Male God is Chasing My Brother
Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 95

Chapter 95 – Expressing goodwill one after the other

When he first received the card wrapped in a pink envelope, An Xumo was also stunned for a moment.

The person who came to deliver the letter was a girl with short hair, not very tall. She came and went in a hurry. An Xumo also didn’t see the other party’s appearance clearly. Since it’s a large class, the classroom of this class uses the kind of a stairs classroom with large space. An Xumo sat together with his roommate, he’s in the middle of the row so it wasn’t convenient for him to get in and out. The girl handed over the letter, hurriedly said “for you”, and left. By the time he reacted, he had no chance to catch up.

The envelope isn’t sealed and one can see half of the card inside when turned over. An Xumo pulled the card out, the pink handwriting on it is very exposed.

There were many eyes gathered around. After all, regardless of academic performance, the young people seated in the classroom are full of curiosity. An Xumo quickly took a glimpse at the card, then put it back into the envelope, and placed it to the corner of the table.

At that moment, the teacher of the class came in, and the room quickly quieted down.

This is a non-specialized basic theory course, that’s why there are so many classes held together. The teacher’s voice even had to be amplified with a loudspeaker to make sure that it can be heard in every corner. The class also counted for credits and grades so An Xumo quickly put this little incident behind him and concentrated on listening to the class.

However, it didn’t end there. During break time, An Xumo was chatting with Hu Xiaoxu. As they were walking, Hu Xiaoxu poked An Xumo, signaling him to look up.

When An Xumo looked up, he saw the previous girl was standing in the row in front of them again.

The girl’s eyes lingered on the envelope on the corner of the table for a moment before she stammered and spoke, “The letter, you, have you read it?”

An Xumo looked at her, “En.”

The girl didn’t seem to know how to respond so she just stood there stiffly.

During the break, many people in the classroom were walking around. Coupled with the space in the stair-like classroom was large, the people who noticed the situation on their side were much less before class. However, in the direction that the girl went over, a group of people got together and kept looking at their way.

Their eyes were too focused and their faces were completely unfamiliar that An Xumo soon noticed something strange over their side. What’s even stranger is that those people didn’t look like freshmen; there were no books in front of them.

The girl kept stuttering but couldn’t say the words clearly. However, Hu Xiaoxu who was on the side quickly asked, “Are you guys playing dare, ah?”

The expression of the girl in front of them suddenly became more and more embarrassed. She stood there awkwardly and reluctantly squeezed out a cry, “Hmm.”

Hu Xiaoxu looked at the envelope and then at the group of people who were blatantly casting their eyes over. He couldn’t help but say, “You guys are too boring ba.”

An Xumo looked at the girl’s flushed face and didn’t say anything more. He has after all been in the entertainment industry for a year and didn’t care too much about this kind of petty pranks. Moreover, if one were to actually investigate it, the other party can say that it was a joke before the students but any action made by An Xumo would be likely choreographed beyond recognition.

He raised his hand and pushed the letter back without saying anything and only mentioning, “It’s almost time for class. For games and such, it’s better to wait after class to play with those who want to participate.”

The girl took the letter and hurriedly went away with her head down but she didn’t sit back in her original position. Instead, she hastily packed up her things and left the classroom directly.

The group of people who were staring at their side previously glanced at each other and also got up and left with a huff.

Hu Xiaoxu looked at the backs of those people and couldn’t help but frown.

“What kind of people are these ah.”

An Xumo patted his arm. Hu Xiaoxu was younger and he always unconsciously treated the other party as his younger brother.

Zhao Yongjing on the side glanced up at the group, “Perhaps that girl was also forced to come over to them as a pastime.”

He pulled off his pen’s cap, “All right, don’t pay attention to them. It’s time for class ba.”

After the lesson was over, the four of them went to the nearest cafeteria and ate together. After the meal, Zhao Yongjing went to an interview, and Shan Huoxue wanted to go to the mailroom to get something sent from home, leaving Hu Xiaoxu and An Xumo to walk together towards the dormitory.

On the way back, there weren’t many people around. Soon, An Xumo became aware of the line of sight following him. He looked back several times and when he turned on a corner, he saw a low-key and an unfamiliar figure.

The man was spotted by An Xumo and didn’t have the intention of hiding but instead, also nodded towards him.

An Xumo quickly withdrew his eyes and continued to discuss the topic with Hu Xiaoxu the same way but his heart hasn’t been able to calm down.

This person isn’t the first one. These days, An Xumo has detected three or four unfamiliar faces around him in rotation and there may be more of them coming he probably doesn’t recognize.

The reactions of these people were without exception, they all followed not far behind An Xumo. Once there’s something unusual around, they will be the first to check.

An Xumo thought that these are probably the men that his brother had said he would leave behind.

Although, knowing that the purpose of leaving these people is to protect him from the camera but the truth is, no one would feel unconcerned about being followed every day.

However, An Xumo also has no way to refuse this kind of thing. He has long since ceased to be on a stage of capriciousness. Although the public is now overwhelmingly praising him, he was deliberately vilified by many people before when the news of him attending P University was first announced. Even if An Xumo himself doesn’t mind being secretly filmed, he must consider the impact on the whole team after these secret shots are taken to make up black material.

In the final analysis, the reason also lies in his identity as an artist.

An Xumo couldn’t help but smile bitterly.

He had previously resolutely decided to take a break from school to become a trainee. He went back and forth and surprisingly, he had to guard against sneak shots back to school and also considered returning to school as a way to relax from the pressure.

Moreover, this past year, he also made the decision to leave behind the sun he once held most dear.

If I had known that……

Forget it. An Xumo shook his head and didn’t think further.

His anxiety hasn’t fully been treated; it’s really not suitable to think too much.

Cherish the present.

At the end of the day’s lesson, An Xumo didn’t go to self-study in the evening as usual. Today is the start of the Battle of the Hundred Regiments; every club is preparing to recruit new members collectively. Although An Xumo is unlikely to have time to join a club, it’s rare to have such an experience, and he also plans to hang out with Hu Xiaoxu.

During this period of time, in order to relieve the dual pressure on An Xumo’s body and mind, the team basically didn’t arrange anything for him and only let him adapt to the student life of P University without worry. However, from the communication with Tang Tang from time to time, An Xumo is also clear that he can’t stay idle like this. He couldn’t miss too many acting and dance classes, and before long, some activities and endorsements that he had to attend would be on his agenda.

This is the only free time left which is why An Xumo is thinking of experiencing much different life as much possible.

There are a large number of clubs in P University with a hundred flowers blossoming. Some of the oldest clubs have won numerous awards and are well-known nationwide. The annual recruitment is one of the most important itineraries of the club and it’s natural to imagine the hustle and bustle of the Battle of the Hundred Regiments.

When An Xumo and Hu Xiaoxu arrived at the Triangle, each club had already set up their own booths and began to explain with constant concentration to the new students. Neither of them had any specific goal so they walked around and watched which was quite leisurely.

There are many famous clubs in P University, including the three largest and established business natures of the economics and management clubs, and the mountain climbing club that has been on China Television and so on. Nonetheless, in the evening, the most enthusiastic event was a new club that was established not long ago.

All the clubs were basically active near their respective booths but in the middle diameter of a whole circle of booths, an intermittent isolation zone was pulled up by some unknown person with a warning post. Because there were too many people gathered around the barrier, the two didn’t squeeze in to watch. They just heard that there is a new club doing publicity and that even a leaflet is hard to get.

The two of them were fortunate to get two leaflets despite not squeezing in.

After seeing the content of the colorful print, An Xumo realized why there were so many people gathered here.

—— this is actually an Equestrian Club.

“Look at what it says, suburban pasture, horse racing, complete set of harnesses……” Hu Xiaoxu couldn’t help but sigh. “This club is too rich ma, where did they pull in the sponsorship ah?”

An Xumo also turned the leaflet over but what he notices was another paragraph, “The Battle of the Hundred Regiments night surprise event……Hey, there is a lucky draw tonight?”

“Yes, people who get the leaflet will be eligible for the lucky draw. It seems to say that it’s a live event tonight. They should also be responsible for this isolation zone.” Hu Xiaoxu said then suddenly paused.

“He, they didn’t really bring the horse here, right……”

“It’s impossible, right?” An Xumo guessed. “The wild riding route is quite difficult and with so many people here, the school is also unlikely to approve it for the sake of safety.”

The two people briefly exchanged opinions but the time hasn’t yet arrived, they guessed that it was useless. They both took the leaflet first and went to wander around nearby.

After walking around, it wasn’t long before someone turned on the loudspeaker and announced the official start of the Equestrian Club’s raffle.

This club is probably the route of the rich and overbearing, giving dozens of plush toys for the third prize alone. In addition, there are fifteen mobile hard drives with free equestrian information as well as three first prize places ——tickets to the racecourse.

Among these prizes, the most eye-catching is undoubtedly the three tickets to the racecourse. When the three numbers were announced, the noise became increasingly louder each time. The three people who went forward to receive the prizes were extremely happy.

Hu Xiaoxu was lucky enough to win a mobile hard drive and when the first prize was finally drawn, he made a point of helping An Xumo to listen along.

However, in the end, the loudspeaker did not call An Xumo’s number.

After the first prize was drawn, the two planned to go back to the dormitory. Although the various activities on the scene are very lively, they had made their own decision so they didn’t delay too much.

However, at this time, the Equestrian Club’s loudspeaker sounded again.

“Tonight, we also have a special prize on the spot which is also the last place of our equestrian club for this draw. Let’s take a look. The number drawn this time is ——”

Hu Xiaoxu tugged on An Xumo’s sleeve, “An-zi, there’s still one more spot left. Let’s wait and see.”

An Xumo laughed at him, “It’s impossible, let’s……”

Before he had finished his words, the last lucky number had been announced on the loudspeaker.

—— “AJ385!”

Hu Xiaoxu froze for a moment, “What number?”

An Xumo looked down at the upper right corner of the leaflet he was holding.



By the time the two struggled to squeeze back in again, the head of the club was already announcing the awards over the loudspeaker.

In fact, needless to say, the screams at the scene spoke for themselves.

—— On-site horse-riding together.

The original one and a half meter wide isolation zone was meticulously sealed with barrier boards and at the end of the zone, a pure, white tall horse whose coat color was still extremely bright in the night light, quietly snorted.

It does seem to be well-trained, even the intense screams at the scene didn’t disturb it.

More relaxed than the white horse is the handsome young man sitting on the horse’s back. He also wore a white riding suit, which didn’t look too bloated but made his figure more and more slender.

An Xumo was led to the horse by the people from the club. The loudspeaker behind him was still introducing, “Please control your emotions, and the safety of this event is solely the responsibility of our club. The person riding the horse is our president, he obtained a professional jockey qualification three years ago……”

The president rode on his horse and looked down towards An Xumo. He curved his lips and moved neatly to roll off and dismount, causing another burst of awe around him.

After gently patting the white horse’s neck, the youth walked over and extended his hand to An Xumo.

An Xumo was a beat slower to put his hand on, the other party didn’t directly help him up. He slightly bent down and touched An Xumo’s fingertips.

When he raised his head again, the smile on his lips became more and more gentle. Only then did An Xumo realize that this person actually has peach blossom eyes.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Yin Hanxing.” The peach blossom-eyed young man’s voice is also very nice. It emits an intoxicating fragrance like an aged wine in the night, “May I ask your surname, sir?”

An Xumo said, “An.”

“Mr. An.” Yin Hanxing’s temperament is extraordinarily natural. When he moves down, he doesn’t feel abrupt or out of place. On the contrary, he feels that he should be too elegant. Together with the white horse behind him, he looks even more naturally noble.

He looked at An Xumo, his peach blossom eyes become more and more touching, “May I invite you to ride with me?”

[you – formal]


The author has something to say:

Ah, in fact, the brother is also in Cloud Sucking Mo.

➀ Once again, overhead, overhead. Don’t worry about whether there will be equestrian clubs in ordinary universities la. It’s the plot that needs to be made up by you!
 ➁ Hint: The girl who came up to deliver the letter and the equestrian president are foreshadowing. I don’t know if anyone can guess the identity of the equestrian president. The hint is in the name _(:3)∠)_

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