My Silly Boyfriend
My Silly Boyfriend chapter 14 : Lollipop

Jing Ran looked displeased and said to Jing Li, “Lily, you lied. It hurts!”

Jing Li, with a dejected expression, looked at Jing Ran and asked with frustration and helplessness, “Do you want me to blow on it for you?”

Without saying a word, the university top student already placed his hand with the hanging needle near Jing Li’s mouth.

“Ah…” Jing Li sighed softly. The nurse was right earlier. He truly was like a younger brother. She held his hand in her own, gently blowing warm air on the back of his hand, and asked, “Does it feel better now?”

Jing Ran shook his head.

Why is he so difficult to please?

Jing Li took out a sea salt lemon-flavored candy from her pocket, unwrapped it, and stuffed it into Jing Ran’s mouth, saying, “Stop being difficult.”

“It doesn’t taste good. It’s salty.”

“What flavor do you like then? When we go back later, I’ll buy it for you.”

“Strawberry flavor.”

Jing Li’s inner thoughts: “What the heck, strawberry flavor? I stopped eating that in third grade!”

In G City, spring is characterized by sudden changes in temperature, making it a season prone to catching a colds. Several people in the lobby of the health station were sitting on long wooden chairs with IV drips hanging next to them. Sitting across from Jing Li and Jing Ran was a mother and her son, a young boy around five or six years old, wearing a blue jacket with his name embroidered on the chest, a typical attire for kindergarten students.

Since Jing Ran started getting his injection, the little boy had been covering his mouth and smiling. He didn’t dare to laugh out loud because his mother was sleeping next to him.

“You see, even the little brat is laughing at you,” Jing Li said to Jing Ran, glancing at the boy and then back at him, conveying a hint.

Jing Ran took a brief look at the little boy and responded with disdain and arrogance, “What’s so funny?”
“Hehe…” Jing Li gave him a cold look.

Jing Ran, feeling sick and drowsy, he closed his eyes and began to doze off, occasionally nodding his head. Worried that he might not be comfortable sleeping like that, Jing Li leaned his head onto her shoulder for support. Jing Li was accustomed to taking afternoon naps and was also feeling sleepy but was afraid that she wouldn’t know when Jing Ran finished his drip.
She recalled the time when she went to the hospital alone for a drip and accidentally fell asleep. When the drip finished, it caused a reverse flow of blood. Shuddering at the memory, she decided not to dwell on it. She adjusted the alarm on her phone to remind her in 20 minutes.

Jing Ran’s head rested on her shoulder, and her head leaned against his. They cuddled together, dozing off.
Although the university top student had an unattractive appearance and wore plain clothes, he always emitted a faint and pleasant fragrance. When he woke up, she would ask him what brand of laundry detergent he used, as the fragrance could last a whole day.

“Ding ding ding…”

The phone alarm went off, not waking up Jing Li immediately, but it did wake up Jing Ran. Jing Ran noticed how they were leaning against each other and gently adjusted his position. He sat up straight, supporting Jing Li’s head against his shoulder. He reached into her pocket, took out her phone, and turned off the alarm. He glanced at the drip bottle and saw that there was still some left, allowing Jing Li to sleep a little longer before calling the nurse.

Jing Li had a dream where she was wearing a snow-white wedding dress adorned with diamonds, it was the first time she had worn such a beautiful outfit. She walked into the church, holding her father’s hand, with many relatives and friends inside. They were all looking at her and her father. As the music played, they took step by step towards the front of the church, until they reached the priest.
Her father left, and standing next to her was a man wearing a white shirt, a black suit, and black leather shoes. He had a good physique and was tall, but his face was blurry.

The priest said some words, and the man’s deep and pleasant voice rang out, saying, “I do.”

That voice sounded familiar, as if she had heard it somewhere before…

“Miss Jing Li,” the priest called her.

Jing Li looked up at the priest.

“Do you want to marry Mr. Jing Ran?”

Jing Ran?

Who is Jing Ran?

Jing Li turned her head, and the man’s face gradually became clear. He had a comical mushroom hairstyle, old-fashioned black-framed glasses, and a foolish smile on his face…

Terrified, the woman refused, “Ah, I don’t want to…”


Jing Li was originally leaning comfortably on Jing Ran’s shoulder when her body suddenly twitched, causing her to fall off the chair onto the ground. It happened so quickly that Jing Ran couldn’t react in time. He watched as Jing Li sat on the ground, holding her waist and lamenting, “Ah, it hurts so much.” Then she stood up, rubbing her waist and her buttocks.
The dream she had just now was too terrifying. She actually married the top student!

Didn’t they agree to only date for three months? How did it end up with her becoming his wife?

Jing Ran sat on the bench, looking at Jing Li with confusion. How could someone fall off while sleeping?
Jing Li stood there, looking at Jing Ran. He still had the same foolish mushroom hairstyle and old-fashioned sportswear. Maybe she had gotten used to it, and she didn’t find his appearance bothersome.
Wait, why didn’t she feel as bothered as before? Is it because she has spent too much time with the top student and has gotten used to him?

Damn, this habit is too terrifying.

Even in her dreams, she ended up marrying him.

Jing Li looked up and glanced at the IV drip. It was almost done. She said, “I’ll go call the nurse to remove your needle.”
After the nurse removed the needle, she could leave.

Jing Li carried a bag of medicine and didn’t hold hands with Jing Ran. The habit was too scary, so she still avoided physical contact with the top student.

Jing Ran held Jing Li’s hand, but she shook it off, looking at him with confusion.

“You have a fever, let’s not hold hands!” Jing Li made up a random excuse.

Jing Ran nodded in agreement and kept some distance while walking with her.
Sometimes, Jing Li couldn’t stand her own “good person” mentality. Seeing Jing Ran feeling a bit down, she wanted to comfort him. But if things continued like this, she was afraid that she might end up liking Jing Ran.

Jing Li is a somewhat naive girl who cares about what others think. If someone says she’s short, she drinks milk like crazy; if someone says she’s fat, she exercises; if someone says she’s difficult to get along with, she tries to change her personality and be as kind as possible… The only thing she can’t change is if someone says she’s dumb — she’s powerless to change that.
She won’t be with Lin Suirong because she imagines that people will laugh at the two of them being idiots together. In fact, being with Jing Ran isn’t much better, and people would also say that she’s beautiful but ended up with an ugly jerk. She has heard these kinds of comments quite a lot during their two weeks of dating.

It seems like she always lives according to other people’s opinions. Sometimes she wants to stop caring about what others think, but she continues to live in this pattern. The more she cares, the more she craves validation from others, including her boyfriend. That’s why Jing Ran doesn’t meet her criteria for a partner.

The two of them walked back to school, passing by a small convenience store. Jing Li remembered that she wanted to buy some candy for Jing Ran, so she went to the cafeteria. On the counter, there was a jar of lollipops. Jing Li asked Jing Ran, “How many do you want?”

“Two,” Jing Ran replied.

Jing Li took out two pink-packaged strawberry-flavored lollipops, confirmed the flavor, and handed them to the store owner along with one yuan.
As they left the store, Jing Li handed the two lollipops to Jing Ran and said, “Take them and enjoy.”

Jing Ran handed one lollipop back to her and said, “Let’s have them together.”

Jing Li likes to eat sweets, snacks, cakes, desserts… She enjoys all of them, except for candy. She feels that it’s not addictive when it’s in her mouth. Just now, she gave Jing Ran a sea salt lemon candy because it has a refreshing effect and helps her stay awake during afternoon classes.

Jing Ran replied to her, “I don’t really like eating candy.”

“Lili, you seem unhappy,” he said.

Jing Li was somewhat surprised. If the top student didn’t get mad at her, she would be relieved. But he could even tell that she was unhappy.

“My grandmother says that when you’re feeling down, just eat a piece of candy,” Jing Ran said as he unwrapped the lollipop. Just like Jing Li did earlier, he pushed the candy to her lips, letting her hold it in her mouth.

Jing Li obediently held the lollipop in her mouth, while Jing Ran opened another one for himself and started eating it.

So, he wanted two lollipops, with one for her.

The two of them continued walking back to school, and Jing Li asked, “Ranran, it seems like your grandmother taught you a lot of things.”

“Yes, my grandmother used to be an elementary school teacher. After she retired, she took care of me, and I grew up with her.”

“No wonder you have such good academic performance. Did she teach you your homework when you were in school?”

“The elementary school topics nowadays are too difficult. By the time I was in fourth grade, my grandmother couldn’t help me with my homework anymore.”

Perhaps after eating the candy, Jing Li’s mood improved a lot. Unconsciously, she got closer to Jing Ran, held his hand, and walked while chatting.

Surprisingly, Jing Ran let go of Jing Li’s hand.

This time, it was Jing Li’s turn to look at him with confusion.

Jing Ran put on a serious face and said, “Although I really want to hold your hand, but I’m sick so you can’t touch me!”

How could she possibly like Jing Ran?

Whenever there was a hint of ambiguity between them, Jing Ran always effortlessly ruined the atmosphere.


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