Male God is Chasing My Brother
Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 96

Chapter 96 – Found out about An He
Yin Hanxing is handsome and eye-catching, and his movements and posture are elegant enough to be singled out. Among all the young college students, his temperament is really different. Coupled with his personality that is easily influenced by the collective atmosphere, it’s difficult for anyone not to be impressed by his graceful demeanor in such a crowded situation.
If the person being invited was another person, I’m afraid that they would have fallen into Yin Hanxing’s voice and smile on the spot.
However, unlike other ordinary college students, An Xumo had already spent a year in the entertainment industry. Not to mention, all kinds of handsome men and beautiful women, even Zhou Jinchen who had been elected as ‘Mr. Charming’ by fashion magazines for three consecutive years, An Xumo had spent so much time with him.
So now, although he was curious about Yin Hanxing’s behavior, his heart didn’t really waver much.
An Xumo nodded and said with his usual tone, “Okay, thank you.”
The white horse had a double saddle, presumably prepared in advance for this event. An Xumo had no previous experience of riding horses. However, the white horse was very tame and with Yin Hanxing looking after him, he stepped onto the back of the horse smoothly.
After An Xumo sat down, Yin Hanxing also turned over and leaped up. Although the location of the white horse had been separated by the barrier, outside is still a sea of people. The surrounding eyes also gathered which was full of envy and curiosity.
An Xumo has been used to the feeling of being looked at but didn’t care about it. He only felt the saddle sunk slightly as Yin Hanxing sat on it.
In the autumn tiger raging season,[1]A period of hot weather during the traditionally cooler months, also known as Indian Summer in English. although An Xumo has worn long sleeves, his clothes are still light and thin. There isn’t enough space on the horseback, coupled with Yin Hanxing who is responsible for controlling the direction, the distance between the two is unlikely to be much, and being in such close contact with people, An Xumo will be inevitably a little uncomfortable.
Ignoring the pressure from the close proximity behind him, the feeling of riding a horse is still refreshing. Yin Hanxing is also quite serious, in addition to teaching him the most energy-saving riding posture. After An Xumo adapted, he also let the person try to tighten the horse’s belly and have the white horse walk a few steps faster.
The barrier basically ran through more the half of the venue and the same ride lasted for about ten minutes. Despite the fact that one could see around them were only dark crowds and mobile phones being held up, the ride wasn’t a bad experience overall.
However, this incident can only be considered as an episode. The next day, An Xumo received a work notice from Tang Tang and he soon forgot about riding with him.
Nonetheless, while he didn’t care, someone has been brooding about this matter all along.
After the show was recorded, the artists were finally allowed to leave. Yet, after coming back from CCTV,[2]China Central TelevisionZhou Jinchen’s expression wasn’t very good. When he received the news that someone intended to speculate on An Xumo’s school news, his expression became more and more gloomy.
What the other party wants to speculate is the news of An Xumo and Yin Hanxing. From the captured news, several photos that were going to be released were also explosive enough.
A set of pictures shows Yin Hanxing and An Xumo riding together. The angle of the photo is very subtle with the two people riding together in a position similar to a hug. Yin Hanxing held the reins through An Xumo’s waist as if he was holding the person in his arms. During this period, the two were still talking, and their actions and manners are very intimate.
The other set of pictures is a sneak shot from a distance, two people standing in the corridor. The first one is Yin Hanxing still wearing his coat and the next one is worn on An Xumo.
At first glance, this kind of information is a premeditated plan, so in addition to intercepting the news, Zhou Jinchen also used his public relations team to contact the media. The news was really stopped but they didn’t find out where the news actually came from.
What made Zhou Jinchen even more irritable was that no matter how he tried to handle the matter calmly, he still couldn’t hold down the negative feeling that was surging deep in his chest.
He didn’t want to see An Xumo getting close to other people.
From the reporter, Zhou Jinchen had already learned the reasons for this incident. Riding together was a lottery draw. He changed his coat because An Xumo went to the faculty to get a leave slip in order to go out for a filming event. As a result, he bumped into Yin Hanxing who was carrying coffee and the coffee spilled on him. An Xumo agreed to Yin Hanxing’s proposal and temporarily wore the other party’s coat to cover the coffee stain.
However knowing these reasons, there was no way to ease Zhou Jinchen’s displeasure in his heart.
He asked Li Qiucheng and the other party said that this reaction is called jealousy. The feeling of jealousy is so agitating that Zhou Jinchen wants to pull An Xumo back to his side and make the other party full of him as before.
Only him.
Perhaps, Zhou Jinchen would have really done so if he had not taken into account An Xumo’s condition.
Nonetheless now, he can’t.
Just at this time, Zhou Jinchen received another piece of feedback from the previous investigation.
After reading through it, An Xumo also came back from school.
Due to the recording of the program, An Xumo hasn’t seen Zhou Jinchen these days. It’s certainly not true to say that there is no fluctuation in his heart but An Xumo is becoming more and more skilled in hiding this change.
But when he saw his brother tonight, in addition to the joy of being vaguely active and pressed down by hard work, An Xumo gave birth to another strange feeling.
He felt as if he was locked up.
This feeling is difficult to describe in words, when An Xumo tried to find out the reason, he couldn’t find any obvious differences. The only one who came in contact with him was Zhou Jinchen. The man’s gaze is still deep and bottomless, and when his eyes sweep over, one has to feel the pressure.
It’s just that An Xumo’s acting lessons are not yet fully developed and he still has a lot of places he lacks before he can interpret eye contact.
Zhou Jinchen brought supper, a pumpkin and millet porridge where the pumpkin and millet are almost invisibly cooked, leaving only the strong-scented soup; sweet and delicious and easy to digest that even if eaten after dinner, it will not put a burden to the stomach.
An Xumo finished the small bowl of porridge in silence and was about to take the opportunity to put the bowl away to leave the living room when Zhou Jinchen stopped him.
“I found out about An He.”
Hearing this name, An Xumo found that the sweetness between his lips and teeth turned into complete bitterness. It even created an illusion that was almost spicy, which made people very uncomfortable. He immediately wanted to get up and leave, far away from the name, closing the door and isolating it.
But he did not have the strength to stand up and his wrist was grasped by the man opposite him.
Zhou Jinchen held An Xumo’s cold and shivering wrist which was so thin that it could be circled by two fingers. He toned down his voice.
“Xiao Mo, things are not that bad. You should know the truth.”
An Xumo looked up at him stiffly, his body still trembling.
The situation back then was very complicated. From the time it was found out that Zhou Yunshan was infertile, the Zhou family firmly blocked the matter. Since then, they have been declaring to the public that Zhou Yunshan was infatuated by An He, and Zhou Jinchen didn’t investigate deeply before the old photo of the three was given to An Xumo as a gift.
“I need to apologize to you,” Zhou Jinchen said in a low voice, “for the previous reckless gift and the video call recordings I pulled up without permission.”
An Xumo didn’t say anything. He looked cold even though the room was at a constant temperature system.
Zhou Jinchen continued to explain to him. In that video call, An He secretly changed the concepts in many narratives. One of the most straightforward things was that after Zhou Yunshan got sick, the hospital hadn’t even detected his sperm abnormality and Zhou Yunshan had already filed for divorce from An He.
In order to make up for the previous incident, Zhou Yunshan gave An He a large sum of money and gave her a green card status to settle down in a new environment —— so An He would be able to settle in Hollywood later.
But An He didn’t agree to the divorce.
After learning that Zhou Yunshan’s illness was incurable and even critical, the first thing An He did was to run to the babysitter and bring in An Xumo who had been ignored before. She wanted to take the time to repair the relationship between mother and son so that she could raise An Xumo after Zhou Yunshan’s death and remain in the Zhou family to live a life of luxury.
“I still remember this incident,” Zhou Jinchen’s voice was slightly lowered; relaying that it still couldn’t dull the anger when he just recalled the incident. “You were very good when you were a child, you didn’t cry when you were held. In an attempt to create an illusion that you can’t live without her, An He cries every time the babysitter comes to hold you, saying that you don’t want to be held by anyone else.”
An Xumo lowered his eyes, his face becoming more and more transparent, and even his trembling eyelashes cast a deep shadow on his pale eyelids.
“Perhaps the memory will be biased but I found the chef and babysitter back then,” Zhou Jinchen said, “they confirmed that An He added grounded poppy seed in the milk powder and food prepared for you so that you would only want to eat what she fed.”
After that, Zhou Yunshan was found to have insufficient sperm vitality and the fact that the child was not his biological son was exposed and An He’s plan fell through. Even so, she stayed with the Zhou family until she was kicked out, and took a lot of jewelry before she left.
“If she does stay, it will never be a good thing for you either.” Zhou Jinchen said in a deep voice. “Xiao Mo, what is right and what is wrong is a matter for the previous generation. Your birth did not bring the so-called indelible harm to An He.”
“An He will receive the punishment she deserves and you don’t need to add more pressure to yourself because of it.”
An Xumo listened in silence and it wasn’t until Zhou Jinchen finished that he moved his wrist one beat late.
Zhou Jinchen didn’t let go of his hand.
“But,” An Xumo’s voice was hoarse and his eyes were empty, his breathing began to become difficult again, “no one is still willing to accept my existence……”
He pronounced word by word, “Even the biological parents are the same, aren’t they?”
“If I wasn’t expected by any of them from the beginning…..”
An Xumo who was cold and trembling was suddenly hugged by a strong and powerful embrace.
He doesn’t know when the man had approached from across the table. He held the slim and fragile boy in his arms tightly and whispered in his ear.
“It’s not no one, there is me.”
His voice is the usual mellow and magnetic but with a rare point of caution.
“Me wanting you, is that okay?”

Jie Jie: I know everyone must be waiting for a face slap of An He (including me), but sadly, that’s all there is, iirc. The author didn’t focus much on this aspect.


1 A period of hot weather during the traditionally cooler months, also known as Indian Summer in English.
2 China Central Television

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