Male God is Chasing My Brother
Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 56.2

Chapter 56.2 – Practice over and over again

An Xumo shook and in the next second, a warm, soft and irresistible touch covered his lips.

There was a loud boom.

An Xumo heard the sound of a nuclear explosion in his mind.

Time stopped, the blood was flowing backwards, the breath was full of sweet mint scent and a pair of eyes that forgot to close, can’t see anything clearly anymore.

Kiss, kiss……

He kissed his brother……

An Xumo’s dictionary has been rearranged and combined hundreds of millions of times and he has never approached these three words himself, brother, kiss, and close.

How to describe that moment?

It was long and beautiful, enough to extend into a full and happy life.

After about ten acting classes, An Xumo heard Zhou Jinchen’s voice.

“It’s Bai Qingchi who takes initiative, try it yourself again.”

The third time was not much easier than the first two. An Xumo closed his eyes after finding his right position, he finally managed to touch his brother. Although his body was shaking badly, he also had someone to reach out to hold him on the back of his waist.

The mint aroma was getting stronger and stronger and it’s no longer clear. Instead, it seems to urge people to dream.

After the success, An Xumo found another dizzying problem. He did not know what to do next, but he was supposed to do something else after sticking their lips together.

But he won’t, and……wouldn’t dare.

In the end, it was Zhou Jinchen who took the initiative to end the attempt. He looked at An Xumo as if in thought.

An Xumo has gone stupid and calmly asked instead, “What’s wrong?”

Zhou Jinchen said, “You used mouthwash?”

No wonder he spent so much time in the bathroom.

An Xumo’s composure was punctured with a ‘snap’.

“Unless it’s necessary, kissing scenes rarely use teeth and tongue.”

An Xumi wasn’t just relaxed nor embarrassed, he could only nod his head absent-mindedly to show that he understood.

“The situation of the filming the day after tomorrow is still uncertain,” Zhou Jinchen said. “But with the exception for directors and blockbusters like Ma Lao, kissing scenes for other resources can be basically borrowed; this time is a special case. If you encounter it in the future, you can directly apply for illusion shots or borrowed shots.”

After thinking about it, he added. “Receiving too many kissing resources is also not good for your image. I will talk to Zimai and keep an eye on the scripts you receive in the future.”

An Xumo’s thinking has not yet caught up and the other party has considered it for the long run.

“In short,” Zhou Jinchen said, “this time I will teach you experience, and the scope of application is only in 《Different Roads》. Do not treat other film contracts with this experience and standards, understand?”

An Xumo nodded in a daze again.

Only when Zhou Jinchen saw that he answered did he release his right hand that was holding the person.

“Stand still, and don’t shake when you kiss.” He said, “Moderate tension is in line with Bai Qingchi’s emotions, overdoing it will look stiff.”

An Xumo had just relaxed his tense back because of the temperature behind his waist, and then he heard the man’s instructions again.

“It’s fine to close your eyes. Don’t make your mouth too tight. If the camera comes out, it won’t be able to see your lip color.”

Hence, in the end, fell another sentence — “Again.”

An Xumo can no longer remember how many times he practiced that night.

In fact, this is not in line with his habits. His temper can clearly remember even if he hasn’t seen his brother in a few days. Many people who shoot big scene can write down the details exactly, and the memory of this night should be the same, clear and error-free.

But memories need to be actively traced back. An Xumo not only wrote down this night, but he was not willing to open it again.

He used to look at Zhou Jinchen’s photos to fill his stomach, and this memory is the same. An Xumo wants to keep it a little longer. After waiting for a long time, when he has no strength, he will take out a small piece to fill himself.

In the end, he casually found a lame excuse to ask the brand of toothpaste and mouthwash used by Zhou Jinchen. The latter is used to using mint fragrance which tastes clear and refreshing but it tasted sweet to An Xumo.

For the next day, there was no scene of An Xumo — because he was with the crew for a long time, the logistics coordinator did not arrange his schedule too intensively. But as the protagonist, Zhou Jinchen will have a scene almost every day so they still need to rest early at night.

Zhou Jinchen locked his laptop and tablet in the portable safe and turned off the TV which doesn’t have any image. He called the front desk to ask for an extra quilt. When the floor was cleared, An Xumo came out of the bathroom.

His lips were still in the same state when he went in, slightly red and swollen but not too serious. I don’t know if he brushed his teeth again, but his face is obviously washed, perhaps also with an ice-cold towel. The flush that never gone down before was temporarily suppressed a little.

Zhou Jinchen swept a glance at him. He reached out and turned off the headlights, leaving only two warm yellow wall lamps above the bed.


There are two quilts on the bed so the solution to the problem of “pillow hanging halfway down” is temporarily set aside. An Xumo gingerly climbed on the bed. He lay down under the brand new covers, wrapped in a fluffy snow-white warmth, and his heartbeat was safely hidden.

The man next to him reached out to turn off the wall lamps and the room was pitch-dark.[1]pitch-dark that you can’t see the five fingers of your hand.

An Xumo raised his face out of the quilt and pressed his chin against the soft quilt.

He took a soft breath and whispered, “Good night, brother.”

There was a silent movement on the other side of the bed.

An Xumo held his breath and heard the sound of candy falling in the metal box.

The elder brother replied to him, “Sweet dreams.”

This is definitely one of the most fulfilling memories of An Xumo in more than ten years.

The first official filming, the first time to receive instruction from the big director, the afternoon to determine the plan to shoot a kissing scene, the night with brother, sleeping together…….and practiced.

Plus there was an extraordinarily rich and steaming midnight snack.

This is definitely one of An Xumo’s most beautiful memories if you ignore the accident after waking up the next day.

An Xumo also did not expect that his mouth would swell up the next day because of the practice the night before.

It’s still very gaudy and it’s estimated that even powder can’t cover the degree.

Zhou Jinchen’s face was slightly dark. According to the plan, he was supposed to have breakfast at the hotel restaurant but now, he was still standing in his room.

“Are you sure you’re not allergic to last night’s midnight snack?”

“I have eaten the food from 7-11 before……no allergies.” An Xumo wore a black mask, the tip of his nose and chin were wrapped in it, revealing only two eyes. “But when I bite my lips before……it will swell the next day and will take a long time to disappear.”

Zhou Jinchen frowned when he heard ‘biting lips’ he paused before saying, “How long does it take?”

“A day or two,” An Xumo said. “It’s usually not visible on the third day.”

They have no choice but to make it through the day first. Fortunately, An Xumo did not have a scene today, otherwise, he would have had problems even getting on the camera.

His lips……at first glance, it looks like in a state of being ravaged.

The two went downstairs to eat together. When they were going out, Zhou Jinchen took a phone call. An Xumo stood in the hallway waiting and saw a uniformed hotel staff changing the humidifier in the hallway.

A faint smell of disinfectant slowly spread.

There is more than one crew in the hotel. As a rule, the staff should not have been deliberately staring at the actor. But An Xumo stood by the door for a while and the staff intentionally or unintentionally stared at him several times.

An Xumo was a bit confused. Zhou Jinchen came out just then, looked at An Xumo by the door, and said, “Take off the mask first.”

An Xumo, “?”

Although he was confused, he still took off the mask.

With such a pluck, the obviously slightly swollen than usual bright red lips were exposed.

Zhou Jinchen looked away from his lips and said, “I just got a call. A group of actors next door were diagnosed with tuberculosis and was taken to the hospital last night, someone also stayed in 《Different Roads》. The crew found a doctor and planned to give the main actors a physical examination to see if anyone was infected.”

The caller was Ma Zechi, he knew the two were together last night so he asked Zhou Jinchen to talk to An Xumo and didn’t call again.

An Xumo was speechless, “This……”

In this way, if he insists on going to the set with a mask, I’m afraid he will be quarantined in the first place.

Moreover, he can’t find an excuse to not go to the set.

The two were silent for a moment and Zhou Jinchen said, “Let’s go there first.”

It’s possible that everyone will not care, An Xumo thought, nodding towards Zhou Jinchen. Wearing a mask was originally the man’s suggestion but he really didn’t have any idea, it was just a little swollen, it wouldn’t be seen ba.

They were delayed for a while in the morning so there was no way to eat at the hotel, but the crew also provided breakfast. When the two arrived, it was just about time for breakfast. Despite the bad news last night, it seemed that everything was still normal for the crew and there was nothing unusual with a lot of work.

“Good morning.” Liu Longfei, holding the hot porridge, greeted the two with a smile. However, when he saw An Xumo who was blocked in the beginning by Zhou Jinchen, he couldn’t help but be stupefied for a moment.

“Xiao An, you……”

Zhou Jinchen was carrying two lunch boxes and An Xumo then took two cutlery, and ready to follow him. Seeing Liu Lonfei called him, he stopped doubtfully, “Assistant Director Liu?”

Liu Longfei glanced around and looked at Zhou Jinchen. He saw that the other party did not respond, he turned his head to look at An Xumo and lowered his voice to ask him: “Where were you last night?”

An Xumo was a little puzzled. “I was in the hotel, why?”

Liu Longfei asked, “You didn’t go out?”

An Xumo said, “No.”

Liu Longfei seemed to breathe a sigh of relief but his expression still carried doubts, “Then, what bit your mouth?”


The author has something to say:

Do you think it’s over after kissing?

The 《Different Roads》 cast and crew: To understand the gossip about tuberculosis, I originally wanted to write pneumonia but pneumonia doesn’t seem to be contagious enough. My brain is dizzy and I also don’t know if there is too much bug. If there are professional medical girls who see something wrong, please correct me!


1 pitch-dark that you can’t see the five fingers of your hand.

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