My Silly Boyfriend
My Silly Boyfriend chapter 18 : Speeding Thief

In the taxi, Jing Li sat in the back seat, leaning against the window, resting her chin on her hand as she looked at the scenery outside. The taxi left the suburban area and entered a new road, wide and spacious, with very few vehicles passing by. On both sides were rows of seemingly endless green trees. After who knows how long, they finally arrived in the city center, where the traffic was constant and they got stuck in an important commercial district.

Some drivers were impatient, honking their horns repeatedly, urging the cars ahead to move faster.

Listening to the annoying honking sound around her, Jing Li’s mood became even more irritated.

Jing Li glanced at Jing Ran, who was dozing off next to her, and remembered their conversation at school earlier:

“But, I liked you back then!”

“You liked me?”

“If I didn’t like you, why would I date you?”

Jing Li proposed to Jing Ran, and coincidentally, Jing Ran liked her, so they started dating.

This logic makes sense!

But Jing Li doesn’t actually like Jing Ran! Dating the top student was because she lost a bet with Lin Suirong, and she had to choose between Jing Ran and Lin Suirong to date.

The reason she chose to date Jing Ran was because she thought Jing Ran didn’t like her, making it easier to break up in the future. However, Jing Ran just told her that he has liked her for a long time.

It feels like this situation has become quite tricky.

Jing Li was getting a bit frustrated, pulling at her long hair on both sides. She hated that her brain capacity was too small. This matter was too complicated, and she had no idea what to do.
The top student was so innocent at heart, and she didn’t want to hurt him!

Jing Ran was dozing off, his head swaying, and finally falling onto Jing Li’s shoulder.

Jing Li sighed helplessly and used her hand to adjust him into a comfortable position, leaning on her shoulder. Jing Ran’s fluffy mushroom-like head rubbed against Jing Li’s neck, making her feel a bit itchy, but she could tolerate it.


Jing Li thought he had woken up and responded, “Hmm?”

However, the top student didn’t actually wake up, he was just sleep-talking, “Lili…”

“Eat more food.”

Jing Li didn’t know why, but her lips slightly curled upwards…

After reaching Enning Road, the driver stopped the car. After Jing Li paid the fare, she woke up Jing Ran. After getting off the car, instead of heading towards his grandmother’s direction, Jing Ran took Jing Li to another street.

Jingli asked, “Where are we going?”

“Grandma said Xiao Xiaokang doesn’t like eating the imported cat food I bought and wants me to buy the kind of bulk cat food I used to buy before.” Jing Ran said as he walked, with a bit of a childish tone, “Do you think it’s a bit unfair for it?”

Jing Li didn’t reply, she just smiled slightly.

Jing Ran took her to an ordinary pet store, where there were some small animals in cages. Jing Ran said to the uncle sitting at the cashier and watching TV, “Uncle Qiang, give me two pounds of cat food.”

Uncle Qiang stood up, walked over, and asked as he walked, “What happened? Not buying imported cat food anymore?” Uncle Qiang walked outside, tore off a plastic bag from the wall, untied the rope of a full fiber bag, which contained a plastic cup. Uncle Qiang used the plastic cup to scoop several cups of cat food into the plastic bag, put it on the electronic scale, and adjusted the weight to two pounds.

Jing Li saw a small Corgi dog in the store, locked in an iron cage on the floor. Jingli squatted down to play with it. This little fellow was so cute.

After Jing Ran paid Uncle Qiang, he walked over to Jing Li and squatted down to look at the Corgi, asking, “Do you like dogs?”

Jing Li said regretfully, “Yes, I do, but I can’t keep one.”

“Why?” Jing Ran asked.

Jing Li sighed and said with regret, “Because I have been living in a dormitory since elementary school, so I haven’t had the opportunity to keep a dog.”

Jing Ran suggested, “How about we get a dog after we graduate?”

Jing Li immediately agreed, “Okay.”

Wait, wait, what did the top student just say?

“ ’We’? ”

‘We’ means that we will get a dog after graduation?

Does it mean living together?

Jing Li looked at Jing Ran and blinked her eyes; Jing Ran happened to be looking at Jing Li with a slight smile.

Jing Li inexplicably felt a tingling sensation from Jing Ran, feeling a bit embarrassed, and buried her head in her own lap.

Jing Ran asked, “Are you tired?”

With her head buried in her lap, Jingli shook her head and said, “No, I’m fine.”

After about a minute or so, Jing Li collected her thoughts, stood up, and said, “Can we go back now?”

“Mhmm.” Jing Ran also stood up.

The two of them walked out of the pet store and made their way back to Enning Road. This area is an old part of the city, with all the traditional arcades left from the Republican era. There are many elderly people here, but few young ones.

They walked along the roadside, and from behind came a buzzing sound that grew louder and louder. Jing Ran turned around and saw a person wearing a black helmet riding a motorcycle approaching them. Just as the person was about to collide with Jing Li, Jing Ran pulled her into his arms. Unable to stand steady, he stumbled and fell to the ground while holding Jing Li.

The thief failed to grab Jing Li’s backpack, so he gave up and rode away on his motorcycle.

Jing Li was completely scared. Just now, there was a motorcycle… If it weren’t for Jing Ran, she wouldn’t know what would have happened to her.

Jing Li had heard before that those motorcycle thieves would snatch people’s bags, and some people would desperately hold on to them and end up being forcefully dragged by the motorcycle for tens meters, sustaining serious injuries. Today, Jing Li was carrying a backpack, which wasn’t something that could be snatched away in an instant. It would take at least dragging someone for a few meters to break free.

Jing Li’s whole body was pressed against Jing Ran, and he groaned softly a few times.

“Ranran, are you okay?” Jing Li quickly moved away from his body and knelt beside him.

Jing Ran sat up, looking relaxed, and said, “I’m fine.”

Jing Li was a bit worried, “Are you really okay?”

Jing Ran replied with certainty, “I’m fine.”

The weather was warming up today, and Jing Ran was wearing a thin white long-sleeved shirt with a few red spots of fabric showing around his right elbow.

Without hesitation, Jing Li rolled up his sleeve and saw that his elbow was injured and bleeding.

What should she do? Her little prince was hurt…

Jing Li didn’t know what to do and suddenly tears welled up in her eyes…


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