Male God is Chasing My Brother
Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 63

Chapter 63 – Try to confess again

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Xin Zimai immediately gave the answer, “The crew dismissed Lu Pinghui. At one o’clock just now, the official Weibo released a statement.”

An Xumo paused for a moment. He thought of a different outcome but did not expect it to be so serious.


“En.” Xin Zimai explained, “The official statement has two main points. One, the crew did not film the kissing scene before the incident and there is no phenomenal breaking news of taking the initiative to kiss. Second, Lu Pinghui not only released unauthorized photos with the set’s content but also with messages insinuating the cast, deliberately induced plot discussion causing a bad impact. That’s why the crew used such a tough attitude to deal with the matter.”

He also added, “The key point is to expose the set’s content and deliberately distorting the plot to induce discussion.”

An Xumo was a little confused, “Plot discussion?”

After Xin Zimai explained, An Xumo remembered that there had been a round of discussion about the triangular relationship when the crew had a public interview before. When Lu Punghui said this, it was tantamount to stamping the relationship between Lin Rui and An Xumo acting the role in advance. This is why the crew came out and strongly denied it.

An Xumo really didn’t think about this point. He always thought that the target of this news was him but he did not expect that the crew would be involved.

Xin Zimai gave a frank answer to his doubts.

“It’s not crucial who will be affected but the key is that the crew will come forward to minimize the impact and impose the most severe punishment for Lu Pinghui.”

An Xumo listened to him and understood what he meant. However, remembering the name Yin Yuan that the two mentioned that day, he hesitated again, “To deal with him so directly……will there be any trouble?”

“There will be trouble,” Xin Zimai did not hide it. “But your brother has already dealt with this.”

An Xumo did not expect him to say this directly and subconsciously said, “That troubled brother……”

“For the time being, there is no need to rush to say thank you,” Xin Zimai sighed. “There is a reason for Jinchen to take action. He let you answer the phone today probably because of this. Xiao An, there is one more thing to tell you here.”

An Xumo curiously said, “What is it?”

“In order to make up for the impact of this revelation, after discussing with the team and the crew, they are going to shoot a little bit of your daily scenes on the set and wait for the right opportunity to release it,” Xin Zimai said. “The crew’s filming progress has already been more than halfway and you will gradually resume attending various interviews and activities afterwards. By then, the media will be asking all kinds of questions related to the period of filming Different Roads. You and the film emperor’s kissing scene will definitely be bitten to ask.”

“What you need to do is pay attention to your attitude during the interview.”

An Xumo understood a little and took the initiative, “Good. I want to keep my distance and clear the relationship—”


Xin Zimai interrupted him.

An Xumo was stunned for a moment and heard on the other end of the phone say, “It’s to tell you not to deny the various rumors with Jinchen.”


An Xumo’s eyes widened, “Why?”

Countless complicated and different reasons flashed through his mind but none of them could convince him.

More importantly, Xin Zimai did not give him an answer.

He said, “It’s better for Jinchen to explain this matter to you.”

After the phone hung up, the room regained its calm. However, the heart of the only person left was in a mess.

“Don’t deny it head-on.” Although Xin Zimai added a sentence afterwards, “Don’t directly admit it.” But this kind of hollow answer, what kind of effect it will cause, An Xumo can definitely imagine it.

He couldn’t figure out why Xin Zimai would make such a request.

Doesn’t my brother hate spreading scandals with others?

Although it can’t be said to be a complete insulator of gossip but since the beginning of his career, Zhou Jinchen never had gossip that could be spread on a large scale nor have announced his love affair. The only thing that had been discussed on a large scale was Han Ming and the final result, An Xumo was also well aware.

In addition to Han Ming, there is also a very direct example in front. Since his brother had told him that he rejected Lin Rui’s confession, An Xumo had also paid attention to the relationship between the two people in general. Although there was nothing strange between Zhou Jinchen and Lin Rui, An Xumo found that his brother had never been alone with Lin Rui.

Zhou Jinchen was physically expressing a clear attitude: Avoidance.

But this time, why is it……

Although An Xumo doesn’t care much about various rumors in the entertainment industry, and apart from the need to work, the only news he cares about are Zhou Jinchen’s but that doesn’t mean he is not aware of the power of such news as sleeping together and the kissing scenes. Even if An Xumo leaves the set now, he can imagine what the other people in the crew are saying about them.

According to Zhou Jinchen’s usual behavior, he would certainly not allow such news to spread. 

No, An Xumo thought. It should be said that, according to common practice, his brother would never make such intimate moves with other people.

He slowly lowered his head and stared at his folded knees, feeling that the pattern on his clothes was like a black vortex that was trying to suck people in.

Although he didn’t understand the reason why Xin Zimai said not to deny the rumors positively, An Xumo could guess why this special case would be him.

The reason is that he is the only one who has maintained a brotherly relationship with Zhou Jinchen for more than ten years.

It has nothing to do with blood relation and reality. As long as there is this relationship, no matter what kind of news they spread, they won’t end up making the fake drama into reality.

This is an absolutely safe identity.


An Xumo covered his eyes with his palm. He rested his other hand on his knee as if with these two layers of barriers, he could not be sucked in by the spinning pattern on the fabric.

What he was afraid of wasn’t the panic over the scandalous rumor caused by unknown reasons.

It is the fear of his immoral thoughts at the bottom of his heart that might be exposed to the sun.

After filming two scenes in the morning, the crew wrapped up smoothly and started lunch on time.

But unlike the usual, a piece of news spread quickly among the crowd.

The previously hired actor, Lu Pinghui, was directly dismissed by the crew by making a public statement.

Lu Pinghui has been in the group for seven or eight days, and many people in the crew have dealt with him. When he first entered the group, he brought his own barrage of ‘I have a backer, who dared to mess with me’. Not only no one dared to mess with him, but he himself had caused a lot of trouble.

It is common practice to subjectively instruct the staff, fiddle with the crew’s equipment without permission, never greeted the person in charge, and even took selfies with the key props in the crew. A staff member even came up to remind him to delete the photo but Lu Pinghui and his agent scolded him till he cried.

If not for his small part, and if Ma Zechi hadn’t stopped him, this matter would have stabbed Ma Lao.

Although Ma Lao can certainly kick people out directly, his health has not been good. Ma Zechi doesn’t want to bother his father with this kind of thing. Lu Pinghui’s backer is indeed a hard piece of iron. Ma Zechi can only appease the staff while putting Lu Pinghui’s scenes together as soon as possible so that he can finish filming and quickly roll[1]get lost; go away; scram away.

Unexpectedly, Lu Pinghui kicked an even harder iron plate[2]kicking an even harder iron plate, something like this: others thought that they are weak and easy to bully and as a result, the other party was worse than themselves and they end up suffering. before he left the group.

Zhou Jinchen’s way of handling is still the same. He did not even show his face and only helped behind the scene with the most appropriate reasons to promote the most effective results. Most of the people in the crew didn’t even know that this matter was related to Zhou Jinchen and thought that the reason was only the one stated in the official statement.

Lu Pinghui’s relationship with the crew was not good. When this happened, it was all those people who tried to suppress their emotions without clapping their hands and cheer. The confidentiality agreement is an agreement that everyone has signed. Apart from Lu Pinghui, no one else will be stupid enough to reveal the news to the crew.

As for An Xumo who was targeted by the news, although the crew knew what had happened, An Xumo was naturally more liked than Lu Pinghui. An Xumo’s relationship with the crew is not bad, even if someone wants to target him, after Lu Pinghui’s dismissal, they also have to give birth to concerns.

From the breaking news to the dismissal, it took no more than two days for Lu Pinghui who walked sideways[3]overbearing/arrogant to be dealt with. If there were others who want to spread An Xumo and Zhou Jinchen’s matter…….what kind of results will be waiting for them?

Moreover, Ma Lao hates it when actors’ do publicity during filming. There are only so many people in the crew, because of the incident, when the kissing scene was filmed, all the people present were screened and registered. If they spread the gossip, not to mention whether they can achieve their expected explosive effect, even their own identities could not be hidden.

In addition, Zhou Jinchen’s team has well-known public relations ability in the entire industry……

Therefore, as Xin Zimai expected, the news which should have caused a sensation was temporarily suppressed.

The initiative is still in the hands of their team.

Unlike the crew with such complicated ideas, the news of Lu Pinghui’s dismissal from the crew spread, and the majority in social media immediately gave the most direct response.

The eye-catching headlines occupied the most prominent positions. Although the specific contents of various reports were more or less the same because of the lack of information, these reports have also earned all the clicks long ago only by the headlines. The film 《Different Roads》 which was originally the scope of focus burned a topic again and the crew’s decisive approach made the main media happy.

These media are not necessarily purely agreeable but this kind of highly relevant news is a good material that can’t be missed. Coupled with the management and instruction of the crew’s investors, the report that agrees with the crew’s vigorous and resolute handling of the results was overwhelmingly dominant.

In addition to the official reports from various media, the voices of fans can’t be ignored on Weibo, WeChat, and several major forum websites.

The focus of the media attention is on the cast and crew of 《Different Roads》. After all, Lu Pinghui did not specify a name when he broke the news. Even if they wanted to directly guess that it was An Xumo, they have to consider the possibility of being sent a lawyer’s letter. The crew made it clear in the statement that it was too late for the media who previously rubbed An Xumo’s heat to avoid suspicion so how could they take the initiative to get into trouble again.

But in the fan’s eyes, Lu Pinghui’s biggest crime is to harm An Xumo.

It insinuates, reversing black and white and describes the idol that is serious about filming as a despicable villain who tends to follow the trend. After the crew’s statement was issued, the enraged fans finally started an organized and large-scale counterattack.

The certified Weibo account used by Lu Pinghui has been completely taken over by An Xumo’s fans. The fashion brands he worked with also announced that they were ending their contracts with him under pressure. Lu Pinghui can only be regarded as a mid-range influential online celebrity on Weibo and didn’t have many die-hard fans. After causing such a scene, his fans left on the spot and there were many who turned black and stepped back.

Furthermore, some inappropriate remarks released by Lu Pinghui have also been found out by An Xumo’s fans. What is more unexpected is that someone used technical means to restore the original picture released by Lu Pinghui, combined with his previous high-profile Weibo content, they actually found evidence of his tax evasion.

This is an absolute violation of the law.

The evidence of tax evasion was posted by fans on Weibo, and the skills of the great god of technology were simply amazing. The neatly typeset, well-organized, and well-documented Weibo was turned directly out of the circle. Finally, the official certified Blue V[4]verified companies, non-profits & government institutes which has been forwarded and @ for more than 20,000 times, has stepped in and announced that the local tax bureau has been involved in the investigation of the matter.

The development of the incident took a sharp turn and the onlookers were satisfied to eat melons.

As for An Xumo’s fans, this incident is actually an important turning point.

Since his debut, An Xumo’s development can be described as smooth sailing. Accordingly, his fans’ fighting power is slightly inferior. Usually, they are cloud sucking[5]to attractMo little girls, who have little experience in fighting against black powder and gossip. As a result, the original somewhat loose cuttlefish fanbase rapidly developed a very effective, collective organization and some potential great gods have demonstrated their abilities. The fans’ growth rate was particularly impressive at least from the statistics within the fanbase.

After this incident, the number of people who have left the group because of the news wasn’t much. On the contrary, it gathered a very considerable force within the group and developed a good side-by-side friendship and ‘fighting’ ability.

The development trend of fans is particularly gratifying, but for the parties involved, he has another important problem to face.

The crew arranged four scenes on the same day. After the filming was over, there were no additional night scenes.

When the actors returned to the hotel just before eight o’clock, they came back together, found their own rooms in the hallway, and swiped their cards to enter the room. But when Zhou Jinchen wanted to enter the door, someone stopped him in a low voice.


Lin Rui’s voice was a bit low. He hasn’t been in a good mood all day, although Zhou Jinchen didn’t notice it.

“Can I talk to you?”

He looked at Zhou Jinchen who obviously had no intention of agreeing, he whispered, “It’ll be just a minute.”

There still so many rival scenes to film and Lin Rui knew that Zhou Jinchen will not quarrel with him at this time.

As expected, Zhou Jinchen did not refuse.

“Go to my room ba.” Lin Rui gestured to the side. After so many days together, he finally gave up the idea of going to Zhou Jinchen’s room to be alone with the man……

Because none of his attempts had ever been successful.

Unexpectedly, however, Zhou Jinchen glanced at the door that was pushed halfway and swept a quick glance at the spare room card that was inserted on the wall next to the door but he said, “Don’t bother.”

Lin Rui looked at him and saw the man pushed open the door to his room and motioned him, “Come in.”

Lin Rui obviously froze for a moment. Zhou Jinchen had already walked in and he quickly followed.

The lights were turned on in the room and the bed was covered with a soft quilt without wrinkles. It’s clearly the same room layout but this room obviously reveals that it belongs to Zhou Jinchen’s style.

Concise, strict, and meticulous.

Lin Rui came in and sat down on the single sofa inside the room. Zhou Jinchen sat opposite him and took out two bottles of mineral water from the side and placed them on the table.

As if to engage in some formal business cooperation. Reserved and unwelcome.

While Lin Rui smiled bitterly in his heart, he didn’t notice that Zhou Jinchen who picked up a bottle of mineral water, scanned the room and stopped for a moment in front of the closed bathroom door.

The golden room card is still lying in Zhou Jinchen’s pocket.

The silence did not last long. Lin Rui quickly spoke up to break the silence.

He looked at Zhou Jinchen who was separated from him by a table and seriously asked, “Jinchen, is it really impossible for you to accept me?”


The author has something to say:

Xiao Mo waited in the room to ask questions, and as a result, two people came……

There is still a hurdle before the elder brother determines his heart to chase Xiao Mo. His illness hasn’t been written yet. The next key point is the process of his enlightenment. After writing about the brother’s change of heart, it’s a long way to chase Mo (also the process of healing Xiao Mo).


1 get lost; go away; scram
2 kicking an even harder iron plate, something like this: others thought that they are weak and easy to bully and as a result, the other party was worse than themselves and they end up suffering.
3 overbearing/arrogant
4 verified companies, non-profits & government institutes
5 to attract

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