Male God is Chasing My Brother
Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 54

Chapter 54 – A night of eating and talking

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For the indoor scene filmed at night, An Xumo was unable to note down the entire scene.

He spent the whole night doing psychological construction but when the clapperboard hit, the crew finished work and prepared to return to the hotel. Watching Zhou Jinchen coming towards him after bidding farewell to other actors, An Xumo still inevitably turned into a state of blankness.

If it hadn’t been for the past experience these days weren’t too real and if not for the knowledge that his boldest wishful thinking would never happen, An Xumo would have certainly doubted more than once whether these days of what happened was true.

And now getting an important supporting role in a film directed by Ma Lao is real, the stumbling but smooth start of the actor’s road is real, and the fact that he can see his brother every day……the person who walks towards him now is also real.

It’s so real that you can reach out your hand and touch it.

The evening shot was an indoor scene but he didn’t go to the location to take materials. Therefore, the distance between here and the hotel is also very close. After work, everyone was used to walking back together.

Today is no exception.

From Zhou Jinchen walking over to the two people walking side by side at the back of the crew, during this time, every second is firmly imprinted in An Xumo’s mind. He used to have a very good memory, he would never forget what he wanted to write down but this time is not the same. For the first time, he has that “it turns out that the memory can be so clear” feeling.

Even the faint smell of dust in the surrounding air, the cool temperature outside at night, the slightly uneven ground at the foot, and the sweaty moisture in the heart of the palm, are all remembered little by little.

Although the two people are walking side by side, they didn’t talk much. Zhou Jinchen is a person who doesn’t like to talk much and An Xumo has been nervous. It wasn’t until Zhou Jinchen spoke to a few people in front of him that the two men turned to another road alone. An Xumo realized in hindsight……they seemed to have begun to be alone in advance.

He was a little uncertain, “Brother Jinchen, where are we going?”

In the night, the light moonlight sprinkled down and gently draped on people’s shoulders. Zhou Jinchen looked sideways at him and the original three-dimensional outline of his face showed a deeper shadow in the dim light.

His voice was still faint but it was overshadowed by the night with a richer layer of low mellow.

“Buy food,” Zhou Jinchen said, “for you.”

An Xumo stared blankly, not yet reacting.

Until he heard another sentence——

“Sleep in my room tonight.”


The pleasant sound of music rang out with the glass door that opened automatically, and the bright convenience store was filled with the aroma of hot oden soup. An Xumo followed the man with his arms and feet, watching the other party from the shelves took an instant porridge, a box of fresh milk, a bag of cheesecake sandwich, a large portion of tonkatsu ramen, and asked the clerk to help him with seven or eight sticks of oden.

When the clerk asked, “Are these for takeouts, sir?”, Zhou Jinchen paused for a moment and asked the person to take two snow-white, steaming meat buns from the food warming showcase.

The clerk deftly used the cardboard tray to hold the heated tonkantsu ramen and fresh milk, handing it to the waiting Zhou Jinchen. An Xumo, who had been stunned for a long time, reacted and scrambled to hold the oden sticks and the bag filled with food.

The convenience store is located at the entrance of the hotel where there are various drama groups resident filming all year round, and the clerks had long been well-informed.

But even An Xumo can tell with his barren experience that watching Zhou Jinchen buy so much food, the clerk’s curiosity and surprise have already leaked out from their feigned calm expression.

…… Although the misunderstood Zhou Jinchen has never reacted, the-culprit-who-caused-all-this-An still feels guilty.

Along with the elevator back to the hotel floor when passing by An Xumo’s room, the man in front of him has no intention of staying at all. An Xumo holding the oden sticks also followed the person all the way back to another room.

As a result, when Zhou Jinchen swiped open the door and inserted the room card, An Xumo discovered that there was a familiar suitcase placed not far from the door.

Zhou Jinchen swept a glance at the surprised An Xumo, placing down the things in his hand and said, “Your assistant took it in advance.”

An Xumo also followed and put the tray filled with the oden in his hand on the table. “Thank you……brother.”

Zhou Jinchen didn’t say anything to his thanks but said, “The assistant said there was no place for snacks in the room, and there was no hot food after half past nine in the hotel. The convenience store will make do with what is available first. I’ll get you another midnight snack tomorrow night.”

An Xumo felt that he couldn’t even say thank you.

“It’s t-too much trouble brother.” His ears burned up again. “In fact, I can just eat a little tonight……”

Zhou Jinchen heard the words but turned his eyes over and fell on An Xumo.

He frowned, “You only ate lunch boxed meals for two meals during the day. How can you have enough at night without a midnight snack?”


An Xumo really did not expect that his situation during the day was noticed by his brother.

The aroma of the squid balls slowly spread out in the room, the tonkatsu ramen that was opened a little in the corner when heated also tempted people to eat with the golden soup, and the soft snow-white meat buns stacked on the table were obediently waiting to be eaten.

But An Xumo felt that he was already full.

He didn’t dare explain the reason why he wasn’t hungry —— he could never say to his brother, “I’m not hungry when I see you”. It was too strange, so strange that An Xumo felt that he would never say it for the rest of his life.

So in the end, he just whispered his thanks, sat down at the table in the sight of Zhou Jinchen, and tore the seal of the tonkatsu ramen a little bigger.

Zhou Jinchen got up and went to the bathroom, leaving An Xumo alone in the room with a table of midnight snacks. He quietly bit the tasty noodles and ate them, then suddenly his vision blurred.

It may be the heat of the ramen is a little too hot, An Xumo thought randomly. He dared to sniff out quietly when the sound of water came from the bathroom.


An Xumo has lived for seventeen years, he has experienced too many bad things. The pain of living is stronger than happiness, only his brother has always been An Xumo’s sun.

No one would expect the sun to shine only on them, and no one would want to take the initiative to get close to the sun, An Xumo has always thought so. He just needed to see his brother, take one more look, and then continue to live hard.

Now, he is sitting in his brother’s room, eating what the other party bought, and in less than thirty hours, if there is no accident, he will have to kiss his brother.

The world deviated from its original trajectory, the sun dissolves the centrifugal force, and little by little he moves closer in the direction of An Xumo, and the scorching light shone on all the frozen places.

How do you describe this feeling?

All the previous hunger, empty stomach, and painful tongue are not worth mentioning.

When Zhou Jinchen came out of the bathroom, An Xumo had just finished half of his ramen, and he still had a half piece of squid ball in his mouth. The fresh gravy left a satisfying aroma on his lips and teeth.

Zhou Jinchen glanced at the table. The water stains on his body had almost been wiped away but his voice still carried moisture.

“Your appetite has become smaller lately?”

An Xumo hesitated for a moment but still nodded his head.

“Adjust slowly, there is no hurry.”

An Xumo never knew that Zhou Jinchen had really been there when he was in a coma so he didn’t quite understand the meaning of his sentence. But soon, Zhou Jinchen changed the conversation. He looked down at An Xumo and said, “You keep eating, and let’s talk about the kissing scene.”

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