Male God is Chasing My Brother
Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 53

Chapter 53 [Title at the end of chapter]

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Zhou Jinchen suggested that he wanted to change the actor for the kissing scene because he was worried that An Xumo would be overpowered by Lin Rui’s aura which was his personal consideration.

Lin Rui proposed to change the actor of the kissing scene. The reason given is that the kissing scene of two people will make the film better and have more gimmicks in publicity which was his consideration for the film.

Zhou Jinchen’s consideration is difficult to put on the surface so to say, but Lin Rui’s consideration can.

An Xumo listened to the explanation of the situation and couldn’t help but slightly stiffen.

Although he had been restless for a long time because of the kissing scene, but from the bottom of his heart, An Xumo is also really……more inclined to Zhou Jinchen’s proposal.

People always have selfishness.

However, An Xumo wasn’t sure when he was worried about the final result. On the bright side, it seemed that Lin Rui’s proposal was more reasonable. But in fact, for the crew of 《Different Roads》, Lin Rui is just an actor, but Zhou Jinchen was not revealed as one of the main investors.

Therefore, from the start, it was impossible to pass a proposal that was at odds with Zhou Jinchen’s proposal.

An Xumo didn’t know the other identity of Zhou Jinchen and neither did Lin Rui. So although Lin Rui’s proposal has long been crossed in advance, the final result will still be decided by Ma Lao and Mr. Tao.

It didn’t take long for An Xumo to be anxious, Mr. Tao announced the answer ——

The kissing scene was set between Ling Sihang and Bai Qingchi.

The previous plot setting was to have Bai Qingchi as the trigger for the pretend breakup between the two leads with Ye Qisheng kissing him and Ling Sihang leaving for another country. However, in Mr. Tao’s words, considering that Ling Sihang crashed into the heartbreaking scene after the two kissed, the spread was too small and finally decided to do something big.

In the plot setting, Ling Sihang and Ye Qisheng did not like Bai Qingchi. Ling Sihang is secretly in love with his best friend and Ye Qisheng is heterosexual. Their common pursuit of Bai Qingchi is to give a signal to the people around them who knew they are close friends —— these two friends gave birth to grudges and drew swords against each other for the sake of their love.

After modifying the object of the kissing scene, the plot scene is slightly changed.

“Bai Qingchi came to Ling and Ye’s school to participate in the cultural festival exchange activities. He came to the classroom to find Ling Sihang, and the two kissed there. When Ye Qisheng heard that Bai Qingchi came to the classroom, he brought a group of his friends to look for him, saying that he wanted to show his friends the person he liked. However, the group happened to run into the scene of Ling and Bai kissing. Ye Qisheng pretended to be furious and scuffled with Ling Sihang. In this way, they have publicly torn apart in front of their classmates.”

Mr. Tao who served as the scriptwriter is a courteous 40-year-old man who always keeps his pen in his chest pocket all year round. The tone of his speech was also gentle which makes people comfortable.

However, what he said was not equally comforting to the three actors present.

“After the students witness the separation, Ling Sihang and Bai Qingchi’s affair was brought up to Ling’s parents, who didn’t want their son to be with someone of the same sex from a dance school. Since they intended to leave the country, they simply took their son with them directly. In this way, Ling and Ye’s plan was successfully implemented and the police never suspected the two of them for ten years.”

While Mr. Tao was talking, Ma Lao had not spoken, but a few people present could guess that this should be the result of a joint discussion between the two.

In terms of age and seniority, An Xumo is the youngest one so he did not take the initiative to express his opinion.

Lin Rui, who had a proposal at the beginning, shrugged his shoulders and didn’t continue to make any objection, Ma Lao and Mr. Tao have well thought out the plot, and they also know that no matter how many words he says, it will not be useful.

Moreover from the start, Lin Rui didn’t propose it with a serious attitude. It was only after Zhou Jinchen proposed the change that he followed the joke and also mentioned it.

His thoughts on Zhou Jinchen are here, not only Zhou Jinchen himself understood, but even everybody in the cast noticed the clue. If it was originally like that, Lin Rui could have used his acting skills to pressure this newcomer who has attracted much attention from Zhou Jinchen. But now that Zhou Jinchen had offered to kiss with An Xumo, Lin Rui will also feel uncomfortable.

After having debuted for many years, Lin Rui has been a cold-eyed spectator to the chaos in the circle. There are countless wild butterflies but Zhou Jinchen was the first person who really made his heart flutter. Lin Rui, who has never lacked confidence in his charm and ability, has been determined to win him from the start. Even if he was directly rejected by Zhou Jinchen for the first time, he never thought of giving up.

No matter how strong Zhou Jinchen’s momentum is, for Lin Rui, who is in love and in the market, appears to be an inexperienced young junior. Lin Rui felt that he doesn’t lack the means, strength, and sincerity. He thinks that there is no reason why he won’t be able to take down Zhou Jinchen. In his actions, he has indeed never given up.

However, when this new actor who is inferior to himself in everything except for age appeared, things changed unknowingly.

To be fair, Lin Rui’s impression of An Xumo would have been good if it weren’t for the person he liked has a preference for this newcomer. Although An Xumo won roles and resources that others could not think of at a young age, it was inevitable to arouse jealousy. But Lin Rui also made his debut as a popular child actor at that time, and he naturally will not be jealous of An Xumo’s resources. On the contrary, Lin Rui has always been able to give a helping hand to the juniors who are hard-working and sincere, and he will not step on others.

Otherwise, Lin Rui’s reputation and popularity in the circle will not be so good.

The problem is that this newcomer has now a faint tendency to becoming Lin Rui’s love rival. So now, naturally, he can no longer be generous enough to give up his desired goal.

Lin Rui was calm on the surface, but in his heart, he went to re-organize his planned actions again.

He has always advocated the principle of “fighting for what you want”, not only in the acting profession but also on the road to love is also the same.

On this side, An Xumo and Lin Rui did not raise objections, but on one side, Zhou Jinchen took the initiative to speak to Mr. Tao.

Naturally, what he said would not be an objection but what An Xumo did not expect was that the other party was actually asking a question about Bai Qingchi.

“Ling and Ye are acting, what about Bai Qingchi’s attitude?”

Mr. Tao looked at him and asked, “Are you asking about Bai Qingchi’s feelings?”

Zhou Jinchen nodded.

An Xumo also pricked up his ears.

Mr. Tao said, “Bai Qingchi likes Ling Sihang, that’s why he took the initiative to find him in the classroom.”

An Xumo almost failed to sit still on his chair.

Fortunately, he didn’t make any noise to attract people’s attention so it was only Zhou Jinchen on the side who saw him in his peripheral vision and gave him a sideways glance.

An Xumo hurriedly sat upright.

Zhou Jinchen withdrew his gaze and said to Mr. Tao, “Isn’t Bai’s previous setting was unmoved?”

The person who spoke up this time was Ma Lao, whose voice was obviously older and more serious than Mr. Tao’s. “Xiao Chi[1]Probably Mr. Tao’s name. discussed this matter with me at noon and I have considered before that if Bai Qingchi has been treated as a prop and is not really moved, in terms of the overall effect, it would appear to be disconnected from the whole as if it hadn’t been integrated into the plot.”

“If Bai fell in love with Ling, the tragedy of this character would be more obvious and he can step on the real thing, making the audience feel more realistic.”

An Xumo who has been commented on blinked blankly in the eyes of the public.

Zhou Jinchen took the lead in pulling back the attention of a few people. “Good. How did Bai and Ling’s feelings develop?”

Mr. Tao explained: “Didn’t Ling Sihang already saw Zhao Jiujiu harassed Bai Qingchi in the second half of the scene this afternoon? After the plot behind it was changed, Bai Qingchi encountered trouble again. As a result, Ling helped Bai to solve the problem, and the two get along in the process. Bai Qingchi’s heart was gradually moved.”

He added: “However, we didn’t leave too many scenes for this flashback ten years ago, so these plots won’t be shot directly. Only when Bai went to the classroom to find Ling in vain, we used the lines to bring them out a little. When the atmosphere between the two is enough, we can directly shoot the kissing scene.”

Zhou Jinchen nodded and expressed no objection.

An Xumo also followed and nodded confusedly.

The content of 《Different Roads》 is mainly about the dealings between Ling Sihang, Ye Qisheng, and the police after ten years. The proportion of the scenes before ten years was not large in the first place. Since the beginning of the film, the camera has shot pretty much in the early days. Basically, only the remaining altered scenes are left. Bai Qingchi’s scenes have not been shot yet.

Before the end of the meeting, Ma Lao said, “Get ready. If there is no accident, we will shoot the newly changed part the day after tomorrow. The script will be sent to you tomorrow and the lines should be memorized in advance.”

This is the most basic thing and the three naturally quickly agreed.

Ma Lao glanced at Zhou Jinchen then turned his gaze to An Xumo. What he said showed no signs at all, but it directly poked An Xumo’s heart. “The day after tomorrow, I want to film a kissing scene between you and Zhou Jinchen’s kissing scene, so get ready.”

An Xumo tried to control himself and finally succeeded in not letting himself stutter, but only a piece on the tips of his ears burned red.

“I understand, Ma Lao.”

Ma Lao said, “This kind of scene should usually be notified to the actors a few days in advance, but this time the script has been changed a lot, the time is a little tighter.”

An Xumo didn’t understand the meaning of his words and was still nodding foolishly.

Nevertheless, Zhou Jinchen took a deep look at him and took the initiative to take over Ma Lao’s words. “When should we start to prepare?”

Ma Lao thought for a moment and frowned, “Tomorrow’s scenes are all full, right?”

The most important part for tomorrow is Ye Qisheng’s scenes. He looked at Lin Rui and the latter nodded, “Yes, a total of four scenes.”

Ma Lao turned to Zhou Jinchen, “You also have a lot of shots during the day and you may not be able to leave. How about this, you start this evening and it’s also the same for tomorrow. I remember there’s no evening scene tomorrow. You two will find a quiet place to stay for one night and sleep in the same room once you come back. When you start filming the day after tomorrow, you must find your feelings.”

Zhou Jinchen did not have any special reaction and nodded directly, “Okay.”

However, An Xumo stood upright and froze.

“Sleep, sleep in the same room?!”

Was he hearing things??

Mr. Tao kindly explained, “The preparation before the kissing scene is usually to let two actors stay one afternoon in advance to cultivate feelings, so as not to be stiff and nervous or not have enough emotions. The time for changing the script is tight. You may not be able to have the time to spend alone during the day. It’s estimated that you can only work harder at night.”

Ma Lao looked at An Xumo: “What, you can’t sleep with others yet?”

“No, no.” An Xumo finally broke and stammered again when he answered. His cheeks were as hot as fire, his ears were buzzing, and he didn’t even have the courage to look up at Zhou Jinchen.

After a long time of effort, he barely smoothly said, “I understand.”

Only then did Ma Lao showed a look of satisfaction.

The meeting was dismissed on the spot, Ma Lao and Mr. Tao left first. Lin Rui wanted to wait for Zhou Jinchen but Ma Lao who had reached the door stopped and raised his voice, calling Lin Rui away as well.

The two people who were left behind are Zhou Jinchen and An Xumo.

An Xumo did not dare to look up at all. He even had an illusion —— anyone with eyes could see the color of his face was as red as dripping blood.

He plucked up his courage to say only one sentence.

“Jin, Brother Jinchen, I’ll be troubling you tonight……”


The author has something to say:

Secretly asking Xiao Mo, are you happy being on the same bed~


Jie Jie: I think the title is a bit of a spoiler.

Chapter 53: You have to share a room before filming


1 Probably Mr. Tao’s name.

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