Male God is Chasing My Brother
Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 69

Chapter 69 – About Zhou Jinchen’s illness
The situation changed so quickly that everyone present was momentarily stunned.
It wasn’t until Tang Tang rushed up to hold An Xumo that someone gradually reacted and came over to help move the chair and get tissues. The scene was suddenly very busy.
Although the boy deliberately found a remote corner and turned his back towards the crowd, but it was just the bent slender back and violent trembling that made people aware of the bad situation.
An Xumo still had porridge at noon and there was a full scene in the afternoon. He was so busy that he hasn’t even had time to drink a few more mouthfuls of water, and the rice porridge had already been digested and disappeared. So after bending and retching for a long time, he wasn’t able to vomit anything out.
If you feel nauseous because of not eating well, you can feel better after vomiting. However, An Xumo is far from being so lucky. He has no food in his stomach, he couldn’t puke anything. Finally, he felt so nauseous that he vomited out grayish-white gastric juice.
The people on the sidelines felt shocked, not to mention how he himself felt.
An Xumo was able to hold on to the wall at first but then he was tortured to the point where he couldn’t stand up. Even if he is thin, his height is still there. Tang Tang as a girl certainly won’t be able to support him.
Before Tang Tang could open her mouth to call assistant Xiao Zhang, someone reached over and took the boy she was holding.
An Xumo was trembling badly and his face was pale to the extreme as if he would faint in the next second. Zhou Jinchen half-hugged him, almost holding most of his weight but despite this, the weight in his arms was still light, as though a gust of wind can blow it away.
The crew was attracted by the movement of many people but Ma Zechi who was alarmed, stepped in to let everyone go to eat and prepare for the next work, leaving only a few of them and the doctor in the group here. After vomiting gastric juice, An Xumo finally stopped retching. Tang Tang carefully gave him some warm water and found the emergency pills under the doctor’s reminder and watched the boy reluctantly drink them.
An Xumo vomited so much that he lost his strength and relied on Zhou Jinchen to hold him steady throughout. Even when he sat on the chair they brought, it looked like he would fall down at any moment.
But in this way, he seems to be trying to say something to the man beside him.
At first, Zhou Jinchen thought that the boy wanted something but he waited patiently for a long time for the broken three words.
“Don’t talk.” Zhou Jinchen directly interrupted him and raised the cup of water in his hand to the lips of the person. “Drink some water.”
An Xumo seems to be trying to take the cup but Zhou Jinchen did not let the boy try to be brave and directly helped the person drink a little. His movements are not too skilled but his attitude is very careful.
When the boy drank a little, Zhou Jinchen first moved the cup away to let the person swallow the water. However, An Xumo’s face suddenly changed, he stretched out his hand to push Zhou Jinchen away with the last bit of strength.
He failed to push the man but it doesn’t matter anymore. An Xumo once again bent over and the tears from retching made his eyes sore, the unbearable tears slid down his eyes, making his already pale and uncomfortable face even worse.
The boy vomited again, spewing out the water and pills he just drank.
Zhou Jinchen watched from a distance, half a step away and the unbearable pain clearly passed on. ‘Empathy’ is the most difficult and useless word for him. However, when he saw the boy’s thin back bent into a fragile arc and the slight spasm from his emaciated body from time to time, he had a brand-new experience of this word.
Like a little white cat so thin that you can see the bones, and so weak to even make a purr. Zhou Jinchen had never had special feelings for pets before but now he has the impulse to reach out and want to touch the little white cat’s cold, shivering, and thin body.
Even if it warms him up a little.
The doctor on duty today is not the same Dr. Hao. He doesn’t know much about An Xumo’s condition. Seeing the person’s current condition, he suggested sending the person to the hospital for an examination.
There was no night scene for Bai Qingchi so Tang Tang and Xiao Zhang accompanied An Xumo to the nearest hospital. Zhou Jinchen wasn’t able to get away; he had to continue filming the night scenes.
Although the impact was intentionally reduced, the fact that An Xumo was sent to the hospital because of retching during mealtime was still known to most of the people working on the evening set. They looked at Zhou Jinchen with some caution, knowing that the film emperor must be in a very bad mood right now, and even the movement at work was much smaller.
In the end, Ma Lao frowned and shouted twice to start over and the crowd on the set resumed to the normal level.
But even so, the indoor scenes shot at night were still affected. Tonight, they were going to film Ling Sihang’s interrogation scene in the police station. Two police officers, an old man, and a young man were responsible for the questioning. The two supporting roles acting against Zhou Jinchen were a little bit involuntarily affected. The older actor was fine and quickly adjusted, but the remaining actor playing as a young police officer was completely suppressed by Zhou Jinchen in terms of momentum. When the lines by the opposite party came out, he did not look like a police officer asking questions at all, but rather as if he were giving an explanation of the crime.
The night scene also has a shot of Lin Rui. He stood beside Ma Zechi, watching Zhou Jinchen who was expressionless sitting on the iron chair, and his heart vaguely gave birth to some confusions.
The director in charge of the night scene is Liu Longfei so Ma Zechi appears to be a little leisure now. He also noticed Zhou Jinchen’s emotions, when he was rubbing his chin and thinking, he heard Lin Rui’s voice beside him.
“…… Do you feel that Zhou Jinchen’s emotions are not quite right?”
Ma Zechi looked at Zhou Jinchen in front of the camera and raised an eyebrow, “His current emotions are definitely wrong ah, isn’t it obvious.”
Lin Rui frowned, “Obvious?”
Ma Zechi looked at him suspiciously and then thought of Lin Rui’s feelings for Zhou Jinchen. He coughed lightly and did not mention An Xumo’s name. “Maybe it’s because of the accident during the meal.”
Lin Rui thought differently from Ma Zechi.
Zhou Jinchen did not have any special thoughts about An Xumo, which Lin Rui can be sure of. At best, he is only acting out another script, his voice full of emotion and touching but no matter what was said the script can’t become a reality.
But An Xumo has already left, why would Zhou Jinchen still behave this way?
Lin Rui looked at Zhou Jinchen in the bright light, and the other party’s face was illuminated by sufficient light but Lin Rui felt for the first time that he had not read Zhou Jinchen’s emotions correctly. 
If Zhou Jinchen wants to leave the image of a good boyfriend who is worried about his lover to everyone, and does not want people to doubt that he is indifferent because An Xumo is sick, then Zhou Jinchen can just act and stop as soon as it’s good. But now, Ma Lao has obviously become a real fire.[1]angry After criticizing the actor who played the young police officer twice without any effect, he took aim at the extremely imposing Zhou Jinchen.
But after Zhou Jinchen was bombarded once, he still did not adjust his state.
So much so that after six re-takes, Ma Lao was still very dissatisfied and the filming at the scene was completely stopped, leaving a few minutes for the actors to adjust.
This is not common on the set of 《Different Roads》, especially when this obvious mistake unexpectedly happened to Zhou Jinchen who had always been very quick to get into his role. The atmosphere on the set became depressing and only Ma Lao who had lost his temper could be heard adjusting his own lethal weapon, the loudspeaker.
Because of personal emotions, the filming progress of the crew was affected. Before tonight, Lin Rui would never believe that this will happen to Zhou Jinchen.
This man is extremely self-disciplined, rational, and calm, and he calculates the impact of everything he does in advance. Lin Rui certainly understands that this kind of person who is almost cold is not suitable for being a lover, but he still felt uncontrollable and could not go out again.
Lin Rui is well aware of Zhou Jinchen’s extreme calmness, so he also knows that ‘being unable to properly film because he is worried about his lover’ this kind of thing can never be executed by Zhou Jinchen’s rational judgment in advance.
But now, this thing is actually happening.
Lin Rui was so puzzled that he subconsciously ignored the most obvious reason —— Ma Zechi and even everyone settled with that.
How could that be?
It can’t be.
Lin Rui decisively rejected this answer and finally put it as one of Zhou Jinchen’s long-term plans for the time being, thinking that the man should have other plans before he chose to do so.
The evening filming was set back by about half an hour and it was hard to do it by hand. Zhou Jinchen, whose face has not been very good, did not go back to the hotel with the crew but went alone to call Tang Tang.
An Xumo has returned to the hotel, he vomited twice in the hospital and got a little better after taking a bottle of an IV drip. After returning to the hotel, tossing and turning for a long time, he finally fell asleep.
At this time, going to the boy to see him will inevitably disturb him. After he hung up, Zhou Jinchen was silent for a while, and he finally went back to the hotel alone, to his own room.
Early the next morning, Xin Zimai arranged the car early and waited downstairs. Zhou Jinchen made another call to Tang Tang. As a result, Xiao Zhang said that there was nothing unusual about An Xumo but he was still sleeping and did not get up.
The time is indeed a bit early. In order not to disturb the boy’s rest, Zhou Jinchen did not go over.
Today is the examination date once every three months, and the crew transferred the relevant parts early and have Zhou Jinchen a half-day off. As the main character of the film, he only had half a day and it was difficult to reschedule again if he missed it. Therefore, Zhou Jinchen did not delay and went to the hospital as originally planned.
The examination is still carried out by Li Qiucheng. After all kinds of long-winded psychological test questions and boring simulated behavior like before, Zhou Jinchen went to measure the level of secretion of various neurohormones in the body. This is a routine activity and when the examination is done, the whole morning has passed.
The results would still come out in a few days. After greeting Zhou Jinchen who had finished the examination, Li Qiucheng thought that the other party would leave directly like before. Unexpectedly, the man followed him to his office and asked if he had a good gastroenterologist to recommend.
The Zhou family’s medical resources were far richer than those that Li Qiucheng has access to, but the subject was An Xumo, and Zhou Jinchen couldn’t possibly use the family’s resources again.
Although Li Qiucheng was a little surprised, he still agreed. Next time, let the patient come directly, he would take someone to see him.
After learning the identity of the patient in Zhou Jinchen’s mouth, Li Qiucheng quickly remembered that the other party was the boy who ate seafood after having an injury that he (Li Quicheng) had treated himself. He thoughtfully looked at Zhou Jinchen two more times before sending the person out of the office.
After Zhou Jinchen left, Li Qiucheng thought for a while, then got up and went to a room not far from next door.
His mentor happened to be in his office. Li Qiucheng walked to the table and rubbed his fingers against the smooth wooden table.
He pondered and opened his mouth to ask, “Teacher, do you remember the case of Asperger’s syndrome in our group?”
“Does the tendency of AS patients to get better involve caring for other individuals?”
The author has something to say:
AS is the abbreviation of Asperger Syndrome. Yes, this is the brother’s illness.
【【Asperger’s syndrome is an autism spectrum disorder characterized by social difficulties accompanied by narrow interests and repetition of specific behaviors, but still retains a relatively high level of language and cognitive development compared to other general autistic disorders.】】 —Taken from Baidu Baike.
However, the brother’s situation is different from that of ordinary AS patients because he had a serious illness at the age of twelve due to an accident. The specific difference will be explained later~
Additional info:
Autism spectrum disorder (ASD): is a neurological and developmental disorder that begins early in childhood and lasts throughout a person’s life. It affects how a person acts and interacts with others, communicates, and learns. It includes what used to be known as Asperger syndrome and pervasive developmental disorders. Link


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