Male God is Chasing My Brother
Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 62

Chapter 62 – Is it a work-related injury?

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An Xumo’s physique is special. Zhou Jinchen also did not expect this to happen before suggesting that the kissing scene should be changed.

This situation is actually the result of numerous coincidences and inevitability. After practicing the next morning, because of the medical examination at the hospital, everyone in the crew saw An Xumo and also noticed the strangeness on his lips. In fact, some people had already made a guess at that time which is why Lu Pinghui used that fashion big V to authenticate the Weibo breaking news. Just because of the excuse of allergies, everyone still accepted the explanation on the surface.

After this kissing scene, all the people present saw the actual scene of the two people filming. Not long after the shooting, the original nothing-unusual-An-Xumo now appeared in this condition. This time, people who didn’t think much about it last time and people who thought too much about it last time didn’t say anything but understood the real reason.

Although An Xumo has recently been among the ranks of traffic idols, he is still a complete newcomer in the field of filming. If the object has not been Zhou Jinchen, the scene he would have face now will certainly be much more severe.

Zhou Jinchen naturally also knows about this matter. Although An Xumo is not very popular within the crew, how can gossip and rumors be suppressed by the popularity in the entertainment industry? Had it not been for Zhou Jinchen’s status, others’ attitude would not be as cautious about An Xumo as they are now.

For those eyes that gathered around, Zhou Jinchen also understood their meaning. They are curious and testing their attitude.

Moreover, Zhou Jinchen did not conceal his attitude.

He glanced at Lin Rui; his voice remained no different than usual.


Zhou Jinchen’s answer was so straightforward that Lin Rui surprisingly did not respond for a moment, the other party was agreeing with his question.

Lin Rui was a beat slower but there were others who reacted. Among the surprised eyes that were cast, Zhou Jinchen also looked at Ma Zechi who was standing not far away.

He asked Ma Zechi, “Is it a work-related injury?”

Everyone: “……”

Ma Zechi, “……”

What is this? Is this famous film emperor openly blackmailing the crew to cheat on medical insurance?

Before many people in the room recovered from the shock, Zhou Jinchen had already walked towards the decorated set. When passing by Ma Zechi, he even said to someone, “I just saw Ma Lao, he’s ready to come over.”

Between the two scenes, Ma Lao had to go to take his medicine so he was a little late than the two main actors changing costumes. The on-the-spot director was left to Ma Zechi. “If you wait for Ma Lao to come back and see that the scene has not yet started, he will definitely be unhappy.”

As soon as Ma Zechi was reminded of this, he reacted and hurriedly pulled Lin Rui who was still stopped halfway. He went to greet the staff on the scene to get ready to start working.

But before everyone was ready, Zhou Jinchen who was the first to walk into the scene did not stop in front of the camera. He passed through most of the set and came to An Xumo in the corner.

An Xumo who was carefully rubbing his mouth with the back of his hand did not expect his brother to come over and was stunned for a moment.

The man stopped in front of him and his eyes fell on the slightly swollen lips.

Actually, the people in the crew believed in the reason of ‘allergy’ to give face and it’s normal not to believe it. Since An Xumo’s lips did not look like the kind of that red swelling, it is moist and lustrous with a watery glow; even the color is a little too eye-catching.

An Xumo was a little embarrassed and the raised wrist used to block was neither good nor putting it away so he froze there for a moment.

He didn’t care about other people’s gaze but he couldn’t look at his brother.

Fortunately, Zhou Jinchen was not silent for too long. He quickly spoke, “There is no more scene for you today, go back to the hotel first.”

An Xumo stayed here to watch the shooting but in this situation, he didn’t have any thoughts of opposing the idea.

He immediately nodded, “Okay.”

However, when he was about to leave, he heard Zhou Jinchen once again say, “Go to my room.”

“…….?” An Xumo thought he had heard wrong.

“Look for my assistant, he has the room card.”

Zhou Jinchen quickly gestured, “Go ba.”

An Xumo was stupefied. He looked at Zhou Jinchen and confirmed that the other party did not look like he was joking before nodding his head in response and leaving the set.

Zhou Jinchen turned and bumped into a group of faces who were stunned on the spot.

Curious people who can’t bear but hold up their ears: “……”

Liu Longfei who watched the whole thing word for word: “……”

No matter how you look at it, a kissing scene that gave birth to love and spending time in the same room, it looks like you’re really in a relationship, okay?

Moreover, these things also happen to a popular idol and well-known film emperor. If they are not mistaken, this is clearly a piece of shocking news that can paralyze the server.

But why is it the concerned parties still looked unperturbed, so they won’t have any sense of achievement in discovering the scandal at all?

Watching Zhou Jinchen calmly return in front of the camera, people looking at each other had doubts about their own gossip ability and even their eyesight level.

Is this gossip true or not ah?!

In the face of the bizarre atmosphere of the whole scene, Ma Zechi who was standing next to the camera looked helpless. He had to use the loudspeaker specially used by Ma Lao and set it to maximum volume.

“Attention to all departments, prepare to start shooting!”

An Xumo who had left the set did not know what happened. He found Zhou Jinchen’s assistant around the set but the other party didn’t give him a room card instead, told him another room number.

The room is also on the same floor as the rented room of the crew, but it’s not in the same area.

An Xumo was a little confused but the set had already started filming and it wasn’t practical for him to call Zhou Jinchen again. After a moment of hesitation, he still rang the doorbell of that room.

He did not wait long. After a ‘click’ sound, the door was pulled open from the inside. A tall grim-faced man in black stood inside, his appearance is not outstanding, and his features were not special, as if people can forget it at a glance.

The only thing is that their eyes were frighteningly bright. After being looked at by the black-clothed youth, An Xumo suddenly had chills from behind.

He was a little surprised. When he tried to look at the other party again, the black-clothed youth had already withdrawn his sight, made way for space, and said in a low voice, “Young Master An, please.”

An Xumo hadn’t been addressed that way for a long time.

He subconsciously took a step back but heard the black-clothed youth say, “There is hotel surveillance in the corridor. Please come in.”

The youth said he was inviting the person but he only let An Xumo stand in the corridor behind the door. The youth’s tall figure blocked most of the view so An Xumo couldn’t see the situation inside the room at all. 

The black-clothed youth pulled out a room card from his inner chest pocket and handed it to An Xumo. Zhou Jinchen’s room number is written on a piece of paper wrapped around a golden room card. An Xumo took the room card and the youth spoke again, “The fifth compartment of the second part of the bedside drawer, the mobile phone inside can answer the call.”

An Xumo didn’t quite understand: “I have a mobile phone……”

The youth looked at him and said, “That once can prevent eavesdropping.”

An Xumo could not think of anything important enough to prevent eavesdropping. Although he grew up in the Zhou Family, he had never been allowed to come into contact with these things. The Zhou family would rather have a bookworm than cultivate a potentially powerful opponent for them.

After returning alone to Zhou Jinchen’s room, An Xumo quickly found the phone in the drawer. It was a very ordinary Apple, and even the desktop came with the system.

There was no phone number inside. An Xumo was a little confused. Before the crew was about to start working, he didn’t have the time to ask his brother why he wanted him to come to this room. Obviously, the room card was changed in the hands of the assistant but he was involved with a strange black-clothed youth.

Finally, there is an additional anti-eavesdropping phone that can’t see any clue.

An Xumo sat back on the sofa before he felt the tiredness coming from all over his body. The day is not even half over yet but he had experienced so many things.

NG blunders, being comforted by his brother, successfully filmed a kissing scene, and the truth about his allergies being discovered by the crew……

And so on.

An Xumo suddenly sat up straight.

He realized that he had forgotten one thing.

When he was watched by the crew before, rumors pointed directly at him broke out on Weibo that night. At that time, his brother and Xin Zimai dealt with this matter and his mind was on the official filming so this page was temporarily uncovered. Nevertheless, listening to the conversation between the two, the person who broke the news obviously does not have a simple background, and handling the matter was evidently tricky. But because of this matter, Tang Tang left the crew to go to the company and has not returned yet.

This matter has not been solved yet and just now, An Xumo was once again was watched by the crew because of his swollen lips.

……will that happen again this time?

The more he thought about it, the more uneasy he became. He was not only worried about his own situation but also worried that he would involve his brother. Lu Pinghui did not know about the change before and pointed finger at An Xumo and Lin Rui. Now, so many people have seen the filming of the new script. If the word gets out again this time……before he finished thinking, the phone placed on the table suddenly rang.

It still the system’s ringtone.

An Xumo froze and reached out his hand to answer the phone.


“Jinchen, there’s been……”

An Xumo and the person on the other end of the phone was stunned at the same time.

The person there was vigilant at first, “Who are you?”

An Xumo heard the voice on the other side, “Brother Zimai, I’m An Xumo.”

Xin Zimai breathed a sigh of relief. He muttered, “I said how come it’s not a message” and wondered, “You have your brother’s phone?”

“No,” An Xumo said, “I’m in his room.”

Xin Zimai asked, “Did you take the mobile phone in the drawer of his room?”

An Xumo, “Yes.”

“That’s an extension and it can synchronize calls,” Xin Zimai said. “I’ll tell you, your brother shouldn’t be free to answer the phone right now.”

An Xumo was a little confused, “Is something wrong?”

Xin Zimai said, “Did your brother asked you to come to his room?”


“Well, I guess he probably wants you to know about it too,” Xin Zimai said. “Do you remember that big fashion V mentioned before, the one who broke the news of 《Different Roads》?”

An Xumo was just thinking about this matter, and naturally, he reacted immediately.

“I remember.”

Xin Zimai said, “The blogger named Lu Pinghui played a supporting role with a few scenes in the crew. The motive of the person hasn’t been found yet but he is a related household which is not easy to handle. Jinchen just called me not long ago and said that he had confirmed Ma Lao’s attitude. Therefore, he asked me to report the results as soon as possible after I finish dealing with it.”

The phone call and confirming Ma Lao’s attitude, this is probably what happened during the costume change, An Xumo thought on one side while asking, “What is the result?”

If it was something else, he might not care so much but just now, on the set, An Xumo was being watched again. With Lu Pinghui’s breaking news in front of him, he really didn’t want to repeat the same mistake.

Most importantly, he also didn’t want to spread scandals with his brother.

He didn’t want to be like Han Ming and Lin Rui, causing trouble to his brother and then being alienated from each other.


The author has something to say:

Brother: What are you looking at? I kissed him and he also went back to my room.

Xiao Mo: I’m not, I did not. Don’t talk nonsense ah. Senior Zhou and I only have a cooperative relationship. The scandal is fake, please don’t spread it QAQ

Brother: ……

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