Phoenix Hairpin
Phoenix Hairpin: Chapter 23: Father and Daughter (2)

With your father here, no one can bully you!

   In a short sentence, Lu Lin gave his decisive and very domineering support to his daughter!

   As the first king of the Great Wei with a different surname and its most courageous and famous general, he had 60,000 Xingyang troops and many fierce generals under his command. He had won the trust of the Emperor and made great achievements on the battlefield.

 So naturally, Lu Lin had his own domineering qualifications and confidence.

   Lu Mingyu’s heart surged with bursts of heat.

   “Father, I know what you mean.” Lu Mingyu softened her voice: “A few days ago, Empress Qiao held a banquet in the palace, and I also received the post of the palace banquet and entered the palace.”

   “Everyone in the palace is hypocritical, and I’m really not used to it. A little bit of strength will frighten Su Zhaorong and anger Empress Qiao.”

   “If I marry Li Hao, I will have to restrain my temperament, pretend to be gentle, courteous, and frugal, speak insincerely, and be hypocritical. This is not the life I want.”

   “From that day on, I made up my mind that I would never marry into the imperial family as a daughter-in-law.”

   In front of Lu Lin, if she just said that the Lu family cannot be involved in the battle for the crown prince, with his father’s love for her, he will definitely make concessions for her “lifelong happiness”.

   Therefore, she deliberately emphasized that she did not want to be bullied or alienated after marrying into the Imperial family.

   Sure enough, as soon as Lu Lin heard this, his attitude was not so firm: “Xiaoyu, were you disliked at the palace banquet?”

  Lu Mingyu sighed deliberately: “That’s not true. However, they were looking at me as if looking at a monster.”

  Lu Lin was angry: “Bah! All of them have white eyes[1]it means they are blind! My daughter is born with divine power, and her talent for martial arts is better than that of all children in the world. Who is Li Hao, you can beat him to the ground in less than a hundred moves!”

   “Forget it, it’s okay not to marry. When I enter the palace tomorrow, if the emperor wants to talk about marriage, I will tell him that I want to keep you for a few more years…”

   “It’s impossible to say that.” Lu Mingyu’s eyes flashed, and she took over the words: “If Father says that he is reluctant to marry me, the emperor could say that he would give the engagement first, and then wait a few years before getting married. How can Father refuse then?”

   This is true.

  Lu Lin thought for a while: “Otherwise, I will say that a marriage has been arranged for you?”

“That’s not right.” Lu Mingyu thought about it for a long time: “Father has been leading the army to fight, when will he have time to arrange a marriage for me? When the emperor hears this, he will know that you are making an excuse. Besides, if the emperor asked who the other party is, what will you say then?”

   This reason cannot stand scrutiny, it is too easy to be exposed.

  Lu Lin pondered for a while: “What should I do then?”

  Lu Mingyu smiled and whispered a few words in Lu Lin’s ear: “…At that time, Father will have to act with sincerity, so that he can win the emperor’s trust.”

   Lu Lin’s eyes lit up, and he grinned: “Don’t worry! Father didn’t read the book in the past ten years in vain. If the emperor asks, I promise to burst into tears, let the emperor be moved, and cry on the spot.”

  Lu Mingyu burst out laughing at the teasing.

   This is her first bright smile since her rebirth.

  Lu Lin looked at his smiling daughter and felt very happy. Prince concubine or something, whoever is willing to marry; in his heart, nothing is more important than his daughter’s happiness.


   The banquet in the palace was coming to an end now.

  Emperor Yongjia, who was sitting at the top, was tall, mighty, and had the awe-inspiring demeanor of an emperor.

   Tonight is a palace banquet was a family banquet. Those who attended were either the wives and concubines of Emperor Yongjia, or sons, daughters-in-law, daughters, and sons-in-law. Emperor Yongjia came back from a victory and was in a good mood. He drank a lot of wine tonight.

   The only one who was absent was the injured second prince.

Empress Qiao was thinking about the injury of the Second Prince, and it was inconvenient to show it at this time. She raised her glass with a smile: “The emperor has successfully suppressed the bandits this time, and added two more cities to the Great Wei. The people of the two cities can return to the Great Wei and live and work in peace and contentment. They no longer have to suffer from the riots of bandits. Ben gong and concubines pay tribute to the emperor with this cup of wine.”

   These words are naturally pleasing to the ears.

  Emperor Yongjia smiled happily: “Okay, I will drink this glass of wine from the Empress.”

Before the wine glass in Empress Qiao’s hand was put down, Concubine Meng Gui smiled and held the wine glass: “I also want to honor the Emperor with a cup, I wish the emperor a great victory and the unification of the Central Plains which is just around the corner. Let’s build an empire that lasts forever!”

   Concubine Meng’s words were obviously more in line with Emperor Yongjia’s wishes.

  Emperor Yongjia laughed: “Okay, Concubine Ai said it well! I drink this cup, I just hope that I can build this empire as soon as possible!”

   Concubine Meng pursed her lips and chuckled, took a sip of wine, and her charming gaze fell on Emperor Yongjia’s face.

  Emperor Yongjia had already had a taste for alcohol, and at this time, seeing the charming concubine, his heart was warmed.

  Queen Qiao: “…”

   In front of her, he looked so affectionate. Is the Empress dead that they dare to do so? The emperor returned with his troops, it is customary that he stays in Jiaofang Palace for the night.

  If Emperor Yongjia was hooked by Meng Guifei tonight and went to Yanxi Palace, where would that put the face of the Empress[2]it means they don’t respect her?

  Empress Qiao was heartbroken, glanced at Concubine Meng Gui, and said lightly: “What Concubine Meng said just now is very much in the heart of this palace. Come, give Concubine Meng another glass of wine!”

  The maid beside Queen Qiao respectfully commanded the order and brought a glass of wine to Concubine Meng, which unfortunately blocked Emperor Yongjia’s sight.

   The affectionate gazes were naturally interrupted.

   Concubine Meng: “…”

   Queen Qiao pressed people with her identity, and Concubine Meng was so angry that she had to stand up to thank her and took the wine from the palace maid.

  Concubine Qin covered her mouth with a handkerchief and quietly hooked the corner of her mouth. Then she also stood up and toasted softly.

   Concubine Qin was the cousin of Emperor Yongjia from his mother’s side, and she accompanies the Empress Dowager Zhao on a daily basis. Emperor Yongjia was a filial son, so he treated Concubine Qin in a different way.

  Su Zhaorong waited anxiously for a long time, and finally, it was her turn. She just got up, but before she could speak, Emperor Yongjia said: “I drank a lot of wine tonight, so let’s stop here!”

  Su Zhaorong: “…”

  Su Zhaorong replied with a slightly embarrassed smile, “It’s because the concubine didn’t think carefully, and the emperor drank a lot, so he can’t drink anymore. Emperor, please don’t take offense to this.”

   After saying that, she quickly sat back.

  Someone laughed softly.

   She didn’t know how many eyes were looking at her to see her joke.

   Su Zhaorong’s ears were hot, and the familiar pain of being scorned and humiliated swept over her.

   In her previous life, she endured like this year after year, until her daughter-in-law entered the house until her son ascended the throne, and until she became the Empress Dowager.

   All those who humiliated her and looked down on her had to crawl under her feet.

   Empress Qiao, Concubine Meng Guifei, Concubine Qin… One after another “died” in the deep palace.

  But now, everything was back to square one.

  No, worse and scarier than the original.

  Lu Mingyu was full of hatred. Once through the door, she and her younger son are going to have no way out. But these days, every time she mentions this, Li Hao’s attitude is very firm.

   This mess, how to untie it?


1 it means they are blind
2 it means they don’t respect her

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