Phoenix Hairpin
Phoenix Hairpin Chapter 21: Reunion

It was not until evening that the Zheng couple showed up.

  Zheng Zhong’s face is slightly tired, but his expression is very satisfied.

  Lu Mingfang’s legs were weak, and her face was like a peach blossom, which was very delicate and beautiful.

   Dabao and Xiaobao immediately rushed over when they saw their father and mother. Zheng Zhong’s eyes and hands were quick, and he took both sons into his arms.

  It was probably because of the excessive energy consumption before, when the two heavy sons were in his arms, his arms softened and he almost didn’t hug them.

   Zheng Dabao looked at his father with some disgust: “Father, you can’t hold me anymore.”

   Zheng Xiaobao nodded inarticulately: “Father is really useless.”

Zheng Zhong: “…”

  Lu Mingyu and others laughed lightly.

  Lu Mingfang’s face was a little hot, and she coughed and said, “It’s time to prepare dinner! I guess that Godfather and second brother should come back to the house soon.”

  Lu Mingyu replied with a smile: “I have already ordered about that; this little thing, eldest sister doesn’t need to worry about.”

   Then, she waved at the two naughty bags: “Eldest brother-in-law has been running all the way, tired and hard. Don’t make a fuss, you two, come to me obediently.”

  Zheng Dabao and Zheng Xiaobao have long been Lu Mingyu’s most loyal valet, they nodded and got down from their father’s arms.

  Zheng Zhong laughed: “These two little monkeys, when they are in front of the Fourth Sister, are extraordinarily well-behaved and obedient.”

  Lu Mingyu is close to her eldest sister and is also very close to her eldest brother-in-law Zheng Zhong. Hearing this, she smiled playfully: “Anyone who comes before me has to be obedient. Don’t eldest brother-in-law also listen to me?”

   As a brother-in-law, in front of my sister-in-law, I always have a better temper.

   What’s more, Lu Mingyu is still so young and beautiful.

  Fourth Miss Lu is notoriously bad-tempered, only her family can get Lu Mingyu to make jokes like this.

  Zheng Zhong grinned: “Yes, yes, it was I who didn’t speak well. Of course, the elder brother-in-law has to listen to what the fourth sister said.”

Lu Xuan leaned over and said, “Brother-in-law, tell me quickly, did you win this battle? What military exploits did Dad and the second brother get, and how many rewards did they get? Also, was there anything interesting during the war? “

  Lu Mingyue also stretched her neck curiously.

   After a few years, Lu Mingyu’s memory is also a little fuzzy.

   Anyway, the Great Wei Dynasty has been fighting, and it is not until four years later that Dayan and Great Chu were destroyed, and the Central Plains were unified. There were victories and defeats, of course.

  Zheng Zhong’s voice quickly sounded: “We won the battle. Dad led the army to conquer a city and made a great contribution. The second brother beheaded more than a dozen, and this time he can also be upgraded to another level.”

“Fighting is nothing more than killing and killing, nothing interesting… Wait, but there is one. On our way back, the second prince accidentally fell off his horse. Fortunately, the accompanying imperial doctor rescued him in time, and the second prince only suffered some minor injuries. After a few days, it will be fine.”

   “However, His Royal Highness the Second Prince has been in the carriage since then, and has never been seen again.”


   Second Prince Li Jing?

   Lu Mingyu’s mind quickly flashed a handsome young face.

  The second prince is two months older than Li Hao. One is the direct descendant of the main family, and his grandfather is the first assistant of the dynasty. One is the son of a dancer, and the disparity between them is really huge.

  Li Hao is proficient in both civil and military, tall, handsome, shrewd and decisive.

   The handsome appearance of the second prince is even better than that of Li Hao.

   It’s just that the appearance and temperament of the second prince resemble Queen Qiao, which is not pleasing to Emperor Yongjia. The most beloved son of Emperor Yongjia was Li Yi, the eldest prince from Concubine Meng.

  Speaking of which, the second prince was also unlucky. As the direct son, he has not been established as the crown prince for a long time.

   When it came time to choose the prince’s consort, Queen Qiao lost her head for a while and made a foolish move to choose Meng Yunluo, the daughter of the Marquis of Guangping, as the prince’s consort.

   In Queen Qiao’s view, this is a great trick. The first prince’s biggest reliance is the Guangping Marquis Mansion. As long as the Marquis of Guangping can be drawn over, the position of the second prince as the crown prince will be as stable as Mount Tai.

  Imagine, is Quang Pinghou willing to be the elder brother of Empress Dowager or the father of the Empress?

   Facts have proved that Queen Qiao really made a bad move.

After Meng Yunluo, the daughter of Hou Guangping became the second prince’s consort, she did not agree with the second prince. Others are young couples, harmonious and loving. After the second prince got married, Meng Yunluo and Li Hao were indifferent and respected each other like ice.

   Concubine Meng attracted her own niece, which made Queen Qiao even more depressed.

   Later, in the battle against Dayan and Great Chu, the second prince was shot dead on the battlefield by an assassin hiding in the dark. He almost didn’t get the corpse back…

   A strange and complex light flashed across Lu Mingyu’s black eyes.

   Everyone was attentively listening to Zheng Zhong’s words, and no one paid attention to Lu Mingyu’s strangeness.

  Lu Xuan asked curiously: “Eldest brother-in-law, this time who has made more contributions, the first or the second prince?”

   What a foolish question to ask.

Lu Mingyue tapped Lu Xuan’s big head with her hand, and replied eloquently: “What a stupid question to ask! I heard that His Royal Highness, the eldest prince, has practised martial arts since he was a child, and he has excellent skills. He has been in the military camp since he was a child, and his ability to fight is No. 1 among the princes. With Hou Guangping taking care of him and the emperor’s preference, how can the second prince compare to the eldest prince.”

   “The second prince must have seen the eldest prince in the limelight, and he was not happy. After being slightly injured, he simply hid and did not see anyone.”

   This clever ghost.

  Lu Mingyu laughed dumbly, reached out and touched Lu Mingyue’s head.

  Zheng Zhong smiled approvingly and immediately reminded sternly: “It’s okay to say these words at home. To outsiders, don’t talk nonsense, so as not to spread to the ears of people who care.”

  Lu Mingyue nodded obediently.

   The porter hurried to deliver a letter: “Miss, the general and the second son are back.”

  Lu Mingyu’s eyes lit up, and she walked away without saying a word. Lu Minghua and others also walked quickly. Lu Mingfang wanted to walk faster, but when he took a step, his legs were sore and soft.

  Zheng Zhong cheekily leaned over and supported his wife’s arm: “I’ll support you.”

  Lu Mingfang gave Zheng Zhong a look and smiled solemnly and silently.


  Lu Mingyu was anxious and walked quickly. The siblings were soon left behind.

   In the distance, she saw a familiar figure walking forward.


   Lu Mingyu’s nose was filled with strong sourness, and her eyes became warm.

   In her previous life, Lu Lin died on the battlefield.

   She disguised herself and hid in Li Hao’s tent all the time.

  The sad news of Lu Lin’s death in battle came, she was devastated, but could not show her face. When Lu Lin’s body was placed in the coffin, her unfilial daughter was taking care of her injured husband in the military tent.

   Later, Li Hao became the emperor. In just a few years, she was trapped in a deep palace and murdered by poisoning. In the end, he died young.

   Her life is so sad and ridiculous.

   Who in this world really loves her?

   Who steadfastly trusted her to support her?

   Only her own father.

   “Father,” Lu Mingyu burst into the arms of the tall man with tears in her eyes: “You are finally back!”

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