Male God is Chasing My Brother
Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 100

Chapter 100 – I want to hear your voice

After the magazine shoot, An Xumo participated in several more activities arranged by the team and made use of all available space to complete an endorsement shoot and renew the contract. However, he still spends most of his time on his schoolwork. It wasn’t long before the first midterm exams of the university came.

The mathematics department of P University is known as ‘the first department of the first university’ where the ranking in the country is estimated to be far ahead of the second and third place. Not to mention the many big cows[1]niu people’ online term which refers to outstanding people in a certain field.within the department, just looking at the student population, every year there are half of the students who enter the competition and the fierce competition can be seen. In addition, the failure rate is significantly higher than the other departments so one can imagine the heavy workload of the Math department and the difficulty of the exams.

Therefore, when the results came out and found that he had not failed any subjects, An Xumo who had been at the top of the list was obviously relieved.

After all, he had asked for many leave before, it was good to make sure that his grades didn’t fall below the bottom line.

The week before the exam, not only An Xumo himself was busy, Zhou Jinchen also specially made time to come out in the evening to accompany him to study. There is a separate study in the courtyard, the room has a large space, and the furnishings and layout also make people feel very comfortable. In the study, where the aromatherapy lamp is lit, there is the sound of keyboard and pen resounding from time to time. The time and night together are quietly slipping over people’s shoulders. Obviously, intangible things can’t be touched, but it carves deep traces in people’s hearts.

Although there is no intersection between the two people’s work and although An Xumo has long been used to studying by himself for a long time, as a result, when he looks back after the exam, he has to admit that those complicated steps he has solved have become blurred to the point of not being able to see them clearly and that he had forgotten when the solution was finished.

All that remains is the aromatherapy, the wooden floor, and the familiar figure that can be seen not far away.

In addition to Zhou Jinchen who accompanied him, there was also another person who appeared in An Xumo’s life because of the midterm exam.

Not only the major courses but the freshmen also had some big courses to test. An Xumo originally wanted to follow his roommates to ask for some review materials but someone took the initiative to sort out and send over the previous years’ original questions and answers.

This kind-hearted brother is Yin Hanxing.

When Yin Hanxing came over to deliver the stuff, the other people in An Xumo’s dormitory were present. Once the smiling senior brother left, three pairs of eyes were fixed on the stack of materials. Taking into account the matter of Lu Pinghui, An Xumo originally wanted to warn everyone that there might be a fraud. As a result, several people checked the answers and found that there was no big deviation between the reference answers and the scattered data collected from various places. Finally, they took over the original topic.

After the exam, An Xumo also found that these materials sent by Yin Hanxing did not have any misleading information which made him have another layer of doubt about Yin Hanxing. Apart from Lu Pinghui, An Xumo really couldn’t understand what other reason the other party had to insist on approaching him.

If he could read a few more young adult novels, or pick up a school idol drama, he might be able to understand Yin Hanxing’s intentions — all these chasing tactics are overused but they still work well.

So much that An Xumo only needs a little more confidence in his self to guess the real reason.

Unfortunately, he has neither.

After the midterm, An Xumo took on a new movie. He needed to leave the school to film with the group. As soon as he got busy, he completely forgot about Yin Hanxing.

The team had originally agreed that they would wait for the winter break before giving An Xumo a movie but the company pressed too hard and the team couldn’t hold on. Tang Tang had no choice but to confirm that An Xumo’s condition had improved. After discussing with others, she took the film contract before the midterm.

An Xumo doesn’t feel anything personally, for him, he still likes the feeling of fulfillment when working. The team treated him very well and An Xumo didn’t want them to have a hard time. After the crew started work, he soon joined the group within the allotted time.

The team was able to get a script of significantly higher quality than the previous one because of the preceding relationship with 《Different Roads》. The next film they took up this time was one of the best in terms of overall conditions.

The movie is titled 《Joy In Going Out》 which is a road comedy movie. The director has been transformed from a well-known actor. His first film, directed and acted by himself, has reaped a lot of box office which is a very successful example of transformation. This time, coupled with the director himself as the main actor in 《Joy In Going Out》, several other important roles in the film are also his old partners he had worked with, including many actors with strong box office appeal. Just by watching the movie, the film’s cast is a sufficient guarantee for the box office after its release.

In 《Joy In Going Out》, An Xumo is still a supporting actor. The film’s overall plot is divided into four parts and he will appear in only one of them, so there aren’t many scenes. However, judging from the plot, if he can really act well, this role is still very likable, along with the momentum to absorb a wave of fans is also very possible.

Therefore, for An Xumo who currently needs to consolidate his impression on behalf of the role and does not have much working time, this opportunity can simply be said to be the most suitable.

The film is shot at the film and television based in Jiangnan.[2]referring to lands immediately to the south of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River. An Xumo’s scenes took more than half a month, which he needs to shoot with the team. Naturally, he can’t return to B City so the course was also temporarily placed on leave.

However, although he didn’t go back, he received a phone call from B City.

Before the call came, An Xumo was watching the broadcast of CCTV News. On the screen was a celebration ceremony attended by representatives from all walks of life, and the person whom An Xumo was most familiar with was one of them.

The lighting of CCTV news programs has always been indescribable but the faces on the TV are still so good that one can’t help but take screenshots. The actor living with him hadn’t returned yet, An Xumo hesitated for a moment and pointed his phone’s camera mode at the TV.

He only took one picture and stopped, which is a big improvement compared to the previous time when he couldn’t move his eyes once he saw the picture of his brother.

As a result, once the photo was just put into the album, a phone prompt suddenly popped up on the screen.

The person who had just been photographed by An Xumo was calling.

In fact, he really didn’t talk about anything in particular. He just asked the boy if he was comfortable with the filming and whether he had eaten on time during the day. Until the phone hung up, An Xumo was still a little unresponsive.

Before that, it was hard for him to imagine that his brother would specifically call to ask about these trivial matters. After all, in An Xumo’s impression, his brother has great self-control, and each of his actions has his own purpose.

Yet this impossible imagination has clearly become a reality in front of him.

It also changed every day.

The phone call every night became the norm, coupled with the usual inquiries, the phone call also slowly talked about other things such as filming. Because of signing the confidentiality contract, the specific content of the script cannot be disclosed, but from some general issues, Zhou Jinchen also gave An Xumo a lot of very useful advice.

Not only with the filming skills but also because of the previous cooperation, Zhou Jinchen has an understanding of several actors in the crew. Which actors will patiently bring up their juniors, who likes to steal the show, and some advice on how to get along with the others, he also told it to An Xumo.

In a trance, An Xumo seems to have returned to the nights when the script was discussed during the filming of 《Different Roads》.

Due to the irregularity of the completion of work every day, the phone call became An Xumo’s call later on. There were times when he came back late from a night shoot, after dialing the phone, he fell asleep without saying a few words, and only to find himself holding the phone in his hand at dawn.

The first few times he fell asleep, An Xumo didn’t pay much attention to it until he suddenly woke up in the middle of the night, and he realized that the phone screen was still showing the connection status.

An Xumo whispered a sentence as to why he didn’t turn it off and was just about to hang up when he heard the man’s voice on the other side.

“Xiao Mo? Are you awake?”

“…… Brother?” An Xumo froze for a moment, taking into account his sleeping roommate, he did not dare to raise his voice. In a daze mixed with a nasal voice, it sounded even softer.

“Why didn’t you hang up the phone……?”

“I want to hear your voice.”

When saying this, Zhou Jinchen’s tone was no different from the past as if he was calmly stating a fact.

The night was deep and his voice was low and slow, “Go back to sleep ba. It’s still dawn.”

An Xumo was so sleepy that he didn’t think about it. After fumbling to charge his phone, he fell asleep and didn’t hang up the phone. It was not until the next morning when he woke up when his roommate went to wash up, in the sound of water, An Xumo was dumbfounded by the call log on his phone.

Four hours and thirty-nine minutes, hanging up only after 5:00 am.

It’s also possible to flip forward.

In addition to those dozen or so minutes of calls that were actively hang up when awake, there are also some five hours, six hours, which are large segments of call records.

While An Xumo was asleep.

No matter how late the call is, you will pick it up as soon as possible. I think I worked overtime at night, and recalling the voice of late last night, my brother was also very awake.

Listening to your own voice…….

What is there to listen to after falling asleep, the sound of breathing?

An Xumo propped his forehead and frowned in confusion.

Moreover, he now realizes in retrospect that, except for the few times he fell asleep, he actually hung up first on all the daily calls too.

His brother has been waiting for him.

Like Yin Hanxing, An Xumo also did not understand Zhou Jinchen’s intention. However, Yin Hanxing could be ignored but not his brother.

He took another look at the two hundred and seventy-nine minutes on the screen.

….. Does the treatment need to be so serious?

An Xumo once again wavered.

In his state of being bruised all over, the boy used his bare hands to build up his defenses a little bit with the broken bricks that had been hit hard twice. He planted steel bars into the high walls he built and poured them with cement. He built them into a tall fortress, turning it into the strongest heart defense.

The boy took back all the keys he had given and even the doors he had left before were firmly sealed so that no one could ever cross this line of defense and hurt him again.

An Xumo stayed alone in the dark fortress, even if it was cold, he felt safe.

Then one day, he suddenly heard — someone sang a soft and warm song outside the fortress.


The author has something to say:

One hundred chapters, hands out some sugar~

The rotten peach blossom will be explained in the next chapter. How to make a person who lacks security who had a crush on you feel loved?

The brother’s paper on this issue must pass with high marks (^o^)

About [Why are all the rotten peach blossoms are owned by the brother, Xiao Mo doesn’t have such things as being kept, speculated, and tied]

I’ll also explain it later (in fact, the answer is very obvious la)

The sweet part has actually started wa~

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1 niu people’ online term which refers to outstanding people in a certain field.
2 referring to lands immediately to the south of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River.

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