Male God is Chasing My Brother
Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 61

Chapter 61 – After the kiss, it swelled up again

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Only then did An Xumo understand the meaning of Zhou Jinchen’s words. His brother was personally teaching him how to master these emotions and express them in front of the camera.

He took a deep breath, “I understand. Thank you, Brother Jinchen.”

Unhappy? How could that be?

An Xumo felt that the amount of happiness in the last five minutes was enough for him to squander for the rest of his life.

Zhou Jinchen looked at the boy and confirmed the other party’s expression before dropping the question.

However, he didn’t get up with An Xumo to go back to the filming position, but said, “The Bai Qingchi who takes the initiative possesses such positive emotion as well.”

An Xumo responded first then heard Zhou Jinchen continue, “This is the point where Bai Qingchi touches people’s hearts. You have to relax in order to perform this point.”

“Okay……” An Xumo said and suddenly froze for a moment.

He looked up at Zhou Jinchen and the man lowered his eyes to look at him. His expression faint and he couldn’t see anything different from usual.

But An Xumo clearly felt something.

“Brother Jinchen, I……”

“Kissing is not just a nervous thing.” Zhou Jinchen interrupted him.

An Xumo vaguely guessed something but when the other party said the words, the impact was not reduced by half.

What Zhou Jinchen said was, “Getting along with me is not just a nervous thing, right?”

“It’s not……” An Xumo was eager to explain something until the impatient Ma Lao had walked over. He tapped on the table with his horn, “How long are you two going to communicate?”

Zhou Jinchen replied, “It’s all right.”

An Xumo hurriedly stood from his chair under Ma Lao’s urging. He no longer had the chance to answer his brother’s question yet in his heart, he had a clear answer.

When I am with my brother, the nervousness is like a balloon. There were other things that poured in from that balloon and filled it up into a water balloon. Nervousness is wrapped in the outermost layer, something visible and tangible yet what’s overflowing inside is another emotion.

It’s the kind of positive, exciting, and something that makes you happy just as my brother said.

Ma Lao looked at the two men and knocked on the table again. He inclined his head and motioned to Lin Rui who was standing at the door and said to the two, “Are you all rampant to enter the scene off-cam now?”

It was only then did An Xumo notice Lin Rui, who was standing at the back door of the classroom. Lin Rui is an actor himself and An Xumo is not sensitive to the emotional perceptions of people other than his brother. He could not see anything different on Lin Rui’s face but he found a water stain on his cuffs and trousers.

When they looked over, an assistant came over and handed Lin Rui the new mineral water in his hand.

An Xumo remembered in hindsight when his brother kissed him, he seemed to hear something falling on the ground.

Then……is it the water bottle that Lin Rui was originally holding?

The mineral water bottle was a prop arranged in the script. Ye Qisheng and a group of his friends pushed open the classroom door and happened to bump into this scene. The water bottle in his hand fell to the ground and it was this action that attracted the two people who were kissing.

But just now, the camera wasn’t turned on and it was in a non-working state on the set. Everyone knew it was break time but the bottle in Lin Rui’s hand fell on the ground like the development in the script.

……no wonder Ma Lao said that they ‘all’ entered the scene off-cam.

The water stains spilled at the back door have been cleaned up. Ma Lao also gave the order to start filming again. An Xumo retracted his scattered mind and took a deep breath.

A crisp ‘pop’ sounded on the scene record once again rang in the hands of the whiteboard.

The camera gathered around and the lighting board refracted light on the two people in the classroom. Under the attention of high-definition cameras, in everyone’s eyes, An Xumo grabbed Zhou Jinchen’s collar. With a very light and fast movement, he kissed him.

Not far away, Ma Zechi who was standing in front of the monitor screen stared closely at the image in the camera. When he saw An Xumo’s action, he secretly said in his heart.

It’s done.

As expected this time, An Xumo who took initiative did not stop moving as soon as Zhou Jinchen wrapped his arm around his waist as he did before. He still followed the rhythm led by Zhou Jinchen but instead of moving forward with the waves, he took the initiative to cooperate.

He added his own part in it. Tightly closed, long curly eyelashes trembled slightly because of the anticipation and nervousness, and there was also a little distinct smile on the corner of his eyes and eyebrows.

It was a highly contagious expression.

Across the monitor screen, Ma Zechi could feel his heartfelt happiness.

Ma Lao’s tight frown also gradually relaxed a little.

Although An Xumo’s acting still looks a bit green in contrast to Zhou Jinchen’s, he exuded his own charm and is no longer an emotionless set prop with a backdrop like a village to support Zhou Jinchen’s acting.

This is already a very critical shift.

After the eleventh shot, Ma Lao still did not let Lin Rui who was waiting at the door to come in and film the next shot. But his expression has softened a lot and his attitude towards the two men has calmed down a lot.

“The feeling is right, do it again.”

After finding the right state, An Xumo returned to his normal level. Once again played with surprising comprehension ability, after each retake since then has become more and more refined.

So much that by the time Ma Zechi thought it was possible, Ma Lao still did not yell cut. He let the two people act two more times before giving up.

At the end of the day, An Xumo was in his best condition and had not yet entered a state of fatigue. He is the least experienced actor in the group and when he enters the state, the filming of the rest of the scenes becomes very smooth.

Lin Rui and Zhou Jinchen are both film emperors and this kind of scene with intense physical actions and strong emotional outbursts may still be an opportunity and a test for other actors. For both of them, it has become a pure opportunity for acting. The two once again let the crowd on the set experience the feeling of ‘whirlwind drama’,[1]Where a few well-performed actors who put together their acting skills for the sake of high box office and finally, Lin Rui slammed the door and left. The whole atmosphere on the set was suppressed.

An Xumo has successfully entered the state of Bai Qingchi acting against Ye Qisheng and the group of actors who played as his good friends, are also the object of long-term cooperation. This conflict scene in the classroom was only shot three times and was exceptionally and smoothly approved by Ma Lao.

Because of the leads’ fighting scene, there are a little more make-up shots in this section, and it took a little more time to wait for all the shots to be finished before the crew began to move collectively, to prepare the next scene of another scene.

An Xumo who finally finished the task, also quietly breathed a sigh of relief and relaxed from his tense state.

There are not many scenes of Bai Qingchi. According to the crew’s arrangement, the next scene will appear two days later so An Xumo can also relax for a while.

More importantly, the kissing scene was successfully filmed, An Xumo thought. When it comes to difficulty, there will definitely no other content more difficult than this scene.

Because it’s a modern drama and it’s in the student era, the crew is wearing light makeup so An Xumo didn’t remove his makeup and directly followed the crew over, ready to go see the next shooting. The filming scenes have been set up in advance for the most part. This scene still required the appearance of the two main characters yet in order to change costume, they came a little late.

Just when filming the hand-to-hand combat, Zhou Jinchen was painted with an injury makeup so he still needs to change on a new set of makeup over. In contrast, Ling Sihang would not have the heart to hurt Ye Qisheng so Lin Rui did not draw wounds on his face; he came one step ahead of Zhou Jinchen.

The staffs on the set were originally busy and An Xumo stood out of the way, ready to continue to watch the next filming process. When Lin Rui walked over, he didn’t notice An Xumo in the corner but he habitually scanned around. He paused on his steps and dropped his eyes on An Xumo.

To be precise, it should be on An Xuemo’s mouth.

The whole audience was waiting for Lin Rui and Zhou Jinchen, the two protagonists. They were fine before they came, but after Lin Rui came their sight also fell on An Xumo.

Even a person who stopped at the roadside to look at the sky would attract a group of people to look at him, not to mention Lin Rui who was waiting by the whole staff.

For a while, many people’s eyes were also subconsciously drawn over and fell on An Xumo.

An Xumo was originally not sensitive to the eyes of people around him, but he was standing not far from Liu Longfei. The latter was disturbed by the line of sight, losing his temper, but when he suspiciously followed the line of sight to look at An Xumo he also froze a bit.

“Xiao An, you…….”

An Xumo heard his voice and asked him sideways, “Assistant Director Liu, what’s wrong?”

Liu Longfei’s expression was somewhat odd. “Your mouth……”

Liu Longfei didn’t have a hesitating nature before. When he spoke with An Xumo like this, he made the latter even more curious.

However, Liu Longfei did not specify it in the end. He looked around then pointed at An Xumo. “There is a makeup artist over there, you go over and let them fix your makeup ba.”

An Xumo was puzzled. “I don’t have any scenes, why do I need to fix my make up?”

Liu Longfei pointed to his mouth, implying, “Yours is very red.”

An Xumo was startled for a moment, he suddenly remembered something.

Sure enough, Liu Longfei said, “It’s very similar when I saw you the day before yesterday morning.”

The morning before yesterday, wasn’t it the day when he was noticed by everyone because his lips were swollen due to practicing the night before?

An Xumo subconsciously covered his mouth.

Liu Longfei was kind enough to lead him and help him disperse the eyes that fell around him either openly or secretly. After all, the people in the crew were not blind. When he went to the hospital for a medical check-up the day before yesterday morning, An Xumo was asked by many people. At that time, he said it was allergies but now after the kissing scene, he reappeared in the same condition.

I’m afraid it’s impossible for anyone to believe in the ‘allergy’ excuse anymore.

However, An Xumo has not yet gone to the make-up artist and everyone’s attention has been attracted by another person.

After changing his costume, Zhou Jinchen walked over and met Lin Rui who stopped halfway with a complicated face.

“What’s wrong?”

Without waiting for Lin Rui to answer him, Zhou Jinchen had already noticed the line of sight around him.

And Lin Rui who turned sideways was looking at him with the same kind of gaze.

Lin Rui did not say anything, raising his hand and pointing to An Xumo.

Zhou Jinchen looked over and saw the boy standing aside with his head down as if he had made a mistake. Despite his lowered head blocking it a bit, the luscious and slightly swollen lips still caught the eye at a glance.

Lin Rui’s voice was slightly low and hoarse as he looked at Zhou Jinchen and asked, “Still allergies this time?”


The author has something to say:

Big Brother![2]((大哥(da ge): eldest brother; big brother (polite address for a man of about the same age as oneself); gang leader; boss Be responsible after kissing ah!


1 Where a few well-performed actors who put together their acting skills for the sake of high box office
2 ((大哥(da ge): eldest brother; big brother (polite address for a man of about the same age as oneself); gang leader; boss

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