Male God is Chasing My Brother
Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 64

Chapter 64 – I don’t think you love him

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To be able to ask such a question, even Lin Rui also took a lot of effort.

However, his efforts are still fruitless.

Zhou Jinchen’s attitude was very decent and his answer was also straightforward.


Lin Rui smiled. His usual expression at this time was less than his usual disguise and only the paleness hid his embarrassment.

The room was quiet for a moment.

The clock displayed in LED mode did not even tick and the surrounding area was frighteningly quiet. Zhou Jinchen is not a person who will take the initiative to ease the atmosphere. After a long time, Lin Rui opened his mouth again to break the silence.

He was talking about another seemingly irrelevant topic.

“Jinchen,” Lin Rui’s voice has returned to its normal mood. “Have you heard of this sentence?”

“In matters of this world, there are 80% or 90% of them which do not happen according to one’s wishes. Since this is the case, you should not force me to do anything.” [Note 1][1]It’s actually available in Novel Updates and I used their translation on this passage. I forgot which chapter it was lol. Apologies. NU Link. Direct Link

Zhou Jinchen raised his eyes to look at him and saw Lin Rui pick up the water bottle on the table and held it in his hand. He shrugged his shoulders and laughed, “I think this sentence makes sense.”

Lin Rui did not give any additional explanation for this limitless sentence. Once the words were finished, he went back to talking about the movie.

“Ma Xiao approached me before filming 《The Scarecrow》. I happened to have little idle funds at that time so I was dragged into it by him.”

“I was also pulled by friends to cast a few films before but that was a few years ago. As you know, the market has changed so much in recent years that in the film industry, there is no longer a saying that fragrant wine fears no dark alley.”[2]fragrant wine fears no dark ally (idiom): quality goods need no advertising

Zhou Jinchen listened silently.

“After the filming of 《The Scarecrow》, I happened to have a vacation so I followed Ma Xiao for two days. He happened to be discussing the follow-up publicity with the team at that time and I listened to it several times which was also very beneficial.”

Lin Rui said, “They have studied the publicity methods of all the movies that have made big success at the box office since three years ago and found one thing in common.”

Zhou Jinchen’s expression looked unmoved, “What is it?”

Lin Rui smiled and spoke unhurriedly, “I’m not an internal member. I’m only a spectator at best so what I know is only a general concept.”

“Generally speaking, before and during the screening of these films, in addition to a complete publicity program, they will also identify a very powerful main point of attack.”

“For example, comedy films will pick the right time for holidays and festivals, and military films will be associated with current affairs. These are all very general examples. Let’s talk about The Scarecrow as an example. When the film was released, it caused a flurry of discussion about the damage caused by the family of origin. All kinds of discussion were extremely hot, which in turn worked on the box office.”

Lin Rui said, “But when the issue was first launched, it was a plan arranged by the team.”

“Someone buried the seed in the right place and it sprouted with such good results.”

Zhou Jinchen listened in silence but he knew very well in his heart that Lin Rui’s purpose was never as simple as talking to him about work.

Sure enough, Lin Rui quickly changed his words.

He looked at Zhou Jinchen and said, “Jinchen, do you know what the seeds of 《Different Roads》 will be?”

Zhou Jinchen narrowed his eyes slightly.

Lin Rui smiled and pointed his chest with his index finger and turned his wrist and fingertips to Zhou Jinchen on the opposite side.

He whispered, “It’s us.”

Lin Rui’s sentence sounded a little too taken for granted, but Zhou Jinchen knew that what he said was indeed the truth.

It has been only two months since the end of the Wutong Awards and Zhou Jinchen’s Film Emperor Title is still hot. However, the film 《Different Roads》 which is being filmed doesn’t require much complex post-production special effects. For the sake of high box office on holidays and catching up with the awards, 《Different Roads》 schedule will certainly not be too far away.

Not to mention the pre-screening publicity, even when 《Different Roads》 officially announced the actors, the most eye-catching topic was the second cooperation between Zhou Jinchen and Lin Rui.

This is not because Zhou Jinchen wants to distance himself from Lin Rui, he can refuse it according to his wishes.

The two of them have always maintained a good relationship in public. As early as during the filming and roadshow of 《The Scarecrow》, Lin Rui expressed his admiration for Zhou Jinchen several times. At that time, Zhou Jinchen had not yet won the Wutong Awards and his status could not be compared to now. Lin Rui is definitely Zhou Jinchen’s senior in the film industry and his attitude can be considered as an unreserved promotion.

If 《The Scarecrow》 was just a personal relationship between the actors, then here in 《Different Roads》 the two of them are definitely double fated inside and outside the film.

In any case, Ling Sihang’s secret love for Ye Qicheng is a fact that cannot be changed. How can this excellent material with its own topic be ignored by the public and be spared by the production?

Zhou Jinchen never thought about accepting Lin Rui’s feelings but he knew very well that after the movie is released, the crew, the media, and the audience would surely spare no effort to link their names together.

He can’t reject this matter as much as he can reject confession. Lin Rui is right. This is something that must be done during the official promotion because it can draw more people to the cinema.

Moreover, as one of the biggest investors behind 《Different Roads》, Zhou Jinchen’s box office income of the movie is more closely related to him than ordinary actors. Therefore, it is even more impossible for him to willfully reverse the most favorable publicity plan because of his own personal wishes.

What’s more, the current Zhou Jinchen needs the money more than ever. He desperately needs to get out of the Zhou family’s grasp and if the box office of 《Different Roads》 is not satisfactory, he will have to accept the Zhou family’s intervention again. The possibility of pulling himself out will become increasingly slim.

After Lin Rui finished his words, the room once again fell into silence. Only this time, Lin Rui became the more relaxed one.

He left enough time for Zhou Jinchen to think about the matter and this is Lin Rui’s confidence that his invitation tonight will not be rejected.

But the development of things seems to deviate from his expectations in subtle ways.

For example, Lin Rui previously thought that Zhou Jinchen would not allow him to enter his room so he offered to go to his room to talk. And now, for example, he originally thought that Zhou Jinchen would have a change of expression after hearing his words but the other party was still the same cold expression, and he couldn’t even see much fluctuation in his eyes.

Lin Rui boasts that he has been in the industry for many years and has thoroughly studied acting. Even off cam, all kinds of subtle changes in the facial expression cannot escape his eyes.

However, Zhou Jinchen is always the one who makes him feel like going back with a feather.[3]return in low spirits following a defeat or failure to achieve one’s ambitions [idiom]

Perhaps the other party has always been accustomed to their expressionless face like this. Lin Rui can only comfort himself for this reason. He knows the weight of the chips he holds and so far, Zhou Jinchen also did not express his opposition as he had previously refused his confession.

This night talk is not easy for both sides and the final win or loss can only be confirmed in their hearts. Before leaving, Lin Rui stopped in the hallway not far from the door and on the right-hand side was the bathroom that reduced the space to the hallway.

He looked at Zhou Jinchen who followed him and finally couldn’t resist saying another remaining sentence.

“In matters of this world, there are 80% or 90% of them that do not happen according to one’s wishes. Since this is the case, you should not force me to do anything.” Lin Rui repeated this sentence. He looked into Zhou Jinchen’s pure black eyes and asked the other party, “Do you know what the next sentence is?”

Zhou Jinchen shook his head.

Lin Rui smiled.

He also has outstanding looks, and his acting skills are basically not limited by his appearance. The orange light above his head made his expression look more and more radiant.

Lin Rui said, “The next sentence is ‘I want to force you.’” [Note 1]

Zhou Jinchen remembered Lin Rui’s previous statement “I think this sentence makes sense” and couldn’t help but frown. However, before he could say anything, Lin Rui said, “I know what you want to say to me — you have someone better in mind, don’t you?”

They were standing in the hallway with the closed bathroom door less than a person’s distance away on their right. Zhou Jinchen did not answer the question at first and Lin Rui had already continued to pick up the conversation.

“My initial thought was the same as Ma Xiao’s. I thought you finally found that special person but after you finished filming on the set this morning, I changed my mind.”

Lin Rui said, “You and Xiao An did not film a borrowed position in the kissing scene, and acted it completely for more than a dozen times. In order to relax his emotions, you also blocked Xiao An with your body and directly kissed him on the set. Every single act was a choice that the old you wouldn’t have made before and you have broken so many exceptions for him.”

Lin Rui’s voice softened and looked at Zhou Jinchen with his usual smile on his lips.

“But I don’t think you love him.” 

Zhou Jinchen’s eyes darkened slightly and asked rhetorically, “You think?”

Lin Rui was not influenced by his aura. He graciously admitted, “Yes, I think so.”

“You know, Jinchen, everything you do when facing Xiao An is like the perfect boyfriend in a perfect script. Every move is the most appropriate choice that everyone envies.”

“However, these perfections are not real feelings outside the camera.”

Zhou Jinchen’s brows twisted more and more severely.

“If a person really moved his heart, no matter how tough and indestructible he was before, he will certainly suffer from gains and losses, and he will be nervous and helpless. He will feel that he is not doing well enough when facing the object of his heart.”

Lin Rui looked at Zhou Jinchen’s expression and smiled lightly, “But you’re not, you are too calm and collected. You are still the same person who habitually plans everything well, and every action has its own purpose.”

“Although I still don’t know what your intention is,” Lin Rui raised his eyebrows, “but I can tell that you are completely unaffected by this kind of emotion.”

Zhou Jinchen slowly said in a low voice, “Your judgment is too subjective.”

“Perhaps,” Lin Rui shrugged, the smile on his face was still indifferent, “but Zhou Jinchen, you should know that you can deceive others in matters like feelings but you can never deceive someone who likes you.”

He settled his chest a little.

“My heart can feel it.”

Zhou Jinhcen’s expression is obviously a little unpleasant. Lin Rui looked at the person who had just been quiet on such a big matter as the publicity program but he showed such a look at this time. There was an inevitable faint uneasiness that emerged in his heart.

But he quickly suppressed these emotions and said the last words to Zhou Jinchen.

“Maybe you have a reason for your attitude towards Xiao An or maybe you have other plans. No matter what, I won’t stand in your way. But there is one fact that is enough for me to know.”

Lin Rui smiled and raised his hand to hold the doorknob.

“Right now, Xiao An and I are still on the same starting line.”

After Lin Rui left, the room was quiet again.

Zhou Jinchen glanced at the door then quickly turned around and walked towards the bathroom that was only a few steps away.

He opened the bathroom door and at a glance, he saw An Xumo standing next to the sink, neatly dressed.

The boy’s lips were still of brilliant color but his face was ghastly white. Under the snow-white light in the bathroom, his entire body was so pale that it was almost transparent as if he would dissipate in the air if touched.

Zhou Jinchen frowned.

He heard it all.


The author has something to say:

Note 1: 【In matters of this world, there are 80% or 90% of them do not happen according to one’s wishes. Since this is the case, you should not force me to do anything —I want to force you. 】 from Jin Yong’s 《Heavenly Sword and Dragon Slaying Sabre》

Because this text is fiction, I didn’t put the Old Master’s name directly into the main text. I just felt that this passage fits Lin Rui’s attitude so I put it in. It had nothing to do with gender ha and it doesn’t correspond to the characters in the text!

Now, the elder brother is still skeptical of Lin Rui’s words. He doesn’t know that one day, he will not be able to accurately calculate everything with reason and won’t certainly imagine that he will become a vinegar jar……_(:3」∠)_


1 It’s actually available in Novel Updates and I used their translation on this passage. I forgot which chapter it was lol. Apologies. NU Link. Direct Link
2 fragrant wine fears no dark ally (idiom): quality goods need no advertising
3 return in low spirits following a defeat or failure to achieve one’s ambitions [idiom]

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