My Silly Boyfriend
My Silly Boyfriend chapter 16 : Breakfast

“Jing Li doesn’t like you, she’s just playing with you.”

As Jing Ran listened to Lin Suirong finish his words, he remembered Jing Li saying that Lin Suirong had always been pursuing her, confessing to her every week.

This person must have seen that Jing Li was in a relationship with him, so he came to bring bad luck.

Jing Ran responded calmly with a casual “Oh,” and turned around to go upstairs.

Lin Suirong saw that Jing Ran was about to leave and became a bit anxious. Hey, why isn’t this stubborn guy following the script? Shouldn’t he be somewhat angry or resistant to accepting the truth?

Why does he not care at all!!!

Lin Suirong shouted at Jing Ran’s back, “Hey, Jing Li is playing with you, don’t you care at all?”

Jing Ran stopped in his tracks, turned around, and said to Lin Suirong, “Lili and I are in a good relationship, you can’t sow discord[1]To sow discord is to say and do things which cause a group as a whole to distrust one another, and begin to argue and then to fight.

Source: internet
between us!”

Lin Suirong frowned, “Sow discord? I’m stating a fact, whether you like it or not! Jing Li made a bet with me, if she ranks last in the final exams, she will date you for three months.”

Seeing Jing Ran remain silent, Lin Suirong thought that Jing Ran believed what he said.

After thinking for a moment, Jing Ran asked without any emotional fluctuations, “Are you jealous of me?”

Lin Suirong heard this sentence and really wanted to spit out a mouthful of old blood. Was he jealous of this ugly and pathetic person? This person is not as good-looking as him; although Jing Ran is taller than the average person, he is even taller than Jing Ran; moreover, he is now the most valuable advertising spokesperson and athlete, casually accepting an advertisement would earn him a million in remuneration… Is it worth it for him to be jealous of Jing Ran, this plain and unremarkable person from head to toe?

Jing Li really has something wrong with her brain. In such a comparison, isn’t Lin Suirong much more excellent than Jing Ran? Jing Li is actually in a relationship with Jing Ran and not with him!

Lin Suirong suppressed his anger and put on a demeanor of wanting to analyze and reason: “Jing Ran, don’t you find it strange? Jing Li inexplicably being in a relationship with you, don’t you find it strange?”

Jing Ran shrugged innocently and said, “Not strange at all!”

Not strange? It’s incredibly strange, okay?

Lin Suirong asked, “So what do you think she likes about you?”

What does Jing Li like about him? Jing Ran had actually never heard Jing Li say it before.

No, Jing Li did say it.

Last semester, while Jing Ran was running on the playground, he encountered a boy confessing his feelings to Jing Li. Jing Li said she wanted to find a boyfriend who excelled in calculus.

He happened to excel in calculus, so he told Jing Li about his perfect score in math. Although Jing Li ran away that day, she confessed to him when this semester started.

Jing Li likes him because he is smart.

It must be like that!

Jing Ran didn’t answer Lin Suirong and went straight upstairs.

Lin Suirong thought that Jing Ran had realized that Jing Li was deceiving him, so he ran away and sarcastically said, “You’re smart to figure it out so quickly. Jing Li doesn’t actually like you. She’s only with you as part of a bet. You should break up with her sooner, or else she’ll break up with you in three months!”

Jing Ran sighed helplessly. There are really too many lunatics lately. He held the strawberry candy that Jing Li bought for him. Lili also bought him candy. How could it be a deception? Only a fool would believe Lin Suirong’s words.


After receiving treatment and taking medicine, Jing Ran woke up refreshed after a nap. The fog was heavy recently, so it wasn’t suitable for morning runs. Jing Ran skipped the morning run and went to the canteen to buy breakfast. Jing Li liked the canteen’s tiger skin cake. The tiger skin cake in the canteen was indeed delicious. As soon as it was displayed, it was quickly sold out.

This morning, Jing Ran managed to buy the tiger skin cake. Thinking about Jing Li’s happy expression when she sees the cake, he couldn’t help but smile.

“Why are you laughing so early in the morning?” Jing Li had already arrived and asked him. Seeing the tiger skin cake and milk on the table, she was pleasantly surprised, “You actually bought the tiger skin cake, Ran Ran, you’re amazing!”

Jing Ran pursed his lips and smiled.
Jing Li felt that Jing Ran seemed to be slightly more considerate than when they first met. At least, he didn’t ask her to buy breakfast like the first time, which was a bowl of mixed pork noodles.
Wait, he’s being so considerate, could it be that he has developed feelings for her?

Then… wouldn’t breaking up be complicated in the future?

Jing Li lowered her head and took small bites of the cake, deep in thought…

“Lili, your mouth is dirty,” Jing Ran reminded her.

“Oh…” Jing Li was about to use the back of her hand to wipe off whatever was on her mouth.

Jing Ran reached out to her lips and gently used his thumb to wipe off the cream from the corner of her mouth.

Jing Li stared blankly at Jing Ran, his serious expression making her suddenly think that this “Winter Mushroom Head” was quite pleasing to the eye…


This time, Jing Ran only wiped off the dirt from the corner of her mouth without smudging her lipstick.

The “The University Top Student ” has finally grown.

Jing Li suddenly had a feeling that her mentally retarded son had finally grown up.

After breakfast, Jing Li asked Jing Ran to buy a bottle of water, and she took out a pillbox from her handbag. It was a pink, round pillbox with seven compartments. Yesterday, Jing Li went back to the dormitory and divided the medicine prescribed by the doctor into the pillbox. Jing Li opened one compartment, took Jing Ran’s hand, poured the pills onto his palm, and then opened the water bottle cap, saying, “Take your medicine quickly!”

The “The University Top Student” still had the same expression of resignation as last night, quickly throwing the pills into his mouth and picking up the water bottle, gulping down half of it.

The medicine was a bit bitter, but most adults could tolerate that bitterness. For Jing Ran, it was as terrifying as going to the execution ground.

The “The University Top Student” was not an ordinary person; he was a “Little Prince”!!!

Jing Li put the medicine box into her handbag and took the book from the nearby chair. She stood up and said, “I’m going to class.”

Jing Ran also picked up a book from his side and stood up. With one hand holding the book and the other holding Jing Li’s hand, they walked back to the teaching building.


Someone behind Jing Ran and Jing Li took out their phone and captured the moment of them holding hands.

Zhang Zhihong opened WeChat, found Lin Suirong’s profile picture, and sent the picture of them holding hands with the message: [Yesterday, didn’t you tell Jing Ran about the bet?]

Lin Suirong’s club has several upcoming basketball games. Early in the morning, he boarded a bus and left G city for the neighboring city’s club. While on the highway, he received a picture of Jing Li and Jing Ran holding hands as they walked back to the teaching building.

It infuriated him. Is Jing Ran really that lacking in temper and dignity? Despite being deceived, he continues the relationship?

Tiger skin cake


1 To sow discord is to say and do things which cause a group as a whole to distrust one another, and begin to argue and then to fight.

Source: internet


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