Male God is Chasing My Brother
Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 98

Chapter 98 – The use of horsewhip and love rival
In the distance, Yin Hanxing and the person in charge chatted for a while before the two of them came their way.
The costume and prop team were still preparing so the two people who were about to be photographed were still free from the time being. The person in charge introduced Yin Hanxing to them and said, “The horse farm is owned by Mr. Yin’s family and he will show us the horses to be used in the shooting later.”
Yin Hanxing was wearing a denim jacket with a pair of Dr. Martens boots on his feet. His hair was simply tidied, looking fresh and handsome. He obviously also recognized An Xumo, without waiting for the person in charge to introduce him, he came up and took the initiative to call out the other party’s name.
“Xiao An? What a coincidence.” Yin Hanxing smiled, “I just sent Jade Rabbit[1][Chinese mythology] The Jade Rabbit; alternative name for 月兔 (yuètù, “the Moon Rabbit”). (literary, figuratively) the moon.back. My family asked me to come over to help the crew but I didn’t expect to meet you here.”
The person in charge didn’t expect Yin Hanxing to know An Xumo but he was clearly happy to see the two talking to each other. When someone called him from the side, the person in charge went ahead and only the three people were left in the same place.
It was indeed a coincidence. An Xumo greeted Yin Hanxing and asked, “Jade Rabbit?”
Yin Hanxing looked at An Xumo, his peach blossom eyes were smiling. There was always an illusion of affection when he looked at the person.
“It’s the white horse that we rode together.”
When the two talked, Zhou Jinchen on the side never said a word until he heard this sentence. Blue veins appeared on his forehead and finally opened his mouth and interrupted, “Mr. Yin.”
Yin Hanxing turned his eyes over as if he only saw another person next to him.
He didn’t ask why Zhou Jinchen called him instead he showed a smile but not a smile kind of expression and took the initiative to extend his hand towards Zhou Jinchen, “Mr. Zhou.”
Zhou Jinchen looked at him and the two people’s eyes crossed. Finally, Zhou Jinchen raised his right hand and they simply exchanged a handshake.
An Xumo stood at the side and looked at them curiously, always feeling that the atmosphere between the two was a bit odd. He couldn’t help but say, “Brother Jinchen, did you know each other before?”
The person who answered was Yin Hanxing. He looked at Zhou Jinchen and smiled meaningfully, “Mr. Zhou is so famous, how can anyone not know him?”
Zhou Jinchen narrowed his eyes but did not retort.
This slightly weird atmosphere did not last long. Soon, someone came and told them to put on make-up and change clothes. After hurriedly saying goodbye to Yin Hanxing, An Xumo and Zhou Jinchen went into the dressing room in the wooden house together.
This time, Ming Entertainment’s invitation wasn’t only for the cover, but also to complete a set of more than twenty shots. The shooting process is much more wearisome than ordinary studio shooting. Before the official shooting, they also have to complete a makeup trial.
The team arrived at the meadow at a late hour, coupled with a cloudy day. Today, the light became even more inadequate. After finishing the styling and changing clothes, the team moved to the indoor area where the conditions were satisfactory.
Zhou Jinchen was the first to put on makeup while An Xumo changed clothes and came back. Zhou Jinchen was already standing under the spotlight. He wore a long slim black jacket with a pure white lining on his upper body and dark gray tights on his bottoms, plus a pair of black shiny riding boots, a complete set of riding outfits.
Zhou Jinchen’s appearance is already eye-catching, coupled with these tailor-made clothes, he looks even more aggressive. He simply stood in place which was enough to give people the illusion that they will be burned but can’t help but want to look even more. In addition to the spotlight overhead, the man’s light spread more dazzlingly, so much that the originally messy field at this time seemed to be suddenly pumped out of air, repressed and quiet.
An Xumo missed a beat before he found his breathing.
Ming Entertainment’s two ace photographers have not yet arrived, those present are backup photographers. With Zhou Jinchen’s status, he doesn’t need to receive regular instructions. Coupled with the accumulation of long experience, his natural camera sense also allows him to effortlessly show full tension. Along with the advantage of no dead angle, Zhou Jinchen can easily get the feeling that the photographers desire without even thinking about choosing the most photogenic angle.
No one spoke at the scene and the photographers directly began to shoot. The set was still very quiet, the ‘click’ ‘click’ sounded constantly and every sound is clearly audible.
An Xumo stood not far away from the place, looking at the photos shown on the enlarged screen. The man’s body proportions are excellent, wearing a long black cloak to make his body more slender. The outline of his side profile is stiff and three-dimensional, his brow ridges cast a light shadow over his eyes, and when he faces the camera, it is a kind of aggressive beauty that makes people can’t help but hold their breath.
Every move is a breathtaking experience.
After a brief shot, a staff member handed over the props needed for the shoot. An Xumo looked over only to see that the horsewhip he had taken a fancy to before was held by the slender fingers wrapped in white gloves.
While lying in the long brocade box, the whip handle has attracted An Xumo’s attention but when it was held in the hands of Zhou Jinchen, it really came to life.
The slim-fit riding outfit carried restrictions and restraints similar to uniforms that are somewhat wilder. This contradictory temperament has been perfectly rendered by Zhou Jinchen and the same goes for the horsewhip that is black in body and cold in luster.
It imparts discipline and cold abstinence but gives birth to a deeper desire.
The set was already very quiet but the atmosphere becomes more subtle when the strongly suggestive horsewhip is shown in the light.
There is fear, the torture device made for beast arouse fear from the bottom of people’s heart but at the same time, there is a kind of suppression, forbearance, and explicable expectation that slowly grows out.
A man with handsome eyebrows and a cold face holding a horsewhip, the long and hard whip handle will draw a cold snap in the air. The square whip’s snap shows a hard texture and the pain caused can be imagined at a glance.
It was an overwhelming and high sensual pressure that one couldn’t help but surrender. The desire to be dominated surged from the bottom of one’s heart and even the pain that is supposed to arouse fear has become a gratifying gift. (T/N: Author…please aaahh qaq)
This was supposed to be a makeup trial session but no one cared about the makeup anymore.
As An Xumo watched, he suddenly understood what the little brother had said at that time — this horsewhip was for Mr. Zhou.
Only his temperament can accomplish such a perfect fit.
An Xumo actually did not quite understand why the atmosphere around him was so odd. He only felt that looking at Zhou Jinchen as such, he couldn’t help but feel an indescribable feeling in his heart.
The brother in front of the camera reminded him of the feeling a long time ago, the sun hanging high in the sky, emitting an incomparable dazzling light.
Warm and bright but unattainable.
There was a commotion outside the door, An Xumo looked up and saw the person in charge walking in with a few people followed by the two ace photographers and Yin Hanxing, whom he had just met.
They had just gone to check the environment of the pasture and thus, have just come back. Once they saw Zhou Jinchen under the spotlight, several people also paused for a moment, especially the two photographers as their eyes were all lit up.
Yin Hanxing who was following at the end first glanced at An Xumo who was standing by the monitoring screen and then turned his gaze to Zhou Jinchen. He raised his hand and rubbed the corner of his lips with a meaningful look in his eyes.
Zhou Jinchen’s makeup trial ended. When he left the lighting board, the others were still a bit unresponsive. The person in charge and the two photographers went over to look at the photos that had just been taken, while Zhou Jinchen walked over in the direction of An Xumo.
The man’s dress hasn’t changed and he was still holding the whip. A staff member next to him wanted to take it but he waved his hand and said something to the person.
When Zhou Jinchen walked up to An Xumo, the aura around him was completely different from that in front of the camera.
“Wait until you try it out.” There is a gap in height between the two and Zhou Jinchen lowered his eyes to look at the boy. “Ming Entertainment’s photographers are not the same as other magazines. You don’t have to be nervous, just listen to their requirements.”
His tone remained calm and steady but it doesn’t sound cold at all. “Relax, don’t be nervous.”
An Xumo looked up at him and nodded obediently. Zhou Jinchen glanced back and saw that several of them were still looking at the photos so he handed over what he was holding.
Reaching out to take the whip, An Xumo’s face still had obvious doubts written on it.
“Do you like this?” Zhou Jinchen said, reaching out to cover the back of An Xumo’s hand.
With leather gloves on the back of his hand, he actually doesn’t feel any strange body temperature. It’s just that the man’s movements are gentle and he is very patient in correcting his gestures.
“Like this, put it here and hold it.” Zhou Jinchen taught the correct way of holding the whip to An Xumo, then let go of his hand and let the boy try it himself.
“If you like it, you can use it when riding horses on the location afterwards.”
An Xumo’s eyes lit up for a moment, “Can I use it too?”
“Mm.” Looking at the boy’s expression, Zhou Jinchen couldn’t help but want to touch the other’s hair. However, taking into account the environment, he finally resisted the desire to raise his hand. “The horsewhip is originally for horseback riding.”
A staff member came up to help An Xumo to put on simple makeup, the boy reluctantly returned the whip. Apparently, he had thrown away the unattainable thought he had just a moment ago to an unknown place.
Soon, someone came to call him and under the watchful eyes of Zhou Jinchen, An Xumo walked towards the spotlight and started his own trial shoot.
Unlike Zhou Jinchen just now, this time the person mainly in charge of An Xumo’s shooting was replaced by one of the two new aces. He had a small ponytail at the back of his head and quickly made a lot of requests to An Xumo in front of the camera.
An Xumo’s appearance and camera sense is not bad but compared to Zhou Jinchen, he still needs certain supplementary conditions to get into the shooting state.
While the boy was shooting, Zhou Jinchen was watching not far away, he was still wearing a long black jacket. After reining in the gentleness he had just faced with An Xumo, he looked a little repulsive this time.
However, there is still a person who approached very naturally.
As soon as Zhou Jinchen raised his eyes, he saw Yin Hanxing beside him.
Yin Hanxing raised his hand to gesture and said with a smile, “Don’t look at me so fiercely, Mr. Zhou.”
“Perhaps……” He smiled at the expressionless man, his voice softened so that only the two of them could hear.
“We might even be a family in the future.”

The author has something to say:
Let’s see if anyone can guess the meaning of the last sentence correctly.
Xiao Mo (excited): My brother said la, I can use the whip~
Brother (face unchanged): Mm.
Everyone: ……? ? ? ? We may not be thinking of the same usage…….
In fact, my brother wants to teach another one, but he is reluctant.


1 [Chinese mythology] The Jade Rabbit; alternative name for 月兔 (yuètù, “the Moon Rabbit”). (literary, figuratively) the moon.

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