Phoenix Hairpin
Phoenix Hairpin Chapter 22: Father and Daughter (1)

The man was about thirty-five or thirty-six years old, tall, with a beard covering most of his handsome face. His eyes are deep and sharp, not angry.

   It was Lu Lin, the king of Xingyang.

  As a military general, he spends most of his time in the barracks or leads troops to fight. He doesn’t have much time to spend with his daughter.

  They hadn’t seen each other for a few months, and Lu Lin missed his daughter. He gently hugged Lu Mingyu’s shoulder and smiled to reassure her: “Xiaoyu, when Dad is back in Beijing this time, he will stay for a while longer to accompany you.”

  Lu Mingyu choked and hummed, quickly wiped her tears, and took two steps back.

   The father and daughter looked at each other carefully, and blurted out at the same time: “Dad (Xiaoyu), you’ve lost weight!”

After saying that, they laughed together.

  Lu Mingyu looked at the boy beside Lu Lin again: “Second brother!”

  This young man is tall and has long legs, thick eyebrows and tiger eyes, and is very heroic. It was his righteous brother Lu Fei.

   In his previous life, Lu Lin died in battle, and Lu Fei was named Marquis of Zhongyong and took over the Xingyang Army. He was her strongest supporter and her closest brother.

   Although they are not related by blood, they have a deep friendship, which is better than siblings.

  Lu Fei has been in the military camp since he was ten years old, and it has been eight years so far. The eighteen-year-old young man is like a sharp sword unsheathed, his eyes are bright and sharp.

  Lu Fei’s complexion is quite dark. When he smiled at Lu Mingyu, he showed two rows of white teeth: “Fourth sister, I haven’t seen you for a few months. You have grown a lot taller, and you look like a big girl.”

   While speaking, Lu Minghua and his brothers also came one after another.

   The family reunited, and there was inexhaustible joy and excitement.

Lu Lin waved his hand arrogantly: “Go, go to the dining room! I’ve been marching and fighting for several months, but I haven’t eaten a decent meal. Today’s palace banquet, I couldn’t let go of my appetite. I have to eat a full meal tonight. “

  The sons and daughters responded in unison, like a crowd of stars holding the moon, and they went to the dining room in a crowd.

   Lu Lin sat on top, Lu Mingyu sat next to his father, then Lu Mingfang, Lu Minghua, Lu Mingyue, and Lu Xuan. Lu Feihe sat on the other side with Zheng Zhong.

   Dabao and Xiaobao squeezed in front of Lu Lin while shouting “Grandfather”. Lu Mingfang hurriedly said: “Dabao Xiaobao, don’t make trouble with your grandfather, come to your mother’s side.”

   Lu Lin loved to spoil his grandchildren, and immediately smiled: “I haven’t seen my grandsons for so long, so let’s play for a while. It’s okay, you eat yours, don’t worry about us.”

With a big hand, he put both children on his lap. Listen patiently to the children.

   Even this did not delay his meal.

   A table of delicious food, Lu Linyan’s chopsticks flew at least half of it into his mouth. Moreover, Lu Lin doesn’t like to eat vegetarian food, and all he eats is meat.

  Lu Mingyu looked at the familiar scene, both cordial and funny, reminding him from time to time: “Dad, don’t hold back.”

   “Let Lu Jia prepare some hawthorn pills for digestion,” Lu Lin continued to eat and drink: “I haven’t eaten meat like this for a few months, let’s talk about it first.”

  Lu Mingyu: “…”

All right!

  Daddy is happy.


  After dinner, everyone dispersed and thoughtfully left the reunion time for the father and daughter.

  Lu Lin is not the kind of warrior who only knows how to fight. In his spare time, he likes to read military books, as well as miscellaneous books and opera books. In Nuoda’s study, several bookshelves were filled to the brim.

  Lu Lin ate meat very well tonight. At this time, he was holding a jar of hawthorn pills, one bite at a time, and he ate numbly and comfortably.

   As soon as he looked up, he saw his daughter staring at him intently.

   That gaze was eager and complex.

   As if I haven’t seen him for many years.

  Lu Lin laughed: “Xiaoyu, what are you doing looking at your father like this. You haven’t seen me for a few months, so you can’t remember what your father looks like!”

Saying that he laughed heartily.

  Lu Mingyu’s nose was slightly sour, and she whispered, “Father!”

  Lu Lin snorted and picked up another hawthorn pill and stuffed it into his mouth. Hawthorn balls are sweet and sour, very delicious.

   After waiting for a while, before Lu Mingyu’s next sentence, Lu Lin was a little surprised and stopped his movements: “Xiaoyu, do you have something on your mind?”

  Lu Mingyu nodded: “Yes, I have a very important thing to tell Father.”

  Under the bright candlelight, Lu Mingyu’s expression was solemn and her eyes were deep and solemn.

Such a daughter is a bit unfamiliar.

  Lu Lin’s heart sank inexplicably, he put half a jar of hawthorn pills on the table, then got up and walked in front of Lu Mingyu: “What’s wrong? Did someone bully you? Tell father, I will never forgive him!”

   Before Lu Mingyu could speak, a young man flashed in Lu Lin’s mind.

   At the palace banquet today, the three princes were present. In front of everyone, the Third Prince took the initiative to raise a toast to him. Everyone didn’t say it, but there was a clear sense of amusement in their eyes.

  As a biological father, seeing the man who covets his daughter come to court, his mood is quite complicated. Lu Lin drank the wine calmly, greeted the Third Prince politely, and didn’t say much.

   Now Xiaoyu deliberately mentions Li Hao, is she in a hurry to get married now!

  Lu Lin felt a little sour in his heart and asked, “Do you want to talk about Li Hao?”

  Lu Mingyu hummed.

Lu Lin’s heart became more and more sour, and he snorted softly: “I know this stinky boy has bad intentions. Since he saw you once two years ago, he deliberately got close to your Second Brother and came to our Lu family cheekily. “

   “If his status is ordinary, that’s fine. But he is a prince, and his biological mother, Su Zhaorong, came from a humble background. From my father’s point of view, he likes you, but if your father is not the king of Xingyang who holds a heavy army, he may not be so diligent…”

   “Father is right.” Lu Mingyu nodded unexpectedly in agreement: “I’ve already figured it out. I won’t be a princess consort, and the battle for the throne will not involve our Lu family.”

  Lu Lin: “…”

   The next words suddenly caught in his throat.

  Lu Mingyu looked at Lu Lin steadily, and said slowly, “When the emperor returns to the palace, the empress will mention the marriages of several princes. Su Zhaorong’s mother and son will definitely beg the emperor for a marriage with the Lu family.”

   “If the emperor wants to confer marriage, he will ask father. Father must show his heart to the emperor. The Lu family has no intention of marrying into the Imperial family!”

   Lu Lin was shocked and blurted out: “Xiaoyu, are you serious!”

  Lu Mingyu looked calm: “How can I laugh at such an important matter.”

  Lu Lin’s mind is a little confused: “Wait, my mind is in a mess now, I have to think about it.”

   “Xiaoyu, haven’t you always liked that stinky boy Li Hao? Why did you suddenly refuse to marry him?”

“Father is reluctant to let you get married early. However, when a girl grows up, they must get married. Regardless of Su Zhaorong, Li Hao is worthy of you. If you miss this marriage, what will you do if you can’t find a good husband in the future? “

  Lu Lin said what was the most unpleasant thing and quickly made up his mind: “Are you worried that the Lu family will be involved in the battle for the throne, hence you don’t want to marry Li Hao? Xiaoyu, since you like Li Hao, it’s okay to marry him.”

   “With your father here, no one can bully you!”

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