Phoenix Hairpin
Phoenix Hairpin Chapter 18: Mother and Daughter

Queen Qiao gave Princess Hui’an a sullen look: “That is easy for you to say.”

“King Xingyang led the Xingyang army to fight outside, fighting for the Great Wei. If I, the queen, made things difficult for King Xingyang’s only beloved daughter in the palace when this matter spreads outside, what would King Xingyang think? Have you thought about what will your father think?”

   “Do you really think that when you become a queen, you can do whatever you want, and everything depends on your own temperament?”

   Princess Hui’an was outspoken, and she opened her mouth and poked into Queen Qiao’s heart: “Imperial mother is so cautious, she is just afraid that Imperial Father will not like it. It’s too aggrieved to be so tolerant.”

“Actually, it is because Imperial Mother is so tolerant that Imperial Father is biased towards Concubine Meng Gui and the eldest prince. If you want me to say, it is better to straighten your back, say whatever you want, and do whatever you want, if that’s what makes you happy. “

Queen Qiao was stabbed in the sore spot, and glared at Princess Hui’an with an ugly face: “Damn! How are you able to say such things? You are already twenty, and you are an adult. How can you still talk like a child? It’s just nonsense, you don’t know what you are saying!”

   Princess Hui’an was reprimanded, and she felt unhappy in her heart.

   Queen Qiao was not favored, and even the eldest princess with her was not as favored by the Emperor as much as Princess Jing’an, who was born by Concubine Meng.

  Princess Hui’an had an unruly temperament, was irritable, and sneered suddenly: “Yes, yes, the mother is not willing to listen to this, I will not say it.”

Afterwards, Princess Hui’an turned her head to one side and refused to talk to Queen Qiao anymore.

   Queen Qiao’s temple throbbed.

She stretched out her hand, rubbed it hard for a moment, swallowed the sullenness in her heart, and her voice softened a lot: “That Lu Mingyu has a top-notch family background. However, her temperament is indeed a bit rough, and it is not suitable to be a princess consort. That’s all. If this palace reprimands and punishes in public, it will lose the Queen’s bearing.”

   Princess Hui’an snorted from her nose: “I’m talking nonsense, I don’t know what to say, and I don’t know what’s wrong. If the mother has any plans, you don’t need to tell me.”

  Queen Qiao: “…”

   This is her biological child.

   Queen Qiao recited this sentence several times and patiently coaxed: “Okay, it was the mother who was wrong just now, so I shouldn’t reprimand you. Don’t be angry with your mother.”

   This is about the same.

   Princess Hui’an turned her head: “It’s good that the mother knows her mistake.”

  Queen Qiao: “…”

   Queen Qiao twitched the corner of her mouth slightly and changed the subject: “Forget it, let’s not talk about this. Today, so many famous ladies entered the palace, in your opinion, who can be the Second Prince’s consort?”

Princess Hui’an’s attention was immediately attracted, she thought for a moment, and said, “In terms of family background, Qiao Wan and Zhao Yu are the best. In terms of appearance, Meng Yunluo and Jin Can’er are both good, and Shen Lan, who looks dignified and decent. .”

   Of course, there are also some shortcomings in the crowd.

  The Qiao family is a famous scholar family and has no military power.

   Zhao Yu is an embroidered pillow with a shallow mind.

  Meng Yunluo is the daughter of the Marquis of Guangping, and the Marquis of Guangping and the Second Prince are naturally at odds.

  Jin Can’er is impulsive and mindless, and can’t bear to be a princess consort. Shen Lan is beautiful and dignified, but her family background is slightly lower.

Afterwards, Princess Hui’an analyzed them one by one, and she was shocked: “Huh? In this comparison, Lu Mingyu is the best.”

  Her father is a military general who holds a heavy army, and she has a beautiful and heroic appearance and is unparalleled in coldness, innate power, and good skills. Among the famous ladies who entered the palace today, no one could dare to claim that they are better than Lu Mingyu.

   Queen Qiao said lightly: “Even if Lu Mingyu is good, she can’t be chosen as daughter-in-law just for her words and deeds today.”

“Your younger brother is a direct descendant of the Emperor, and he will be the crown prince in the future. The daughter-in-law of this palace is the future Empress of the Great Wei Dynasty. Lu Mingyu acts recklessly and has a rude temperament. Such a daughter-in-law, this palace can’t bear it.”

  Queen Qiao was born into a scholarly family. She is definitely not military-minded like Lu Mingyu!

   Princess Hui’an felt a little regretful: “It’s a pity. If you can marry into the Xingyang family, then the Second brother has such a brave father-in-law, and there are people in the army who will support him. In the future, the road to the canonization of the crown prince will be smoother.”

   Queen Qiao also weighed it in her heart and said slowly: “If Lu Mingyu did it out of her own heart and out of her own mind, she would not be worthy of being a princess. If she did it intentionally, she should not be chosen.”

   This is true.

  The twisted melon is not sweet. When the Imperial family chooses a daughter-in-law, they must be willing!

   Princess Hui’an glanced at Queen Qiao and asked bluntly, “Cousin Wan is in the mind of the mother?” It was a question, but her tone was very positive.

   Queen Qiao nodded slightly.

Princess Hui’an is arrogant, but not stupid at all: “Qiao’s family is the mother’s family, even if they don’t get married, they will support the Second brother. It is better to choose another famous lady to give the Second brother a powerful wife. It is best if the daughter of a general is chosen.”

  Qiao Ge is always the head of the civil servants. The Second Prince is the direct descendant, and the civil servants who insist on orthodoxy naturally will support the Second Prince. What the Second Prince lacked was the support of the generals.

   It is not bad to choose Qiao Wan as the side concubine but she is a waste in the position of Princess Consort.

   Queen Qiao sighed: “I don’t know what to say to you.”

“Your father’s heart has long favored Concubine Meng Gui’s mother and son. The Marquis of Guangping is very powerful in the army and is your father’s confidant. General Liang Da is the commander of the imperial guards, and he is most trusted by your father. The generals in the army can cooperate with him. As for someone with a similar position as General Hou Liang …”

“It is only King Xingyang and Marquis Puyang.” Princess Hui’an took over the words hurriedly: “Marquis Puyang is the grandmother’s family. The grandmother has long planned to marry Zhao Yu to the Fourth Prince. Therefore, only the Lu family is left. .”

   The mother and daughter looked at each other and frowned at the same time.

After a while, Princess Hui’an broke the silence: “The matter of choosing a Princess Consort is no trivial matter, and it has to be carefully considered. The Second brother has gone out with Imperial father and will return to Beijing soon. When the Second brother comes back, ask his opinion. It’s not too late to make a decision.”

   That’s all.

   Queen Qiao nodded slightly.

   At this moment, the door was knocked gently a few times, and Cai Lan’s respectful voice sounded: “Report to the Empress, Concubine Zhaorong has been complaining that she has shortness of breath, chest tightness, and headache, and wants to ask the imperial doctor to take a look.”

   Concubines cannot send for imperial physicians at will. It must be ordered by the Queen.

   Of course, the favored Concubine Meng is an exception.

   Queen Qiao’s eyes flashed with contempt, and she replied lightly, “Pass on the word of this palace and ask the imperial hospital to send an imperial physician to Yihua Palace to see Su Zhaorong.”

   She came from a famous family, and she has always looked down on Su Zhaorong’s weak, crying, and headache behavior.

   A dancer is a dancer, from a humble background who cannot stand on the stage. A mere Lu Mingyu made her run away in fright. Also, ask for an Imperial doctor to see.

   At this time, Queen Qiao completely forgot that she was also sulking because of Lu Mingyu.

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