Male God is Chasing My Brother
Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 75

Chapter 75 – He really wants to see An Xumo

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Yin Yuan is only in his forties this year. His appearance and temperament stand out among a large number of older management. Coupled with long-time body management and expensive maintenance, he seems to be no different from the average person in their early thirties.
Nevertheless, he is in a high position for a long time after all. He seemed imposing at a glance and not easy to provoke. Before that, a few people who have been curious about the room did not close their door to see the situation, but also immediately retracted their line of sight.
After all, the hallway is not a good place to chat. Yin Yuan also did not want to explain his presence here, he simply did not pay attention to others. He only chatted with Zhou Jinchen, and then left directly.
Xin Zimai took more look at a black suit that followed behind Yin Yuan without a word, and then slowly followed Zhou Jinchen into the room. 
Zhou Jinchen did not take the room card with him before closing the door. It was only when the door was knocked open did Xin Zimai saw who was in the same room. He was a little surprised to see An Xumo. The boy was still a little sleepy, but his body was unscathed, standing in the room in good shape.
When the four people entered the room, Xin Zimai asked Zhou Jinchen, “Were you drunk last night?”
Zhou Jinchen put the hangover soup he received on the table, “Someone tried to persuade him to drink red wine yesterday, and I blocked it for him.”
This him, naturally, refers to An Xumo.
Xin Zimai thought to himself that it was no wonder Zhou Jinchen had never been able to drink mixed wine. He tried again, “Then, do you remember calling me last night?”
Zhou Jinchen raised his eyes and looked over.
He admitted frankly, “I don’t remember.”
…… That means he was really drunk.
Xin Zimai’s eyebrows tightened while Zhou Jinchen turned his head to An Xumo who was standing on the side, “Put on your coat.”
An Xumo, who had just been woken up in a hurry to open the door, was inevitably a little thinly dressed.
Zhou Jinchen’s tone was extremely natural but it caused Li Qiucheng to give him a look.
An Xumo obediently put on his coat and said to Xin Zimai, “Last night, Brother Jinchen called after he entered the room and then fell asleep.”
Xin Zimai looked over suspiciously, “Was that so easy?”
“Jinchen can’t share a room with other people after being drunk.” Xin Zimai asked, “Did he not react when he saw you?”
The eyes gathered on An Xumo and even Zhou Jinchen looked over. An Xumo hesitated for a moment and nodded, “Yes.”
“Brother Jinchen asked me seven or eight times last night who I was.”
Xin Zimai and Li Qiucheng looked at each other.
However, Zhou Jinchen did not remember this at all. He frowned, “Seven or eight times?”
“Hmm,” An Xumo nodded and barely managed to hold back a yawn. “Every once in a while, he would ask……then it stopped only after falling asleep.”
The more Xin Zimai and Li Qiucheng listened, the more they felt that something was wrong but they had previously agreed not to mention Zhou Jinchen’s condition with An Xumo so they could only endure it for the time being. Fortunately, there was no mistake just now, except for a chance encounter with Yin Yuan, no other accidents happened.
After the finale banquet, the movie entered the post-production stage but for the actors, their work was over. An Xumo also temporarily ended the days of seeing his brother every day and started to catch up with various activities he had accumulated before entering the crew.
As the New Year is approaching, various activities emerged one after another. For An Xumo, this kind of full busy schedule is much more enjoyable than in previous years. He is in the early stage of his career. Although there are two programs to lay the foundation, the popularity brought by variety shows always seems to be a little weak. If he really wants to consolidate it down, he must still rely on his own business capabilities. After a month-long rush, An Xumo, who had completely forgotten what the New Year holiday was, was arranged by Tang Tang to attend a closed dance training within the company.
When An Xumo was training, Tang Tang and the others were not idle either. Due to An Xumo’s previous series of eye-catching performance and resources, the team that was originally temporarily assigned to him has now become his exclusive staff.
Although he did not appear in public, his team publicized various recent activities, methodically. In addition to the remaining hype of 《Different Roads》, An Xumo’s popularity has gradually stabilized, and some of the resources who took the initiative to contact him have become increasingly high in quality.
Because of 《Different Roads》, many movies and TV shows have sent invitations but considering An Xumo’s acting skills, Tang Tang still thinks that it’s still better to let the former hone their skills for a while longer. While she was planning to find a new way for him to study acting, she received a notice from the crew of 《Different Roads》.
The post-production of the movie ended completely a month ago and the publicity period will begin immediately. The actors need to set aside a schedule in advance to cooperate with the crew’s roadshows and various promotional activities.
Along with this, there was another piece of news that she had never thought of.
Zhou Jinchen’s team unexpectedly took the initiative to contact her, saying that they wanted to discuss the collaboration and promotion between the two people.
Cooperative publicity? Isn’t this the usual way when speculating CP? But it is impossible for Zhou Jinchen to fall in love with An Xumo…… Tang Tang didn’t understand at first until someone from her team reminder her; she realized that An Xumo was being used as a shield.
Her first reaction was not delighted. On the contrary, all kinds of binding and pulling remarks came out immediately. Tang Tang who is in the industry, especially in Jin Dian, naturally knows how terrifying the power of Zhou Jinchen’s fans is.
However, it was precisely because of the contract in Jin Dian that An Xumo did not have the qualification to refuse the cooperation. After careful consideration, Tang Tang could only work overtime with her team overnight and try her best to work out the most effective protection plan for An Xumo.
The auspicious or bad luck of the cooperation is uncertain but once it backfires, the only one who will be hurt will definitely be An Xumo.
Yet to her and her team’s surprise, Zhou Jinchen’s team’s attitude was very straightforward, and they immediately agreed to most of Tang Tang’s demands.
When she thought of the brotherly relationship between Zhou Jinchen and An Xumo, Tang Tang put her hanging heart down for a while.
Therefore, when An Xumo came out of the closed training, he realized that the public opinion outside had already become huge. The press release about Lin Rui and Zhou Jinchen working together for the second time and sparks collision have already been flying all over the sky. While on the other hand, Zhou Jinchen also expressed his admiration for An Xumo in public several times.
An Xumo looked at the various press releases and interview materials that Tang Tang had found for him. Although he was ready, he still felt somewhat sluggish in his heart.
Forget it. I hope that my brother can handle the matter with Film Emperor Lin soon. An Xumo turned off the screen and lay on his back on the soft bed. He looked at the glistening roof and subconsciously rubbed his empty stomach.
He had already made mental preparations in advance. In any case, it was good that he can help his brother.

Time flew by and the weather turned warm. In the midst of the intensifying article wars, An Xumo who was one of the parties involved was still going through his daily routine. It was not until Tang Tang brought over two reports that his schedule changed.
“Birthday?” An Xumo stared blankly, he had forgotten about it himself.
“Yes ah,” Tang Tang flipped open the reports and pushed them to the person, “It’s your coming-of-age birthday, it’s definitely significant.”
Since childhood, the only person who had ever celebrated An Xumo’s birthday was Zhou Jinchen before he turned twelve. That time had passed for too long, so long that the sweet taste was a little fuzzy. An Xumo had not thought about looking forward to his birthday for a long time. He did not expect that his coming-of-age will be celebrated by many people together.
“The specific plan has already planned out in four drafts, but we have figured out that Xiao Mo, your birthday may coincide with the schedule of 《Different Roads》. We are now discussing with the crew, and we still don’t know if we can ask for leave during the roadshow to find time to give you a birthday party.”
Tang Tang said, “If we really can’t take the time off, we may have to spend it with the crew when the movie is released. If we plan it in advance, it should have a good effect.”
She smiled and patted An Xumo’s arm, “It’s your coming of age soon, little friend Momo!”
After briefly talking about his birthday, Tang Tang took out another report.
“In order to promote the movie, the crew has chosen three collective variety shows and you need to attend two of them. The first one that you don’t need to attend had already been recorded, leaving these other two. The most recent one will be over this weekend.
Tang Tang took the contract to An Xumo and the name of the program group at the top came out —— 《Surface Meeting》.
《Surface Meeting》 is a fixed weekly program of Baicheng TV that has been on air for seven years, and its audience ratings had been very strong compared with other programs at the same time. It is also considered as one of Baicheng TV’s ace variety show. Many new dramas will come to the show to promote before it is released. It is not surprising that 《Different Roads》 will choose it.
For An Xumo, there was another special thing about this show —— one of the hosts of 《Surface Meeting》 happened to be Yan Xiangyan who recorded 《Sunny Weekend》 with him at that time.
In addition to urging him to watch the past episodes of 《Surface Meeting》, Tang Tang also gave a brief explanation of the crew’s other variety shows.
“Among the three variety shows that the group is participating in, one is a double lead, the other is you and Brother Zhou, and the only one where all the three of you are in is 《Surface Meeting》.” Thinking about the recent rumors, Tang Tang deliberately warned, “I will follow during the recording but your relationship with Teacher Lin and Brother Zhou has attracted more attention. Xiao Mo, you must be careful and never get into conflict with the two of them.”
“Especially Teacher Lin, just treat him as a respected senior and don’t show anything else. Otherwise, when the show airs and it happens to be the peak of the publicity period before the movie is released, there’s no telling what will be written about it.
An Xumo was naturally aware of this situation. It was only after he finished appeasing Tang Tang that he went to watch the other episodes of 《Surface》.[1]written in shortcut. Will be used interchangeably, depending on the raws.
All his previous knowledge of the entertainment industry came from his brother. Zhou Jinchen had not participated in many variety shows and he had not been to the 《Surface》 so An Xumo still knew nothing about the show and temporarily relies on making up for it.
A few days later at Baicheng TV.
An Xumo came early. After greeting the others and putting on makeup, he waited backstage and briefly went through the script. He hadn’t finished reading the script when he was called out, saying that someone was looking for him.
Tang Tang wanted to follow but was called away by the program team. An Xumo turned around several corridors backstage alone before finding the single dressing room the other party said.
The dressing room is on the innermost level, pushing a door in, and there’s a curtain. As soon as An Xumo tried to go in, he heard a familiar low male voice coming from inside.
“Negotiate it in advance. I will only have cooperative activities with An Xumo.”
“This has already been agreed with the station,” Xin Zimai’s voice rang out. “The rest of the crew doesn’t know about this agreement.”
…… Is it about to start?
An Xumo thought; lifted the curtain and went in.
“Brother Jinchen, Brother Zimai.”
Zhou Jinchen let him sit on the chair opposite him, still expressionless. On the other hand, it was Xin Zimai who had some fluctuations and looked at the two people more.
Zhou Jinchen came a little earlier than An Xumo, the purpose is to make a good plan with the program team in advance. The reason he called An Xumo over was to discuss the cooperation with the other during the recording. An Xumo was not surprised and quickly agreed to do so.
The recording had not yet started. Tang Tang also did not follow behind. After the matter was finished, An Xumo left, and they are the only two people left in the room.
Xin Zimai looked at the man on the sofa with a complicated expression, “You’ve seen the person. Are you better now?”
Zhou Jinchen gave a low reply.
Xin Zimai also did not expect that his own boss and artist who has always been emotionally restrained……there would be times when he would be eager to meet someone in advance.
Although this urgent desire wasn’t the same as ordinary people’s longing.
“Then, what you just said, from the last time you were drunk until now, the nightmare you’ve been having for the past few months……do you really need Xiao An’s help?” Xin Zimai couldn’t help but say, “Feeling better once you see the person. Maybe if you really live together, you won’t suffer from these nightmares anymore.”
Zhou Jinchen did not say anything, his eyes still rested on where An Xumo just sat, and his expression did not change much.
If Xin Zimai hadn’t heard what he said, I’m afraid no one would have believed that Zhou Jinchen who seemed so calm, was being tormented by an extreme emotion at this time.
As if the missing emotions these past ten years had been suddenly returned, there is a thought that is constantly screaming in Zhou Jinchen’s heart.
The voice lingered, twisting and turning around to come up with three words ——
An Xu Mo.
The author has something to say:
The foreshadowing of drunkenness in the first two chapters is useful _(:3」∠)_……
The brother is not a typical AS patient, his illness is related to his own experience, and his individual peculiarities are relatively strong. He can chase Xiao Mo…….it’s certain it is no longer the same cold-and-doesn’t-care-about-anything-look before.
I saw a lot of messages saying how come only people chase his brother. This is the case. The clue of this article is how each male god is chasing his brother……each peach blossom has their own meaning. The outline is set like this and I dare not move it now _(:з」∠)_……
In addition, as to whether someone will chase Xiao Mo, Xiao Mo’s current status is not very high. He still has a long career line to go. In the end, he will certainly be in the spotlight. Don’t worry about this. As for whether someone will chase him to make his brother jealous, the answer that can be given is that the brother will definitely be jealous (vinegar jar become a fine gong), but I will not reveal this specific information. I will talk about that article slowly later~


1 written in shortcut. Will be used interchangeably, depending on the raws.

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