Phoenix Hairpin
Phoenix Hairpin Chapter 153: Taking The Vows

The main entrance of the Second Prince’s Mansion was wide open.

Princess Hui’an was the eldest and the biological sister of the Second Prince from the same mother. She naturally stood at the front today. Fùmǎ[1]royal son-in-lawWu stood beside Princess Hui’an with a smile on his face.

Also in the welcoming group were the Third Prince Li Hao, the Fifth Prince Li Chang, and Princess Jing’an.

Li Jing, riding a red-brown horse with a springy face, came into view, which stung Li Hao’s eyes.

The sedan chair stopped, and Xi Niang helped the newlywed bride get out of the sedan chair.

Li Hao looked at the familiar and graceful figure from a distance. Everything in front of him suddenly blurred and faded like light and shadow. Only Lu Mingyu’s figure remained.

Xiaoyu, you are finally married.

I am not the one who married you.

A hand suddenly reached out and held his arm. His younger brother Li Chang whispered worriedly: “Third brother, what’s wrong with you? Why is your face so ugly?”

A year later, Li Chang was eleven years old, slightly taller and fatter than before.

Li Hao didn’t look in the mirror, and he knew that his face at this moment was definitely not good-looking.

Fortunately, everyone’s attention was on Li Jing and Lu Mingyu, and no one glanced at him.

Li Hao took a deep breath, suppressed the severe pain, and said calmly: “Maybe I didn’t sleep well last night and suffered from the cold.”

Li Chang was not a three-year-old child either. He glanced at his brother who was trying his best to hide his duplicity and suggested in a low voice: “The worship ceremony is coming next. If you feel uncomfortable, why not go and have a rest first? Come out after the wedding banquet starts.”

Don’t watch the scene of the newlyweds getting married! To avoid losing your temper in public.

Li Hao was silent for a moment and said: “No need. Today is a good day for my second brother to get married. How can I, the younger brother, avoid it?”

How long can I avoid it? Where can I go?

After today, Lu Mingyu will be his second sister-in-law. There will be many opportunities to meet in the future, did he have to avoid them every time?

No, he was not going anywhere.

He wanted to enter the main hall and watch Lu Mingyu and Li Jing worship in the hall. The pain and torture he suffered today will be deeply imprinted in his heart. Leave it to the future to get it back in the same way.

Li Chang glanced at his brother, whose handsome face was slightly pale. He really couldn’t understand what his brother was thinking. He couldn’t help but persuade him in a low voice: “If you don’t want to look, just don’t look. Why torture yourself like this.”

Li Hao responded: “I know what I am doing.”

Li Chang had no choice but to shut up.

The crowd gathered around the groom and the newlyweds as they entered the main hall.

Li Hao also took steps together.

Li Chang couldn’t persuade his brother, so he quickly followed him. He secretly thought to himself that he would have to stay close to his third brother later. If the third brother loses his composure, he can help him in time.

Li Chang thought so but underestimated Li Hao too much.

During the following worship ceremony, Li Hao, the Eldest Prince and the Fourth Prince stood in the best position and watched the ceremony silently. From beginning to end, not a single mistake was made.

Empress Dowager Zhao, Emperor Yongjia, and Empress Qiao had not left the palace. Today, the person in charge of the wedding ceremony was the Minister of Rites. He was also the father-in-law of Princess Hui’an, Fùmǎ Wu’s biological father.

Wu Shangshu was about fifty years old, with an elegant appearance and extraordinary bearing. He opened his mouth and said with a smile: “Please take the Second Prince and the Second huángzifēi to take their seats and pay homage to the hall.”

First bow to the heaven and earth, and second to the elders.

The elders were all in the palace, just salute in the direction of the palace.

When the couple bowed to each other, Li Jing took an extra long time to salute. The royal family members who were watching the ceremony laughed and joked: “His Royal Highness the Second Prince is reluctant to stand up after this salute.”

“Hurry up and lead the bride into the bridal chamber! You can look at her as long as you want.”

The crowd burst into laughter. Li Jing thanked them with a magnanimous expression, and the smile in his eyes never stopped.

He held the wedding silk and walked slowly and steadily.

When passing by Li Hao, he did not stop, nor did he do anything to show off or demonstrate. Just walked over so smoothly.

Li Hao’s eyes darkened as he glanced at Li Jing’s joyful face and Lu Mingyu, who was wearing a red veil and had an unknown expression.

The Eldest Prince and the Fourth Prince looked over calmly, with the light of watching a good show flashing in their eyes.

The brothers were friendly and harmonious on the surface, but secretly they were always competing with each other. Everyone knew the feud between Li Hao and Li Jing.

Li Jing and Lu Mingyu were getting married today. How would Li Hao feel when he watched helplessly?

However, Li Hao looked as usual and stood firm. The Eldest Prince and the Fourth Prince, who were waiting to see the excitement, were quite disappointed.

The Fourth Prince smiled and suggested: “Let’s go into the bridal chamber and take a look at the bride.”

The Eldest Prince agreed with a smile and patted Li Hao on the shoulder: “Third brother, how about we go in together?”

Li Hao actually did not refuse, smiled, and nodded in agreement. Li Chang said nothing and followed Li Hao silently. In addition, Princess Hui’an and others and a group of royal family members crowded into the bridal chamber.

“Second brother, please take off the veil quickly and let us see the bride.” The Fourth Prince shouted with a smile. Li Yan, Zhao Rui, and other young men also started laughing.

Li Jing responded with a smile.

The bride sat beside the bed.

Li Jing took the wedding pole from Xi Niang’s hand and gently lifted off the red veil.

The red veil quickly slipped off, revealing a beautiful face.

Everyone was shocked.

Most of the people who gathered in the bridal chamber to join in the fun had seen Lu Mingyu before and were familiar with her appearance.

Today, Lu Mingyu was wearing a bright red exquisite wedding dress, with long eyebrows and dazzling eyes. This beauty was almost overbearing and took away everyone’s heartbeat and breath.

Li Jing’s breathing stopped for a moment, and light suddenly burst out in his black eyes.

Lu Mingyu and Li Jing looked at each other and then lowered their eyes.

As a newlywed, she had to pretend to be a bit shy.

It was only at this moment that everyone took a breath.

“Second sister-in-law is so beautiful today.” The Fourth Prince praised with a smile.

Such a beautiful woman, no wonder the second brother and the third brother were fighting over her!

The Eldest Prince also smiled and praised: “I have met the second younger brother and sister in the past, and when I saw them today, they were so stunning.”

Zhao Rui couldn’t bear to blink. Take advantage of tonight to take one more look! After Lu Mingyu became the second huángzifēi, he had to call her cousin.

Li Hao looked steadily at the girl in red beside the bed, his heart seemed to have been stabbed by a sharp sword, and the cold wind kept getting in, making his internal organs cold.

Unfortunately, Lu Mingyu never raised her head to look at him.

Seeing everyone staring at Lu Mingyu, Li Jing felt unhappy. He coughed and laughed: “The wedding banquet is about to begin. Let’s go to the banquet and drink first.”

The Eldest Prince was someone who had been there before. He smiled and teased: “Look at how stingy you are. You are not happy because we looked at her twice.”

Was it just a second look?[2]vinegar jar alert

Zhao Rui kept watching, and Li Hao kept staring.

Li Jing didn’t care about this and opened his mouth to chase people away. It wasn’t until everyone left the bridal chamber with a smile that he turned to Lu Mingyu and said with a smile: “I’ll have someone bring some food later, so you can pad your stomach first.”

Before he could finish speaking, he was dragged out by the Fourth Prince.

(End of chapter)


1 royal son-in-law
2 vinegar jar alert

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