Male God is Chasing My Brother
Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 66

Chapter 66 – Dare not dream about his brother again

The next day on the filming set, An Xumo still didn’t show up.

Although An Xumo is still a complete newcomer in the film industry and many of his behaviors reveal his unfamiliarity and ignorance, the boy’s attitude is obvious to everyone and his personality is very likable. After such a period of time, most people in the crew have a good impression of him.

In addition, almost everyone knows that he insists on coming to the set every day to watch the filming and learn about acting. His absence on this day attracted the attention of many people.

After the morning scene was finished, the crew packed up and changed locations. A group of people chatted while they were busy and the matter of An Xumo was mentioned.

“Hey, how come I didn’t see Xiao An come over today?”

“Yeah, I didn’t see him when we sent out breakfast in the morning. Aunt Zheng who was helping even mentioned it, asking why the thin child who was very good-looking didn’t come to get his meal.”

Someone muttered, “There’s no scene for him today, right? That’s why he didn’t come.”

The person next to him immediately said, “Before, the person never leaves a day behind. Every time he stands not far from the camera to watch, he can see how to choose the angle of the camera without blocking the way. It can be seen from this small matter that this child will definitely go quite far in the future.”

Another person guessed, “Is it…… is it because of the incident yesterday?”

“What happened yesterday?”

Someone reacted, “Oh, that swollen mouth thing? But didn’t Xiao An take a day off yesterday, he’s still not well today?”

“Who lives with Xiao An? Does anyone know about his situation?”

“Didn’t he join the group ahead of time? The room he lived in was rented by himself which seemed to be a single room and it wasn’t next to the crew’s room.”

An Xumo’s agent did not show up for several days. As a result, they couldn’t find anyone who could accurately understand An Xumo’s situation.

When they were chatting, Liu Longfei also heard these scattered conversations. He thought of Zhou Jinchen’s words yesterday and he couldn’t help but frown.

If at first Liu Longfei’s concern for An Xumo was because of Zhang Zhiwei, after so many days together, more reasons became his appreciation for An Xumo. After so many years in the industry, Liu Longfei has met all kinds of people, from a temporary worker who moved props to becoming a member of Ma Lao’s team. Therefore, when he sees such a hard-working junior, he thinks of helping him as much as he can.

However, An Xumo’s temperament rarely gives people trouble. Apart from the reminders during the audition, after entering the group, he gave a hand to Liu Longfei several times and helped a lot. This time, An Xumo suddenly didn’t come over. Although this is not a big deal, Liu Longfei’s heart has been thinking about this child. Finally, when no one was paying attention, he stepped aside and called An Xumo.

In fact, the person Liu Longfei wanted to find more is Zhou Jinchen. After yesterday morning’s filming of the kissing scene, he noticed the faint relationship between the two men. But Zhou Jinchen went out early this morning with the person in charge of the props to see the props to be used by the protagonist and he hasn’t come back yet.

The call prompt sounded for a long time but no one answered. Liu Longfei’s brows furrowed more and more until the cold mechanical female voice sounded, did he took down the phone and looked at the screen anxiously.

Why isn’t anyone answering?

Liu Longfei hung up the phone and dialed again. He thought that if no one answered again this time, he would have to consider looking for An Xumo’s agent to ask what was going on.

Fortunately, after the prompt sounded for a while, the screen finally showed the call time started.

“Hello, Xiao An?” Liu Longfei called out and heard a voice so hoarse that no one could help but frown.

“Assistant Director Liu……?”

An Xumo’s voice was so hoarse that one could barely hear what he was saying. Liu Longfei hurriedly asked, “What’s wrong, Xiao An? Have you caught a cold?”

The other side coughed twice which sounded weak but he was still holding on to raise his spirit and said, “Maybe a little. Did you call for something?”

“It’s nothing. It was just that you didn’t come today. I don’t know what happened.” Liu Longfei remembered that he was sent to the hospital before and he couldn’t help but give birth to some uneasiness. “Where are you now? Have you got a fever?”

“I’m still in the room.” An Xumo’s voice was light. “There should be no fever; I can’t feel it……”


The more Liu Longfei listens, the more wrong he felt. “Have you got up yet? Can you still get out of the bed?”

“Haven’t got up yet……” An Xumo’s voice was getting weaker and weaker, it sounded like he was about to fall asleep.

“Forget it, don’t move around yet.” Liu Longfei raised his eyes and looked around. After finding his target, he walked over there.

As he walked, he said, “Xiao An, listen to me. Don’t sleep yet. Call the front desk now and say that someone is coming to your room later. Ask them to help open the door. I’ll let the crew’s doctor go there directly.”

There was a vague answer on the phone. Liu Longfei did not know if he heard clearly, he could only try to speed up his pace.

The crew’s logistics work of 《Different Roads》 was excellent. Once Liu Longfei told the logistics director about the matter, the other party found the crew’s doctor in the group. Liu Longfei was still required to be present in the next scene. He could not leave his post without permission so he had to explain An Xumo’s situation as clearly as possible and let the doctor hurry over.

The doctor also had some impression of An Xumo. After listening to Liu Longfei’s explanation, he took his medical kit and went to the hotel. Fortunately, today’s shooting location is not far from the hotel. In less than fifteen minutes, the doctor entered An Xumo’s room with the help of the front desk.

Surprisingly, An Xumo was already dressed. But his condition is worse than just wearing only his pajamas — because he fell down from the hanger and barely sat on the ground with his back against the bed, and even never managed to stand up.

The hotel uses air-conditioning to control the temperature; there was no room heating system so the floor was cold and hard. The doctor rushed over to the little brother with the receptionist and helped lift the person from the ground.

But as soon as he touched An Xumo’s arm, the doctor frowned.

The high temperature from his body passed through his thin clothes.

He sent off the receptionist and closed the door. The doctor quickly sterilized the electronic thermometer and put it on his temple to detect his temperature while making a phone call to Liu Longfei.

When the phone was connected, the electronic thermometer made a “click” sound showing the measured person’s body temperature.

The doctor’s heart sank.

39.5°.[1]103.1° F

After hearing An Xumo’s high temperature, Liu Longfei’s voice also became anxious. He immediately asked someone to come and send An Xumo to the hospital. The doctor was listening but the boy on the bed moved a bit.

He borrowed the phone from the doctor and tried to suppress the hoarseness in his voice and barely said, “Assistant Director Liu, no need to trouble you. My assistant is here. Just have him pick me up.”

“Okay, okay.” Liu Longfei asked again, “Where is he? If he is on the set, let him drive the crew’s car to directly pick you up.”

“He’s at the hotel. We’ll just take a taxi.” An Xumo took a breath and said, “Assistant Director, there is another thing to trouble you.

Liu Longfei asked, “What is it? Go on.”

“My situation is not very serious. Please don’t tell the crew about the fever first.” An Xumo swallowed hard, his throat was like being torn with continuous pain. “I was fine before I came back yesterday, it shouldn’t have infected everyone. I’ll explain to everyone when I’m good to go back.”

It seems that he did not expect him to say this, but the phone paused for a moment before an echo came, “Okay. I understand.”

“Forget about it, you go to the hospital first with Dr. Hao and your assistant for a check-up and come back after your fever has gone down. When I’m done here in the evening, I will go over to see you.”

An Xumo actually didn’t want to bother Liu Longfei to come over. He has a thorough understanding of how intense the work of the crew these days with the group. But Liu Longfei had already made a decision and An Xumo’s throat was so sore that he couldn’t say much. He had to let him hung up the phone.

The hotel is not too far from the hospital but it’s a little troublesome when going out in disguise. Fortunately, there are two helpers, Xiao Zhang and Dr. Hao. An Xumo wore a black-rimmed glasses and a mask and he made it all the way to the hospital smoothly.

However, what happened next was not quite as one would expect.

An Xumo didn’t just have a fever, his tonsils were inflamed, and his back was bruised because he fell down while getting out of bed and dressing up.

The most serious thing is that he had gastrointestinal problems.

After asking, Dr. Hao learned that An Xumo ate takeout for four servings after ten o’clock in the evening, and not long after dawn, he passed out because of discomfort. This way of eating, even a strong, muscular man will not be able to digest, let alone An Xumo who’s been controlling his diet because he has to film as a dancer in the scenes.

Because he ate too much, his voice was also affected. In this way, even a fever may have something to do with the sudden overeating last night.

A full set of gastrointestinal examination requires a gastroscopy[2]an examination of the upper digestive tract or fluoroscopy[3]a continuous X-ray image on a monitorbut An Xumo still has a fever and is too weak to do these tests. After discussing with the hospital, Dr. Hao ended up giving An Xumo a fever-inducing injection first but reduced most of the irritating medication.

The next afternoon, there was a scene of Bai Qingchi, and with his status, it was not very convenient to continue to stay. An Xumo finally convinced Dr. Hao not to stay in the hospital for observation. The hospital gave some medicine to protect the stomach and intestines. When Xiao Zhang took the medicine, he took another box of Huoxiang Zhengqi Shui[4]a liquid herbal formula used in Traditional Chinese medicine to “induce diaphoresis and clear away summer-heat, to resolve damp and regulate the function of the spleen and stomach” It … Continue reading when he received the medicine, and the three people went back to the hotel.

After tossing around, it was already evening when they returned. After sending off Dr. Hao, An Xumo made another phone call to Liu Longfei. In fact, his thoughts are still groggy and he only relies on holding by a breath. After explaining it to Liu Longfei, Xiao Zhang helped An Xumo to take his medicine. Xiao Zhang wanted to stay and take care of him but An Xumo felt it was unnecessary so he let the man go first.

An Xumo lay alone in bed with no lights turned on in the room. The curtains were drawn tightly and the darkness was similar to that of last night when he returned, weighing heavily on every inch of his body.

He buried himself in the blanket and sighed slowly.

So hungry…

Patients with a fever can’t eat food that can’t be well-digested nor is it suitable for spicy or greasy food, not to mention that he still has gastrointestinal problems. After the check-up during the day, he only drank a bowl of porridge, and Dr. Hao also gave Xiao Zhang a list of portions to be eaten by An Xumo in the next few days.

Before he left, Dr. Hao made repeated orders and took An Xumo to educate him for a long time. He said, even if you’re under a lot of pressure as an actor, do not use overeating to vent.

But he didn’t want to vent, An Xumo thought. He was just very hungry.

People with fever have a little appetite but An Xumo is different. He can clearly feel the emptiness in his body; his hunger is like four trailing vines, surrounding the wall of his stomach little by little, still constantly tightening.

Want to eat……anything is fine, not cake, even just the most common steamed bun rice, as long as you can eat enough.

But he can’t eat at all now.

An Xumo was so hungry that he had to try to get himself to sleep. His head was still dizzy and there is a scene to be filmed tomorrow so he must recover early in order to complete the task.

In the darkness and hunger, An Xumo tried for a long time and finally drifted off to sleep.

An Xumo didn’t sleep soundly and walked for a long time in a dream of constant floating and weightlessness. Somewhere in the misty haze, there seems to be some noise around. Even after walking far away in a dream, one would be tired. The noise attracted An Xumo’s attention so he simply stopped.

There was a little light shining through which was not blinding. The light appeared in front of a figure, slender, and extremely good-looking.

An Xumo sniffed and felt his eyes were a little sore.

He wanted to look at the person more but didn’t dare to be too obvious. After hesitating for a while, An Xumo simply took two steps backwards and turned his head away.

It can’t be like this, An Xumo thought, trying to move the figure away from his heart a little.

He just figured it out yesterday and now……he dare not dream about his brother again anymore.


The author has something to say:

There is one thing to say. For the author, there is no such thing as deliberately abusing anyone but the logic of the article is here. After Xiao Mo was wounded, he withdrew, and then it will be difficult for him to open his guarded heart which will require his brother’s constant efforts. This section is the main content of the second half of this text. It certainly won’t be said that after the brother recognized his own thoughts, as soon as he found Xiao Mo to confess, Xiao Mo agreed.


1 103.1° F
2 an examination of the upper digestive tract
3 a continuous X-ray image on a monitor
4 a liquid herbal formula used in Traditional Chinese medicine to “induce diaphoresis and clear away summer-heat, to resolve damp and regulate the function of the spleen and stomach” It tastes bitter and pungent. Wikipedia

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