Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 48

Chapter 48 – Don’t kiss Lin Rui, kiss me

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The hotel where the crew stayed in is a large chain business hotel in the country. In addition to good accommodation, other facilities are also developed. The seventeenth-floor rooftop mentioned in the text message, An Xumo had followed the crew before, it’s actually a semi-open-air and semi-enclosed high-level platform with several single sofas indoors and you can watch the stars outdoors in the open air.

Today, the crew did not have night scenes so the work is over after filming the indoor part. When An Xumo arrived with the script, it was not yet nine o’clock. He stepped on the steps and pushed open the door. At a glance, he saw Zhou Jinchen not far away.

The interior part of the room is well-heated and the man’s coat was resting on the armrest of the sofa, wearing only a black turtleneck sweater. He should have just taken a shower, the hairstyle during the day has disappeared and his body has regained the usual lingering breath that belongs to an adult man.

When An Xumo saw his brother at a glance, he couldn’t help but soften his voice.

There was no one else in the room when An Xumo came in. Zhou Jinchen was flipping through the script in his hands, and there were two bottles of drinks on the high table in front of him. One of which was mineral water and the other was an orange-flavored juice. When the man heard the movement at the door, he raised his eyes and looked over. There was still a little distance between the two, but An Xumo clearly saw the fine, bright spots in the other’s eyes.

“Brother Jinchen,” An Xumo called out softly.

Brother’s eyes are so beautiful.

The two single sofa seats were very close together that when An Xumo sat down, he could even reach out and touch Zhou Jinchen’s coat. He sat up straight with some restraint and laid out the script in his hand on the flat table in front of him, waiting for Zhou Jinchen to speak.

“Have you read the new script?” Zhou Jinchen’s voice has always been low and carried a sense of coldness, but perhaps, it was because the temperature in the room is relatively high today that listening to his voice, An Xumo felt his tension gradually eased down.

“En.” He nodded.

Zhou Jinchen put the script in his hand aside, his ten fingers crossed on his lap, and he said to An Xumo, “Tell me your understanding.”

An Xumo froze for a moment and asked, “Is it the understanding of the newly revised scenes……?”

“No,” Zhou Jinchen said. “For this character.”

An Xumo sorted out his speech and said, “Bai Qingchi is a character who seems to be somewhat vulnerable on the surface. Whether he is learning ballet or being disgusted by his parents because of Zhao Jiujiu’s harassment, he’s always in a state of hurting. However, he always adhered to his ideals and bottom line, which is why he adopted a foster son who also dreamed of dancing and chose to come forward and give the final evidence.”

This is An Xumo’s previous consideration of the role of Bai Qingchi. He himself made a lot of notes on the script as if doing a reading comprehension in senior high school, analyzing every word and every action of Bai Qingchi. This time, Zhou Jinchen asked him about his understanding and he chose a part of the most certain content and briefly described it.

Sure enough, after listening to his answer, Zhou Jinchen didn’t raise any objections. “This pair of contradicting words is the most basic and fundamental part of Bai Qingchi’s character. After you start acting, you have to grasp the middle point between vulnerability and strength. You can neither feel sorry for yourself nor look unaffected in the slightest.”

“I understand.” An Xumo carefully wrote down what Zhou Jinchen had said.

An Xumo’s understanding of the role did not deviate. Zhou Jinchen said a few words then casually mentioned a few random lines which An Xumo also responded skillfully.

“For the specific acting method, there will be the director to guide you when you start filming tomorrow.” Zhou Jinchen said. “You just understand what they’re saying.”

“Okay.” An Xumo nodded obediently again.

It is the director’s job to guide the scene and explain the performance, so Zhou Jinchen did not overstep his authority. In fact, this is not the first time he called out An Xumo to analyze the plot. Since the last time, he said the reason of “reading the script” in front of Lin Rui, Zhou Jinchen, and An Xumo will discuss the issues related to the plot from time to time.

Although the man’s words weren’t much but his correction during the time always hit the nail on the head,[1]一针见血: lit. to draw blood on the first prick (idiom); fig. to hit the nail on the head; to be accurately right about something and for An Xumo, he also received a lot of help on the mental aspect.

The acting teacher had previously mentioned to An Xumo that the manner of observing other actors is feasible, but copying other people’s line of thought is a dead end. Mainly as a newcomer, once someone influences his ideas about acting, there is a great possibility that the newcomer will be limited to a fixed routine, and it will be difficult to have his own thinking ability for himself.

An Xumo only remembered these words from his teacher before, and it wasn’t until he started discussing the script to Zhou Jinchen that he really understood the meaning of these words——An Xumo was able to perceive that his brother had never interfered him with his own ideas. He always let An Xumo speak first then point out the mistakes and expanded on his shortcomings.

This is the first time he was able to work with his brother in filming, from An Xumo’s personal emotions, in his career, it was a blessing.

It was the same with today’s conversation, Zhou Jinchen’s reaction was the same as usual but it made An Xumo’s state much better.

If there was no new kissing scene, An Xumo would be able to wait with a piece of mind for his first shoot tomorrow.

——But the problem is, he still has a kissing scene.

The part that should be discussed was basically over. Seeing that the other party does not have the intention to continue speaking, An Xumo hesitated for a while then said, “Then, about Bai Qingchi, his emotional part in the scene……”

Zhou Jinchen raised his eyes to look at him: “En?”

An Xumo summoned up his courage and said, “It’s the newly added scenes, the emotional scene between him and the two main characters……how to comprehend this? I don’t think the script is clearly written. In the end, who does Bai Qingchi like……”

Because it was difficult to directly mention the 37th kiss scene, he had to cover it up casually with something else, and the more An Xumo said, the more his voice grew smaller, and in the end, he got stuck in embarrassment.

Fortunately, Zhou Jinchen did not mind and said directly, “Don’t think about this issue first. What’s clear now is that for Bai Qingchi, whether it’s Ling Sihang or Ye Qisheng, what they did is no different from Zaho Jiujiu, Bai Qingchi is still also hurting.”

An Xumo was stunned and said, “……hurting?”

“En. That’s why Bai Qingchi finally chose to expose the evidence,” Zhou Jinchen said, “and not let any of the murderers escape.”

An Xumo opened his mouth. “That’s why Bai Qingchi is here……to hand over the evidence?”

“I,” he stumbled, “I thought it was because he liked Ling Sihang and wanted to save the person from coming out……”

Zhou Jinchen looked at him and the room was suddenly quiet.

Despite saying Bai Qingchi likes Ling Sihang, it’s difficult for An Xumo to be justified. Once the character content is peeled off, this sentence becomes, and he likes……

People who are secretly in love are always worried that their feelings will be seen by the other party.

After a long silence, he only heard Zho Jinchen say, “What you said, Mr. Tao had also thought about it.”

Mr. Tao is the scriptwriter of 《Different Roads》 and the changes have been carried out by him and Ma Lao these days.

“Bai Qingchi’s role is still being adjusted and Mr. Tao wants to find the most suitable setting for the role, including his experience and his emotional choices.” Zhou Jinchen looked at An Xumo, “Therefore, what you have to do now is to act the role that was determined previously, as for the rest, you’ll have to wait for their deliberation.”

An Xumo breathed a sigh of relief and hurriedly replied, “I will.”

He remembered that when he told him that the 37th scene was a kissing scene, Zhou Jinchen’s reaction was also a little hesitant. When answering him, his brother always used the words “will change” and “under adjustment” in this way, it seems that there may be a change for the better in the end.

An Xumo just put down his heart a little when he hears Zhou Jinchen say, “You brought the new script?”

An Xumo hurriedly nodded his head and moved the script in front of him in the direction of the two men.

“Good,” Zhou Jinchen said. “There are a few scenes of Bai Qingchi that will be drastically changed. You can skip them first.”

An Xumo paused for a moment, then hurriedly turned to the table of contents page, waiting for Zhou Jinchen to say the scenes that were going to be changed.

In fact, in his mind, his brother’s reaction over the past few days also made An Xumo a bit suspicious. Zhou Jinchen gets along well with the other actors in the crew, but because of his own personality, he can’t really blend in, and the sense of distance between them will always exist.

An Xumo saw all these things, so when his brother really took the trouble to help him with the script, even the crew began to hear rumors that Zhou Jinchen publicly said in front of the media that he liked An Xumo very much. An Xumo’s first reaction wasn’t delight but worry.

Today’s getting along together is also the same. His brother is only responsible for playing the leading role, but he will remind him in advance of the changes in the scenes of the other characters.

He did not think he would be special to this extent.

An Xumo used to have nothing before, so he didn’t have to worry about losing. But now there is a long-awaited gift tied with a fiery red bow falling from the sky,[2]从天而降: lit. to drop from the sky (idiom); fig. to appear unexpectedly; to arise abruptly; out of the blue; to drop into one’s lap. An Xumo is not sure that if he really held the gift in his arms, someone will suddenly inform him that this is illegal proceeds, and will confiscate it immediately.

He can only hold it for one more second.

An Xumo tried to regain his mind, listening to Zhou Jinchen’s words, and began to outline the script. “Thirty-four, thirty-seven, thirty-nine, and forty-one.”

“……there’s thirty-seven, right?” An Xumo nervously confirmed it once again.

Zhou Jinchen’s answer was direct and straightforward: “The kissing scene with Ye Qisheng? Deleted.”

An Xumo almost couldn’t control his expression.

“Really?” He paused for several seconds before he dared to ask, his light brown eyes opened wider, round, and stealthy like a cat.


An Xumo’s heart, which had been raised for many days, was finally eased down. It would be great to make sure it was deleted. While he was celebrating his good fortune, he heard Zhou Jinchen say, “I suggested that Ma Lao and Mr. Tao to delete it.”


An Xumo secretly pinched himself.

……surprisingly, it was not a dream.

He guessed carefully, “Is it because it doesn’t quite fit in the plot?”

“More than that.” The man’s voice was like the waves of the sea at night, moistening An Xumo’s eardrums a little in this quiet and warm room.

An Xumo heard his brother say, “In addition, this is a scene that requires an emotional outburst, with your current acting skills, to film a kissing scene with Lin Rui, you will definitely be compared with him with an obvious gap.”

“The screen will magnify everything, and the effect of the film will be dire for you.”

The side of his face burned into pieces, even the tips of his ears were burning.

An Xumo didn’t know whether he should be embarrassed or happy, he replied softly, “Thank, thank you, Brother Jinchen.”

Zhou Jinchen looked at him.

An Xumo added in a low voice, “Thank you, brother.”

It was only then did Zhou Jinchen took his eyes back.

An Xumo raised his hand to rub the side of his face, his hands and feet’s temperature has always been relatively low. Yet now, the contrast is more obvious when he is scalded by the temperature of his side face.

However, it did not occur to him that what he had just experienced was nothing compared to Zhou Jinchen’s next words.

Outside the window is a deep dark night and bright lights, and there is a gentle warm light inside the room. The black turtleneck sweater perfectly came out of Zhou Jinchen’s broad shoulders and narrow waist, but the man’s words attracted more attention than his figure and appearance.

“So I suggested to Mr. Tao that the actor necessary for this kissing scene should be changed to me and you.”


The author has something to say:

To explain, in practical terms, it’s impossible for idols, who have never acted before, to act skillfully on their first time. Because there is no plot such as rebirth and soul exchange set in the text. The foreshadowing can be arranged in the preparatory part before the play, including professional teacher for acting class, Ma Lao’s firm temperament, the crew’s fondness and care, Wang Xiangming and the other actor’s good impression and tips, as well as the elder brother to help with the script. These are all to give special attention to Xiao An’s first acting so that An Xumo can have a good performance in the film and smoothly attract fans, instead of becoming a shame of pushing too hard in a blockbuster film and ended up being ridiculed by the crowd.

That’s why this part of Xiao Mo before filming is written in such detail. After that, Xiao Mo starts filming and it will be very smooth~


1 一针见血: lit. to draw blood on the first prick (idiom); fig. to hit the nail on the head; to be accurately right about something
2 从天而降: lit. to drop from the sky (idiom); fig. to appear unexpectedly; to arise abruptly; out of the blue; to drop into one’s lap.

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