My Silly Boyfriend
My Silly Boyfriend chapter 19 : Cooking

“Lili, are you hurt?” Jing Ran panicked when he saw tears streaming down Jing Li’s face.

Jing Li shook her head.

Jing Ran raised his uninjured hand and scratched his head, a bit confused. “Then why are you crying?”

Tears flowed down Jing Li’s face like a flood as she choked, “Wuwu… I don’t know… I’m so scared… Wuwu…”

She was almost dragged away by the speeding thief just now, and she was still frightened. In addition, Jing Ran was hurt because of her, which made her feel bad.

Jing Ran took out a tissue from his pocket and wiped away Jing Li’s tears. He didn’t know what to say to comfort her, so he did what he had done before and pulled her into his embrace, resting his chin on top of her head, and softly whispered, “Lili, don’t be afraid, everything is fine now.”

Jing Li cried for a while in Jing Ran’s arms. His chest was strong and warm, and she felt safe and secure. Gradually, her crying subsided. Jing Ran usually dressed somewhat old-fashioned, but his clothes were clean and carried a lingering scent of laundry detergent or fabric softener.

Jing Li felt a sense of attachment and didn’t want to leave his comforting embrace.


When Jing Li stopped crying, Jing Ran pushed her away. Looking at the spilled cat food, he lamented, “Oh no, the cat food spilled. Should I pick it up and feed it to Xiao Xiaokang? Will it be disgusted?”

Jing Li: “…”

This type of little princess is really suitable for lonely student.

In the end, Jing Ran gave up on the half bag of cat food, then picked up the bag that still contained the cat food, and stood up.

Jing Li also stood up and dusted off her knees. She noticed that Jing Ran was walking with a somewhat strange posture and asked, “What happened to your foot?”

Jing Ran moved his right foot slightly and replied, “It seems to be twisted.”

Jing Li naturally held onto his arm and said, “Let’s go to the hospital and have it checked.”

“No need, I’ll just clean it up with some medicinal alcohol when we get back,” Jing Ran didn’t like going to the hospital and tried to avoid it whenever possible.

Although Jing Ran said he could walk without assistance, Jing Li was afraid he was just being stubborn. She insisted on supporting him as they made their way back to Xinrong Bakery. When they reached the second floor, Jing Li pressed the doorbell. Grandma moved slowly and took a while to open the door.

Grandma opened the wooden door, and Jing Li greeted her through the iron security door, “Grandma.”

“Oh, Lili, you’ve come to visit Grandma again,” Grandma cheerfully opened the security door and saw Jing Ran with his arm around Jing Li’s shoulder. Grandma saw Jing Li supporting Jing Ran and asked, “What happened?”

Jing Li helped Jing Ran into the house, and Jing Ran explained to Grandma, “We encountered a gang of speeding thieves on the way, they tried to snatch Lili away.”

“So dangerous…” Grandma hurriedly stood in front of Jing Li, touching her hands and body, anxiously asking, “Lili, are you hurt?”

Jing Li shook her head and replied, “Grandma, I’m not hurt. However, Jing Ran’s hand was scratched, and his foot was twisted.”

Grandma responded with a nonchalant expression, “It’s fine, boys have thick skin, no need to worry about him.”

Jing Ran: “…”
With a sorrowful look, Jing Ran stared at his grandma as if conveying the message: Grandma, I am your only grandson, and you say that you love me the most.

Grandma looked at Jing Ran’s pouting mouth and said with a hint of disdain, “Ran Ran, you’re a boy, don’t pout like a girl.”

Jing Ran changed his pouting motion into pursing his lips.

“Ran Ran, let me help you walk over and sit down for a while.” Jing Li supported Jing Ran and walked him to the wooden chair in the living room, letting him sit down.

Jing Li asked, “Where is the medicine box? I’ll clean your wounds for you.”

Jing Ran pointed to the cabinet under the TV in front of him and said, “In the bottom drawer.”

After treating the wound on Jing Ran’s elbow, Jing Li applied some medicinal alcohol to his right foot. Jing Ran sat on the edge of the chair, with his right leg stretched out on the chair, and Jing Li sat on the other end, placing Jing Ran’s big foot on her thigh, gently massaging it with the medicinal alcohol.

Jing Ran looked at Jing Li, who was earnestly applying the medicinal alcohol, and thought to himself that even though his grandma had developed feelings for someone else, he still had a girlfriend who cared for him.

Jing Ran: “Lili.”

Jing Li continued massaging Jing Ran’s foot and looked up at him, saying, “Hmm?”

Jing Ran: “You’re really good to me.”

Jing Li’s cheeks turned slightly red, and she lowered her head, continuing to apply medicinal alcohol to Jing Ran’s foot. She didn’t even know what she was doing.

Grandma came out wearing a dark red Tang suit and said, “Ran Ran, today your fourth uncle’s grandson is getting married. I’ll go drink at the wedding banquet. You two can stay home and cook dinner. I’ll come back later.”

Jing Ran responded, “Okay!”

Grandma walked to Jing Ran’s side and lightly patted his shoulder with some force, reproaching him for being immature. “Don’t be so delicate, apply the medicinal alcohol yourself. Do you still think of yourself as a big shot, having Lily serve you?”

Jing Ran: “…”

Jing Ran was certain that his grandma no longer loved him.

After grandma left, Jing Ran wore a pitiful expression and complained to Jing Li, “Lili, ever since you came to my grandma’s house, she doesn’t love me anymore.”

Looking at the childish face of jealousy in front of her, Jing Li asked calmly, “So what do you want to do?”

After thinking for a moment, Jing Ran asked, “Lili, can you cook a meal for me?”

Jing Li had been attending boarding school, and her parents were not at home during the holidays. As someone who had grown up eating cafeteria food and takeout, her cooking skills were not great. She hesitated and replied, “I don’t know how to cook.”

“Oh,” Jing Ran responded calmly, without any emotion in his voice. He said plainly, “Then tonight, I’ll cook.”

“You can cook?” Jing Li was somewhat surprised. The little prince could actually cook! Then she realized that her surprise was unnecessary. A top student like him would know how to make various Chinese snacks, so why wouldn’t he know how to cook?

Jing Ran nodded and added, “Grandma said that being able to cook makes it easier to find a wife!”

  This was the first time Jing Li agreed with Grandma’s words, and indeed, it was true —

  If your looks aren’t enough, cooking skills make up for it.

  Grandma truly had foresight.

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