Male God is Chasing My Brother
Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 47

Chapter 47 – The kissing scene was knocked by my brother

Once these questions came out, the scene suddenly seemed a bit awkward.

However, even if it was awkward, no one took the initiative to ease the atmosphere. Everyone was staring at Zhou Jinchen, waiting for him to answer this abrupt but completely powerful question.

Lin Rui on the side froze slightly for a moment and subconsciously looked at the man beside him.

Nonetheless, his identity is different from that of a reporter. No matter how he thinks in his heart, he considers the problem from an actor’s standpoint. Lin Rui has made his debut for many years, when he first won the film emperor in his early years, he faced no less difficult questions than Zhou Jinchen. Thus, he had also experienced this kind of question, knowing that he would be more appropriate to answer than Zhou Jinchen.

Yet, when Lin Rui just wanted to help solve the situation, he heard Zhou Jinchen say, “If I really have to say it, I actually only have one choice.”

Everyone’s attention was focused on Zhou Jinchen, even Lin Rui didn’t have time to hide his eyes. Some media couldn’t wait and even pressed, “Who is it?”

Zhou Jinchen’s expression still did not fluctuate much, but the answer he gave made everyone ignore his expression, “An Xumo.”

There was a momentary silence around.

In stark contrast to the quiet atmosphere was the ecstasy within the journalists in the scene. They simply did not know whether to see Lin Rui’s current expression first or continue to ask Zhou Jinchen the reason why. The reporter who asked this question even wanted to leave the meeting directly and send the news to their headquarters to be the first to send the news out.

What exciting news! He even thought of the title—— “Powerful confrontation against Film Emperor’s discord! Zhou Jinchen bluntly stated he didn’t like Lin Rui and would rather choose to cooperate with An Xumo”.

But before the media at the scene were too happy about this shocking secret for too long, Zhou Jinchen had already taken over, “Mr. Lin is my senior, I’m An Xumo’s senior. I can only assess Xiao An. As for my cooperation with Mr. Lin, I have to wait for Mr. Lin to evaluate it.”

“So, I only have one choice.”

The crowd in the room was stupefied again.

This was an excuse, right?

Can they just cut off the second half and just write the first answer?

However, considering the strong public relations and legal capabilities of the agency team behind Zhou Jinchen, the reporters present had to shelve this rather risky idea for the time being.

……heat is important, but safety is more important.

Someone who wanted to continue digging took advantage of the trend and asked Lin Rui, “What does Mr. Lin Rui think about this cooperation?”

Lin Rui had long returned his usual gentle elegance, he smiled at the words, “Me? Does this question still need to be asked? Jinchen is a very attractive young actor. In my eyes, he almost became the most attractive actor.”

A reporter curiously asked, “Why is it almost?”

Lin Rui pointed to himself, “Because in my eyes, the winner of this title is myself and he is a little bit worse than me.”

There was a sudden burst of laughter around

As soon as Lin Rui eased the atmosphere, the reporter who initially asked this sharp question was not reconciled to it. He squeezed in again and exclaimed, “Since Mr. Zhou said that only seniors are qualified to evaluate the collaboration, I would like to ask Mr. Lin Rui to answer as a senior. Which of the two younger generations do you think more highly of, Mr. Zhou or An Xumo?”

Lin Rui quietly glanced at the reporter, obviously dissatisfied with the way this person asked questions.

Although he did have a different opinion between Zhou Jinchen and An Xumo, this kind of question obviously cannot be directly put on the surface. At that time, if there is news of discord breaking out, not only the three of them will be affected, but even Ma Lao will be unhappy——in a previous movie directed by Ma Lao, the fans of the male and female lead clashed because of promotion problems, which eventually turned into a fan war. Many media have also carried out continuous reports on this matter. Although Ma Lao did not say anything on the surface, in all of his subsequent films, the publicity has become more and more rigorous, and he never worked with the two leading actor and actress again.

Therefore, Lin Rui can’t be the rafter.[1]出头椽子: Its a metaphor for people who dare to come forward when encountering things and doesn’t consider personal safety. I really had a hard time on how to explain this part. On the bright side, he must maintain a good relationship with the people he is dealing with.

Nevertheless, although he was dissatisfied with the reporters’ trap-like ways of asking questions, Lin Rui is not easy to attack in public. He really wanted to make a few tai chi[2]打太极: shirk responsibility, which might be equivalent to “make excuses” and “avoid the topic of discussion” moves to muddle through the question, but Zhou Jinchen on the side said, “This question is highly confidential, Brother Rui can’t answer you.”

The reporters present didn’t understand, and they looked at Zhou Jinchen in confusion. Some were still thinking, did they just easily let go of pursuing Zhou Jinchen’s question too easily to let the other party find out another such far-fetched reason?

But Lin Rui who was robbed of his answer understood.

He quickly smiled and said, “Yes, this is one of the biggest suspense in Different Roads, I can’t reveal it now.”

There are some reporters who have not figured out the situation, but others quickly reacted and asked, “Mr. Lin, is it true that in the movie, the characters played by Mr. Zhou and Xiao An are chasing you?”

Lin Rui showed a meaningful smile, “This question will be known when the movie is released.”

The question, what kind of emotional experience did Lin Rui’s character played in the film, had successfully aroused the appetite of the media. While the outside world stirred up the love triangle in the film and piqued the curiosity of the public with vague and warm descriptions, An Xumo who knew the content of the script in advance was not happy at all.

The day before Bai Qingchi’s filming began, Tang Tang finally helped him get the revised script from Sister Liu. After the brand new script was opened, it was clearly written in the 37th scene that——he has to film a kissing scene with Lin Riu.

Moreover, it was also the kind that was broken by Zhou Jinchen on the spot.

An Xumo propped up his forehead and looked at the cover of the script for five minutes before he had to accept the reality and re-read the script from the beginning.

After the revision, the script has changed a lot of details. The more elaborate on the spot performances in the previous filming was also added, and a lot of differences can be found afterwards. However, overall, the main character around the changes is Bai Qingchi, the male four. He was originally a secret thread, waiting for the final jigsaw puzzle but suddenly, he was given richer settings and actions.

The most obvious plot is that this role which was initially related to Ye Qisheng’s uncle, Zhao JiuJiu, has now become an important turning point in the lives of the two protagonists.

In the movie’s plot, in order to keep the police from noticing but also not to see each other and remember the terrible nightmare of that day, Ling Sihang and Ye Qisheng planned to pretend to break apart from being close friends to sworn enemies. In the old version of the script, the cause of this separation was originally a competition between the two people vying for the only recommendation.[3]recommendation for school admission. Ye Qisheng was successfully selected while the unsuccessful Ling Sihang chose to study abroad and planned to emigrate with his family.

However, in the revised script, the excuse for the separation becomes extreme jealousy when the rivals in love met each other——Ling Sihang and Ye Qisheng both fell in love with the cold and slim ballet dancer, Bai Qingchi, and the scene of Ye Qisheng and Bai Qingchi kissing was broken by Ling Sihang. Disheartened, Ling Sihang decided to go abroad. After separating from his best friend, Ye Qisheng did not continue his relationship with Bai Qingchi. On the contrary, because he felt guilty about his best friend, he no longer gave in to homosexuality but chose to marry and have children.

The plot can be rounded back, and the second method clearly has more conflicts. After all, Ling Sihang’s secret love in the main plot is too hidden that it’s not revealed until the end of the movie. With the addition of the element of a romantic rival, the film can vaguely express Ling Sihang’s feelings for Ye Qisheng in advance. This kind of sour but invigorating triangle inside and outside the play is more able to touch the audience’s mood.

Thinking about it, when all the audience followed the police’s reasoning of investigating the case and thought that Ling Sihang made a clean break with Ye Qisheng because the person he likes, Bai Qingchi, was snatched away from Ye Qisheng. However, the movie simply and rudely told everyone in the end that——the person Ling Sihang liked was Ye Qisheng and in order to protect his good friend and secret love, Ling Sihang did not only cooperated with the play but also went abroad for many years and never returned home. In the end, he even took the blame for Ye Qisheng’s crime.

This is a blunt knife grinding meat, the more you think about it, the more painful the story is.

Taking the role of Ling Sihang is actually a very good opportunity for Zhou Jinchen. The comparison between superficial indifference to everything and in contrast to forbearing deep love inside immediately makes this character three-dimensional, and Zhou Jinchen’s acting skills can also fully support this setting.

However, this additional scene for An Xumo is really not a good thing.

If it was just a kissing scene with Lin Rui, An Xumo, who acted for the first time, perhaps, maybe he might be able to cope with it. But when he films the kissing scene in front of Zhou Jinchen, he will be knocked against by his brother in the scene……

An Xumo took two deep breaths before trying to keep himself calm on the surface and pressed through Tang Tang’s phone number.


Tan Tang had just said half a word when she heard over An Xumo say in an extremely serious voice: “If I quit the crew now, what will be the consequences?”

“……ah?” Tang Tang was stupefied at first, then said in a tough dialect, “What are you talking about, who are you? Why are you holding Xiao Mo’s phone?!”

“Tang Tang, it’s me.” An Xumo’s voice trailed off, “I’m kidding, it’s nothing. Please don’t take it seriously.”

Tang Tang was really startled. After all, in her eyes, even if her own artist strips, the appearance is certainly not naked, but full of two big words written all over: Dedication.[4]敬业: two words in raw. How could such An Xumo suddenly give birth to the idea of quitting the crew?

An Xumo naturally doesn’t know this strange thought in Tang Tang’s mind. After pacifying her for a while, he finally calmed down Tang Tang.

When the phone was hung up, An Xumo’s inner turmoil still ebbed and flowed, like a bubble under a transparent film that could not be dissipated no matter how hard he tried.

He stared at the script for a while before resigning to his fate, flipping through the cover, intending to memorize his new lines——tomorrow is the official start of filming for Bai Qingchi’s scene. An Xumo had no desire to tarnish his performance, even if it was difficult to accept.

There were not many line changes in the first few scenes, and An Xumo still had a few days to familiarize himself with the extra scenes. But for him with a good memory, one night was enough for him to memorize his lines.

Yet, when he opened the script, the phone on the table rang.

The text message alert tone made An Xumo subconsciously look up. He initially thought it was an advertising text message from the operator and did not pay much attention to it. However, when he saw the name on the screen, An Xumo quickly sat up straight and hurriedly reached out and took the phone over.

The screen showed a brief content.

“188xxxx0608: Rooftop outside the 17th corridor, come over.”

It wasn’t An Xumo’s private phone that received the message but in the work phone. In order to prevent accidental leakage, but also to keep the real name from being seen, An Xumo did not add a note to his brother.

188xxxx0608 is exactly Zhou Jinchen’s mobile phone number.

When An Xumo was about to click on the details to check, the phone in his palm vibrated again.

The second message prompt appeared from the top of the screen.

“188xxxx0608: Bring the script.”

The script?

An Xumo’s hand trembled.

After the revision……is there a new script for the kissing scene?


The author has something to say:

An Xumo: I can’t act……

Zhou Jinchen: I’ll teach you.

An Xumo: I don’t know how to read the scriptTAT

Zhou Jinchen: I’ll help you.

An Xumo: I can’t do a kissing sceneQAQ

Zhou Jinchen: I’ll kiss you.

An Xumo: ∑( °△ °|||)︴

Lin Rui: ??? (black question mark.jpg)


1 出头椽子: Its a metaphor for people who dare to come forward when encountering things and doesn’t consider personal safety. I really had a hard time on how to explain this part.
2 打太极: shirk responsibility, which might be equivalent to “make excuses” and “avoid the topic of discussion”
3 recommendation for school admission.
4 敬业: two words in raw.

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