Male God is Chasing My Brother
Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 101

Chapter 101 – Anyway, a lot of information
An Xumo spent most of the month in the set of 《Joy In Going Out》. He films until the last few days, just in time for the release of Ming Entertainment’s magazine on sale.
The magazine’s cover is an outdoor picture of two people, and the background is a mountain of half-golden and half-red maple leaves. Zhou Jinchen wearing a dark blue trench coat, looking down from above, An Xumo wearing a denim jacket and a silk scarf tied around his neck, sitting on a wooden box. The two stood and sat with shoulders in line simultaneously, looking at the camera together.
After the magazine went on sale online, it broke three records in a row: 67,000 copies were sold in one second, the limited edition of 100,000 copies sold out in five seconds, and the actual amount paid exceeded three million. In addition to the sales figures, the nine-square grid photo[1]The rule of the thirds is commonly used in photography that is, an image is divided evenly into thirds, both horizontally and vertically, and the subject of the image is placed at the intersection of … Continue reading teaser released on Weibo by Ming Entertainment’s official microblogging service according to the usual practice of each issue also broke to the highest record of official Weibo forwarding after only one day

The nine-square grid photos were all double photos, the most popular of which was a horse riding picture. The light brown cloak-wearing An Xumo is riding on a black horse while Zhou Jinchen, wearing a black cloak, is standing in front of a red horse. The ground is full of golden grass leaves. The two look at each other like partners and old friends, having a tacit understanding, seeing through each other with a look.
Fans look at the data and passers-by look at the photos, this combination of shooting the nine-square grid photos has really been forwarded out of the circle. As a result, between the forwarding group of support stations and support associations also emerged a lot of “suddenly standing on this cp…..” and “unexpectedly a good match” remarks.
[CP – I think everyone knows this lol. Being paired together like a couple.]
What people didn’t expect, after the magazine was released, all the photos were made public. In one of the single pictures, Zhou Jinchen was wearing the same outfit, a long cloak, and black horseriding boots, holding a whip in his hand, but it was a very different feeling from the double photo.
—— It was a complete refusal, standing high and forcing people to submit.
The temperament and style of this single photo are far from that photo taken together, so it’s difficult not to think of the idea of ‘being gentle only to one person’ and so on thoughts. There was even a paragraph written on the spot, and it reached first place in the hot forward rows.
The main collaboration between Zhou Jinchen and An Xumo was in 《Different Roads》, which was also mentioned in the magazine’s interview on the inside of the page. Despite the normal cooperation in front of them, there are still many people who interpreted something different from this combination —— one true pairing.
‘ChenMo’ CP quietly emerged. A variety of frame-by-frame roadside and video clips quickly sprang up, high quality and high sweetness of CP sugar came out, and all previous cooperation between the two has been resurfaced.
And once you start looking back at the past, it’s hard to ignore the unique atmosphere between the two.
CP fans knocking on sugar into a coma, but because of the traffic identity of both parties, this CP did not cause much splash in the end. Only in the majority of the fans is the mainstream to control the field ahead of time and refuse to pair up. Seeing that the relationship between the two fans was good when collaborating in the main film, the two fans didn’t tear each other up.
The artists’ studio will monitor the fans’ movements, and the recent flurry of disturbances cannot escape the eyes of both teams. However, as one of the parties involved, An Xumo knows nothing about it.
He’s still busy filming the movie.
When his scene in 《Joy In Going Out》 was over, An Xumo was able to leave the film and television base. He flew back to B City from Jiangnan, not even staying one more night.

It was already evening when he arrived. The sun was like blood, enveloping this ancient and modern city. When he got off the plane and saw the familiar airport bus, An Xumo suddenly found that he actually felt an inexplicable nostalgia and attachment to this city even though he had lived for only a few months.
Tang Tang went back to S City; An Xumo came back alone. There was an arranged driver waiting at the airport exit. He handed his luggage to the other party and put it in the trunk. Somewhat tired, An Xumo took off his glasses and mask, rubbed his eyes, and bent down to directly sit on the back seat.
The journey was light and easy, and he didn’t even see the bodyguard. An Xumo habitually thought that the driver also came alone. When he opened his eyes and saw the familiar figure in the backseat, his whole person directly froze.
The car is smoothly on the road, Zhou Jinchen who was dressed up, looked at him sideways but his eyes are much softer than those strict clothing.
But soon, his expression changed.
“Xiao Mo, you…….”
An Xumo was so dizzy that he responded half a beat slower, “Ah?”
Zhou Jinchen didn’t say anything. He reached over directly and covered An Xumo’s nose with a wet wipe he hastily unwrapped.
The other hand came over and encircled the boy’s shoulder to help him stabilize his body. The deep male voice rang out in the still dazed An Xumo’s ears.
“You have a nosebleed.”
An Xumo subconsciously raised his hand to touch it, and only in the midst of it did he react. He felt the other’s fingers that reached over to help. 
As a result of helping to stop the bleeding, the distance between the two was quite close, and the man’s impactful face is only a finger away from An Xumo. He can touch the other with a slight raise of the head.
An Xumo’s brain ‘buzzed’, the rest of his face was as red as blood.
“It’s okay, don’t be afraid.”
Zhou Jinchen’s expression was serious, but his voice slowed down significantly. He whispered soothingly to the boy, “There’s an ice pack in the car. I’ll apply it for you.”
An Xumo struggled in vain.
“I’m fine,” he jarred and insisted on clarifying, “Just, I’m not overly excited. I don’t need to cool down…….”
Zhou Jinchen was silent for a moment.
He took out an ice pack from the car refrigerator with his free hand, pulled out the towel, and wrapped it up. He carefully applied it to the root of An Xumo’s nose.
“The cold compression is to stop the bleeding.”
There was nothing in the man’s voice, and his expression was as usual.
But An Xumo can swear on sugar that his brother must be smiling.
“The north is dry in autumn, and you have just come back from the south. If you don’t adapt to it, you will have a nosebleed, not because of excitement.”
An Xumo unexpectedly didn’t want to apply it to his nose.
He felt that his red side face and ears are needed to be cooled down more.
Despite saying that the nosebleed was due to not adapting to the dry weather, blood flow stopped a few minutes later. When they returned to downtown B City, Zhou Jinchen still chose to take the person to the hospital and had a good examination up and down before he was willing to let it go.
Time passed slowly in the courtyard where the two lived together, and common memories were scattered in every corner of B City. When the first snow hung all over the golden glazed tiles, An Xumo suddenly realized that he had spent nearly half a year in B City.
In addition to the filming of 《Joy In Going Out》, An Xumo was also involved in other activities. Work squeezed out about one-third of his study time, and when the end of the semester came, there will be another difficult revision waiting for him.
When he was studying with his roommates, An Xumo was blocked at the door by Yin Hanxing, who took the initiative to find him. This senior brother appeared so frequently that he could find him as long as he was at school, so much so that An Xumo once wondered if his schedule has been leaked.
Yin Hanxing didn’t say much and left after shoving a pile of loaded information to An Xumo. Although he appears many times, he just said hello every time or left with something to finish, but there is no way to really hate it.
After getting the answers to the last midterm exam, An Xumo sent back a pair of equestrian gloves. This time he took things back and went through them. Needless to say, it was exam material again, and there were even questions from several professional courses.
However, when sharing information this time, Zhao Yongjing gave An Xumo a message.
“Remember that girl who handed you a confession letter at the beginning of the school year? At that time, there were several other people from previous levels with her. I met a few of them recently when I was at an event, some of them were in the Equestrian Club, and some were in the International Student Association.” Zhao Yongjing entered the school association. Naturally, he had the opportunity to come into contact with more people from other faculties. He subtly hinted, “Do you know the identity of this Senior Yin, ba?
Yin Hanxing, the president of the Equestrian Club, is a British Chinese.
Zhao Yongjing didn’t disclose the matter, but the meaning of the words is apparent. At that time, in that scene, the confession was not the point, and it was weird to go straight to An Xumo.
Because of his previous speculation about Lu Pinghui, An Xumo was already wary of Yin Hanxing. After thanking Zhao Yongjing, he labeled the senior brother as ‘ill-intentioned’.
At the end of January, the wind was bitterly cold in B City. The quiet and cozy evening ended with the final exams. Just after coming out of the exam room, An Xumo was pulled by the nanny’s car to the advertiser’s event.
After the party, Tang Tang called. The end of the year is a holiday for students but the busiest time for artists.
After resting for so long, An Xumo has replenished a lot of energy, but for the team that helped him pushed off so many activities, the boy felt rather somewhat embarrassed.
“Xiao Mo, this activity is not easy to push. That’s why I dragged you here right after the exam…….”
“It’s okay, the exam doesn’t take any physical strength.” An Xumo said, “It’s been really hard on you guys lately. Tang Tang, thank Brother Shen and the others for me, too.”
Tang Tang responded, her voice obviously hesitant. Only after An Xumo asked did she speak, “Xiao Mo……Actually, it’s not our fault that we were able to put off these activities.”
An Xumo froze for a moment, “……Then?”
“The company did not agree to you going to a normal university in the beginning and when you went to P University, the company gave indicators to maintain the same amount of income during the school year as you worked this summer.”
The summer is the time when 《Different Roads》 was released. It’s also when An Xumo’s popularity is at its peak, and no less than ten advertising endorsements have been approached. Even without having deep memory of the total amount of money, An Xumo could imagine the severity of this company’s indicator.
But even so, An Xumo couldn’t afford to resist. His contract was signed during his trainee period with the harshest conditions, and the breach of contract was sky-high.
An Xumo’s original ease immediately disappeared, and he frowned, “Are the indicators still there now?”
“The indicators have not changed, we have fought for it, but the top always refused to let it go.”
An Xumo’s heart ached. The money he owes now, I’m afraid……
“In the end, it was Brother Zhou who stepped in to settle the matter.” Tang Tang let out a low sigh, “Xiao Mo……Brother Zhou directly handed over the money to the company for you and never let us tell you for fear that you would be distracted while studying at P University.”
How huge would a monthly bill be? The team’s total share of money since An Xumo’s debut is not this much. If not for Zhou Jinchen, it’s impossible to exchange the money for study and recuperation.
Even for Zhou Jinchen, this money is definitely not a small amount.
An Xumo was stunned.
…… Brother?

He didn’t know how to describe his current mood.
The thawing riverbed, the new sprouts, and the vitality of recovery, the fiery red sun rose from beyond the tightly jointed high walls, sunlight shining in along every seemingly nonexistent crack.
“……I will thank him, and thanks to you all.” The boy’s voice was slightly hoarse.
However, Tang Tang’s words were not yet finished.
“Do you want to go now Xiao Mo? Brother Zhou might be a little busy lately. Why don’t you wait for a while…….”
An Xumo has some doubts. When he prepared for the last exam last night, his brother stayed with him for nearly three hours, just like every day of the week, and didn’t show any difference.
“Is there something special?”
“Ah yes, you are not in S City. I don’t think you’ve heard of these things.”
Tang Tang’s voice came out of the microphone and fell on the listener’s ears, it actually seemed a bit low and high, and it was annoyingly powerful.
“There has been a recent change in equity within the company and that Director Yin Yuan who invited you at the banquet before brought up the engagement to Brother Zhou and wanted him to marry his son……”
An Xumo sat in the spacious back seat. The smooth journey almost turned the bones of his whole body upside down.
…… Engagement?
The two words[2]Two words in rawfell from the sky and hit An Xumo squarely on the spine, heavier than the huge debt that could not be repaid in a lifetime a few minutes ago.
The two words are so heavy that one can’t breathe.
The author has something to say:
There will be no more dog blood misunderstanding plot la, it’s all sweet, sweet, sweet, I promise.
The last drama of the Yin family, no one had guessed right yet xd


1 The rule of the thirds is commonly used in photography that is, an image is divided evenly into thirds, both horizontally and vertically, and the subject of the image is placed at the intersection of those dividing lines, or along with one of the lines itself. Something like this: link
2 Two words in raw

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