Phoenix Hairpin
Phoenix Hairpin Chapter 19: Elder Sister

Before it was dark, Lu Mingfang and her sons came to Lu’s house.

   Lu Mingfang, 23, was gentle and beautiful. The long hair was rolled up, a gold hairpin was on the bun, and a pair of delicate lilac earrings are worn on the ears, which were simple and pure, calm and dignified.

   “Xiaoyu,” Lu Mingfang shouted with a smile.

   In the past life, she and Li Hao turned against each other and she lived alone in the Jiaofang Hall. The second brother and the sixth brother are all men, so it is inconvenient to enter the harem. The third sister was locked in the house by the Zhou family.

   The eldest sister Lu Mingfang and the fifth sister Lu Mingyue were the ones who often visited her in the palace.

   Lu Mingfang’s husband was solemn and considerate, and he has always stood by Lu Mingfang’s side to support her as Empress Lu.

  Unfortunately, good people don’t live long. Lu Mingfang became a widow at a young age when he died unexpectedly while leading troops to suppress bandits. Her hair turned all white even before she was 30. 

  Lu Mingfang was in front of her but with black hair like a crow, bright eyes, and a smile on her lips, young and beautiful.

  Lu Mingyu’s eyes suddenly became hot and slightly red: “Eldest sister.”

  Lu Mingfang pursed her lips and smiled, stepped forward, and hugged Lu Mingyu: “I haven’t seen each other for half a month. Lu Xiaoyu, who is so handsome, is crying and wiping tears at every turn.”

  Lu Mingyu was teased so much that she burst into laughter, rested her head on the chest of the elder sister, and rubbed coquettishly.

  She lost her biological mother when she was a child. When she was three years old, Lu Mingfang, who was eleven years old, came to the Lu family. She followed her eldest sister all day, and she was also extremely gentle and patient with her. The elder sister is like a mother, this sentence was not false at all.

  Lu Mingfang decided to get married at the age of fifteen, and it took three years to get married. All because she hated leaving her.

   Even after getting married, Lu Mingfang often returned to her parent’s home. Lu Mingyu and her eldest sister have a deep relationship and are very close.

   “Fourth aunt,” four-year-old Zheng Dabao’s head is sturdy and lovable, and his voice is very loud.

  Lu Mingyu responded with a smile, and when she stretched out his hand, Zheng Dabao jumped into her arms like a monkey.

   Two-year-old Zheng Xiaobao, not to be outdone, also squeezed into Lu Mingyu’s arms, shouting “Fourth Aunt” inarticulately, his teeth leaking, and he sounded like “Xiyi”.

  Lu Mingyu leaned over slightly, stretched out her other hand, and easily hugged Zheng Xiaobao into her arms.

  Lu Mingfang laughed at her two naughty sons: “Don’t make trouble with your fourth aunt, come down quickly.”

   “I won’t!” Zheng Dabao shouted loudly: “I want the fourth aunt to hug me.”

  Zheng Xiaobao did not talk much but used actions to express his determination. The two little fat hands hugged Lu Mingyu’s arms tightly, and the little fat face pressed against Lu Mingyu’s shoulders.

   “Don’t worry, Eldest sister, I can hold them.” Lu Mingyu calmed down, her face didn’t change and her heart didn’t beat fast.

  Lu Mingfang couldn’t help but laugh.

   It doesn’t matter, the fourth sister is born with supernatural powers, and it’s not a problem to hold two naughty monkeys.

   Then, Lu Mingyu threw the two brothers, Dabao and Xiaobao, into the air in turn. Zheng Dabao shouted excitedly: “Fourth aunt, throw it a little higher.”

   The fourth aunt is very strong and can throw him high and catch him firmly.

   Zheng Xiaobao looked greedy and made a fuss: “I want too.”

  Lu Mingyu raised her eyebrows and smiled: “Okay, don’t be afraid.” She also threw Zheng Xiaobao high. The two brothers shouted, not to mention how happy they were.

   Soon, Lu Minghua and others also came.

  Lu Mingyue is lively and laughing, Lu Xuan is also a small talker, coupled with the mischievous Zheng Dabao and Zheng Xiaobao, the inner hall is so noisy that even the roof is almost overturned.

  Lu Mingyu’s eyebrows and eyes are soft, and her lips are full of smiles.

   In this life, everything can be repeated.

   No one will dare to destroy this peace and beauty.


   After dinner, the two brothers were taken by the nurse to take a bath.

  Lu Mingfang finally got some free time, sat opposite Lu Mingyu, and said: “You had a fever in the middle of the night a few days ago, and I wanted to come back. It happened that my mother-in-law was also ill, and I really couldn’t get away.”

   Zheng Zhong, father, and son, both went to war with Lu Lin. Madam Zheng was frail and falls ill from time to time. Lu Mingfang, a daughter-in-law, can’t leave her sick mother-in-law behind.

  Lu Mingyu smiled and said, “I had a nightmare in the middle of the night, but I was fine the next day, and my body was as strong as a cow. Big sister doesn’t have to worry about me.”

  Lu Mingfang looked at Lu Mingyu carefully and said with a smile, “I’m relieved to see you look so good.” After a pause, she asked softly, “How about entering the palace today?”

  Lu Mingyu replied as usual: “Oh, everything is fine.”

  Lu Mingfang glanced and said with certainty: “It really happened.”

  Lu Mingyu: “…”

   Before Lu Mingyu could defend himself, Lu Mingfang continued: “Xiaoyu, you were brought up by me. No one knows your temperament better than me. If you have anything, don’t hide it from me.”

  Lu Mingyu and Lu Mingfang looked at each other for a moment, and finally, she was defeated: “Since the eldest sister has heard it, I will not hide it from you. There is indeed a small matter.”

   Then, she said lightly what happened at the palace banquet.

  Lu Mingfang’s eyes widened as she listened, and the look of shock and consternation in her eyes became more intense. After she listened patiently, she asked, “Xiaoyu, why are you doing this? You don’t want to marry the Third Prince?”

  Lu Mingyu nodded and said what she said to Shen Lan again.

  Lu Mingfang frowned and said in a low voice, “You are too one-sided and arbitrary to think so. You can’t miss your beloved because of what may happen in the future!”

  Li Hao is a prince, tall and handsome, with a strong temperament, proficient in both civil and military. Missing Li Hao, where will she get such a husband?

   The more Lu Mingfang thought about it, the more pity she felt.

  Lu Mingyu said, “I have made up my mind!”

Lu Mingfang was speechless, looked at Lu Mingyue for a moment, and quickly changed her mind: “You are right. There are many good sons in the capital. When you marry into the Imperial family as a daughter-in-law, you are constrained everywhere. With your temperament, in fact, it is not appropriate.”

   “Anyway, you’re still young, it’s not too late, you can wait two years before thinking about marriage .”

   This is the Eldest sister who loved her the most.

  No matter what she does, Lu Mingfang will stand by her unswervingly.

  Lu Mingyu’s heart is full of warmth. Like a child, she rested her head on Lu Mingfang’s neck and sighed softly, “Eldest sister.”

  Lu Mingfang smiled and hummed.

  Lu Mingyu whispered, “I just wanted to call you that.”

   It’s so nice to see your radiant face!

  Lu Mingfang laughed, reached out, and stroked Lu Mingyu’s hair: “You are still like a child. I really don’t know when you will grow up.”

  Lu Mingyu felt a little sour.

  No, she’s already grown up.

   Her sincerity and integrity were not treated with sincerity but were twisted with dark calculations.

   Her ardent love is not the inseparability of the white heads, but the balance of the emperor.

  Lu Mingfang only felt a little wetness on her shoulders, feeling both pity and pain. She didn’t have any doubts, she just thought that Lu Mingyu was crying for the juvenile affection that she gave up.

  Lu Mingfang didn’t say anything, and accompanied her silently, giving Lu Mingyu silent comfort.

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