Phoenix Hairpin
Phoenix Hairpin Chapter 26: Father and Sons

Li Hao was only two months younger than the Second prince.

  The two brothers were not particularly affectionate but also got along well. The Second Prince is a gentleman who is gentle with people. Li Hao is very familiar with the temperament of the Second Prince.

   But at this time, the Second prince’s eyes were too unfamiliar.

   Like two sharp thorns, piercing deeply into his eyes.

   Li Hao felt an inexplicable unease in his heart. However, in just a short moment, the Second prince turned his head and smiled at the Eldest prince: “Brother, please go first.”

  The Eldest prince did not give in politely, nodded with a smile, and walked into the Jiaofang Hall holding the hand of the eldest princess.

  The Second prince walked in without haste.

  Li Hao stood there, not moving. The Fourth prince found it to be a little strange: “Third brother, what’s wrong with you?”

  Li Hao looked back from the figure in front of him, calmed his mind, and said with a casual smile, “Go ahead! I’ll go in with my Fifth brother.”

   Among the princes, only Li Hao and Li Chang shared the same mother. Li Chang is very dependent on Li Hao, and Li Hao also takes care of his younger brother everywhere.

  The Fourth prince didn’t think much about it, he smiled and walked in.

  Li Chang habitually leaned over to his brother and said in a low voice, “Third brother, your face doesn’t seem very good. Did you not sleep well last night?”

   Li Hao hummed and patted Li Chang on the shoulder without saying much.

The two brothers also stepped into the Jiaofang Hall.


  The sons came to greet him together. Emperor Yongjia was in a good mood. He first smiled and said to the Eldest prince: “You live outside the palace, why did you enter the palace so early?”

   The Eldest prince replied with a smile: “Er Chen has his father in mind, and came to the palace early in the morning.”

  Emperor Yongjia laughed loudly: “Okay, I’m very good, you don’t need to keep me in your mind all day. Tomorrow happens to be the big court meeting. You will go to court with me.”

   The Eldest prince agreed.

  Emperor Yongjia never concealed his love and partiality for his eldest son.

    The Second Prince looked at Emperor Yongjia silently, his eyes a little complicated.

   The rest of the princes were equally delicate.

   As a son, who doesn’t want to be loved and paid attention to by his father? Not to mention, their father was still the emperor of the Great Wei. The status of the prince who is favored by the emperor can only be known by looking at the illustrious scenery of the First prince.

   Queen Qiao twitched the corners of her mouth slightly.

   This early in the morning, when I was forced to see the father’s kindness and filial piety, my heart was really disgusted.

   Queen Qiao sneered in her heart, and her eyes fell eagerly on the Second prince, full of concern and love: “Ajing, is your injury healed? Why don’t you rest for two more days.”

  Emperor Yongjia finally shifted his attention and looked up and down at the Second prince: “How is your health?”

   “After returning to the father and mother,” the Second prince’s voice was warm and sweet: “Er Chen has been recovering from his injury for a few days, and he has walked without hindrance. Tomorrow’s court meeting, Er Chen was wondering if he could also be will be able to go with Imperial Father?”

  People: “…”

  In the hall of Jiaofang, there was pin-drop silence.

  The eyes of everyone were on the Second prince.

  Emperor Yongjia opened his mouth and asked the eldest prince to go to the court. Who princes did not have ideas in their hearts? But no one could have imagined that the humble and respectful Second prince would take the initiative to open his mouth.

   What is the difference between this and publicly accusing Emperor Yongjia of being biased?

  Queen Qiao subconsciously grasped the handle of the phoenix chair, and her heart almost popped out of her chest. If it wasn’t for her superior self-control, she would have lost her temper at this time.

  Emperor Yongjia was both surprised and a little annoyed.

   As a father, he is partial and takes it for granted.

   Now being told by the Second Prince, Emperor Yongjia’s face was a little unsightly. After a moment’s pause, he said, “I was negligent. You are also sixteen this year, so let’s go to court together!”

  The second prince looked serene as usual, smiled, and bowed his hands to thank him: “Thank you, Imperial Father.”

Yongjia Emperor glanced at the dragon’s eyes and said again: “A Hao A Xian, both of you are not too young. The class in the study will be changed to the afternoon, and in the morning, go to the Golden Palace and listen to the government together. You are all my sons, all of you are princes of Great Wei. If you want to lead troops to fight, you can’t be unfamiliar with the affairs of the court.”

   For Li Hao and the Fourth prince, this was a complete surprise.

  Even if Emperor Yongjia used the two of them to stab the Second prince, they would get real benefits.

  The two brothers bowed to each other.

   As for Li Chang, he has not yet reached the age of ten, so let’s go to study in the Study Hall now!

  Emperor Yongjia encouraged Li Chang to study hard. Li Chang was rarely noticed by Emperor Yongjia, and his fat face turned red: “Yes, yes, Er Chen must study hard.”


  Emperor Yongjia soon went to Wenhua Hall to handle political affairs.

  The princes each withdrew and left.

   Only the Second prince remained.

  Queen Qiao held back her words, and now she can finally speak. After opening her mouth, she became annoyed: “A Jing, what’s the matter with you today? Why did such a sentence suddenly come out?”

   “It’s alright now, you can go to court and annoy your father.”

   In the long run, it is really not a wise move to anger Emperor Yongjia in order to participate in the government.

  The Second prince fixedly looked at the anxious Queen Qiao: “Then according to mother, what should the son do?”

   Queen Qiao blurted out: “The ruler is the master of the minister, and the father is the master of the son. Naturally, you should wait for your father to open his mouth…”

   “Father doesn’t like me as a direct son, and he always lifts up the elder brother.” The Second prince interrupted Queen Qiao lightly: “If I don’t make a sound, then I will only be more and more neglected.”

   “I came from Empress’ womb, and I’m the only direct descendant of the Great Wei. Why should I hold back? Why should I keep a low profile? Why should I retreat again and again?”

  Queen Qiao: “…”

   Queen Qiao looked at her son in astonishment.

   That handsome face that was all too familiar was suddenly unfamiliar.

   The coldness flashing in his black eyes was even more unprecedented.

  The Second Prince and Queen Qiao looked at each other and he said slowly: “Mother don’t worry, I know what I’m doing.”

   Queen Qiao’s throat seemed to be blocked by something, all the words were stuck in her throat, and she couldn’t spit out a word. A strong sense of astringency hit her heart, and her eyes quickly turned red: “A Jing, it’s the mother who is useless…”

  She suddenly choked up, unable to speak.

  She is Li Yuan’s first wife. No matter how much Li Yuan liked Meng Fei, he couldn’t abandon his wife for no reason. After Li Yuan became the emperor, she was logically established as the Queen of the Middle Palace.

   In the palace, everyone knew that Concubine Meng was the woman at the top of the emperor’s heart.

   An unloved Empress can only keep her identity if she is virtuous and humble.

   She has also been teaching her son to be magnanimous and tolerant. She was not favored by her husband, and even her son was not favored by Emperor Yongjia.

  Otherwise, why would she swallow her anger and blindly give in when her son was the rightful son?

  Queen Qiao choked with tears.

   The Second prince sighed softly, stepped forward, and hugged his mother, his voice was inaudible: “Mother, don’t cry. Just sit safely on the Phoenix chair. In the future, everything will be up to me.”

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