Male God is Chasing My Brother
Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 94

Chapter 94 – Elder brother’s love for the younger brother is eager
As soon as An Xumo understood the meaning of Qi Liuming’s words a little, Zhou Jinchen walked over.
The man nodded towards Qi Liuming who left to check out at the front desk. No one else passed through the corridor, leaving only the two of them standing in the same place.
An Xumo looked at Zhou Jinchen and asked, “Brother Qi, he……”
Zhou Jinchen said directly, “He’s an intern in my company. If there are no problems, he can become a regular employee after graduation.”
That’s it. An Xumo moved his eyes away and whispered, “Thank you, brother.”
Being sent to school all the way from S City has been unexpected and deliberately looked for help from seniors which is incomparable care. If it has been the An Xumo a year ago, even if it was only a few months ahead, the An Xumo at that time would have been flattered by this kind of careful concern.
But now, his reaction was only an inexplicable calm.
Perhaps, something should be said for this unfailing care. Yet, An Xumo couldn’t think of anything to say in the end, and after repeating “thank you”, he turned his head and walked back to the private room by himself.
The dinner was full of wine and food to everyone’s heart content, and the atmosphere was delightful. After eating, several people walked back to the dormitory together. When they arrived downstairs, Qi Liuming bid farewell to them and left first. An Xumo thought that Zhou Jinchen was also leaving but the other party stood at the doorway and said to him, “I’ll wait for you here.”
“Wait for me?” An Xumo didn’t understand. He first turned his head and waved for his other roommates to go up before looking back, “Is there anything else?”
Zhou Jinchen said, “Go to the place where you live.”
“……?” An Xumo was puzzled. “I live in the dormitory.”
“The conditions here are not very good,” Zhou Jinchen said succinctly, “and it’s not safe.”
An Xumo laughed in spite of himself, “I have always lived in the dormitory before, what can be unsafe here……”
Zhou Jinchen didn’t explain anything more and just pulled out a video from the phone.
It was a clip sent by someone on WeChat. The video was a little shaky but the content inside was clear enough to see. In the video, a person pulled out the hidden lens from the grass, and then signaled the other party to hand over the memory card that was secretly filmed.
Looking at the time, it should be when they just returned from the restaurant.
An Xumo pursed his lips.
Today, the activities at P University made him think only about school life but almost forgot his other identity.
“Can’t I live in the dormitory anymore?” He asked meekly.
“It depends,” Zhou Jinchen didn’t say much. “It’s late, tell your roommates. We should go.”
An Xumo went upstairs with his head down. After a while, he walked down with his luggage.
The car waited outside the school gate, and after receiving the person, he directly drove towards the destination. At night, B City’s lights become a river, the lights are bright, and in a trance, it seems to overlap with the prosperous S City.
The journey wasn’t far and after a while, the car turned to an alleyway. The road was a little narrow at first but it soon opened up and the way was very smooth. The car finally stopped in front of a concierge, the two got out of the car, and someone immediately greeted them and opened the gate from inside.
An Xumo originally thought that they would go to a hotel but that was clearly not the case in the surrounding area. The nearby buildings are not very tall but are mainly bungalows, the shape of the buildings in the night are hard to see. Nonetheless, when you walk in through the gate, the situation inside becomes completely different again.
Directly facing the door of the house is a screen wall, behind which the line of sight suddenly opens up. The courtyard has obviously been just renovated; the four sides are modern metal curtain walls with neat and simple bricks under the feet and above the eaves. Inside the courtyard, there is a shallow marble pool as well as thriving old trees growing in abundance. Completely different styles are combined in an unexpected way but they don’t seem abrupt at all.
An Xumo doesn’t know much about architecture and interior design. He only knows that he finds it all very harmonious and pleasing to the eye as soon as he glances over.
The house was unique and unexpected, the boy changed his previous dull state, and even his eyes didn’t seem to get enough. When Zhou Jinchen led him to the residence, what awaited An Xumo was an even bigger surprise.
The bedroom is wide and bright with all the home furnishings, the bed and pillows are An Xumo’s favorite soft style, and there is a whole wall of bookcases next to the desk which looks satisfying. Not only that, behind the sliding door on the right side of the bedroom, there is also a dance practice room, the floor is covered with wooden flooring, and there are also mats of different shapes along the wall.
Even if An Xumo had no additional requirements for food, clothing, shelter, and transportation, when he first saw the layout of this place, he couldn’t help but sigh from the bottom of his heart.
This is simply the highest configuration of the ideal place to live.
It was late at night, Zhou Jinchen didn’t delay much. After simply taking the person around a few major locations, he let the boy go back to rest first. In fact, the old and rundown courtyard isn’t really suitable for living but after the renovation, the water and electricity system was completely replaced with new ones, and the building materials of each room came with warmth and proper sound insulation, now this house is no different from the original high-rise villa.
Early the next morning, An Xumo was sent back to school. P University’s military training was arranged in August after their first year. Now, the new students don’t have military courses and after a short adaptation to life, the busy study life began.
He said that he would accompany[1]eading or practicing together. This is mostly what it meant in the contexts when the author mentions that Jinchen ‘accompanying’ Xumo. him, but Zhou Jinchen can’t be idle and do nothing all the time. Although he fixed the main activities in B City, some activities that needed to go out still can’t be completely avoided. In addition, An Xumo stays on campus and only coming back to be with him in the evening. The time they spend together had been irregular and hasn’t really increased much.
As long as time permits, Zhou Jinchen would rush back to live together with his brother. However, not long after school started, An Xumo got used to eating at school. Apart from the occasional evening class, he would usually self-study at school. Compared with the beginning of the school, he came back later and later, and sometimes he even falls asleep straight away in the car that picked him up.
After being carried off several times by Zhou Jinchen, An Xumo developed the habit of setting an alarm clock after getting into the car. Therefore, a few days later, Zhou Jinchen didn’t even have one of the only benefits, so that in the short period of time, he was a little too sharp on the screen or on huge images in the newspapers, which made him look increasingly chilly.
However, with such a face, even if Zhou Jinchen is facially paralyzed, there won’t be fewer people who come to him. Even after this, two internationally renowned high luxury brands took the initiative to express their intention to contact, saying that after the assessment, they felt that Zhou Jinchen’s temperament is very consistent with their new product positioning.
Because he had to accompany him before, Zhou Jinchen didn’t take any long-term activities that needed to accomplish, and now there is also no script of too high quality, Zhou Jinchen’s career has temporarily entered a slightly idle stage. It’s not surprising that now, by chance, he has successfully accepted two big-name endorsements, and even Xin Zimai flew in from S City to help him negotiate the endorsement contract.
The business was satisfied. In another area, Zhou Jinchen wants to get the results of the matter but has made only a little progress.
After gradually adapting to the start of the school year, An Xumo became more and more interested in school life. Before his debut, he had been living a step-by-step school life, even when he was filming the 《Different Roads》, An Xumo was reading comprehension topics to analyze the script. He will like P University inside, especially the strong learning atmosphere in the Math department, which is also a normal thing.
Although adapting to the new life is definitely a good thing for An Xumo, as a result, Zhou Jinchen and his younger brother’s originally not many contact opportunities become more and more pathetic. If he hadn’t let up, An Xumo would even be thinking of moving back to school.
Time doesn’t move according to people’s mood, and soon, a month’s days will pass. As the celebration is approaching in October, China Television Compan held a tribute event, several artists in the entertainment industry received invitations as representatives, and Zhou Jinchen was one of them.
The recording of the program at China Television Company needs to follow the unified arrangement throughout the process. According to the prior notice, it should be recorded for two or three days. Therefore, although the location is in B City, Zhou Jinchen will not be able to return for a few days.
After leaving the housekeeper and driver with all the arrangements, Zhou Jinchen arrived at the China Television Company building. The program needed no less than three rehearsals before it could be presented to the most important people at the end. Thus, when he first arrived at the station, his schedule wasn’t too tight for the time being.
While waiting backstage, Zhou Jinchen also met a few familiar artists, and after a few brief conversations, he was called away by the assigned makeup artist.
China Television Company’s camera images are very different from the local station’s style. The lightning alone can darken the artists who are used to the local station’s friendly post-production by three degrees. In addition, they can’t use their own makeup artists, so even if they are happy to be invited by the station, many artists are still inevitably worried.
However, this kind of appearance-related matter is always out of the scope of Zhou Jinchen’s worry. What he really cares about is also different from the artists who came with him.
When the makeup artist first helped with the styling, there was a constant sound coming in from the Bluetooth headset in Zhou Jinchen’s right ear. The person who reported was so responsible that he even made it clear which cafeteria An Xumo went to today and what kind of meal he had.
Zhou Jinchen’s intention was to keep people at school to help An Xumo avoid harassment from the camera, as to why it evolved into this kind of real-time reporting……
It can only be attributed to the fact that the elder brother’s love for his younger brother is eager.
“It is ten minutes between classes and waiting for classes, Young Master An came to the classroom early with his roommates.”

The person in charge of reporting the situation had the status of an employee of P University so he could enter the classroom. After arriving at the classroom, he didn’t speak again but used text-to-speech and let the mechanical voice continue to report to Zhou Jinchen.
“This is a big class for the whole college taking together, there are five classes of students in the classroom, and Young Master An is sitting in the middle front.”
The voice came at the same time Zhou Jinchen’s phone shook a little in the right pocket but he was putting on makeup so he didn’t open the phone.
What came through the phone should be with the picture of An Xumo.
After listening to the simple report, seeing nothing unusual there, Zhou Jinchen intended to remove the headset. China Television Company will give a uniform style of headsets to those who participate in the celebration program and he will need to change to a new headset later.
However, before taking off the headset, the voice at the other end suddenly sounded again.
“There’s some movement near Young Master An Someone came on the way and handed him something.”
The incident was too sudden, the voice quickly changed from the mechanical voice to a real person’s voice and Zhou Jinchen also heard the noisy background sound coming from the classroom over there.
“It seems to be……a letter.”
“The envelope wasn’t sealed, Young Master An took a card from it, and his roommate came up to read it.” The person in charge of reporting spoke very fast but when he reached the end, he suddenly paused as if he was confirming something.
“The card says……I can’t read the words clearly but it seems to have a drawing of a pink heart.”
The noisy voices in the background at the other end became more and more obvious, and the reporter had to raise his voice a little.
“Listening to the chatter over there, it seems to be a……confession letter.”
The author has something to say:
Xiao Mo: (๑°⌓°๑)?
Brother: (`⌒′メ)?!!
In addition, overhead setting! Although I try my best to restore it, everything still serves the plot. Please don’t delve into it~


1 eading or practicing together. This is mostly what it meant in the contexts when the author mentions that Jinchen ‘accompanying’ Xumo.

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