My Silly Boyfriend
My Silly Boyfriend chapter 15 : Strawberry Candy

Jing Li accompanied Jing Ran to the entrance of the boys’ dormitory. She handed him the medication prescribed by the doctor and said, “Remember to take your medicine on time.”

Jing Ran nodded in response.

Jing Li was a bit worried because sometimes the top student acted childish, like a kindergarten child. She was afraid that he might not take the medicine once he returned to the dormitory, rendering the hospital visit and injections useless. So she took back the bag of medication and said, “For the next few days, make sure you rest well in the dormitory. When it’s time to eat, remember to find me, and I’ll give you the medicine.”

Jing Ran pouted, feeling like Jing Li had seen through the idea he had just formed in his mind.

“Go back and get some sleep. I have to go to class,” Jing Li took out her phone and checked the time. She had just missed one class while accompanying the top student to the hospital, and she needed to hurry back to the classroom before the second class started.

Jing Ran bid her farewell, “Lili, see you later.”

Jing Li waved her hand and said, “Bye-bye. Remember to find me for dinner and get your medicine.”

Jing Ran was in dormitory building No. 9, which was far from the teaching building of the Management Department. Jing Li ran with all her might towards the teaching building but couldn’t make it to class on time. The professor was already giving a lecture on the podium. Jing Li finished running and stood at the door, panting with her hands on her hips, gasping for breath. She weakly said, her voice trembling, “Report.”

The professor saw Jing Li holding a bag of medicine and thought she was sick, having just returned from seeing a doctor. Without saying much, the professor asked her to go back to her seat.

Jing Li walked over to an empty seat next to Li Ruihua and sat down. She didn’t bring any books and decided to read one together with Li Ruihua.

Li Ruihua glanced at her bag of medication and asked, “Where did you go? Why do you have so much medication?”

Jing Li wasn’t in the dormitory during lunch break, and she skipped the first class in the afternoon without asking for leave. Her roommates didn’t know where she went, and when they messaged her, she didn’t reply.

Jing Li explained, “Jing Ran got sick, so I accompanied him to see a doctor and get injections.”

Li Ruihua smirked and said, “Wow, you really are a devoted girlfriend, accompanying your boyfriend to the doctor!”

Jing Li sighed, “Ah, Ruihua, you wouldn’t understand.”

The top student is really childish. Have you ever seen a tall guy who’s 1.85 meters tall afraid of going to the doctor, getting injections, and taking medicine? Jing Li even had to buy him candy to coax him.

Probably, apart from his family and people with the personality of a “pushover” like Jing Li, not many people can tolerate such a spoiled top student.

After one class ended, there was a 15-minute break. People around Jing Li left their seats, either chatting in the corridor or going to the restroom. Jing Li was a bit worried about Jing Ran, so she picked up her phone and opened WeChat to send a message.

Jasmine : [Ranran, are you feeling better?]

Two minutes passed, and there was still no reply. He probably fell asleep. Jing Li pressed the power button and locked the screen.

Suddenly, Lin Suirong sat in the seat in front of Jing Li, facing her, and said, “Jing Li, are you sick? Are you feeling unwell? Let me accompany you back to the dormitory.”

“Thank you for your concern, but I’m not sick!” Jing Li picked up her phone again, not knowing what to do, just pretending to have something to do.

It is well-known that Lin Suirong likes Jing Li. At first, when Lin Suirong confessed his feelings to Jing Li, she hesitantly rejected him with some guilt.

Lin Suirong is indeed an athlete with a never-give-up spirit. Except for some competition events when he couldn’t return to school, he persisted every week in coming back to school and confessing his love to Jing Li, regardless rain or shine.
Gradually, Jing Li lost her patience. Every time he confessed, her indifferent expression didn’t crush him but instead made him even more determined.


The mobile phone screen displayed Jing Ran’s WeChat reply. She clicked on it:

Ran Ran: [I was doing some listening exercises just now, and now I see your message.]

Jing Li quickly typed on the virtual keyboard:
Jasmine: [Stop doing exercises, rest more.]

Ran Ran: [I’m bored in the dorm.]

Jasmine: [Lie on your bed and listen to music, don’t do any more listening exercises, it’s exhausting.]

Ran Ran: [Oh!]

Jing Li remembered many times when he had a disappointed expression and softly said, “Oh.”
Jasmine: [I have one more class before school ends. Shall we go to the South Gate together for porridge later?]

Ran Ran: [Okay!]

Lin Suirong noticed that Jing Li was busy playing with her phone and ignoring him, which made him feel a bit awkward. He casually found a topic and asked, “What are you playing?” Then he leaned over to look at her phone screen. Jing Li’s WeChat profile picture was a selfie of herself, and the other person’s profile picture was also a selfie of Jing Li.

Wait… who is she chatting with?

He glanced at the top of the chat page and saw the note – Ran Ran!

Oh no, don’t tell me Ran Ran is Jing Ran!

Lin Suirong stood up and took Jing Li’s phone from her hand. He scrolled down, looking at the chat history.

“Why are you taking my phone and looking at it? Give it back to me,” Jing Li raised her hand to reclaim it from Lin Suirong.

However, Lin Suirong didn’t listen to her and continued to look at the past chat records. They were just some casual conversations, asking about what to have for lunch or dinner, whether they should go to the library to study…

Although there were no ambiguous love words, it made Lin Suirong extremely jealous. He thought about how he persisted in sending “good morning” and “goodnight” messages to Jing Li every day, but she never replied. Occasionally, she would send him messages, but they were just generic holiday greetings.

There was a significant height difference between Jing Li and Lin Suirong. Jing Li was 1.6 meters tall, not too short nor too tall. But Lin Suirong was a towering figure at 2.1 meters. She couldn’t even reach her own phone with her hands or tiptoes. So she decided to stand on a chair, making her almost as tall as Lin Suirong.

Worried that she might fall, Lin Suirong quickly handed the phone back to her and said, “Don’t stand on the chair, here you go.”

Jing Li took the phone, snorted, and jumped down from the chair. She brushed off the dust on the chair with her hand and sat down. She was truly angry that Lin Suirong had the audacity to snatch her phone and look at her chat records.

“Are you really deciding to be with Jing Ran? That ugly jerk?!”

“You’re the ugly jerk!” Jing Li exploded, retorting back at him.

It’s a fact that Jing Ran is not good-looking, and Jing Li couldn’t explain why she was angry. It felt like Lin Suirong wasn’t talking about an unimportant person, but someone very important to her.

“Where am I ugly?” Lin Suirong felt embarrassed when Jing Li blurted out that statement and retorted back.

The class bell rang, and students started returning to the classroom one by one. Lin Suirong also went back to his seat at the back row. During class, he looked at Jing Li’s figure, knowing that he would have to separate Jing Li and Jing Ran tomorrow when he goes back to the club for training. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to pursue Jing Li after three months.

After school, Jing Li planned to wait for Jing Ran to come down at dormitory building number 9. However, as soon as she came out, she saw Jing Ran standing in the corridor waiting for her. He was wearing a mask and leaning against a pillar, looking tired.

“Poor little thing, let’s go eat something to recharge!” Jing Li pinched his arm. He was thin and lacked energy, which made her feel particularly sorry for him.

Lin Suirong and Zhang Zhihong walked out of the classroom and saw Jing Li and Jing Ran holding hands as they descended the stairs. Lin Suirong couldn’t bear to see Jing Li being intimate with another man, so he asked Zhang Zhihong, “How can we separate them?”

“Well…” Zhang Zhihong pondered for a moment. “How about you tell Jing Ran that Jing Li is just playing around with him and they will break up sooner or later.”

“Will that work?”

Zhang Zhihong hypothesized, “Just think about it. If you were dating Jing Li, and you knew that she didn’t like you and it was only a bet that she had to date you for three months, what would you do?”

“I think I would go crazy.”

“Jing Ran probably thinks the same way.” Lin Suirong thought Zhang Zhihong made a reasonable point, even though it was a bit sneaky. He didn’t want Jing Li to be involved with other men. He would rather have her stay single.


Jing Li and Jing Ran arrived at a porridge shop outside the south gate of the campus. There were many flavors of porridge to choose from.

“Shall I buy you a bowl of lean pork porridge?” Jing Li looked at the menu and asked Jing Ran.

When you have a fever, you need to be careful with your diet. The menu had a variety of flavors, and Jing Li couldn’t distinguish which ones were good or bad. She didn’t want to give Jing Ran a bowl of bland plain porridge, so she ordered a safe option, the lean pork porridge.

Jing Ran nodded.

“One bowl of lean pork porridge and one bowl of preserved egg and lean pork porridge.”

Jing Li placed the order at the cashier, handed over the money, and then found an empty table with Jing Ran.

Within a few minutes, the waiter brought the steaming hot porridge to the table.

Waiter: “Lean pork porridge?”

Jing Li pointed towards Jing Ran, and the waiter placed the bowl of lean pork porridge in front of him and the other bowl in front of Jing Li.

On the table, there was a tube of chopsticks. Jing Ran picked up a pair of chopsticks, picked up some ginger and scallions from the porridge, and prepared to place them on the saucer supporting the porridge bowl.

“Ran Ran, you can’t be picky! Eating ginger and scallions is good for your body, you should eat more!” After saying that, Jing Li scooped the ginger and scallions from her own porridge and gave them to Jing Ran.

Jing Ran: “…”

After finishing the hot porridge, both of them started sweating. Jing Li took out a tissue and wiped the sweat on Jing Ran’s forehead, then called the waiter to bring a cup of warm water. She opened a medicine bag containing several types of medicine. Jing Li carefully read the instructions on each medicine bottle and started removing the pills from the medicine compartment. After taking out the appropriate amount of each medicine, there were 12 pills in total. She wrapped them in a tissue and handed them to Jing Ran, saying, “Take your medicine.”

Jing Ran’s face looked particularly unpleasant, showing strong resistance.

“Hurry up and take the medicine, when we go back to the school supermarket, I’ll buy you strawberry candy.”

With a resolute expression of embracing death, Jing Ran poured the pill into his mouth, picked up the cup and drank water to flush it into his stomach.

After returning to school, Jing Li really bought a pack of strawberry candy for Jing Ran from the school supermarket.

Jing Li asked, “There are 20 pills in it, enough for you to eat for a week, right?”

Jing Ran nodded.

“Go back and rest now! Remember to come find me for breakfast tomorrow.” Jing Li was afraid that Jing Ran would avoid taking his medicine and not come to find her.


Jing Ran watched Jing Li enter dormitory building and then went back to his own dormitory, feeling relieved.

“Jing Ran!”

Jing Ran’s dormitory was on the fifth floor. When he reached the third floor, he was stopped by a guy who was a head taller than him. Earlier, when he was having a meal with Jing Li at the cafeteria, she pointed at the TV and introduced him as their classmate, a national team athlete named Lin Suirong.

However, he didn’t actually know Lin Suirong in person!

“I have something to tell you…”

Jing Ran waited for Lin Suirong to speak.

“Jing Li doesn’t like you. She’s just playing with you.”


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