Male God is Chasing My Brother
Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 56.1

Chapter 56.1 – Practice over and over again

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An Xumo was stupefied for a moment.

Practice kissing?

After hearing about the kissing scene, An Xumo has been worried about this matter. Not only did he have no acting experience, but he also didn’t even have any real experience of kissing someone.

Although the latter is something he should try to overcome — it is impossible for every actor to interpret all the experiences they had. But in reality, An Xumo was very worried that he would be stiff in front of the camera from beginning to the end.

If he could practice in advance, he might indeed be able to accumulate a little experience, An Xumo thought. At the very least, he can avoid leaving the lowest-level mistakes to the scene for filming, and appearing in front of the camera and his brother.


“It would be good to find someone suitable to practice with……? An Xumo’s voice was tinged with uncertainty. “Is it okay for someone who is not an actor……”

The actors in the crew are all seniors who are working together for the first time. An Xumo always felt that this kind of thing is not appropriate to ask. However, if he looked for someone he is more familiar with, he is worried that the real experience will be quite different from the camera. If it is futile, it will be a waste of time.

An Xumo hesitated to finish the question, he felt a sudden slight chill around his body.

When he subconsciously looked up at Zhou Jinchen, he saw the man at the table with one hand on the thin Mac shell with an expression similar to the dark gray cold metal under his palm.

An Xumo couldn’t help but stiffened his neck.

It was only after the body’s instinctive reaction responded to the alarm did he realized that he seemed to be asking the wrong question.

Shouldn’t have……I shouldn’t have asked that? This should be his own efforts to practice, and it seems that he really shouldn’t bother his brother……

Before An Xumo thought whether he had made a mistake or not, he heard a deep voice.

Zhou Jinchen’s eyes were dim and his face was a little inexplicable. He said, “Who do you want to practice with?”

An Xumo opened and closed his lips a few times, then said after a long time, “I haven’t thought about it yet, I may not find the suitable……”

Before he could finish his words, his voice disappeared from Zhou Jinchen’s action of getting up.

The man’s movement was not urgent, but the steps from the table to the bedside made An Xumo give birth to a feeling of strange oppression. He was stunned and the other party had already stepped over on one knee from the right side of the big bed. In the blink of an eye, he took advantage of it and moved forward with less than a hand away from An Xumo, who was sitting next to the pillow.

The mattress on his side was pressed and slightly sunken. An Xumo was stunned for a moment. When he reacted, he could clearly smell the light, cold fragrance belonging to Zhou Jinchen.

He didn’t use the shower gel provided by the hotel.

In a very close distance, their breaths are distinctly audible. The pure black, bottomless eyes looked straight at him, like a hunter who has held down on his target.

An Xumo heard Zhou Jinchen say: “Why do you need someone else to practice?”

A slight ache came from his somewhat stiff body but An Xumo has long been not in the mood to take it into consideration. He could not hold down his frantically beating heart, it took him a while to organize a complete language. (T/N: An Xumo gay panickkss sksadwdq. E/N: Stop, he’s been gay panicking all night.)

“Because I can’t do it right the first time, I want to finish practicing and avoid mistakes……then film this scene with brother.”

It wasn’t until a cold sweat slid down the back of his neck to his collar that An Xumo reacted to the cold touch.

He actually told the truth from the bottom of his heart.

An Xumo lowered his eyes with some embarrassment, and his eyes still fluttered slightly. His brother who was too close to him had exceeded the circle of joy for him. He began to have difficulty restraining himself, worrying about whether his thoughts would be seen through.

I don’t want my brother to see my bad performance, and I dare not let my brother know my bad thoughts. An Xumo knows with regards to taking the initiative to approach and express goodwill, his brother will not only feel unhappy but will also feel……fed up.

This is the case with Han Ming and so with Lin Rui.

It was only when An Xumo was almost pressed to the point of being unable to breathe by the almost disappearing distance between the two and the trepidation at the bottom of his heart, he heard Zhou Jinchen’s voice.

The other party said, “There is no need.”

An Xumo raised his eyes and looked at the man with wide eyes.

It seems that after seeing An Xumo’s helplessness, Zhou Jinchen slightly restrained the aura in his body. His tone eased a little coldness. “There is no need to find someone else to contact and there is no need to avoid all mistakes. Efforts don’t need to be overboard. It’s only your first time acting and making mistakes is also part of progress.”

“And these days, your performance is already good enough.”

Before Zhou Jinchen’s words fell, he faintly frowned again.

“What’s wrong with your eyes?”

An Xumo was at a loss: “……huh?”

Zhou Jinchen said, “It’s very red.”

An Xumo stretched out his hand and covered his eyes in embarrassment.

His field of vision was dark, his heartbeat thumped and pounces on the eardrums and his nasal cavity was filled with blood swelling. An Xumo had to take small breaths through his mouth, trying to calm himself down. (T/N: Nosebleed. E/N: Eyesbleed, earsbleed, the only thing left is for him to explode.)

Then he felt a warm, gentle touch coming from the top of his head.

Zhou Jinchen quickly withdrew his hand; the feeling of touching his younger brother was actually very strange. Perhaps he had been familiar with this action a long time ago, but the time between them was too long.

It was long enough that even if they are brothers, in order to film a scene, they still need to hold the Buddha’s feet[1]complete sentence: ’embrace the Buddha’s feet and pray for help in time of emergency’ (idiom); refers to someone’s inability to prepare in time, forcing them to rush to deal with the issue at … Continue reading in advance to “cultivate feelings”.

After his emotions settled a bit, An Xumo remembered to explain his out of control emotions. His brother’s approval could be regarded as a gift he had never hoped for but before he could say anything, he heard Zhou Jinchen say, “Wipe your face and come back to practice.”

An Xumo was stunned: “Practice?”

“En.” Zhou Jinchen said, “There is no point in finding someone else to practice with. If you have no experience, I will teach you.”


Zhou Jinchen looked back at An Xumo who hadn’t moved. “What’s wrong?”

The boy who never missed a single beat when dancing on stage attracting many people and interpreted a noble temperament under a high-definition close-up camera, at this time, asked with an obvious dumbfounded expression, “Teach, teach what?”

Zhou Jinchen gently raised his eyebrows.

“Teach you how to express taking the initiative emotions in front of the camera.”


An Xumo answered, got up, and went to the bathroom in a daze.

He stayed in the bathroom for a long time which must have been more than five minutes before he washed his face and walked out.

Zhou Jinchen had already sat from the middle of the bed to the edge of the bed. When he saw An Xumo come out, he looked at him and said, “Come here.”

An Xumo walked over and heard Zhou Jinchen who already stood up saying, “Raise your hand.”

He subconsciously raised both his hands and only when the man’s sight became deeper and deeper did An Xumo reacted and embarrassedly put one hand down from a surrender position.

“Grab my collar,” Zhou Jinchen said, “and kiss me head-on.”

An Xumo felt as if his collar was tugged by an invisible hand and even breathing became difficult.


Zhou Jinchen lowered his eyes to look at him. “Bai Qingchi takes the initiative. He is shorter than Ling Sihang and pulling the collar is one of the optional prelude actions.”

An Xumo felt that he was about to cry again.

But, but my brother is seriously teaching me. He has no reason to disappoint the other’s good intentions.

His trembling right hand rested on the expensive soft fabric. He paused, hesitating to tighten his fingers. An Xumo almost felt that his heart would jump out of his throat as soon as he opened his mouth. He stood on tiptoe, closed his eyes, and kissed him.

There was only a light sound of “clang”.

The only thing he could feel is the pain coming from the tip of his nose.


An Xumo muffled a grunt. What was more difficult than the pain was the boundless embarrassment that he dared not to open his eyes.

Until he heard a voice near his ear that was close at hand.

“……open your eyes, don’t kiss until you see it.”

An Xumo opened his watery eyes, his wet lashes blinked several times before he could see the vision in front of him.

But he would rather keep his eyes closed — Zhou Jinchen’s appearance is already outstanding, and at such a close distance, it would only make the natural sense of oppression more intense.

An Xumo was shaking so badly that his hand holding the collar was slightly sore. Just as he was trying to muster up the courage for a second time, he noticed a sudden burst of strength coming from his lower back.

“Stand firm.” Zhou Jinchen said in a low voice. He reached out and raised An Xumo’s face, pressed his fingers against the other person’s white jaw, and then lowered his head.

When the shadow came up, An Xumo held his breath for a moment.

After a while, he realized that there was no real contact between the two. There was still less than a fingertip distance between the lips that were very close to each other. Even when the man spoke, the light mint smell was very clearly passed on.

“Tilt your face sideward and stagger the bridge of your nose, got it?”

An Xumo nodded his head in confusion.

Zhou Jinchen retreated a few distances and motioned, “Come again.”

He may become the first artist to be honored for his kissing scene. An Xumo thought foolishly. Under Zhou Jinchen’s instruction, he reached out to hold his collar again and used a little strength. He stood on tiptoe again and moved a little sideways to get closer.

The tip of his nose is staggered, and their lips are extremely close, just a small distance away.

An Xumo said softly in a slightly trembling voice, “This, is this right……?”

The distance was so close that he could even see Zhou Jinchen’s expression.

“Are you kissing the air?”

There was no emotion in Zhou Jinchen’s voice.


1 complete sentence: ’embrace the Buddha’s feet and pray for help in time of emergency’ (idiom); refers to someone’s inability to prepare in time, forcing them to rush to deal with the issue at the last minute.

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