Male God is Chasing My Brother
Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 60.1

Chapter 60.1 – Filming went one step further

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An Xumo is neither a son nor a wife but his brother.

However, Zhou Jinchen did not intend to tell the relationship between the two, he had other contemplations besides the problems in the Zhou Family.

It’s only that his performance in the eyes of others, it will inevitably cause some misunderstandings. Ma Lao was even more impolite. He pointed it out to the extent of Zhou Jinchen’s special treatment to An Xumo.

But unlike Ma Zechi, Ma Lao obviously lacks the curiosity to gossip about the relationship between Zhou Jinchen and An Xumo. The problem was uncovered when An Xumo who had finished his makeup happened to return at this time.

When An Xumo came back, he heard Ma Lao say to Zhou Jinchen, “How many times do you plan to help others?”

An Xumo was a bit confused. He looked at the two men questioningly, not knowing what they were discussing.

Zhou Jinchen said, “Twice.”

Ma Lao snorted coldly, “Then the remaining thirteen times will be mine.”

An Xumo didn’t understand the conversation between the two but soon, he realized something —

Although he and his brother had practiced many times in advance, in the official filming, they still couldn’t get through it.

In other words, he and his brother had to kiss many times in public, in the full view of the public, and in broad daylight.

Ma Lao said before to shoot the scene before the hug, cut-off the shot after shooting Ling Sihang’s close-up, and then shoot the kissing scene. Looking at Ma Lao’s calm attitude, An Xumo originally thought that scene before the two people hugged could only be shot once. However, after the official starts, they re-take three more times before getting Ma Lao’s approval.

Before the first re-take, Zhou Jinchen reminded An Xumo to follow the feeling of the first shoot and not be affected by anything else, and the latter did so.

When he waited for the re-take, he found that, except for some unnatural performance mentioned by Ma Lao, An Xumo’s performance was basically the same. However, his brother who was acting against him had a completely different performance every time.

Naturally, this kind of difference does not refer to words and actions. Their lines have not changed much every shot, and Zhou Jinchen also did not act freely. An Xumo perceived the difference from Zhou Jinchen’s aura which is kind of an indescribable thing. But he could clearly feel that the gentle and eager to approach thing in his brother’s body slowly disappeared.

It wasn’t until the warm thing on his brother completely disappeared that Ma Lao didn’t continue to re-take. Only then did An Xumo realize that the original reason for these several retakes was not because of him, but because of Zhou Jinchen.

Nonetheless, his attention didn’t linger on this matter for too long because soon, after Zhou Jinchen’s facial close-ups, it was time for the two of them to start their kissing scene.

Despite the mental preparation for the whole day yesterday and despite the practice the night before, when it came to kissing in front of everyone, An Xumo still felt an uncontrollable tension.

Ma Lao agreed with him to pull Ling Sihang’s collar in relation to handling him. Therefore, when this section officially started shooting, they continued the method used in the first trial shooting.

After Zhou Jinchen said in a low voice, “Xiao Chi, is that okay?” An Xumo reached out to pull the man’s collar. However, when the other party cooperated with his strength that is pulled down by him, An Xumo’s hand wasn’t clasped tightly and it directly slipped off the man’s collar.


“I’m sorry, I, I didn’t hold it tight……”

Zhou Jinchen did not answer, he directly waved and the assistant not far away asked for a towel and handed it to An Xumo, letting him dry his sweaty hands.

Ma Lao reminded him, “Don’t stop by yourself. If you keep stopping, it will interrupt your state. Even if there are mistakes, you should continue to go on and start from the beginning after the performance.”

When An Xumo answered ‘yes’, he didn’t react to what he meant. It wasn’t until the scene recorder hit the board again that he realized — it means that the number of times they NG-ed, would have to be the same amount he has to kiss his brother.

After the familiar low voice question, he grabbed the other man’s collar with one hand and gathered the courage to kiss him on his tiptoes. The tight lip slightly let go and imprinted on the perfectly contoured thin lips. The familiar scent of mint filled his nostrils and An Xumo’s long curly eyelashes trembled lightly, without opening his eyes.

There was silence all around; inside and outside the set was also silent. An Xumo closed his eyes and could only hear his own heartbeat accelerating.

Because of last night’s breaking news of the big V, although An Xumo did not notice the change of people’s attitude towards him, when he came in the morning, the whole crew has actually gone through a clean-up. In the filming of this important scene today, all of the people present were strictly screened, and the number of people is much smaller than in the previous shooting. Accordingly, those who remain are also senior staff within the crew and have a thorough understanding of each actor.

In particular, it’s Zhou Jinchen’s notoriously unapproachable personality.

The originally schedule kissing scene between Lin Rui and An Xumo was already interesting enough. And now the revised plot is even more surprising, not to mention — this is a real kissing scene.

There were neither stand-in nor borrowed position. Under everyone’s eyes, the new actor kissed him up and Zhou Jinchen did not hide nor did he show an unnatural look.

For a while, the filming site was silent.

He’s really a film emperor, right……

Many people silently thought. Even if the camera looks somewhat repulsive off-cam, once they start working, this big name can also accept all the plot arrangements.

An Xumo naturally didn’t know the thoughts of the people around him. In fact, he had no time to care about anything else at this time.

During this section of filming, he kept his eyes close. Because by this time, Bai Qingchi was shy and indulged in joy, his eyes were surrounded by happiness, and there was no need for extra emotional expression. Zhou Jinchen is the focus of the camera here. Compared to Bai Qingchi’s enthusiasm, Ling Sihang needs to show an extra sober look at this point to let the audience see through his plans and lay the groundwork for the upcoming plot twist.

After the lips were pressed together, the initiative was transferred from Bai Qingchi to Ling Sihang, and An Xumo really didn’t know what to do next. He had no experience of kissing, and his only practice was cramming the night before yesterday.

An Xumo was waiting for Zhou Jinchen’s reaction but the other party did not do it as written in the script. An Xumo was puzzled, then he heard Ma Lao yelled out a cut.

When the two men were a little apart, An Xumo heard Zhou Jinchen whispered, “You are standing in the wrong position.”

Sure enough, Ma Lao came over, “The position of the two of you is on the wrong side and the camera can’t get the right angle.”

Ma Lao helped them find a suitable position then returned to the surveillance screen. An Xumo had no previous experience in filming so he didn’t know what ‘wrong position’ means and didn’t think much about it. It was only when Ma Lao turned around did Zhou Jinchen faintly said, “Next time, pay attention to the position or there will be a misunderstanding.” Only then did An Xumo vaguely sense something.

“Misunderstanding?” he asked carefully.

Zhou Jinchen looked at him, “Misunderstood as scene-stealer.”

“I……” An Xumo was a little flustered.

“I know you.” Zhou Jinchen cut off his explanation, “This is a reminder, not a criticism.”

An Xumo pursed his lower lip.

He felt that his mouth was full of sweet taste.

After carefully adjusting their positions, the two began their fourth shoot. An Xumo cautiously remembered every note and this time he finally continued the progress as he wished. The two lips pressed against each other, breathing inseparable,[1]in love and inseparable and Ling Sihang slowly responded after being in a daze. He reached out and wrapped his arms around Bai Qingchi’s waist, taking advantage of his height, and lowered his head to kiss back.

The high-definition camera less than a meter away from the two is like a bright giant spotlight, pulling the upper body of the two into the frame. Both men were good-looking enough to withstand the close-up test but Ma Lao frowned as he sat in front of the monitor in the face of the scene that was enough to be called a pleasing shot.

Ma Zechi watching on the side, also quickly perceived the problem.


1 in love and inseparable

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