Male God is Chasing My Brother
Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 60.2

Chapter 60.2 – Filming went one step further

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The kissing scene is dominated by Ling Sihang and the rhythm of the scene is controlled by Zhou Jinchen as expected. However, by contrast, An Xumo’s presence is much weaker, with Zhou Jinchen in the same frame; this can’t be noticed by the audience in the first place.

If the requirements are not too high, the footage can be used as the finished film. However, thinking about the film’s portrayal of the role of Bai Qingchi, Ma Zechi felt that Ma Lao would not agree with the quality of this shot.

Sure enough, Lin Rui, who had finished filming the scene of greeting his friends back to the classroom to see his crush, was still waiting outside the classroom and Ma Lao did not give him the order to push the door and barge in.

This time, the error correction is more difficult than the previous times. An Xumo’s own acting experience has a big difference from Zhou Jinchen’s. And the latter has been deliberately reducing his presence at ordinary times. Apart from the natural charm of stage performance, he rarely has the experience of actively striving for attention, especially in the presence of Zhou Jinchen. In order not to leave a bad impression on his brother, he is accustomed to weakening his own momentum.

An Xumo had not noticed this before until Ma Lao pointed out the deviation of aura of the two on camera that he only discovered this habit of his. After being cold-eyed[1]cool eye; fig. detached; (treating) with indifference by his brother at the age of seven, An Xumo has submerged this habit into an instinctive reaction in the ten years that followed. If it were any other actor, An Xumo would not have behaved this way, but it was precisely in the face of Zhou Jinchen that he was unable to control his reaction comfortably.

Since the start of the filming was running smoothly, An Xumo had never experienced any major mistake. However, in this extremely important scene, he encountered his first hurdle. Even though Zhou Jinchen intentionally reined in his cooperation, An Xumo still had no way to smoothly hold up his role when the camera started filming. When he deliberately increased the range of movements and expressions to highlight his role, An Xumo’s acting seemed particularly deliberate and even more unnatural than before.

The content under the same frame was shot six times but An Xumo still did not meet Ma Lao’s standard.

What is even more disturbing is that his performance has not improved in time. Instead, even the mentality is slowly being shaken.

From time to time, there are always eyes around that will fall on him. Ever since this young actor entered the group, there are almost many topics surrounding him like the two main characters. After all, his current popularity is second only to Zhou Jinchen. Even the film emperor Lin Rui, who has been famous for many years wasn’t necessarily as popular as An Xumo in terms of heat and amount of topics.

Along with the attention that always has a variety of discussions, followed by an invisible pressure, whether malicious or not, this is something that cannot be avoided.

Ma Lao stayed for ten minutes. An Xumo sat alone in the front row for five minutes. A water bottle suddenly appeared in front of him.

Zhou Jinchen’s voice remained faint. “Don’t drink too much. It will wipe off your makeup.”

An Xumo took it and whispered thanks. The warm and cool water moistened his dry and cracked throat. After drinking it, Zhou Jinchen took the water back.

An Xumo sat against the aisle. He originally thought Zhou Jinchen was just letting him drink water to calm down, he didn’t expect that after it was taken away, Zhou Jinchen did not leave. Instead, he squatted down on one knee.

With a height of nearly one meter and nine, the short Zhou Jinchen who is crouching in front of An Xumo, who is sitting on his seat, has basically had the same line of sight, making the latter flush. Before An Xumo could react, he heard Zhou Jinchen ask him, “Is kissing a thing that makes you nervous?”

An Xumo hesitated for a moment and nodded hesitantly.

Zhou Jinchen said, “Is there something else besides nervousness?”

An Xumo opened his mouth. Zhou Jinchen didn’t rush to ask him but took up the question himself.

“In addition, there are also positive, exciting, and something that makes you happy.”

Zhou Jinchen said, “If you want the audience to feel these emotions, you must have them yourself.”

An Xumo looked at the other party, the man’s eyes were still a deep, bottomless, pure black. If he was careless, he would be deeply immersed.

Zhou Jinchen, “It’s not hard as you think.”

There was an obvious gasping sound of more than one person around and there was even the sound of someone accidentally dropping something in his hand on the ground.

But An Xumo has no way to pay attention to these background sounds anymore.

— Because the man in front of him, his brother, pinched his chin with warm fingers and leaned in for a kiss.

This kiss is unlike any previous practice or filming. After four lips pressed together, the originally shallow action did not stop there this time. An Xumo sat blankly with actual tables, chairs, and classroom walls behind him, and the man completely blocked the figure in front of him. A little unanticipated wetness touched his tightly pursed and slightly sore lips, which lingered lightly on the beads of his lips.

Then his lips were gently opened, a slightly stronger force invaded with a chilly and rich mint fragrance, almost making one fall into a thick fog woven by dreams.

The action is still Zhou Jinchen’s consistent temper, irresistible, and inescapable. Yet An Xumo felt that it was the gentlest intruder in the whole world.

Unlike many artists who dreamed of making their debut since they were young, An Xumo has experienced a complete academic career. Whether it was a private middle school or a public high school, the children of the Zhou family went to the best schools. And An Xumo, who was seen as a disgrace, was no different. He always wanted to work hard, to gain recognition through his hard work and topping in all subjects. The top first-tier universities in China have extended an olive branch to him.

He was such an outstanding student that he wrote a full-mark composition more than once. Even his score in the college entrance exam was only one point away from the top single division student in S City that year.

But now, An Xumo’s mind is blank. Even a complete and simplest sentence can’t be pieced together.

In fact, the action is not very skillful and sophisticated but because the target is the more inexperienced An Xumo, he did not distinguish it at all. Every part inside the mouth was meticulously taken care of and the breath that was held because of nervousness slowly rises. Obviously, the person sitting steadily on the chair was An Xumo but he felt as if he was wobbling and unstable.

There is no support all over his body, only the man in front of him exuded extreme attraction. An Xumo whose consciousness was dazed subconsciously wanted to touch the other but is suppressed by the last bit of reason and withdraws his hand.

But this is enough; the temperature coming from the lips and teeth warms the whole body. The original stiffness, uneasiness, nervousness, and distress were dispelled one by one.

It’s neither a raging wave nor a heavy color that covers everything. It wasn’t even similar to Zhou Jinchen’s strong style but rather, it was like a gentle and sweet cake aroma, tempting to move your index finger but also makes people satisfied.

After a long time of baking a cake full of cream, chocolate, and cheese which is enough for a person to eat for a lifetime, the warmth slowly receded.

It’s like leaving only a little bit of residual warmth, falling on the moist luscious lips with a watery glow.

When Zhou Jinchen retreated, An Xumo was still there; his mind was still struggling to deal with the excessive amount of complicated information. It wasn’t until Zhou Jinchen raised his eyes and looked up to one side, did An Xumo slowly pulled back to his senses.

Zhou Jinchen was looking in the direction of Ma Lao. A helpless Ma Zechi stood beside Ma Lao who was holding a megaphone, aimed at the direction of the two people in the classroom.

“Ten minutes, ten minutes is up!”

By the time he realized what just happened, An Xumo had to wonder how to write the two words shy and nervous. He was extremely shy but his face didn’t show, leaving only two ears where the tips were steaming so red that people can see it at a glance.

Zhou Jinchen took his eyes away from Ma Lao. He stood up from beside An Xumo and looked down at the other. “Understand?”


“Positive, positive emotions.”

Zhou Jinchen paused for a moment, “or it’s just that a moment ago, you were unhappy when you kissed me?”


The author has something to say:

A girl asked about the elder brother’s psychological activities. When this plot was written in such details, it also explains the brother’s emotional transformation. There will certainly be a detailed psychological analysis for his brother later~

《Different Roads》 filming and description is basically over, and in the later stage, Xiao Mo stunned the whole scene, helped his brother to open up, and so on. He also began to deal with the problem of his brother’s illness -3-


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1 cool eye; fig. detached; (treating) with indifference

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