Male God is Chasing My Brother
Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 102

Chapter 102 – The amount of information is still a lot
It was late at night when he arrived home. An Xumo reluctantly looked at the trip schedule along the way but still failed to restrain his sinking chest and constantly racing heartbeat. He hurriedly pushed open the door and walked in. He went straight to Zhou Jinchen’s room as soon as he entered.
There was no light in the room and no one answered the door when he knocked. An Xumo froze for a moment and turned around to go to the study.
There was no familiar figure in the bedroom, study, living room, and every room. It wasn’t until the housekeeper came over that An Xumo finally remembered that there is an event tonight and that his brother would not come back.
The final exams were over and so were accompanying him to study every night.
An Xumo did not go back to his room but went alone into the study that he had been going to every night for these days. The stationery he left here yesterday is still on the table. There was a fountain pen given by Zhou Jinchen with ‘MO’ engraved in the body of the pen in a floral style, and it was very smooth to write. He looked at the pen for a long time then stretched out his hand, and covered the pen.
Can’t look at it anymore.
But brother still remains in my heart.
It was a long night and An Xumo spent most of the night alone in the study. The next morning, he had things to do and the driver had already said that he would pick him up at six o’clock, but as the hour hand moves slowly, An Xumo had been wide awake.
At almost four o’clock, An Xumo decided to go to his room and take a shower. The sky outside was so dark that no light could be seen. An Xumo walked towards his room but halfway through, he was attracted by a bright light not far away.
The housekeepers and security guards were all resting in the early hours of the night, and there was a faint guiding light in the courtyard but there was a faint light coming from the tall screen wall[1]Spirit screen or screen wall is used to shield an entrance gate in traditional Chinese architecture. It can be positioned either on the outside or the inside of the gate they are protecting. Linkat the back of the courtyard.
……Why is there light?
An Xumo looked at the screen wall, he always thought that behind the screen wall is a solid wall. His brother didn’t show him around but the light is really turned on, not at all like an illusion.
If he is in a fully conscious state, An Xumo will not necessarily want to find out, but after the stimulation of the news of the engagement coupled with half a month of busy and sleepless nights, the boy didn’t even think carefully and walked towards the wall deep in the courtyard.
The surrounding area was so quiet that even the sound of footsteps could be heard. The screen wall and the wall are only one person wide apart. An Xumo looked back around the edge of the wall only to find that behind the wall was actually an open door, and the light was coming from behind that door which was reflected on the translucent screen wall and was noticed.
There’s actually a building behind the wall? An Xumo frowned. He had previously understood the structure of the courtyard; most of it in B City was square. An Xumo always thought that this mansion was in the shape of ‘口’ a one-entry mansion. After living here for so long, he has never touched the back but now, it seems that this courtyard should be two-entry similar to the shape of ‘日’.
Who is in the back? With only the two of them living in the house, the only answer left seemed likely the person he was waiting for tonight. An Xumo didn’t think much about it, he went straight around the screen wall and walked towards the back door of the two lights.
Outside the door is a long corridor with lanterns lit up in unison on both sides. An Xumo walked forward, the decoration here was obviously recently renovated but it was more quaint than the front yard.
There was a door at the end of the long corridor. An Xumo tried to push it open but found that the door was unlocked by fingerprints, just like the doors of the courtyard. He tried to place his finger on it and the recognition system gave a direct indication that the command was invalid.
The door and the screen wall are of the same material and the light that comes through can be seen faintly but it’s impossible to see exactly what it looks like. An Xumo tried to feel around a little bit but in the end, he couldn’t find a way to open the door.
The temperature was low in the early morning of late autumn, there was a cool breeze coming from the corridor, An Xumo was pricked by the cold breeze on the back of his neck. He felt uneasy in hindsight and turned his way back to the front yard the same way.
More than an hour later, the sun rose. After taking a shower and ate breakfast, the driver was already waiting at the door. Before leaving, it was as if the demons and gods were at work,[2]unexplained event crying out for a supernatural explanation; curious coincidenceAn Xumo went to the screen wall at the back of the courtyard. As a result, when he looked back, the door that showed light last night has disappeared.
The left-behind screen wall was a wall without any difference and there’s not even a trace that it could be opened.
An Xumo was stunned for a moment but the driver was waiting, he couldn’t think much about it, and left the courtyard.
After a busy day of activities and an additional interview at the end, An Xumo came back more than an hour later than expected. When he returned home, he ran into an unfamiliar car.
A somewhat familiar figure stepped down from the car. When he saw An Xumo who had just gotten out, the other party also froze for a moment.
“How come you’re here?”
Yin Hanxing asked what An Xumo wanted to say first. He took off his sunglasses and his peach blossom eyes were curious. “Isn’t this Mr. Zhou’s house?”
An Xumo looked at him warily and was about to ask when the housekeeper came out to welcome him.
The two entered the courtyard together and An Xumo finally saw a familiar figure. He had a stomach full of doubts to ask about the rumored engagement and the disappearing door behind the screen door. However, with Yin Hanxing present, these doubts could only be withdrawn for the time being.
They sat down in the living room and the housekeeper served tea. Yin Hanxing glanced at An Xumo and looked at Zhou Jinchen.
“Mr. Zhou, is junior brother also invited by you today?”
Zhou Jinchen was originally looking at An Xumo. The two hadn’t seen each other for a day but the dark color under the boy’s eyes was more obvious than when he was studying before. It was only when he heard Yin Hanxing’s voice did he turned his eyes.
“Xiao Mo is my younger brother, this is his home.”
Yin Hanxing raised a brow, “I’ve met all of the brothers of Third Young Master, when did senior brother……” 
He was halfway through his sentence when he suddenly stopped.
“……is that the one from Fourth Uncle Zhou’s family?”[3]in case you forgot: Zhou Yunshan [4th son of Zhou family, An Xumo’s nominal father]
Zhou Jinchen’s tone was slightly cold, “I didn’t invite Mr. Yin over to talk about Xiao Mo.”
Yin Hanxing raised his hands and consciously withdrew from the conversation.
An Xumo sat aside, his intuition told him that he should not be present at this conversation, but before he could open his mouth to leave, Zhou Jinchen looked over again.
“Xiao Mo, there’s something I want to tell you.”
“Yin Yuan, the director of Jin Dian has proposed an engagement to me for his son.”
An Xumo subconsciously bit down the tip of his tongue.
He didn’t expect that the secret hidden in his heart would be revealed directly by his brother.
“I haven’t been able to make a statement yet.” Zhou Jinchen looked at him with a serious gaze. “But out of selfishness, I want you to know about it.”
Yin Hanxing from across the table looked at them thoughtfully. Rumors said that the Zhou family had kicked out that extra child but according to the current situation, these two seemed to be closer than ordinary brothers.
An Xumo was a bit overwhelmed. Zhou Jinchen reached out and covered his hand and said in a low voice, “I will discuss this matter with Mr. Yin, can you stay here?”
“I……” An Xumo didn’t want to know the ins and outs of this matter but he didn’t understand why his brother would say that.
Yin Hanxing also opened his mouth, “Third Young Master, are you sure you want to talk about this matter in front of a third person?”
Zhou Jinchen didn’t waver, “I’m sure.”
The two looked at each other for a moment; Yin Hanxing looked at An Xumo again, and finally agreed.
Yin Hanxing came over this time to talk about the engagement. Yin Yuan was indeed his uncle but to An Xumo’s surprise, Yin Hanxing did not stand on the same side as his uncle.
“My little uncle knows the character of your family’s Old Zhou. He had a good idea when he proposed the engagement. The Zhou family’s consent wasn’t a problem. The only variable lies in your attitude, that’s why he’s focused on you.”
When it comes to serious matters, Yin Hanxing’s attitude is much more solemn than usual.
“In addition to those actions against you, he also found out how you take care of your junior brother. That’s why he asked me to come over and find out the real relationship between you two.”
Only then did An Xumo react, so Yin Hanxing approached him not because of Lu Pinghui.
Zhou Jinchen frowned at Yin Hanxing who waved his hand, “Don’t worry. I didn’t say anything nonsensical.”
“But if you really have plans, you’d better be careful to keep your distance from your junior brother.” Yin Hanxing reminded. “My uncle is very sensitive to this kind of thing. Before, someone hugged his other thigh and tried to climb his bed, he was directly beaten up by a bodyguard in the hotel, and was banned after being thrown out.”
Zhou Jinchen’s eyes were slightly deep, “En.”
He asked, “About the engagement, Yin Yuan is sure that no one in the family will object?”
Yin Hanxing smiled, “My aunt only has eyes for money. She wasn’t second brother’s biological mother. She can’t take care of what my little uncle is playing with and she doesn’t want to care.”
“As for my second brother, he looks sick all day in front of outsiders. It’s not clear how many years he can live, and my uncle will not bother to consider his opinions.”
“There are no exceptions to those who were previously supported by uncle, they all comply with his wishes and called him Daddy. Moreover, what uncle likes most is forcing people to call him Daddy in bed.”
Yin Hanxing gave a sarcastic laugh.
“I think he is more excited about the matter of you and second brother getting married than the direct unspoken rules.”
On the side, An who has been listening was dumbfounded.
He thought about it a lot when he was alone in the study last night. Yin Yuan’s strange treatment to Zhou Jinchen can be regarded as the father-in-law taking care of his son-in-law, so it seemed like An Xumo was overthinking.
The boy was originally blaming himself for thinking too much but he really didn’t expect that the truth would actually make people disgusted.
This engagement……Unexpectedly, this engagement is a front for Yin Yuan to satisfy his own perverse hobby?
Zhou Jinchen also frowned, “Why would he have such a hobby?”
He thought more than An Xumo, “What about Yin Hanyue?” 
An Xumo who was still in shock barely heard the words, thinking that his brother was asking if Yin Hanyue knew about it but Yin Hanxing understood the meaning of the man’s words.
“This is uncle’s own hobby; he was like this before he got married.”
Yin Hanxing said, “And second brother is weak since he was a child. My uncle isn’t interested in medicine jars. He still has so many illegitimate sons and daughters outside, my second brother is still safe, you don’t need to think much about this.”
An Xumo felt even more incredulous.
So, what they mean is that Yin Hanyue is also even in……danger as well, because he is physically weak and only narrowly escaped disaster?

The author has something to say:
There is no most perverted, only even more perverted……
① The name of the third generation of the Yin family: The sun, moon, and stars[4]日月星辰 not really sure.
Yin Hanyue is the son of Yin Yuan, ranked second; Yin Hanxing is the son of Yin Yuan’s brother, age ranked third. I hope you don’t get them mixed up~ 
➁ Some people guess that Yin Hanyue likes the brother (Zhou Jinchen), in fact, his brother’s peach blossom has obvious features wa. Han Ming, Lin Rui, Yin Yuan, haven’t you noticed? [laughing and crying]
③ Yin Hanxing mentioned the cannon fodder that was beaten out of the hotel, it was Han Ming [must’ve been forgotten by many people, just mentioned it casually
④ Each peach blossom of the protagonist cp has a different promoting effect. Advance spoiler, Yin Yuan’s appearance will allow the brother to rescind Xiao Mo’s unreasonable harsh contract. Otherwise, Xiao Mo will always be on a trainee contract which will be a great disadvantage in the future.
Brother is wholeheartedly thinking about Xiao Mo, and the following article is really sweet, sweet, sweet la.


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Spirit screen/Screen wall:




1 Spirit screen or screen wall is used to shield an entrance gate in traditional Chinese architecture. It can be positioned either on the outside or the inside of the gate they are protecting. Link
2 unexplained event crying out for a supernatural explanation; curious coincidence
3 in case you forgot: Zhou Yunshan [4th son of Zhou family, An Xumo’s nominal father]
4 日月星辰 not really sure.

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