Male God is Chasing My Brother
Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 70

Chapter 70 – No Main CP Direct Appearance

The filming of 《Different Roads》 is about to be finalized. Xin Zimai who has been working overtime for more than two months finally sees the dawn of victory.

Zhou Jinchen entered the group’s filming and Xin Zimai’s job as an agent was correspondingly less, but these reduced weights are filled by the new company’s tasks. In the end, he is even busier than before.

Zhou Jinchen does not have his own power to use and does not want the Zhou family to be aware of his movements; counting it down, there are naturally very few people that can be trusted. During his several months in the group of《Different Roads》, except for some need to determine the general direction, the company’s day-to-day affairs are handled by Xin Zimai. In addition to the departure of Li Xiuqing, the position of Jin Dian also needs to have a common border, and the degree of Xin Zimai’s busyness can be imagined.

Fortunately, when Zhou Jinchen comes back, most of the tasks can be handed back to this workaholic. Xin Zimai just wanted to count the number of days needed to film the movie when he received a call from Li Qiucheng.

The two of them are still in a bit of an awkward dilemma. Xin Zimai has been working overtime lately so it’s only logical to find an excuse not to meet. Li Qiucheng still sends messages on time and Xin Zimai ignores these things most of the time but hasn’t encountered many things like today’s direct phone call.

Xin Zimai hesitated for a moment but still picked up the phone.


This time, when Li Qiucheng called, it really wasn’t because of the two of them. Zhou Jinchen’s new examination report had already come out and he himself was unable to leave the set, that’s why Li Qiucheng came to Xin Zimai and suggested that they meet face-to-face.

“…… Okay.”

Xin Zimai hung up the phone and threw himself into the sofa, sadly kicked his right leg which was hanging out the sofa.

He finally managed to find some time to rest in his busy schedule and now it was going to be ruined again.

When Xin Zimai arrived, Li Qiucheng had already got off work. He changed into his casual clothes and hadn’t put on his coat yet. The brown sweater was loosely pulled at the cuffs, revealing a dark gray watch on his wrist.

Without looking at the environment, Li Qiucheng felt more like a successful business elite. Even when wrapped in a soft sweater, the aggressiveness of his body can’t be underestimated.

After such a long time, Xin Zimai will inevitably feel uncomfortable to see this marriage partner who has been married early. But with a task today, Xin Zimai quickly ignores the awkwardness in his heart and sits across the desk.

He opened the door and saw the mountain,[1]lit. to open the door and see the mountain; fig. to get right to the point [idiom] “How is Jinchen’s situation?”

“Judging from the examination report, everything is normal.” Li Qiucheng took the test results out of the folder and placed them on the desk, pushing them to Xin Zimai.

Xin Zimai took it and briefly flipped through it. He did not have any in-depth understanding of the medical field and could only understand a few key data. But these data were enough; he could confirm that Zhou Jinchen did not show any abnormalities.

Therefore, counting since his debut, Zhou Jinchen’s recovery trend is obviously much better than expected. In the past two years, he has been almost no different from a normal person. It seems that Mr. Old Yu’s suggestion was indeed golden.[2]golden mouth and jade teeth (idiom): words of Heaven (Emperor); means that what is said, cannot be changedThe method of using acting to imitate other’s emotions is truly effective on Zhou Jinchen.

Xin Zimai obviously breathed a sigh of relief. He placed the test results back into the folder and knocked away the folder on the table. “There’s nothing unusual anymore, is there?”

He could not help holding on to greater hope. “After some time, won’t Jinchen’s illness be almost considered healed?”

Li Qiucheng corrected him, “In a precise sense, there is no truly defined cure for mental illness like Asperger’s syndrome. If the patient is young, their behavior can still get some training and teaching, while for adult patients, it is more difficult to change. It is better to use the word ‘restraint’ more accurately than treatment.”

Xin Zimai froze for a moment. “But, Jinchen has indeed changed a lot. In the beginning, he didn’t even talk to anyone else for a year……”

“Jinhen’s situation is a little more complicated.” Li Qiucheng said, “Although the average AS patients are not interested in socializing and coexistence, they do not resist this either. The severe autistic tendencies of Jinchen back then should be related to the injury he suffered when he was twelve.”

“However, Jinchen have forgotten exactly what he went through at that time.” Xin Zimai scratched his hair in distress, the slightly curly ends of his hair sticking up between his fingers. “When Master took him to the mountains to recuperate, he thought about asking him about it but at that time, Jinchen no longer remembered it. It’s been ten years since then……the chances of him remembering are unlikely to be much.”

Li Qiucheng naturally also knew about this.

However, he opened his mouth and said, “What Jinchen can’t remember, maybe someone else remembers.”

Xin Zimai was stunned. “Who ……?”

Why didn’t he know that there were other people present in this matter ten years ago?

“It’s just a speculation,” Li Qiucheng slowly said, “An Xumo…… Have you ever thought about this name?”

“Xiao An?!” Xin Zimai asked incredulously.

Li Qiucheng nodded.

“How is that possible…… when Jinchen was only twelve years old, Xiao An was even younger, six or seven years old at most,” Xin Zimai doubted. “Moreover, if Xiao An had been there, the Zhou family would have asked him at that time. How could no one had thought of it after so many years?”

“That’s why I said it was just a speculation.” Li Qiucheng said, “A process derived from the results.”

Xin Zimai asked, “What result?”

“When Jinchen came over for his latest medical checkup, he asked me something.” Li Qiucheng said, “He wanted me to recommend a gastroenterologist to check on someone.”

Xin Zimai quickly responded, “Xiao An?”

“Correct.” Li Qiucheng said, “And this is also the same person whom I treated when Jinchen called me to help a few months ago.”

Xin Zimai was puzzled. “What does this mean?”

Li Qiucheng explained, “Similar to autism, AS patients are often closed and isolated when it comes to interpersonal interactions. The patient themselves will lack the skills and tendency to interact with people, even if Asperger’s syndrome is less symptomatic than autism.”

“Jinchen’s case is even more obvious. Although his symptoms before the age of twelve were consistent with AS, he did not show any obvious resistance to communication. It was not until that accident that he became this restrained and refuses to communicate his emotions with people deeply.”

Li Qiucheng looked at Xin Zimai. “However, have you noticed that he expressed his willingness to take the initiative to care for An Xumo.”

Xin Zimai paused. “This……”

Li Qiucheng said, “Think about it carefully. Based on Jinchen’s actions, does he regard An Xumo as the most special person?”


Xin Zimai can answer this question without thinking.

He saved the person from the family banquet, found a top variety resource for him, specially asked Xin Zimai to give the person a team whose members were of good character, and helped find the most brilliant supporting role for An Xumo to act among the big director’s movies.

Even to the relatives of the Zhou family, Zhou Jinchen did not take such care of them, even before he knew the truth.

Zhou Yunlin and his wife are married in business. They have no emotional foundation and usually play in their own ways. The relationship between Zhou Yunlin and Zhou Jinchen is more like business partners than father and son. Zhou Jinchen is responsible for making a name for himself in the industry, while Zhou Yunlin and the Zhou family are responsible for obtaining funds and contracts.

Even Old Zhou who appreciates his grandson the most, the relationship between the two will not be as close and natural as the grandfather and grandson of ordinary families.

“That is why I’m guessing if An Xumo was also present when the accident happened back then.” Li Qiucheng said, “Perhaps he gave a helping hand to Jinchen which what made Jinchen retain a good impression for An Xumo deep inside his heart despite his closed memory.”

“It’s because of this that Jinchen showed a special tendency to care for him.”

Xin Zimai froze for a moment.

He hadn’t really thought about this possibility.

“But……Jinchen mentioned to me about Xiao An,” Xin Zimai frowned. “The reason he took such care for Xiao An is to let him pretend to be his partner and block those rotten peach blossoms that were attracted to him.”

“You know, he hasn’t been able to understand other people’s feelings towards him. A distant group like fans are fine, while those around him who takes the initiative to express their love can only be a burden to Jinchen. He doesn’t know how to respond and doesn’t want to respond to these people, that’s why he has this plan.”

After hearing this, Li Qiucheng did not show any sudden emotions. Instead, he gave Xin Zimai a deep look.

Xin Zimai did not understand his gaze. “…… What’s wrong?”

“The use to achieve the purpose is not the same as genuine concern.” Li Qiucheng said, “This may be difficult to discern among ordinary people but for AS patients, the difference is very obvious.”

“Has Jinchen ever cared about other people’s illness or exhaustion before?”

Xin Zimai thought for a moment. “…… No.”

Not really. Xin Zimai and Zhou Jinchen had known each other for ten years and his Master was the one who treated Zhou Jinchen back then. Up to now, Zhou Jinchen’s most important matters will only be entrusted to Xin Zimai. There is no need to say much about the relationship between the two, but Zhou Jinchen has never asked Xin Zimai about his physical condition.

Not only that, if Xin Zimai doesn’t say he’s tired, Zhou Jinchen will continue to ask the former to work overtime together according to his own standards. After several times, Xin Zimai finally learned his lesson and reported to Zhou Jinchen early that some people really can’t afford to stay up all night for five days in a row, and giving more overtime pay won’t work.

“So I think,” Li Qiucheng said, “this An Xumo is probably the breakthrough in Zhou Jinchen’s emotional treatment.”

Xin Zimai was still a little uncertain; he looked around and asked, “Is there any surveillance in your office?”

Li Qiucheng gave him a look, “None.”

That’s good. Xin Zimai hesitated but still said, “Could it be some other reason? As far as I know, Jinchen previously misunderstood that Xiao An’s biological father was his murderer so the two had no contact for a long time. It was not until they found out that this person had long jumped off a building and died that Jinchen began to change his attitude towards Xiao An. I think he probably also has a compensating guilty mentality in taking care of Xiao An, right?”

AS patients are inherently less affected by emotions than normal people and Li Qiucheng has reservations about Xin Zimai’s statement. However, in this point of view, this guilty psychology should be the key to Zhou Jinchen’s change of attitude towards An Xumo, and getting along with An Xumo is an important breakthrough for Zhou Jinchen to get better.

“This may also be one of the reasons.” Li Qiucheng said, “But in any case, it will definitely be beneficial for Jinchen to spend more time with An Xumo.”

“After I consulted it with my mentor, the group made a suggestion.”

He adjusted his glasses and his sharp gaze could not even conceal from the lenses for a few moments.

“You can use the entertainment industry’s resources or other benefits to keep An Xumo by Jinchen’s side and let him help Jinchen with his recovery.”


The author has something to say:

Dr. Li is one of the more rational people; he only loves Mai-zi.


1 lit. to open the door and see the mountain; fig. to get right to the point [idiom]
2 golden mouth and jade teeth (idiom): words of Heaven (Emperor); means that what is said, cannot be changed

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