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Phoenix Hairpin Chapter 152: Marriage (3)

At this moment, someone’s breathing was a little disordered, and someone’s heartbeat was a beat faster.

The world seemed to be at a standstill.

Lu Mingyu raised her eyes and looked at Li Jing through the thick veil. They seemed to see each other’s faces clearly.

Xi Niang came over quickly, stuffed the red wedding silk into Lu Mingyu’s hand, and put the other end into Li Jing’s hand. Li Jing reflexively clutched the wedding silk.

The Xi Niang smiled knowingly and said loudly: “His Royal Highness, the Second Prince, please lead the bride to the main hall to salute.”

The bride’s side bows down to say goodbye, and when she enters the groom’s house, the wedding ceremony will be held.

Li Jing specially told Xiniang: “Walk slower and hold on steady.”

Look at His Highness the Second Prince, how considerate and meticulous he is! Xi Niang smiled happily and responded repeatedly. Lu Mingfang and others looked at this scene and were extremely pleased.

Xi Niang supported Lu Mingyu’s arm and reminded her in a low voice from time to time: “It’s time to step over the threshold, please raise your feet.”

“There’s a turn ahead.”

“It’s time to enter the main hall.”

It was really noisy.

Lu Mingyu secretly rolled her eyes. On normal days, she would have been unable to bear it. Today was the day she was getting married, so she had to endure it.

After entering the main hall, she was led by Xi Niang to kneel on the futon and kowtow three times to her biological father.

Lu Lin’s voice came into his ears: “Xiaoyu, you are getting married today. As a father, I wish you a smooth life, peace, and joy. When you arrive at your husband’s house, you must respect your parents-in-law, take care of your husband, and be a good wife and mother in the future.”

Lu Lin obviously was trying his best to hold back the sadness, his voice was slightly choked.

Lu Mingyu’s eyes grew hot, and she responded softly: “This daughter will obey her father’s teachings.”

The noisy voices in the main hall gradually faded away, and at some point, it became quiet.

Lu Mingyu had been helped to stand up, and Li Jing stood beside Lu Mingyu. He was half a head taller than Lu Mingyu, with a slender figure, handsome face, and graceful demeanor.

No matter how picky a father-in-law was, when he saw such a son-in-law, he had to praise him and find nothing wrong with him.

Lu Lin looked at Li Jing, and thousands of words came to his lips. In the end, they were reduced to a simple sentence: “Your Highness, I entrust the treasure in my heart to you, and I hope you will cherish it and love it.”

Li Jing frowned, cupped his hands, and saluted: “Father-in-law, please rest assured. In this life, I will treat her wholeheartedly and will never let her down.”

Lu Lin’s eyes turned red and he chuckled: “Okay, okay, as a father-in-law, I will remember everything you said today. If in the future, she has been wronged, I will go to the Emperor to ask for justice despite my shame.”

Everyone was very amused when they heard this.

They had seen fathers love their daughters, but they had never seen them hurt like this. Standing in front of him was not only the son-in-law of the Lu family but also the most distinguished prince in the country. Lu Lin’s words of support sounded bold and a little ridiculous.

But the smile made people feel a trace of indescribable sadness from the bottom of their hearts.

The water in Lu Mingyu’s eyes turned into tears and rolled down.

The auspicious time had arrived and it was time to get on the sedan chair.

Lu Fei stepped forward, squatted down slightly, and carried Lu Mingyu onto the sedan chair.

The moment Lu Mingyu got on the sedan chair, she heard her adopted brother Lu Fei whisper quickly: “Fourth sister, take good care.”

They really didn’t have to worry. Even in her previous life, she had never been angry. Empress Dowager Su secretly used tricks to trip her up, but she never dared to do so in front of her.

In this life, she married Li Jing. She will be a qualified wife and a good mother. In the future, she will continue to be a qualified huángzi fēi [1]wife of a prince until the day when she takes charge of the palace and the world.

She will protect herself, protect all her relatives, and live well.

Lu Mingyu thought silently in her heart and responded softly. Another string of tears rolled down.

The loud sound of firecrackers shook the sky, and the sedan chair carried by eight people moved forward steadily.

Fourth Miss Lu finally got married!

The procession to welcome the bride was huge, and the procession to carry dowries and send off the bride was longer than the procession to welcome the bride. The splendid scene of the ten-mile-long wedding celebration was just like this.

Along the way, countless people were watching the excitement, and they were stunned at the long wedding procession: “Look, King Xingyang is marrying his daughter, and the dowry is really huge!”

“Needless to say, King Xingyang had only one daughter. I’m afraid most of the Lu family’s family fortune has been given away.”

“Other families’ girls get married, accompanied by maids and matrons. It’s different at the Lu family; the escorting procession is filled with tall and strong guards and soldiers.”

“Hey, quickly put away that ignorant and fearless expression! The Lu family’s guards are renowned in the capital, capable of taking on ten opponents without a problem. Moreover, they have all been on the battlefield, seen bloodshed, and are fiercely loyal. With these guards as the foundation, one can recruit tens of thousands of new soldiers and train them into an elite force. Gold, silver, jade, clothing, and jewelry are nothing compared to this. This is the true dowry of Fourth Miss Lu!”

This boisterous man, spewing words with great intimidation, managed to attract the attention of several commoners who leaned in to listen.

The brawny man got excited and gushed: “Several huángzi fēis are all from the general’s family, but after careful comparison, Fourth Miss Lu is the best born.”

“The Eldest Prince’s biological father is the Grand General of the Imperial Guards, born into servitude, with a modest family background. When the Eldest huángzi fēi got married, her dowry was not generous. The dowries of the Third and Fourth Princes will definitely not be as good as Miss Lu. The Meng and Zhao families, with prosperous offspring, even for the sake of their descendants, cannot afford to spend too much. Nowhere can it be compared to Fourth Miss Lu; she is the only beloved daughter of Prince Xingyang…”

The idle chatter and discussions among the commoners, mixed with the lively sounds of laughter and commotion, formed a stream of conversation that drifted into the ears of the welcoming crowd.

The Eldest Prince turned his head and looked at the out-of-sight dowry team. He thought of the scene when Liang Shi married him three years ago.

Without comparison, there was no superiority or inferiority.

Without comparison, there would be no depression.

The Eldest Prince has been favored since he was a child, and he was the first among his brothers to do everything. He was used to being in the public eye and competing, but today, he suddenly found that he had put one foot down when it came to marrying a wife, not to mention the feeling in his heart.

Liang Shi finally got pregnant but had a miscarriage. Yang Gong, who was now pregnant, was of low status and when she gave birth to an imperial grandson, he would also be a Shu[2]concubine-born son.

The more the Eldest Prince thought about it, the more frustrated he became.

The Fourth Prince didn’t feel depressed, but he couldn’t help but think about it secretly. He wondered, when he married Zhao Yu, whether the Zhao family would be willing to give some brave soldiers as dowry.

Li Jing was riding a brown-red horse, turning his head to look at the sedan from time to time, his dark eyes filled with joy.

Qiyun walked forward with the sedan chair, occasionally whispering: “Miss, you bear with it a little longer, we will arrive at the Second Prince’s Mansion soon.”

The wedding team walked slowly, which made the journey seem long.

Lu Mingyu hummed softly.

Sitting in the sedan chair, no one could see her. It didn’t hurt to move her hands and feet a little when she was tired.

As dusk approached, the wedding team finally arrived at the Second Prince’s Mansion.


1 wife of a prince
2 concubine-born

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