Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 71

Chapter 71 – His wife cheated and gave birth to a son

Xin Zimai has no objection to Li Qiucheng’s proposal. After all, even if Li Qiucheng does not say it, according to the current plan, Zhou Jinchen would continue to interact with An Xumo for a long time.

But he was considering another thing. “Then, tell Jinchen’s condition……to Xiao An?”

Li Qiucheng asked, “He didn’t know about it, right?”

Xin Zimai nodded.

“My advice is that it’s best not to explain it.” Li Qiucheng said, “First, because Jinchen doesn’t want his condition to be known by too many people. Currently, only my mentor and I in the group know the patient’s identity. Second, if An Xumo learned about this, his attitude towards Jinchen will probably change. If this affects the two of them getting along, it will outweigh the losses.”

Xin Zimai nodded and asked, “Then…… there is no need to have any special precautions? Is it fine as long as the two of them get along more often?”

“Yes.” Li Qiucheng said, “Jinchen’s current state has stabilized and he will no longer have any destructive or self-destructive tendencies anymore. For Jinchen, the ‘repair’ link has been more or less completed, and there is no need to be too hasty after the treatment. On the contrary, it is a more effective and safer way to exert unnoticeable influence by getting along with each other for a long time.”

He changed his tone and warned, “However, this kind of relationship may need to be maintained for quite a long time to work better. Therefore, the group suggested that it would be best to create a long-term stable environment for the two of them to get along.”

Xin Zimai thought about it for a moment, “The two of them are currently filming with the same crew and there will probably be about a month left. After that, the promotion period before the release of the film, they will definitely be together. Counting it intermittently, there should be two or three months, is that okay?”

Li Qiucheng shook his head, “Not enough.”

“Ah?” This is not enough? Xin Zimai was taken aback. “But Jinchen is so busy with work and he can’t work with Xiao An on every show, so how……”

“It doesn’t have to be during working hours.” Li Qiucheng said. “Where does Jinchen live when he’s not filming?”

Xin Zimai pondered. “The most frequent place he went to in the last year should be the small high-rise that Jin Dian assigned to him……”

Li Qiucheng asked, “Does he have other roommates?”

Xin Zimai shook his head.

He didn’t react after he answered, “You……you mean, let them live together?”

Li Qiucheng said, “If the room is big enough, it should be fine.”

Zhou Jinchen has now shown a willingness to care for An Xumo which is already a remarkable breakthrough for AS patients, especially for Zhou Jinchen who used to have severe autistic tendencies. It has been quite a long time since Li Qiucheng had been receiving Zhou Jinchen’s tests. This was the first time he had noticed such an obvious change in Zhou Jinchen.

That’s why Li Qiucheng actively suggested to Xin Zimai to have more contact between the two people. He could anticipate that this was a very critical node and for Zhou Jinchen this could likely be an opportunity to cure him completely.

“But this kind of thing needs to be maintained by both sides.” Li Qiucheng said, “So you need to discuss this matter with An Xumo in advance.”

This is also the reason why he would say that he would use the resources of the entertainment industry in exchange for An Xumo’s consent. As long as there are interests at stake, a lot of things will be handled easily.

Xin Zimai hesitated for a moment, “Then…… I’ll go back and discuss it with Jinchen.”

“Good.” Li Qiucheng nodded and added, “By the way, don’t tell Jinchen about my previous speculation.”

Xin Zimai thought back for a moment, “You mean the matter that Xiao An might have been present at that time?”

“Yes.” Li Qiucheng said, “Instead of interfering with him from other’s speculation, let Jinchen judge for himself whether An Xumo is the one he needs or not.”

Xin Zimai nodded and felt a little troubled in his heart.

“If, as you say, let the two of them spend a long time together, then suppose, Jinchen really decided that Xiao An is the one he needs……will he recover completely from his condition?”

When he remembered that Li Qiucheng just said that Asperger’s syndrome has not been cured in a real sense, he put it in another way, “It’s not really a recovery, and that is, he will become a little more like a normal person?”

“Actually, at present, if they can receive appropriate behavior modification, all adult AS patients can become like normal people,” Li Qiucheng said, “but they themselves may not like the change and they may not be able to experience real emotions of normal people.”

“We have done all these things before to make Jinchen become like a normal person. But it is very likely that An Xumo is the doctor who can make Jinchen become normal.”

Xin Zimai froze and hope was instantly ignited.

“Nonetheless, this is just a guess.” Li Qiucheng made the person a little calmer, “Asperger’s syndrome is a congenital mental illness, and the patient has a defect from birth. Until now, there have been no specific, convincing cases of real recovery and we can only hope that the best can be achieved.”

“If there is such a possibility,” Xin Zimai remained optimistic as he clapped his hands, “this getting along matter, it’s up to me.”

Seize the opportunity to take advantage of all opportunities and create opportunities even if there are no opportunities.

After the two days of sick leave in a short period of time, even though Bai Qingchi’s scenes aren’t much recently, An Xumo felt that his performance was really bad.

After that retching, he went back to living a life of clear soup and water. But this time, An Xumo finally found an excuse; he found an opportunity to bring it up to Zhou Jinchen. Because of the retching, he already had some obscurities on the previous porridge shop. In addition, Zhou Jinchen’s character is one of the two most demanding roles in the crew. After the meal, An Xumo drank the soup brought by the crew three times a day as he wished.

Although the nutrition and taste are not as good as the carefully prepared fancy porridge, for An Xumo, his mental pressure has been reduced a lot. Although hunger still follows him, he had slowly begun to adapt to the feeling like before.

At this time, An Xumo remembered that he had actually handled this before, and hunger was nothing special to him. During the period after his debut, he spent more and more time with his brother and lived a contented life for a while. This time, it was just a matter of going back to his original life.

Except to endure the difficult gap from luxury to frugality, the candy that smells good in front of him, cannot be touched.

Moreover, amongst the cast of 《Different Roads》, the most important part of the film has also entered the filming stage. After careful design and preparation, various complex scenes were gradually put into use. Compared to the previous stage which was shot only in classrooms and cramped rental houses ten years ago, the shots on the main plot of the movie were obviously much more impressive.

Accordingly, all kinds of work took more time and the shooting schedule became more and more intense.

The pressure at work has relieved An Xumo’s emotions a little. During this time, it’s no longer uncommon for the crew to stay up all night from being busy with their eyes opened until dark. Even Ma Lao who is not in an excellent physical condition is present all the time, and the pressure of others will naturally not be much easier. In this case, all kinds of gossip and ambiguous rumors had no time to spread and An Xumo has finally lived a busy life that seemed a little peaceful.

The biggest problem he faced recently was the interpretation of Bai Qingchi ten years later. An Xumo is too young in appearance and temperament, and he looks more and more tender when put on the big screen. The difference between him and the character image who gave up his ballet dream and lived with his adopted son was a little too great and his acting skills are not enough to make up for it.

Yet who would have thought that in the end, he still acted in his original character and helped An Xumo get past this hurdle.

The various events that happened during this period of time caused An Xumo to feel subconsciously distant from Zhou Jinchen compared to his original self. Moreover, it just so happens that the script needed this exact feeling ——

“The biggest damage suffered by Bai Qingchi is in fact came from the person he loves the most, which is Ling Sihang.” Ma Lao took the script to tell An Xumo the scene, “Until the last time, he also has a very complex emotion towards Ling Sihang. He wants to save him but he also didn’t want to let himself fall back into that nightmare again. Therefore, when he faced Ling Sihang, it was a kind of disguised detachment and unperturbed emotions.”

This happens to be too similar to An Xumo’s current feelings for Zhou Jinchen.

The setting for revealing the ending of the film is neither in the bloody police station nor in a solemn and serious courtroom. On the contrary, Mr. Tao and Ma Lao chose the location in an ordinary scene. Ling Sihang who was released on bail meets Bai Qingchi who led his adopted son on the street.

The only person who could provide the evidence that pointed directly to Ye Qisheng’s crime was Bai Qingchi, who happened to be entangled by Zhao Jiujiu at that time. So as soon as the turn-around happened, Ling Sihang thought of this person who had been ignored by him and Ye Qisheng for a long time. At this time, Ling Sihang is in the complex emotion of being framed and jailed by his beloved person so that when he really saw Bai Qingchi, he failed to react, whether he was angry or grateful.

Bai Qingchi’s emotions were much more direct.

He did not deny Ling Sihang’s questioning nor did he intend to dwell on it with the other party. He just gave the person a detached look, looking precisely like the ballet teenager who was as high and proud as a swan.

“I want to retaliate against Ye Qisheng but not to save you.” He stood in the street in a remote alley, surrounded by narrow, gray walls. The surrounding environment was so cramped, but it can’t hide the light on Bai Qingchi’s body.

“You lost the one you love, and he has sinned. I gave back what both of you gave me.”

“Mr. Ling, the earth is so big. I sincerely hope that we will never meet again.”

With that, Bai Qingchi turned and left. He took the little hand of the boy waiting for him at the alley’s entrance. After walking far away, he never looked back.

Outside the alley, people are coming and going in the street. In the bustling street, the little boy being led suddenly gave a milky cry.

“Pull out, hand hurts.”

Bai Qingchi reacted sharply and found out that he unknowingly exerted too much effort and unexpectedly hurt the boy’s hand.

—— This is also the last scene An Xumo had to shoot.

It was hard to let An Xumo who seems to be in love, find that sense of alienation. Ma Lao looked at the monitor screen but frowned again.

He turned on the loudspeaker in his hand and shouted “Cut!”

In front of the camera, the two people who were staring at each other in the street looked over and the crowd of extras on the street stopped.

Ma Lao finally walked over and didn’t use his loudspeaker to make a noise on the set.

However, when he came in front of Zhou Jinchen, his words actually did not leave much mercy.

“The current Ling Sihang is desperate to catch up with Bai Qingchi and ask him if he has handed over the evidence to send Ye Qisheng to jail.”

Ma Lao pointed to An Xumo, “He didn’t go out for a long time and came back to find out that he had been cheated on by his wife and secretly gave birth to a son. Why are you always staring at the little boy he’s holding?”


The author has something to say:

The filming will be finished soon, and the beginning of the promotional period in the scene……and the following ‘long-term relationship’……En, it’s cohabitation.

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