My Silly Boyfriend
My Silly Boyfriend chapter 20 : Claypot Rice

Jing Ran withdrew his foot and placed it on the ground, standing up in his slippers. He walked towards the kitchen to prepare the meal. Jing Li watched him hobbling along and noticed that his right hand was injured. She wondered if it would be too heartless to let such a “disabled person” cook.

Jing Li called out to him, “Ran Ran, let’s just order takeout.”

Jing Ran thought she didn’t trust his cooking skills and was eager to prove himself. He said, “I can cook, and it’s delicious.”

Jing Li had already walked up to him and pushed him back onto the chair, saying, “You’re injured, so let’s not cook. We’ll order takeout instead.”

After saying that, Jing Li took out her phone from her pocket, opened the food delivery app, and checked which nearby restaurants offered delivery service. She asked, “What do you want to eat?”

“Hua Ji Claypot Rice.”

Jing Li typed in the search bar and searched—

“No results found for this restaurant.”

“It seems like they don’t collaborate with the delivery app. Can we try another place?”

“No, we can’t.”

Little Princess’s obsession had resurfaced, and he insisted on having what he wanted.

“Can they deliver takeout?”


“Then… should I go and buy it?”

Jing Ran nodded, “Yes.”

Jing Li closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and calmed herself down. ‘Jing Li, for the fact that he saved you today, don’t argue with him.’

“Give me the address, I’ll go buy it.”

“Across from the bakery.”


Upon hearing this, Jing Li remembered that there seemed to be an unremarkable fast food restaurant across the street, but she hadn’t paid attention to what kind of fast food they sold.

Jing Li bent down and took out her wallet from her backpack on the chair. She asked, “What kind of claypot rice do you want? I’ll go buy it.”

“Claypot rice doesn’t taste good when packed to-go. It’s best to eat it on-site.”

Jing Ran, wearing slippers, went downstairs with a limp, holding Jing Li’s hand as they walked towards the restaurant across from the bakery. While crossing the road, a young person on a bicycle passed by them at a close distance. Jing Ran remembered how Jing Li was almost taken away earlier, so he changed to holding her in his arms.

Jing Li was momentarily stunned, her heartbeat skipped a beat, and then it became unusually fast, instantly feeling a sense of security and masculinity from Jing Ran.

As they approached the storefront of Hua Ji Claypot Rice Restaurant, they saw two large gas stoves with four small burners on each stove. Eight claypots were simmering on top, emitting hot steam. The restaurant seemed to have many customers, indicating that business was really good.

The menu was hung on the wall behind the cash register. Jing Ran asked, “Which one do you want to eat?”

Jing Li glanced at it and replied, “Claypot rice with cured duck meat.”

“Okay,” Jing Ran responded, still hugging Jing Li. He then said to the cashier, “A claypot rice with cured duck meat and a claypot rice with salted fish and minced meat, please.”

The cashier, Aunt Hai, was sitting at the cash register, seemingly doing calculations. She looked up and saw Jing Ran, smiling as she said, “Oh, Ranran, come to have a meal. And this girl…”

Jing Ran introduced, “She’s my girlfriend.”

Aunt Hai felt a little embarrassed and said, “Oh, your girlfriend, she’s quite beautiful… By the way, what would you like to eat?”

Jing Ran repeated once again, “One claypot rice with cured duck meat and one claypot rice with salted fish and minced meat.”

“That will be a total of twenty-six yuan,” Aunt Hai wrote down the menu and calculated the price.

Jing Ran took out his wallet from his pocket and coincidentally had the exact change. He handed twenty-six yuan to Aunt Hai.

After taking the money, Aunt Hai said, “You can sit anywhere inside.”

The first-floor restaurant was full of people, so Jing Ran took Jing Li to the second floor where they found seats by the window. From there, they could see the bakery across the street and the balcony of Grandma’s house.

Jing Li felt that Aunt Hai’s gaze earlier was somewhat strange, so she asked Jing Ran, “Ranran, the way that Aunt Hai looked at me at the cash register was a bit peculiar.”

“Well, she’s jealous of me,” Jing Ran replied.


“When I was a child, Aunt Hai used to say that I wouldn’t be able to find a wife when I grew up.”

Jing Li awkwardly chuckled. Aunt Hai was a bit mischievous, actually teasing little Ranran!!!

Jing Ran put on a proud expression, “I don’t blame her. Her son didn’t get into No. 1 High School or J University.”

Jing Li: “…”

Little prince has such a kind heart…

The little prince continued to act proud, “His son’s girlfriend isn’t as beautiful as you either!”

Jing Li couldn’t handle it. He casually compliments her, and she feels her face burning. She picked up the water pitcher on the table and poured herself a glass of cold water to cool down.

After about ten minutes, a young server brought two claypots and two bowls of soup to their table. They uncovered the claypots, revealing steaming and delicious-smelling claypot rice, which was especially appetizing.

“Please enjoy.” The waiter finished speaking and took away two lids.


Sitting opposite, Jing Ran leaned towards Jing Li, lowering his voice as if to whisper.

Jing Li also leaned her head towards Jing Ran’s and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Jing Ran looked at the back of the waiter as they went downstairs and whispered, “The girl just now is Aunt Hai’s son’s girlfriend. Isn’t she not as beautiful as you?”

Jing Li: “…”

How should she answer such a question!

Little prince is really… so childish.

Jing Li’s Claypot rice with cured duck meat :

Jing Ran’s Claypot rice with salted fish and minced meat :


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