’s favor?

Tang Tang did not pay attention to An Xumo’s expression and explained, “It’s an effort in the right way, not the kind who benefits oneself at the expense of others.[2]损人利己: harming others for one’s personal benefit (idiom); personal gain to the detriment of others. People who see such efforts will have a good impression.”

An Xumo smiled lightly and said softly, “This is the first time I learned about this.”

“Ah? What did you say, Xiao Mo?” An Xumo’s voice was a little low, Tang Tang thought she had heard wrong, “Isn’t that human nature……..”

She was halfway through her sentence when she suddenly realized something.

In addition to human nature, there are some exceptions. There were some people who, no matter how much they change themselves, there is no way to avoid the malice imposed on them by the outside world.

Even if Tang Tang didn’t know the details of An Xumo’s background, she could still guess the general context by looking at his expression right now.

The boy looked like a dark cloud that had turned gray, with a soft core inside, but dark and heavy from the outside that rain could fall at any time.

Tang Tang stretched out her hand again and gently patted An Xumo’s shoulder. She did not speak again and just quietly comforted him.

After being patted twice on the shoulder, An Xumo looked over and saw Tang Tang, he finally couldn’t help himself but lower his body slightly.

Tang Tang: “?”

An Xumo: “I’m afraid you can’t reach it.”

Tang Tang: “…….”

Forget it. Learning to irritate people is progress.

Tang Tang knew An Xumo was trying to change the subject, so she tacitly didn’t bring it up again. Nevertheless, before she could open her mouth, An Xumo asked again.

“Will the activities I put off these days would delay a lot of income?”

Tang Tang was stunned for a moment before she reacted. She didn’t think that her artist would listen to the matter in his heart. She hurriedly explained, “It’s fine, even if it’s just an investment. I have also mentioned to you this before that if you perform well in Different Roads, even if you double the amount of the activities you put off, the subsequent benefits and impact will be less than this movie.”

An Xumo looked a little more relaxed as he said, “I’ll have to trouble you these days, Tang Tang.”

Tang Tang waved her hand and said, “It’s fine.”

She also has someone behind her back, so she doesn’t have to worry about doing things. Zhou Jinchen personally suggested that her artist join the crew ahead of time. If there’s great resistance, Tang Tang is also confident that he can solve the problem.

There’s was just one thing, Tang Tang looked at An Xumo and sighed in her heart. Brother Zhou forbade her to expose the relationship between the two brothers. She could only say a few words, make lesser mistakes, and had never mentioned anything to other people.

It’s a good idea to have a big thigh to lean on and enjoy the shade while holding the big thigh to handle the work.

At present, a thick thigh can only be hidden in the heart for a while to refresh herself.

Tang Tang here was just a little complacent, and the thigh she was talking about came over by himself.

When the man approached, Tang Tang actually hadn’t noticed, but as soon as she saw An Xumo beside her standing upright and earnest, she guessed who the visitor was.

“Brother Jinchen,” An Xumo called out. “What’s the matter?”

Zhou Jinchen said, “It’s time for the visit, and the crew has to gather.”

“Okay,” An Xumo replied. “Should we go there now?”


An Xumo walked right behind Zhou Jinchen. He was actually still a little confused as to why his brother came to him personally. However, halfway through the walk, Zhou Jinchen took the initiative to speak.

“It might be noisy later.”

An Xumo didn’t think too much of it, “Mm. I’m ready.”

Nonetheless, it wasn’t until the shuttle bus to transport the visitors arrived that An Xumo understood the real meaning of noisy.


The author has something to say:

I’ll show you the real power of fans!

Xiao Mo’s mental illness and personality have a lot to do with the environment in which he grew up _(:3」 ∠)_ Fortunately, he can now work hard to get back what he deserves.


1 吃人不吐骨头: ruthless; vicious and greedy.
2 损人利己: harming others for one’s personal benefit (idiom); personal gain to the detriment of others.

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