Male God is Chasing My Brother
Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 74

Chapter 74 – Who did you sleep with last night? 

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The call on the phone turned into a mechanical voice alert. Xin Zimai did not dare to call again. He pressed off the phone and asked the front desk anxiously, “Which room had an accident? Who fought with whom and how is the situation now?”

The receptionist was hit by his series of questions but after reacting, she cautiously apologized. “Apologies, this is the privacy of our guests so it is not convenient to disclose it to you for the time being.”

Xin Zimai froze for a moment, he tried to calm himself a little and explained, “Is it a crew that had an accident? I am a member of the crew. If it is inconvenient for other information to disclose, can you tell me when this incident happened?”

After the receptionist came back to her senses, she looked increasingly cautious and she shook her head again, “I’m sorry.”

Xin Zimai frowned, his heart suddenly felt a little uneasy.

It’s understandable that the hotel wanted to protect the privacy of the artists staying there. However, for some reason, Xin Zimai had a hunch that the receptionist did not want to tell him about this and it was not simply about maintaining the hotel’s professional ethics.

There was no way to get useful information at the front desk so Xin Zimai could only try to call his assistant again. Li Qiucheng pulled him to the lounge on the other side of the lobby. Xin Zimai was so anxious to make a call that he didn’t even sit on the sofa and went around the table, waiting to be connected.

After all, it was already late at night, and it took a while for the call to be answered. The hotel does not have extra rooms, personal attendants such as assistants and drivers stayed in another hotel a few hundred meters away. The assistant on the other side of the phone only inquired about the room number and the person was not there.

But according to him, there seems to be no movement on the crew in the hotel.

It couldn’t be Jinchen? Xin Zimai was puzzled and still went up with the intention of taking a look. He had just memorized the room number and was ready to go upstairs when he was suddenly pulled by Li Qiucheng behind him.

“What’s wrong?” Xin Zimai was in a bit of a hurry.

No sooner had he asked the question than he saw several people coming out straight from the elevator on the other side of the lobby.

There were a total of five people who came down, two of them were in black suits following behind and the three in front of them were walking side by side. In these three people, two of them are holding the person in the middle. Looking closely at them, he found the man in the middle has basically lost his ability to act on his own; he can only be held up and dragged forward. His pants were covered with dust and his drooping face was visibly red and swollen.

Xin Zimai was stupefied for a moment and a name almost came out of his mouth.

It turned out to be Han Ming.

How could he be here? Moreover, how could anyone be beaten like this?

Xin Zimai was full of doubts. Since the last Wutong Awards ceremony, he hasn’t heard of Han Ming’s movement for a long time. After the incident, Han Ming’s popularity plummeted and his aunt was transferred so even if she wanted to protect him, it would be beyond reach. Jin Dian is not a charity company. Others will naturally not waste their efforts. In the end, Han Ming was coldly treated and temporarily abandoned.

The situation in the entertainment industry is changing rapidly, especially in the field of idols. Even if they have been working hard to be active, there are a large number of people who are constantly being left behind, not to mention Han Ming’s situation that has absolutely no resources to show his face.

But even if he’s dejected and out again, he won’t be reduced to the point of being beaten like this right…… Xin Zimai was a little skeptical. If it hadn’t been for his good eyesight, I’m afraid he wouldn’t have been able to tell who the man who had been beaten black and blue was.

Han Ming was quickly assisted out of the hotel. The two black suits following behind watched from the hotel entrance, waiting for the three to walk away before turning around. They look around the lobby and one of the black suits walked towards the front desk while the other walked towards the only two people left in the lobby.

Xin Zimai didn’t notice the person approaching. He only paid attention to the server at the front desk that seemed to have been told by the black suit and hurriedly nodded his head repeatedly.

…… Is this why the receptionist refused to tell him the details of the fight? Xin Zimai thought and was suddenly pulled by the person behind him.

Xin Zimai stared blankly when he was pulled behind by Li Qiucheng who stood up.

“What……” Before he could finish his words, another black suit walked up to them.

The black suit’s figure was tall and strong with slightly bulging temples. As soon as he walked over, he felt that it made people’s heart to feel frightened. He swept a glance at the two people standing and said in an unwavering voice, “What happened just now, you’d better pretend you didn’t see anything.”

Li Qiucheng narrowed his eyes and said nothing.

“If word gets out, no matter where you go, someone will find you.”

The black suit’s voice was cold and rigid, like an iron plate which didn’t sound good at all. The meaning in his words was also very unpleasant. Xin Zimai frowned when he heard Li Qiucheng in front of him faintly say, “Okay.”

The doctor looked the same as usual and did not seem to hear the threat in the other party’s words.

His reaction also caught the attention of the black suit. The other party was about to take a closer look at him when another black suit had already come over. Black No. 2 saw Xin Zimai who was being protected behind the person at a glance. He stopped Black No. 1 and said to Xin Zimai, “Are you from Jin Dian?”

Xin Zimai hesitated for a moment and heard Black No. 2 say, “In that case, I’m afraid you also know the person who was pulled out today so if you don’t want to be like him, keep your mouth shut.”

Black No. 1 and Black No. 2 took turns to threaten before leaving the lobby and getting back on the elevator. Li Qiucheng also found a slightly hidden lounge and pulled Xin Zimai inside.

Now that the wounded and the perpetrators had appeared, it was unlikely that Zhou Jinchen was involved in the fight.

Xin Zimai was led into the lounge. He was thinking hard all the way and didn’t notice the posture of the two.

In the end, he finally remembered and slapped his thigh. “I remember now!”

The thoughtful Li Qiucheng raised his eyes to look at him, “What’s the matter?”

“I thought why their clothes looked so familiar,” Xin Zimai said. “They’re both from Yin Yuan’s black suit group!”

He was a bit bothered, “This style of pretending to be 13[1]13 looks like B so it means pretending to be B where this expression basically means pretend to be superior to others or to be quite good at something is so obvious, why did I only remember it now.”

Li Qiucheng asked, “Who is Yin Yuan?”

“One of the top executives of Jin Dian, the number of equity shares he holds is only second to the big boss.” Xin Zimai waved his hand, “There may have been some other backgrounds before. Anyway, they can always recruit a group of younger brothers-like people to pose as gangsters at any time.”

Listening to his tone, it was obvious that he disdained and also did not like this person. Li Qiucheng thought about it and said, “Then I’m afraid that this person’s background is not simple.”

“Ah?” Xin Zimai looked up in confusion, “You know him?”

“Those two people just now,” Li Qiucheng pointed to his chest, “the other thing on his chest is a very new model of smart wearable camera. Before they opened their mouths to threaten, they had already taken in our appearance.”

“Anyone who can casually equip a group of people with such a new smart device, it’s not too much to say that it is not that simple.”

“Huh……?” Xin Zimai was confused. He didn’t even notice at all.

After reminding Li Qiucheng, he pulled the topic back. “The one who was just beaten is also someone from Jin Dian? If Yin Yuan is in a higher level of Jin Dian, why would he lay a hand to someone from his own company?”

“The one who was just beaten was Han Ming.” Xin Zimai scratched his hair. “I don’t know when he offended Yin Yuan. However, Yin Yuan is not taboo between men and women, playing very messily, that is, he is very generous and he really supports whoever he said he will support. I suspect that it may be because Han Ming was banned and wanted to beg him. As a result, he doesn’t know what went wrong so he got beaten up like this.”

Li Qiucheng raised an eyebrow, “The senior management of Jin Dian openly play like this?”

“Yeah,” Xin Zimai said, “not only in Jin Dian but which company in the circle is clean? No, at best, it’s a matter of giving or not giving cash after the game is over.”

His tone was so calm that Li Qiucheng was a little surprised.

“There are artists who really rely on their own ability or their background, so hard that no one wants to touch them. But if you think about it, in those years, even Jinchen can be attacked. There are actually a lot of things under the surface of the water in this circle. Shortcuts are too tempting for many people. Powerful people are also happy to play people in the palm of their hands. Otherwise, things like unspoken rules would have existed for so long.”

Li Qiucheng suddenly discovered that this slightly confused youth in his eyes who could even cook rice congee was far more mature and strong than he had imagined.

Although he hadn’t figured out why Han Ming clashed with Yin Yuan, this was not the point now. The two finally went upstairs and went to the room where Zhou Jinchen was.

At this time, it was not yet three o’clock in the morning. The rooms rented by the crew were all on the seventeenth floor of the hotel. After Xin Zimai went up, he saw that the hallway was quiet and there was no movement at all. He also found the room where Zhou Jinchen is and after confirming that there were no signs of fighting at the door and there were no movements inside the door, only then did he breathe a sigh of relief.

However, Xin Zimai was still not completely at ease so he planned to wait until dawn to meet with someone before leaving. He still has a lot of business to deal with and took his laptop with him. Because he had slept for a few hours earlier, he was not too sleepy so he simply found a lounge on the seventeenth floor to work on the spot.

It was still dark and the journey was so far. Therefore, Xin Zimai couldn’t let Li Qiucheng go back by himself, thus he simply let him rest for a while. The two spent nearly five hours together in the lounge and the time passed in the light and regular breathing of Dr. Li on the sofa and the occasional sound of the keyboard.

Xin Zimai turned off his laptop only after there were voices moving around the hallway. He put away his laptop and planned to go over by himself but he didn’t expect that the deliberately soft sound would still disturb Li Qiucheng on the sofa.

Dr. Li with long hands and legs made the sofa look shorter. He got up and put on his coat and went to Zhou Jinchen’s room together with Xin Zimai.

As a result, when the two approached the room, they found that the crew had arranged for someone to knock on the door of the rooms one by one to deliver hangover soup. It was also this movement of walking noises that caused Xin Zimai to realize that it was dawn.

When he looked at the doors that were knocked open, all of them were two-person rooms. Xin Zimai’s heart suddenly thumped.

Is it possible that the room Jinchen stayed in last night was also a two-person room ba?


Xin Zimai really dare not imagine, if someone was alone in the same room with Zhou Jinchen last night……

He knocked on Zhou Jinchen’s room in front of the server delivering the soup but there was no response from the inside for a while. Xin Zimai was about to increase his strength when the door was suddenly opened with a “shua”.

The gloomy Zhou Jinchen standing in front of the door looked angrily at Xin Zimai whose right hand was raised in front of his chest.


Xin Zimai slowly, slowly put his hand back.

He couldn’t help but be a little frightened.[2]lit. heart alarmed, trembling in fear (idiom); prostrate with fear; scared witless Is he awake or not awake?

Li Qiucheng called out Zhou Jinchen behind him. The latter looked at them, his voice was a little hoarse but he could tell that he was already sober.

“Why are you two here?”

“You were drunk last night. I was afraid something would happen so I came over……”

As Xin Zimai was speaking, he noticed the curious sight delivered from the other knocked-opened rooms. He just wanted to talk to Zhou Jinchen, the latter said he would talk again after entering the room. His eyes swept inside and his whole person was shocked on the spot.

There was still a person sleeping on the bed in the room.

There was indeed another person there. From Xin Zimai’s point of view, he could see the other person’s black hair scattered on the soft pillow.

Who can spend a night with a drunken Jinchen? This person could not have been knocked out by Jinchen, right? Mai was so dumbstruck that he even stuttered when the words came out.

“Y-you, who-who did you sleep with last night?!”

His voice was not too loud but in the slightly quiet early morning hallway, it could already attract enough attention.

What’s more, this was the room where Zhou Jinchen was.

Xin Zimai was so surprised that he didn’t notice the situation around him for a while. Zhou Jinchen frowned and was about to speak when he heard a slightly magnetic voice not far away.

“Well, if it isn’t Xiao Zhou, what a coincidence?”

As soon as he heard this voice, Zhou Jinchen’s expression was apprehensive.

The anger around his body quickly reined in and the annoyance of being woken up after being drunk also disappeared. He immediately changed back to his usual watertight appearance.

Zhou Jinchen closed the door behind him with the back of his hand, blocking the prying eyes around him. He gave a slight nod towards the man not far away and the moment he lowered his head in greeting, a hint of extreme darkness quickly flashed under his eyes.

“Boss Yin.”


The author has something to say:

By the way, has anyone guessed who the new male god is _(:3」∠)_

However, before Lin Rui’s matter is resolved, the new male god is still just a soy sauce.[3]bystander; to mind one’s own business/to not be involved/to be disinterested]Moreover, it should be said that each male god has a different role to play in the plot and are also purposely designed to have a different character set that will not be repeated.

One more thing, you can rest assured that once his brother understands his heart, he will not let the person he likes get hurt again. Including the matter of the Zhou family and the male gods who chase his brother later are unlikely to hurt Xiao Mo. (Whisper: the only one who can hurt Xiao Mo is his brother)

In addition to his brother’s protection, Xiao Mo himself will become more and more powerful until his heart is completely healed~ a straightforward text ha, everyone doesn’t have to worry.


1 13 looks like B so it means pretending to be B where this expression basically means pretend to be superior to others or to be quite good at something
2 lit. heart alarmed, trembling in fear (idiom); prostrate with fear; scared witless
3 bystander; to mind one’s own business/to not be involved/to be disinterested]

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