Male God is Chasing My Brother
Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 99

Chapter 99 – Look at me and take your time
The photographer with a small ponytail is surnamed Zhang, the photographer responsible for shooting An Xumo. As Zhou Jinchen had previously instructed, during the trial shoot, he gave An Xumo a number of requirements that sounded rather odd. However, judging from the final effect, it is clear that the demands made by Ponytail Zhang are still very reasonable.
Compared with Zhou Jinchen’s cold, hard, and handsome style, although An Xumo is also wearing black and white, it gives people a completely different impression. He wore a white shirt with a lace collar, a one-piece suit with a deformed design similar to a pair of suspenders, a slightly fluffy short shawl, and a pair of brown round leather shoes. The design sense of the clothes, mixed with his temperament, made An Xumo look like a noble young master who has never been through the affairs of the world, pure and lovely.
The contrast between this outfit and the one Zhou Jinchen wore was somewhat obvious which is why An Xumo froze for a moment when he just saw his brother in a horse riding outfit. He had been worried whether the two would not match if they stood together like this. As a result, after the trial shoot, he was called to the dressing room and came out with a new set of clothes.
Unlike Zhou Jinchen who can handle most styles, An Xumo still lacks a lot of shooting experience. The working group didn’t know him very well so they prepared several sets of plans and took their time to discover the feelings in him.
Therefore, in this way, An Xumo spent a little more time than Zhou Jinchen.
After the trial shoot, the team finished a set indoors and then moved to the pasture. Working until late at night, the team left the pasture and stayed in a hotel not far away.
Early the next morning, the weather turned clear. Before the sun fully rose from the sky, the light was much better than it was yesterday. The person in charge made a prompt decision to shoot outside first.
While the sky is not yet bright, the two people have to carry out a simple horse riding training. Zhou Jinchen has no problem since he has even shot several costume literary works. This intensive training is in fact carried out for An Xumo.
The working group hired a coach to come over and guide the relevant skills but is also responsible for the protection of the artists’ safety. However, what made the coach a little curious was that although An Xumo hadn’t ridden a horse before, his movements and riding posture were quite standard. When he sat on the horse, he didn’t have the nervousness that ordinary people have when they first come into contact with horses.
“Are you sure you really haven’t ridden it before?” the coach couldn’t help asking. Chatting with the guest is actually a way to distract and ease the tension but now, it seems that the person he has to take care of doesn’t seem to need this kind of initiative.
An Xumo thought for a moment, “Was helped once……”
“He previously rode for ten minutes.”
Before An Xumo’s finished his words, he was interrupted by an interjected voice.
Yin Hanxing walked over, he reached out and patted the black horse underneath An Xumo and smiled, “Rode Jade Rabbit with me.”
The coach was hired by the working group at the racecourse, naturally, he knew his young boss. After nodding and gesturing, he went around to the other side to hold the reins, leaving space for the two.
“Don’t be nervous, take it slow,” Yin Hanxing’s voice was pleasant and carried a magical effect that soothes people. “Black Rabbit is very well behaved and runs steadily.”
An Xumo couldn’t help but smile, and his taut back relaxed a little.
“Why are all your horses called rabbits?”
“Because the best horse in the stable is called Red Rabbit which is a red date.” Yin Hanxing said smiling with his peach blossom eyes, “so, the best horse in every other color has the same name.”
“Red Rabbit was also rented by you guys……”
Before Yin Hanxing finishes his words, An Xumo already looked up towards his back.
As if Yin Hanxing felt something, he turned his head back and an enlarged, wet horse’s nose appeared in front of him. Yin Hanxing staggered a step away and the maroon, tall horse snorted.
Sitting on the horse, Zhou Jinchen looked condescendingly at Yin Hanxing. The sun’s rays were blocked behind him, making the expressionless man look even more intimidating.
Yin Hanxing paused for a moment before resuming his smile.
“Mr. Zhou.”
An Xumo did not notice the strange atmosphere between the two, he called out “Brother Jinchen” and looked curiously around the man, “You can already ride by yourself?”
Zhou Jinchen withdrew his eyes on Yin Hanxing and when he turned to An Xumo, even his voice slowed down a bit.
“I’ve practiced before.”
The two horses walked side by side and soon left Yin Hanxing, who only had two legs behind. Under the care of the coach and Zhou Jinchen, An Xumo also quickly adapted to the bumpiness and speed of the black horse. When the sun came up, the sky was bright, and the shooting on horseback began.
The shooting on horseback was quite smooth. When the photos were finished, the difficulty of the rest of the shooting was significantly reduced. Although there was a constant need to change clothes and makeup, for An Xumo who is used to the life of an artist, this kind of thing is no longer a challenge.
The only special thing is that the photo is a double cover which is much more difficult than a single photoshoot.
There are two types of two-person fashion magazine photoshoots, one is the group shot method, where the subjects do not overlap with each other much and even two people can be shot in separate studios and then edited together in a post. The shooting of Ming Entertainment clearly belongs to the second type — there is a clear sense of interaction between the subjects and blocking anyone will have an impact on the perception of the photo.
Therefore, during the initial shoot, Ponytail Zhang and another ace photographer wearing a blue square scarf specifically told the two that they need not purposely look at each other or intentionally create obvious eye contact but that they had to conform to the shot.
An Xumo remembered these instructions and did what they said. As a result, after shooting a few sets in the pasture, Zhou Jinchen went to change clothes, and Ponytail Zhang and the blue square scarf who were in charge of the two, stood together to discuss for a while but walked towards An Xumo.
Ponytail Zhang spoke briefly but bluntly, “You don’t give enough attention to Teacher Zhou.”
When he said that, not only An Xumo, but also the whole working group was a little confused.
In fact, at the very beginning, the person in charge had also considered the lack of interaction between the two. But at that time, everyone was worried about Zhou Jinchen — even when he was just starting out and couldn’t get any resources, he hadn’t done any cover shoots with others. So far, all the group photos Zhou Jinchen has taken are movie stills, and it’s easy to see his rejection of non-single covers when you look at his past shooting experience.
As for the other person, the working group didn’t worry much about it. Generally, this kind of cooperation object with a disparity in status, the lower one needs to restrain emotions. If one side is too headstrong, it will appear a little awkward in front of the camera.
As a result, when they arrived on set, anyone with eyes could see that Zhou Jinchen was the one who cared most about An Xumo — even An Xumo’s own agent couldn’t follow him around at all times. The person in charge put this worry aside for the time being but to his surprise, when the shooting really started, An Xumo became the one who did not interact enough.
An Xumo nodded stiffly in full view of everyone. He was about to say something but he was called out by Zhou Jinchen who came out of the dressing room.
“Xiao Mo,” Zhou Jinchen signaled, “it’s your turn.”
An Xumo answered hurriedly.
There are only temporary changing rooms on the pasture so they need to take turns to go in to change clothes. An Xumo trotted over and quietly breathed a sigh of relief as he walked past Zhou Jinchen, with his clothes in his arms, he was about to close the door when the doorknob was pulled.
An Xumo subconsciously looked up and the man outside the door looked over. He had handsome looks and a deep and low voice.
“Relax, take your time.”
The dressing room’s door was closed and the focus of attention was quickly taken back by Zhou Jinchen who turned around.
Zhou Jinchen looked back at the dressing room and then walked towards the crowd.
What he wanted to say just now was actually “look at me”.
When he opened his mouth, in the end, he changed it to “take your time”.
Perhaps it was the photographer’s advice or perhaps because of Zhou Jinchen’s comforting, after changing into a new costume, An Xumo quickly entered the state, and the shooting process became increasingly smooth.
After the grassland part was finished, the team moved to Ye Mountain for the next shoot. Before leaving, Yin Hanxing also appeared, after talking to the person in charge, he came over to find An Xumo.
In fact, from the looks of it, Yin Hanxing is not the type of person who is very easy to get along with. Although he often wears a smile, he always gives people a feeling of distance. However, for some reason, he always took extra care of An Xumo.
After the two talked a few words, Yin Hanxing handed over a pendant in the shape of a snow-white pony.
“It’s braided from the hair dropped by Jade Rabbit and it’s given to you as a souvenir.”
While waiting for the person to take the item over, Yin Hanxing smiled again and said, “Looking forward to our next meeting.”
An Xumo paused. He always felt that they did not seem to be familiar with each other to this extent.
Without waiting for the boy to figure out how to answer, Zhou Jinchen who was at the side reached out and directly pulled the person away.
The scenery of Ye Mountain is also captivating. The maple leaves began to turn red, dappled with fiery red burns among the leaves, dyed with a strong sense of autumn. It took a whole day to shoot and it was only the next afternoon that the team left N City and returned to B City.
It wasn’t yet late when he returned so An Xumo went back to school first. As soon as he came back, he received the Equestrian Club’s leaflet on campus. Looking at the figure on the paper that was placed in the most extreme position, An Xumo couldn’t help but frown.
This Yin Hanxing……who exactly is this person?
After dealing with the accumulated news over the past two days, An Xumo thought about it and finally opened the school’s forum.
He searched for Yin Hanxing as keywords and a whole page of related posts soon popped up on the screen.
It seems that Yin Hanxing can be considered a popular figure in P University.
An Xumo roughly browsed through, there were three or four independent posts related to Yin Hanxing alone. In addition, there are also a variety of activity posts, selection posts, gossip posts, and so on, in which there is a lot of news related to Yin Hanxing.
What An Xumo didn’t expect was that Yin Hanxing was actually foreign Chinese.[1]Chinese having foreign citizenship.
Yin Hanxing was admitted to the school as an international student and is a senior this year. Since he had created the Equestrian Club, he had been gossiped about his family’s situation. Despite all kinds of news, they prove that his family was indeed very well-off.
An Xumo clicked on an event post that showed Yin Hanxing’s name. It talks about some of the top ten singers of previous years. Yin Hanxing seems to have also participated in this competition and some people spoke in the post, wondering why he had such good conditions but didn’t debut.
The following post caught An Xumo’s attention.
[Panda burning candles: Isn’t his uncle one of the top-level members of Jin Dian? All he needs to make a debut is a word. It’s just not his aspiration.]
The next few pages were filled with gossip and some people questioned the content of this follow-up post. However, this information seems to have been available three or four years ago, and a number of links were soon posted. In addition to the scattered clues, there was one related piece of information that was particularly noteworthy — Yin Yuan, a director of Jin Dian, whose son is named Yin Hanyue.
Yin Hanxing, Yin Hanyue, just by looking at their names, one can guess that they are family.
When he saw the name Yin Yuan, An Xumo couldn’t help but stare blankly.
Isn’t he the one who previously moved next to brother’s residence and also frequently talked to brother at the housewarming banquet…. is he the one who is the top executive of Jin Dian?
So Yin Hanxing came into contact with him because of Yin Yuan?

An Xumo thought and couldn’t help but have some doubts, but his relationship with his brother, there should be no one in the entertainment industry know about it.
However, apart from his brother, what did he have to do with this Director Yin?
An Xumo suddenly paused.
He remembered.
During the filming of 《Different Roads》 previously, a supporting actor who once spread news about him on Weibo was finally dismissed by the crew. At that time, when Xin Zimai said this matter, he mentioned Yin Yuan’s name.
Lu Pinghui’s dismissal had something to do with him more or less. The more An Xumo thought about it, the more it makes sense. It seems likely that it was because of Lu Pinghui that Yin Hanxing came to deliberately approach him.
Moreover, this kind of thing probably has nothing to do with Yin Yuan — if Yin Yuan wants to take revenge, he can do it directly at the company, why go around in such a big circle and choose the school.
So, it was Yin Hanxing’s own idea?
An Xumo wondered vacantly. How could this young master think of standing up for Lu Pinghui?
Is it because…… Yin Hanxing likes Lu Pinghui and can’t bear to see the person he likes suffer so he deliberately came close to him and wants to wait for an opportunity to retaliate?
Thinking about it, An Xumo couldn’t help touching his nose.
Then he must take note to stay away from Yin Hanxing in the future. People who like Lu Pinghui…… are certainly birds of the same feather flock together.
An Xumo’s thinking is extremely divergent, but from the very start, he denied all the possibilities that Yin Hanxing had taken the initiative to show his kindness is because he was interested in him.
The author has something to say:
The love rival has not made great achievements and was strangled to death in the ashes by Xiao Mo himself.
Brother expressed his satisfaction.


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1 Chinese having foreign citizenship.

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