Male God is Chasing My Brother
Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 46

Chapter 46 – Who to choose between Lin Rui and Xiao An.

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Unlike An Xumo’s friendly close contact, Zhou Jinchen’s fans did not get close to bother him.

After giving a circle of gifts, the Royal Guards finally waited for the opportunity to get in touch with Zhou Jinchen. This group of fans, who had just been so generous, now seemed a little nervous. Even when handing over the gifts to Zhou Jinchen, they discussed for a long time before they went up together.

Just looking at their performance in front of Zhou Jinchen, it’s really difficult to connect with the heroic image of those who just carried baskets and laid out gifts.

When An Xumo sent his fans back, he heard Tang Tang say, “Tsk, this is the difference between girlfriend fans and mother fans, ah.”

The media set visit organized by the crew is not yet over, and it looks like the interview will continue for a while. An Xumo’s next arrangement is to wait for the group lunch hosted by the crew, so there is nothing to do now.

Hearing Tang Tang’s words, An Xumo was a little confused, “Mother fans? Most of the people who came today are young people, right?”

“Mother fans does not refer to the age, but the mentality. The mother fan looks at their idol like a mother to her child. What the artists do is right and good, and they will always support unconditionally.” Tang Tang said, “Like Xiao Mo’s, most of your fans are mother fans.”

“……” An Xumo was silent for a moment, “Is that so?”

“Yes, ah.” Tang Tang continued to explain, “Brother Zhou’s situation is different where most of his fans are girlfriend fans. I remember that he seems to be one of the artists with the highest number of fans……and there are also some daughter fans.”

“……daughter fans?” An Xumo was filled with confusion.

“Yes. Girlfriend fans and daughter fans, these two groups are just as the name implies.” Tang Tang enthusiastically gave An Xumo social education, “One is to regard their idol as their ideal lover, and the other is willing to support their idol wholeheartedly. Among them, girlfriend fans are the strongest group in terms of fighting power. Many companies also tend to promote an image of attracting girlfriend fans to artists when positioning them to help develop more of such fans.”

An Xumo listened and frowned slightly.

He was a little puzzled: “If you’re an actor……don’t you use your acting skills to attract fans?”

“You have to grasp both hands firmly.” Tang Tang said, “Acting is a job an actor must do well, but actors like Brother Zhou will attract a large number of fans for their personal charm outside the play. These two concepts are not contradictory.”

Tang Tang gave An Xumo a whole lot more social education about how companies consolidate and develop fans before turning the topic back, “However, it’s only natural that Brother Zhou doesn’t have much mother fans. If it were me, I wouldn’t be able to imagine Brother Zhou needing pampering and care.”

An Xumo gently licked his dry lips. He couldn’t help but look up at Zhou Jinchen who was not far away, confirming that the other party was standing there before retracting his eyes.

Tang Tang said she couldn’t imagine it, but An Xumo didn’t have to imagine. The memory of his brother lying in bed with a pale face that year was still incredibly new.

This is the only traumatic memory that he left behind of his own accord and did not deliberately try to avoid it.

An Xumo said softly, “No matter how strong a person is, there will be times when they need to be taken care of.”

“Yes, there will be.” Tang Tang nodded in agreement.

“But the stronger the person is, the less they are willing to expose their wounds. They would rather heal their own wounds without anyone knowing.” Tang Tang shrugged, “Like Brother Zhou, it’s as if he never needs anyone else to rely on. Anyway, I can’t figure out what kind of person would make Brother Zhou take the initiative to reveal his vulnerable side.”

An Xumo thought about it and found that he couldn’t seem to imagine it either.

In the past, he just used to look for energy from his brother, but he did not think about the matter of how the other party would replenish their energy.

Will, there be someone……providing energy to his brother?

An Xumo raised his head and took another look at his brother in the crowd who was surrounded by countless people and still had a calm expression.

He had some itchy feeling in his heart, like the frozen earth and the start of melting snow.

An Xumo said in a low voice, “He probably……need someone who is as good as him, right?”

Unlike An Xumo who has not yet started acting, Zhou Jinchen, as the lead actor, has to deal with most of the attacks from the media. After meeting with the fans, the assistant helped to put away the gifts fans sent, and Zhou Jinchen continued to participate in the individual interview session.

However, interviews like this, especially interviews with the crew being filmed are often somewhere between a waste of time and pointless questions.

“Mr. Zhou Jinchen, how does it feel to work with Ma Lao?”

—Ma Lao is an excellent director. I have benefitted a lot from working with him.

“How do you feel about your scenes with Film Emperor Lin?”

—The process of collaboration is good and the results are worth looking forward to.

“Have you encountered any difficulties during the filming process?”

—No, the cast and crew were very considerate and provided strong support.

This kind of question doesn’t even need to be asked, and the reporter can make up the answers themselves.

Moreover, Zhou Jinchen has made his debut for many years. He has rich experience facing the media and his interview has already reached the point where not one drop of water can leak. For questions he did not want to answer, no matter how he’s asked, it’s impossible to get answers.

Compared with the interview with the film emperor Zhou Jinchen, who only expressed his gratitude to the crew once, the media who came to visit the set are more inclined to get good information when interviewing newcomers.

For example——the new actor who made his debut as an idol, but received resources from a great director within half a year, An Xumo.

Judging from the video of An Xumo’s previous interview, his reaction in the interview was obviously a bit green.[1]inexperiencedAlthough An Xumo has also avoided several trap questions set by the interviewer, the veteran reporter with a keen eye can tell that he has only received short-term expedited interview training, and is not really at ease.

Hence, even if An Xumo only plays a supporting role and can’t compare with Zhou Jinchen’s heat, reporters are still looking forward to getting breaking news out of him.

An Xumo’s popularity lies here and there are so many points he can dig out——even how many times he NG-ed in filming the first scene, he can directly write an eye-catching manuscript out.

Unfortunately, when the media arrived at the scene, they were suddenly told that An Xumo, who had already joined the group, would not be interviewed.

After all, the media who came to visit the set were invited by the production to cooperate. Even if they have regrets, no one would really start a conflict with the crew. At most, they would just secretly mutter to themselves.

Ultimately, no one is sure whether the newcomer is so protected because he has a background.

Nonetheless, although they can’t interview the person himself, they can still make an indirect approach to the others.

After someone finished asking questions about the double lead actor, a reporter then asked, “Mr. Zhou, is there any difference in the feeling of working together for the second time compared to the first time?”

Zhou Jinchen: “For the second time, with deeper conception, you will have more tacit understanding.”

The reporter asked slyly, “Thus, your relationship with the new actor is so good?”

Zhou Jinchen: “En?”

The reporter said, “This is also the second time that you have worked with An Xumo. What I just asked was how you feel about getting along with An Xumo.”

After he asked this, he followed up with another question about Lin Rui, which naturally made people think that the second collaboration referred to Lin Rui. Zhou Jinchen will certainly not give a bad evaluation of his senior. At this time, the reporter said that he was asking about An Xumo. Once Zhou Jinchen answered his assessment of An Xumo, he could obviously compare Zhou Jinchen’s attitude towards the two.

It’s important to know that in previous interviews, in addition to necessarily show respect to his seniors, Zhou Jinchen rarely answers the evaluation of other artists. He neither intends to praise others against his will nor does he want his criticism to be taken out of context to induce public opinion.

By now, the question about An Xumo has been placed in front of him. Zhou Jinchen is bound to give an answer whether negative or positive, and there is something to write when compared with Lin Rui’s answer. Even if Zhou Jinchen really avoids answering——not answering is also an attitude.

The other reporters around also lit up and stared at Zhou Jinchen waiting for an answer.

Yet, no one expected that Zhou Jinchen glanced at the reporter and actually said, “My answer is An Xumo.”

The reporter was not willing to be fooled, “But An Xumo hasn’t started filming yet, how is there tacit understanding between you…….”

Zhou Jinchen said, “We’ve been in contact daily. He has been in the group for a long time and we met at the gym.”

The reporters suddenly found a new focus.

This is the first time Zhou Jinchen has publicly expressed goodwill towards his juniors!

“May I ask, have you been working out together all the time?”

“It seems like you two have a very good relationship in private, isn’t it?”

“Mr. Zhou do you exchange fitness tips with An Xumo? Do you do any exercises together?”

One stone stirred up a thousand waves. Zhou Jinchen’s words made the media flare up directly.

Zhou Jinchen was about to speak when someone behind him suddenly reached out their hand and placed it on his shoulder, “Still not done yet? It’s so lively.”

Zhou Jinchen gestured with the person who came, “Brother Rui.”

The reporters present were also familiar with the new person and greeted him, “Mr. Lin.”

Lin Rui’s hand is still on Zhou Jinchen’s shoulder. He also has a height of one meter and eighty tall, but he did not look too lofty. He smiled towards the crowd and pointed to Zhou Jinchen, “You guys continue. I just came by to say hello.”

A reporter took the opportunity to say, “We’re asking Mr. Zhou how he feels about the second cooperation.”

Lin Rui looked at Zhou Jinchen and pointed to himself, “With me?”

Zhou Jinchen said, “It was your part just now.”

Then it’s not the question now. Lin Rui quickly reacted and laughed, “Oh, yes. I almost forgot. It’s also Jinchen and Xiao An’s second time working together.”

A reporter rushed to ask, “Then, does Mr. Zhou feel any different from working between the two men?”

If this question is still considered mild, another question that was asked before Zhou Jinchen opened his mouth can be called blatant—

“Who do you prefer to work with the second time, Teacher. Lin or An Xumo?”


1 inexperienced

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