Male God is Chasing My Brother
Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 73

Chapter 73 – Jinchen beat people when drunk

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An Xumo stood by the wall not far behind the bed in a trance and even created an illusion.
It seems that he himself was the one who was drunk.
When he just heard Zhou Jinchen say “his attitude has changed”, An Xumo was already somewhat at a loss. He has received a lot of teasing from others in the crew these days and he has been very cooperative with Zhou Jinchen’s plan. But listening to the other party’s tone……it seems like he’s still not satisfied with his actions.
Before An Xumo had time to think about it carefully, he heard the phrase “he doesn’t look at me.”
…… What does this mean?
He really felt dumbfounded for a moment.
Sitting on the sofa not far away, Zhou Jinchen’s complexion remained unchanged, making it impossible to see his emotions at this time. If not for the performance just now, An Xumo would even think that the man was still awake and watertight[1]lit. not one drop of water can leak outas usual.
But as soon as the other party opened his mouth, the illusion was exposed.
“Why aren’t you sure?” Zhou Jinchen frowned, “He threw up when he saw me on the set before and when he shot the last few scenes, he was just looking at the child. There is also today’s finale banquet,[2]lit. killing banquet: means actors who finished filming their own scenes. I might have forgotten to add this on the previous chapters, sorry~ I saw Lin Rui looked at me more.”
On the side, An Xumo’s heart thumped for a moment.
He did not think that his actions would be seen by his brother nor did he expect…… himself to have made so many careless mistakes.
An Xumo was wholeheartedly adjusting his mentality to give his brother a helping hand but he didn’t expect that it was the adjusted mentality that made his actions appear such obvious flaws.
Did he…… delay his brother’s plans?
The usual delighted and furious Zhou Jinchen at this time used a tone that can clearly hear his displeasure. “En.”
“I don’t know how much I drank.”
Except for Zhou Jinchen’s voice, there was no other movement in the room. An Xumo faintly heard some keywords such as ‘hotel’, ‘tomorrow’, and ‘rest’, then Zhou Jinchen hung up the phone.
He put his phone away and picked up the bathrobe on the sofa. An Xumo watched from the bed and saw the man stood up on his own and walk in the direction of the bathroom.
Zhou Jinchen was halfway there when he saw An Xumo standing at the side. The moment he perceives the presence of a person, his eyes suddenly changed, his entire body turned into a stern, imposing manner. He spoke in a cold voice ——
“Who are you?”
The air pressure in the room was inadvertently lowered. Hearing these words, An Xumo’s nape was also reflexively ached. He dared not hesitate before the other party started; he rushed immediately, “I am An Xumo.”
Zhou Jinchen looked at him, his expression was still gloomy.
An Xumo repeated tentatively, “Also……Zhou Xumo.”
The man stared at him again for a while before withdrawing his eyes. He also did not say anything more; he turned around and went directly into the bathroom.
After the door closed softly with a ‘click’, An Xumo who was pressed down on his chest finally breathed a sigh of relief.
How could the feeling my brother gives feels more frightening when he is drunk than when he is sober?
An Xumo looked around. It was a room for two. All kinds of configurations are also for two people. Two beds separated by a nightstand, river water do not interfere with well water.[3]does not interfere with one another; minding your own business
If there was only one twin bed, An Xumo would have left directly but since it’s sleeping on a separate bed……
He hesitated for a moment and remembered what his brother had just mentioned on the phone.
Although the crew already has an equivocal and tacit understanding of the relationship between Zhou Jinchen and An Xumo, the latter was clear that Zhou Jinchen’s real purpose was to clear up the relationship with Lin Rui during the publicity period. And in front of the film emperor Lin…… recalling Lin Rui’s expression during the celebration, An Xumo always felt that he, a newcomer with little acting experience, seems to be easily seen through at a glance in the eyes of the film emperor.
He has made more mistakes. If he gets up tomorrow morning, the crew will find that his brother is the only one left in the hotel. No one can guarantee that no one will come up with other ideas.
After weighing things, An Xumo still decided to stay in the hotel. He glanced at the bathroom where the sound of water was coming from and felt his head hurt a little.

I just don’t know if my brother will be able to sleep peacefully after getting drunk. An Xumo thought helplessly that he really didn’t seem to have any experience in taking care of drunk people.
While An Xumo was worried, in S City which is hundreds of kilometers away, Xin Zimai who answered the phone almost jumped out directly from the office.
What’s going on, what’s all this?! Why did Zhou Jinchen get drunk? Why did he call after he got drunk and said in a tone of being abandoned —— An Xumo was not looking at him anymore?!
After the filming of 《Different Roads》 was finished, it was already close to the Lunar New Year. This is especially true since the Chinese New Year is later than in previous years. For the 《Different Roads》 which was already scheduled for the summer prime time, the time left for their publicity is even more pressing.
And all the publicity information related to Zhou Jinchen was all personally checked by the team brought by Xin Zimai. The team had already guessed Lin Rui’s plan in advance and it was a busy time now. They must be on guard against the signs of being tied up by the other party’s publicity team and greet[4]to inform; to take care of the media in advance. Therefore, after Zhou Jinchen finished the movie, it was time for Xin Zimai and his team to be the busiest.
In addition to the approaching New Year, invitations and parties at the end of the year emerge endlessly, and all kinds of blessings also need to be prepared in advance. This is the reason why Xin Zimai was so busy that he did not go to the final banquet with Zhou Jinchen.
Unexpectedly, it just happened that he didn’t go this time, and Zhou Jinchen got drunk.
This big brother’s alcoholic taste is really hard to compliment. When Xin Zimai remembered Zhou Jinchen’s performance, his head became twice bigger,[5]he has encountered a very troublesome thing and which was originally a head is about to explode and became bigger. he hurriedly sorted out the work at hand in a panic, and it was too late to add the evening shift. He left an emergency phone number to his staff and planned to rush to H City where the production crew is located.
The car and the driver followed Zhou Jinchen, it’s not realistic to have someone come back overnight. Xin Zimai originally wanted to buy a high-speed train ticket but when he opened the software, he remembered —— how can there be any tickets left at the end of the year?
Due to Xin Zimai’s motion sickness on a train, he usually chooses a four-seater car for daily travel. Even a nanny’s car with a large space will be uncomfortable for a long time, and it would be better if it is driven by himself. He planned to take a taxi to go there but he was worried that it would be inconvenient for outsiders around to be on the phone with the team on the road.
While Xin Zimai was hesitantly thinking about whether he could still find an idle car and driver, a new message popped up on his phone. The message was from Li Qiucheng, the one message a day, and it was unchanging. Xin Zimai just wanted to cross out the top prompt but he caught a glimpse of the four most crucial keywords ——
Tomorrow’s shift is off.
He hesitated for a moment and failed to cross out the message. As a result, he got into a car that was willing to take him across two cities in the middle of the night on a cold winter night.
Before Li Qiucheng drove over, he didn’t even ask Xin Zimai what happened at all. His attitude was so straightforward that it was Xin Zimai who gave birth to some embarrassment,
“Jinchen just called, he went to attend the finale banquet of the crew.” The quiet atmosphere in the car was slightly uncomfortable. Xin Zimai tugged at his seat belt and took the initiative to explain, “He seems to be drunk and also took the initiative to mention the matter with Xiao An…… I think something is not quite right so I thought I would go over and have a look.”
Li Qiucheng’s right hand rested on the steering wheel and a wrist with distinct joints is slightly exposed between the cuffs. He carelessly glanced at the navigation screen, his tone didn’t fluctuate.
“Going so far to look?”
From S City, taking into account the traffic jams at the end of the year, it will take at least four hours all the way.
Xin Zimai didn’t notice the difference in Li Qiucheng. “You don’t know. Jinchen hasn’t been drunk for a long time.”
“He can drink quite well and doesn’t get drunk usually so it doesn’t matter if he socializes normally. I didn’t specifically remind him.” Xin Zimai slapped his thigh. “Who would have thought I didn’t go this time, he was unexpectedly drunk?”
Li Qiucheng asked, “Is this an important occasion?”
“Finale banquet is rather special,” Xin Zimai said, “but it is not too rare. I suspect that he has been drinking mixed wine; otherwise, Jinchen will have a heavy amount of alcohol. Blowing a bottle of liquor may not necessarily be able to knock him down.”
Li Qiucheng tapped the leather-wrapped steering wheel with his fingertips. “Drunk and can’t wake up after a nap?”
“He can wake up from a nap but the problem is,” Xin Zimai’s expression was a bit pained, “I’m worried about what happened before he fell asleep.”
“Jinchen is particularly vigilant when he’s drunk; he’s fine in open spaces. Once he gets to a room or a car or other places, he’s completely incapable of accepting the presence of a second person around him.”
Xin Zimai remembered something and couldn’t help but rubbing his temples.
“When he first started out, he kept a low profile and didn’t show the background of the Zhou family. As a result, there was once a dinner with an investor-producer, a boss took a fancy to him and couldn’t help but have a hand on him.”
“At that time, neither of us had any status, and I was not allowed to attend. No one in the room wanted to provoke the boss, they watched him get drunk and then be taken upstairs.”
Xin Zimai couldn’t bear to look back, “As a result, when I got the news and rushed over, there was a whole circle of three layers surrounded outside the room, and all the surrounding rooms were all alarmed so I watched the hustle and bustle inside. The boss is also a dignified figure, and the result may be that he took off his clothes too quickly after going in, leaving only flowery underpants all over his body into view. Jinchen used the person’s belt to tie him up directly and he started splitting the head and covering the face[6][*fig. pelting: attack (someone) by repeatedly hurling things at them.up on the wall.”
Li Qiucheng: “……”
Xin Zimai continued, “Jinchen learned a little kung fu with my master before. He has a good understanding and he can barely fight to a draw with my shixiong[7]senior male fellow student and I, not to mention ordinary people. He was drunk and didn’t keep his hand, the boss screamed so miserably that he beckoned the people from the hotel.”

“At first, the people brought by the boss still wanted to stop him, saying that their boss was just playing tricks so don’t interrupt the good things if you’re sensible. As a result, later on, they listened to the sound that was too tragic that if they didn’t go in they would be killed. The door of the room was opened.”
He sighed, “The man brought by the boss jumped to his feet and said that he would ban Jinchen. I didn’t stop that man at once. Jinchen directly brought the belt over and drew a bloody edge on the man’s face.”
“After the beating, the people present were dumbfounded, and no one dared to mess with him again. Jinchen took the man’s hair and threw the boss out who was badly battered without a piece of good flesh out of the door in full view of everyone, and then slammed the door and went back to sleep.”
Xin Zimai said with lingering fears, “The people in the hotel were also scared. No one dared to open the door and look for him again. Fortunately, Jinchen woke up after a deep sleep and sobered up, and returned to normal.”
Li Qiucheng raised an eyebrow, “That man didn’t continue to look for him afterwards?”
“No,” Xin Zimai shook his head. “The matter was settled overnight by the Zhou family. Even with so many people on the scene that day, not to mention the boss himself, some knew the boss and some also recognized Jinchen. As a result, when I got up the next morning, there was no movement at all.”
“In addition to Zhou Jinchen sobering up, he doesn’t remember anything when he woke up. Apart from the Zhou family who rushed over, it was as if it had never happened.”
“Later, Jinchen’s status slowly rose, coupled with the Zhou family’s escort, we never encountered this kind of situation again. When he occasionally got drunk a few times, they didn’t wait for a second more and quickly sent him to a room, and they have to leave swiftly.”
Xin Zimai recalled for a moment and said, “In fact, I suspect that this reaction is also the aftermath of the accident that Jinchen had back then.”
Li Qiucheng asked, “Why do you say that?”
“When Jinchen gets drunk and arrives at a resting place, he will go through every hidden corner to see if there are any bugs or other dangerous things.” Xin Zimai said, “How would an ordinary drunken person behave like this? He clearly distrusts everyone around him so he must confirm the safety surrounding him and does not let anyone near him.”
Thinking of the situation this time, Xin Zimai’s brow wrinkled again. “But this time, I didn’t follow. The assistant beside Jinchen is also a newcomer and have never met him when he was drunk. When I called, the assistant only said that everyone in the crew is staying at the hotel and had not heard any news for the time being. However, it is not clear who is in the same room with Jinchen and what the specific situation is.”
“I don’t dare find someone to go over and look for fear that as soon as they go in, it will stimulate Jinchan once again. That’s why I thought of going through the night to see if something really happened and also to help him deal with it in advance.”
Li Qiucheng glanced at the person with locked eyebrows in the rearview mirror. He raised his hand and pressed on the passenger’s recliner adjustment switch.
Xin Zimai was feeling anxious and suddenly he was struck backwards to his chair. “Ai?!
“Since there is something to deal with, take a rest first.” Li Qiucheng looked at the road in front of him and did not turn his head.
The night is silent in the cold winter, and the north wind is whistling outside the car. While in the spacious and warm carriage, the man unwittingly spread warmth outside bit by bit.
His tone is particularly mellow which sounds inexplicably reassuring.
“Sleep ba. I will call you when we get there.”[8]T/N: *me wishing to have a LQ in my life, haha…

Upon arriving at the hotel where the crew was located, it was already the middle of the night. Xin Zimai had a full night’s sleep, his body was fine but his spirit seemed a little nervous.
He entered the hotel with Li Qiucheng and went straight to the front desk to ask about the guests. The receptionist was stunned at first by the two handsome men in front and behind and then was shocked by the other’s question.
“Was there any sign of fighting in any of the rooms?”
“Yes,” Xin Zimai nodded while holding his phone and waiting for the assistant to answer the call. He didn’t know where Zhou Jinchen was staying now so he still had to ask the assistant.
He knew that this question sounded odd but he was so worried that he really had no time to beat around the bush, therefore, Xin Zimai asked directly.
As a result, before he had time to give a more detailed explanation, he saw the receptionist look over with a suspicious expression. “Indeed. How did you know?”
Xin Zimai’s hand shook and almost dropped the phone that hasn’t been connected.

Jinchen really did it again after getting drunk?!!

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1 lit. not one drop of water can leak out
2 lit. killing banquet: means actors who finished filming their own scenes. I might have forgotten to add this on the previous chapters, sorry~
3 does not interfere with one another; minding your own business
4 to inform; to take care of
5 he has encountered a very troublesome thing and which was originally a head is about to explode and became bigger.
6 [*fig. pelting: attack (someone) by repeatedly hurling things at them.
7 senior male fellow student
8 T/N: *me wishing to have a LQ in my life, haha…

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