Male God is Chasing My Brother
Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 57

Chapter 57 – Well-known Gossip

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“Bite?” An Xumo was confused for a moment. There should be neither teeth marks nor wounds on his mouth, so why would Assistant Director Liu ask this?

Liu Longfei was a little worried, “Was it bitten by some bug or allergy? Otherwise, Xiao An you should ask the crew’s doctor to take a look. You can’t delay being on camera, Ma Lao will be unhappy.”

An Xumo didn’t think anyone would really notice the strangeness in his mouth. When he heard Liu Longfei’s words, he couldn’t help but laugh and cry. He waved his hand and said, “No, it’s just a little swollen. It should go away in the afternoon. Thank you, Brother Liu. I’m fine.”

Liu Longfei seemed to have some hesitation but his brother was still waiting on the side, so An Xumo waved goodbye to Assistant Director Liu first.

Seeing An Xumo and Zhou Jinchen leaving together, Liu Longfei’s heart felt more and more that something was not quite right.

Ma Zechi has already mentioned the changes in the script to him. He has been worried about An Xumo’s decision to do a kissing scene before. After all, Xiao An is still a minor. However, Zhang Zhiwei said that An Xumo’s mother said not to interfere with her son’s choice so he did not say much.

But now, it seems that the relationship between An Xumo and Zhou Jinchen is obviously much better than Zhou Jinchen’s own words “been together on a variety show”. Since working with Zhou Jinchen a few times, this is the first time Liu Longfei see Zhou Jinchen take care of a junior. Even before, he especially came to Liu Longfei to apologize because he misunderstood him.

Moreover, Xiao An’s swollen mouth is also a bit strange. He has been well in the group for so many days. How can he take a kissing scene with Zhou Jinchen, then……then it looked like he’s been fighting with people for eighteen rounds?

Liu Longfei’s inner thoughts, An Xumo naturally wouldn’t know. But the question raised by Liu Longfei came across more than once.

While holding the lunch box and drinking porridge, An Xumo met Qian Lingyuan who plays Zhao Jiujiu. Uncle Qian was stunned at first when he saw him then asked, “Xiao An, the porridge sent by the crew today is very hot?”

An Xumo was a little unsure. He touched the side of the bowl and shook his head, “It’s not very hot, just right for drinking.”

Qian Lingyuan looked at him two more times, “Then, why is your mouth so red?”

An Xumo didn’t know what to say. He couldn’t answer because of the practice last night. While he was hesitating, Zhou Jinchen who was beside him had already turned around and said to Qian Lingyuan, “Brother Qian, Ma Lao said he was looking for you just now.”

Qian Lingyuan’s attention was drawn, “Ah, what’s wrong? Is he going to talk about the last day of filming?”

Zhou Jinchen said: “Maybe.”

Qian Lingyuan: “Okay. I’ll go over and take a look. Many thanks ah, Jinchen.”

Zhao Jiujiu’s scenes have almost been shot and it’s almost time for Qian Lingyuan to leave the group. Therefore, as soon as he heard this, he hurriedly got up and left.

An Xumo hesitated as he held the bowl of porridge, “Brother Jinchen……”

There have been two people who have noticed his strange appearance one after another, he can avoid one but not everyone. He wanted to ask the man how to explain it.

Just before he finished his words, Ma Zechi and Lin Rui came over one after the other.

The place where the two people sat together is near the corner, although the location is not conspicuous, it is more convenient to talk here. As long as the voice is not too loud, you don’t have to worry about being heard by the people around. Therefore, when several actors usually eat here, they are accustomed to choosing this location.

With the two men here, An Xumo naturally had no way to continue speaking. He was trying to use the bowl of porridge to cover up a little, and then he heard Ma Zechi say to Zhou Jinchen, “I heard about the scene tomorrow. Hey Jinchen, how did you two prepare last night?”

Zhou Jinchen said, “It’s all right.”

Ma Zechi did not mind his common answer and continued, “I didn’t believe it when my Father told me yesterday. Jinchen, when you played as a married couple with Li Weiwei you didn’t make any off-stage preparations. Then, right after that domestic violence scene, I asked my assistant to express sympathy through the agent.”

He teased, “The girl asked me specially and tactfully if you had any opinions about her.”

Li Weiwei was the actress who played the protagonist’s wife in 《The Scarecrow》. Although she didn’t have many scenes, her performance in the film was still excellent.

Zhou Jinchen said, “Sister Wei is a good actress and can quickly get in the role. We don’t have much need to get along in advance.”

An Xumo holding the bowl, heard Lin Rui on the side laughing, “Jinchen, you say that Xiao An is still sitting here.”

Zhou Jinchen’s voice was somewhat ambiguous which is unusual of his watertight[1]lit. not one drop of water can leak out; watertight; rigorous (argument); describes very meticulous, thorough, and impeccable speaking and handling. speech style. The moment he praised Li Weiwei, he took An Xumo as an analogy. If no one cared, he could reveal it, but it happened that these words were pointed out by Lin Rui.

An Xumo also understood the meaning but before he could have any reaction, the man beside him directly said, “I’m telling the truth.”

Zhou Jinchen said the words directly but he didn’t have much meaning to embarrass An Xumo, rather it seems to be like mentioning a close junior. “He doesn’t have acting experience and if he doesn’t prepare in advance, then there will certainly be mistakes.”

He looked at An Xumo, “And he is easily nervous so getting along in advance will also help him adjust his state of mind.”

The words have already been said here, it’s not good for An Xumo to continue using the bowl to block himself. He put down the bowl of porridge and was about to say something but his words were frightened back by the expressions of the two people sitting across from him as if they had seen a ghost.


“……” Ma Zechi paused for a moment before suppressing himself from raising his voice. He turned his head to look at Zhou Jinchen, his face complicated, “You said that Xiao An has no acting experience so you practice the kissing scene with the person in advance?”

An Xumo began to regret his decision to put the bowl down.

If he had to do it all over again, he would rather choose to hold the bowl all the time and never put it down even if his hands were sore.

But Ma Zechi knew that the two of them were in the same room last night, so naturally, he was not as easy to fool as Liu Longfei and Qian Lingyuan and saw through the truth at a glance. An Xumo listened as he continued to ask Zhou Jinchen. “How did you do this? It’s so obvious. I’m telling you Jinchen, I held back my opinion to continue your preparation ah, but you have to be on camera tomorrow. You did this, can’t even wear makeup to change it, can it?”

Unexpectedly, An Xumo didn’t want to hold the bowl to block anymore, he wanted to bury his face directly into the bowl.

Zhou Jinchen and Ma Zechi have known each other for a long time so he didn’t care when he heard the person talk like this and only said, “It won’t delay tomorrow.”

He didn’t have the slightest intention to refute this kind of reaction which made Lin Rui on the opposite side, felt more like falling into an ice cave.

Ma Zechi saw his attitude and slowly recalled it. He looked at An Xumo curiously then raised his eyebrows at Zhou Jinchen, “Would you like to say congratulations?”

An Xumo didn’t understand, Zhou Jinchen did but ignored him.

On one side, an assistant came and called Zhou Jinchen and An Xumo to go over. An Xumo hurriedly bid farewell and escaped. Zhou Jinchen told Ma Zechi that he has an ‘external allergy’ and left together.

Can allergies only swell the lips but the skin around the mouth is not red? Unexpectedly, this guy looks stable but when there’s a real situation, he is not as cool as he thought.

Ma Zechi shook his head in amusement.

But……Jinchen and Xiao An, seriously? Ma Zechi thought and couldn’t help but look at the silent Lin Rui beside him.

Ma Zechi is one of the insiders who knew about Lin Rui’s feelings for Zhou Jinchen.

When 《The Scarecrow》 was filmed, the three of them worked together for a long time. As a director, Ma Zechi naturally noticed the difference between the two men.

In line with the principle of respecting a friend’s privacy, Ma Zechi didn’t ask much about this matter. He originally thought that if the two worked together for two plays in a row, it might be possible for them to fall in love over time. But looking at it now, Ma Zechi felt that Zhou Jinchen had completely two different attitudes towards Lin Rui and An Xumo.

The matter of Li Weiwei is a very good illustration. At that time, Lin Rui may still have hope. Ma Zechi and Lin Rui were already his good friends and they get along with each other which are considered close so Lin Rui could also think that he might have —— after all, Zhou Jinchen was in the same position as everyone and had the opportunity to go further.

But now, it seems that only the special person has not appeared yet and friends are just friends after all.

Looking at Lin Rui who was silent but stirred the bowl of porridge for a long time without having a few mouthfuls, Ma Zechi couldn’t help but sigh gently.

Compared to all kinds of chaos in the circle, such as being kept, abuse, and unspoken rules, Lin Rui’s sincere feelings are more difficult to persuade.

Because of the extras, the crew especially took out time in the morning and took the main members of the crew together to the hospital next door for a check-up. Fortunately, the hospital had just replaced a batch of new equipment so they didn’t have to wait long before they got a reassuring result.

In order to make up for the delayed progress this morning, the crew worked overtime and started filming once they returned to the set. An Xumo who had been surrounded by sympathy all the way finally had the chance to catch his breath. After discussing with Zhou Jinchen, he spoke with Liu Longfei and went back to the hotel by himself first.

After applying anti-swelling ointment bought back from the hospital, coupled with the transition throughout the day, An Xumo’s lips finally returned to normal that night. Although there is still a slight swelling and redness when you look at it closely, it was much better than in the morning when it was kissed.

An Xumo didn’t know this would happen to him before. He only knew that when he bit his lips, it would make his mouth red so he slowly developed the habit of biting the tip of his tongue. But he really didn’t expect that the practice last night would also leave traces and the traces were so conspicuous that even using allergies as an excuse didn’t have much convincing power……

Thinking of all the curious eyes during the day and Tang Tang’s expression when she said, “you must bring ten lip masks with you in the future”. An Xumo felt for the first time that the loss of not going to the set for half a day was quite acceptable.

The crew’s progress of working overtime was smooth. After reading the new script and going to the gym to work out for two hours, in the window, An Xumo saw the actors who finished filming downstairs returned to the hotel.

After he went back to his room to take a shower and change his clothes, he knocked on Zhou Jinchen’s door.

In the hallway, An Xumo also met the other actors of the same crew, and the gaze they gave at An Xumo was obviously different during the day. Although he has always been insensitive to the gazes around him, he also sensed something strange. 

The suspicion became even stronger when he knocked on the door. The person standing inside the door was actually not Zhou Jinchen, but his agent Xin Zimai.

“Xiao An? Quick, come in.”

Closing the door and locking it, Xin Zimai’s expression is a bit serious, “I just called you several times and no one answered, where have you been?’

“Just took a shower.” An Xumo said, “Did something happen?”

He noticed that Xin Zimai was the only one in the room and Zhou Jinchen was not there. The laptop on the table had its screen lit and Xin Zimai was obviously dealing with something before he came.

“My brother he……hasn’t come back yet?”

“He went to see Ma Lao.” Xin Zimai looked at him, “Xiao An, I have some news. Listen first, don’t get agitated.”

An Xumo froze for a moment. “……what’s going on?”

“Someone broke the news of your swollen mouth this morning.” Xin Zimai said briefly, “There was no name, but all kinds of information were enough to take criticism. The person who broke the news didn’t speak well, you make a mental preparation first.”


1 lit. not one drop of water can leak out; watertight; rigorous (argument); describes very meticulous, thorough, and impeccable speaking and handling.

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