Male God is Chasing My Brother
Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 52

Chapter 52 – Who exactly is brother going to kiss

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Lu Pinghui only joined the group three days ago but this does not mean that he’s not clear about Zhou Jinchen’s status and background. It’s true that he relied on the resources of the golden backer to join the group, but after spending nearly half a year in the circle, Lu Pinghui also knew very well what Zhou Jinchen’s name represented.

After the head-on collision between two eyes, Lu Pinghui was so cold that he shivered. He subconsciously moved his gaze away and didn’t dare to continue looking directly at each other. When he came back to his senses and tried to adjust his expression to reconcile for it, he saw that Zhou Jinchen had already withdrawn his eyes and looked at An Xumo in the middle, together with the others.

Lu Pinghui squeezed his fingers tightly and couldn’t help but bite his lower lip.

The agent on the side was wiping the cold sweat from his face. “I don’t know what happened why he noticed us……it’s not hard to see, what is the relationship between Emperor Zhou and the newcomer? A’Hui, you have to be careful ah……”

“Okay, I understand.” Lu Pinghui’s nature is that he doesn’t like to listen to other people’s advice. He impatiently waved his hand and said to the agent, “Right, go and find out what’s the relationship between them. Speaking of the newcomer, Zhou Jinchen is still unhappy?”

The agent nodded in response, his expression still looks a bit flustered. Lu Pinghui couldn’t bear his cowering appearance. Obviously, he usually made a profit under his own banner, but when it comes to meeting someone, he went as far as to be a coward to this extent?

Thinking that he would be used in the future, Lu Pinghui could only force down his impatience. Moreover, if you really calculate it, you don’t necessarily have to be afraid of this Film Emperor Zhou.

No one around noticed this. Lu Pinghui snorted coldly and said, “Besides, even if Zhou Jinchen really heard it, so what? He’s only a film emperor and he signed a contract with Jin Dian. I don’t believe he can still be bigger than Brother Yin.”

After hearing this, the agent also felt that there was some truth to it. He finally breathed a sigh of relief and followed Lu Pinghui’s words, “Yes, yes, Mr. Yin is a top executive of Jin Dian. How can any artist compare to him?”

After being coaxed by his agent again, Lu Pinghui’s face finally looked better. He flicked off the non-existent dust on his cuffs and lifted his chin towards the crowd, “Go. Let’s go and see the newcomer’s duck walk.”

Lu Pinghui and his agent were in a gloating mood as they gathered around again. However, just as the two of them approached, they heard Ma Lao’s voice.

“Okay. That’s the state.”

Ma Lao’s tone was not only as strict and serious as usual but there’s also a faint satisfaction in his calmness. People who are used to seeing Ma Lao on the set know how rare this situation is —— even the two protagonists who have been through a hundred battles[1]身经百战: lit. veteran of a hundred battles (idiom); fig. experienced; seasoned. have never been treated this way a few times in total.

After Ma Lao finished, he signaled to An Xumo, “Go again, and then we will officially start shooting.”

Not only was the stunned Lu Pinghui who was waiting to see someone embarrassed, but everyone else on the set were quite surprised. It took less than twenty minutes from the beginning of his attempt to achieve Ma Lao’s satisfaction.

This is much faster than expected.

The only person present who felt that this was expected was Ma Zechi, who was standing next to Ma Lao. After filming An Xumo’s scene in the morning, he had a long chat with the scriptwriter Mr. Tao at noon. Ma Lao was also there at that time. Although Ma Lao didn’t say much, but Ma Zechi had a faint intuition of something.

As expected, after the afternoon shooting, Ma Lao was not surprised by An Xumo’s outstanding performance. Ma Zechi also really understood why Ma Lao would look at a few actions before deciding An Xumo to act.

Speaking of which, the role of Bai Qingchi is actually very special. Unlike the two main characters, he doesn’t need extra three-dimensional layer, high-level requirements so Ma Lao is willing to choose from the newcomers. This role requires more physical appearance and temperament, An Xumo took advantage of this and he can almost be regarded as a natural actor.

The boy walking in the middle of the path has a straight back, a long neck, and an extremely beautiful demeanor. Even if a layman who doesn’t know his identity can see at a glance the difference in temperament between him and ordinary people.

The large screen of the cinema will magnify all the flaws, and any hint of the actor’s drooping back and slanted shoulders can be clearly felt by the audience. However, these minor problems are actually invisible before the camera so many newcomers will make such mistakes. They must be corrected over time and constantly reminded for a long time in order to be forced to change these minor problems that have lasted for more than ten to twenty years.

Getting rid of their bad habits is only the first step. What is more difficult is to imitate the character’s temperament and manners. Actors like Zhou Jinchen and Lin Rui have to adjust themselves when acting as students, not to mention those actors who can’t adjust at all —— there are actors in the circle who are extremely popular but not well evaluated. They were uniformly evaluated as “acting like themselves in any role.”

Ma Zechi can clearly see that An Xumo is in fact also acting as himself but his own image is very consistent with the role so the first time he acted, he was directly recognized by Ma Lao.

The kid’s luck is very good. Although the filming has just started, Ma Zechi can almost foresee all kinds of comments after the movie is released. How many actors are waiting for roles and how many scripts are waiting for good actors, and An Xumo’s first performance encountered the most suitable role for him.

However, thinking about the way this child looked like when he was seriously watching the shoot with the crew, Ma Zechi felt that it was not just a matter of luck.

A great opportunity fell on his head and An Xumo grasped it with his own efforts.

Unsurprisingly, in the sight of numerous attentions, An Xumo successfully completed the last task. Ma Lao didn’t even say a few heavy words and the boy who was filming for the first time passed his examination.

Many high-definition cameras which were originally thought to have to wait for a while before starting up were turned on, and the staff began to prepare for their work. An Xumo who had been tense for a while finally let out a sigh of relief quietly. Before he could relax, he saw Qian Lingyuan who was about to shoot with him next, came over to him and said with a smile, “Xiao Mo is doing well. Ma Lao rarely releases people so quickly.”

An Xumo was still a little nervous. He smiled shyly and his thousand miles repulsive temperament in front of the camera was obviously diminished. “Thank you, Uncle Qian. I hope I won’t delay everyone later ba……I also ask Uncle Qian to take care of me.”

“Child, there is no need to be so polite.” Qian Lingyuan patted his shoulder. “Take it easy. You know Ma Lao’s temperament, re-shooting does not necessarily mean it’s unsatisfactory. He may just want better results, relax ah.”

An Xumo smiled gratefully, “I understand.”

As soon as he finished talking with Qian Lingyuan, An Xumo just looked back and saw Zhou Jinchen walking over.

“Brother…..Brother Jinchen.” An Xumo’s tension in the filming has not yet completely relaxed when he stammered again once he opened his mouth.

Zhou Jinchen glanced at him and his eyes were slightly heavy. He and Qian Lingyuan said the same thing. “Relax, don’t be nervous.”

An Xumo nodded hurriedly, “Okay.”

It seemed that Zhou Jinchen was just passing by and after speaking with An Xumo, he also intends to go to the other side where he’ll be on camera later.

But just when An Xumo thought that his brother was going to leave, he heard the other party say in a light tone, “That performance just now was very good.”

An Xumo was stunned for a moment. When he looked up, Zhou Jinchen had already turned and walked towards the other direction.

Leaving only one sentence for him.

“Keep it up.”

For An Xumo, this sentence almost has the same effect as Ma Lao’s “OK. Keep this state when we officially start filming.”

When the staff member came up to help him with a simple makeup, An Xumo’s tense shoulders finally relaxed a little.

His heart and stomach are warm.

With the smooth progress at the beginning, after the second half of the filming ended an hour earlier, the present staff did not show much surprise. Before considering An Xumo’s first time filming, the crew coordinated and set aside time for it but also worried that the time is not enough for Ma Lao to train people to increase the filming. They didn’t think that the process is so smooth. Coupled with the additional close-up shots, the whole scene finally came down and played only ten times on the board.

This number may sound like a lot, but apart from the trial shoots and incomplete make-up shots, the total time spent is not too long. In addition, Ma Lao has always been accustomed to striving for perfection. The key shots are basically more than a dozen times. Hitting the clapperboard ten times is a normal level.

In the second half, it was the first time that Bai Qingchi was harassed by Zhao Jiujiu. This was the beginning of Bai Qingchi’s nightmare. At the end of the shot, Ling Sihang who was inadvertently passing by saw Bai Qingchi. This is also the source of emotional entanglement between Ling Sihang, Ye Qisheng, and Bai Qingchi.

Although there are several times the emotional performance is not quite in place, but after Ma Lao’s corrections, An Xumo quickly adjusted. And everyone found that this newcomer with no acting experience has a powerful attribute —— a mistake that has been corrected once, he will never make the same mistake twice.

Actors in this industry, especially newcomers, are prone to lose sight of what they are doing when faced with a director’s instructions. They tend to pay attention to one point, forgetting the other. After a few more training sessions, the director will get irritated and the newcomer will easily mess up.

As for An Xumo, he can accurately remember what Ma Lao said every time. Although he lacked experience like a brand new sponge, everyone could see that he was rapidly absorbing a lot of water.

Therefore, even though it was the first time he acted, the total number of times An Xumo had NG-ed was not that many. After the filming was over, everyone’s impression of An Xumo also changed, such as popular idol, hard-working, and so on.

The afternoon filming ended a few hours ahead of schedule. After the crew wrapped up, there was still time before the evening shoot. An Xumo had just received dinner from the uncle who praised him a lot and ran into Liu Longfei who came to call him.

“Going to a meeting?” An Xumo was a bit confused, he hadn’t attended any meeting discussion with the crew. “Assistant director, do you know what it’s about?”

Liu Longfei said, “Listening to Mr. Tao’s meaning, it seems to be about revising the scene between you and the two protagonists which is the free time before the evening shot. So Ma Lao called the three of you over and said to listen together to their opinions.”

An Xumo thanked Liu Longfei. After handing the lunch box to Tang Tang, he went to the conference room where he had just pointed out. Although Liu Longfei had given him an explanation, the doubts in An Xumo’s heart were not completely dispelled. Ma Lao’s habit of revising scripts is not a secret in the industry. He sometimes even shoots two versions and then makes changes at the end. Due to this, he quarreled with a lot of scriptwriters when he was young.

However, this should be the first time that the actors have been asked to go to a meeting on script changes. After An Xumo entered the crew, in the past, it was Ma Lao and Mr. Tao who discussed directly plus the opinions of several assistant directors, and the actors directly take the new script.

It wasn’t until An Xumo rushed to the conference room that he finally understood why the actors were additionally called in this time——

The script to be revised is precisely the emotional scenes between Bai Qingchi and the two protagonists and now there is a disagreement in the most crucial kissing scene.

Zhou Jinchen told An Xumo before that he proposed to change the kissing scene between the two of them, but after arriving at the scene, An Xumo realized that Lin Rui had also made a proposal.

What he said was that he wanted to film a kissing scene between himself and Zhou Jinchen.


The author has something to say:

Okay, let’s turn on An Xumo’s Su hanging mode, which startles us all the way and shakes the whole audience.

The kissing scene will be filmed soon, and the elder brother is about to face his illness. After the elder brother understand that he has an illness the emotional drama will be surging forward~


1 身经百战: lit. veteran of a hundred battles (idiom); fig. experienced; seasoned.

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