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Phoenix Hairpin Chapter 27: Marriage (1)

Empress Qiao cried for a while, but her emotions slowly calmed down, and she wiped the tears with a handkerchief. She asked carefully about the situation of the Second Prince accompanying the army this time.

The Second Prince’s eyes flashed and his expression was light: “I followed General Li to plan the military rations and shipments, but did not lead the troops into battle. On the contrary, the elder brother fought several victorious battles with the father, killed more than 20 bandits, and got a lot of military merits.”

   Empress Qiao couldn’t help sighing softly.

  Emperor Yongjia’s heart is really biased.

   When the First Prince went out with the army for the first time, he led the army into battle. There are personal guards guarding him, and he shoots and kills a few rogue bandits. As soon as it came out, the Eldest Prince became “naturally brave” and “good at leading troops”.

   In fact, this reputation was deliberately promoted by everyone.

   It was the Second Prince’s turn to go out with the army for the first time and was sent to the military supply logistics. Even if you want to make merit, there is no chance. On the contrary, the Second Prince fell off his horse and was slightly injured on the return journey, and the talkative people in the palace had something to talk about.

   Queen Qiao cheered up and said in a low voice, “Ajing, a few days ago, I held a banquet in the palace, and all the ladies with outstanding family backgrounds and appearances entered the palace. I think a few are good…”

   Before she could finish speaking, she was interrupted by the Second Prince: “Empress Mother has fallen in love with Meng Yunluo, the daughter of the Marquis of Guangping?”

  Queen Qiao: “…”

   Queen Qiao was dumbfounded and looked at the Second Prince who looked calm: “How did you guess?”

   She was thinking about this marriage in her heart and never told anyone. When Princess Hui’an asked, she was perfunctory and never mentioned her real plans.

   The more she thought about it, the more she felt that this was a good move.

  The biggest reliances of the Eldest Prince are that one is the emperor’s favor, the other is Concubine Meng in the palace and the Marquis of Guangping outside the palace.

  If the Second Prince married the daughter of the Marquis of Guangping, the Marquis of Guangping became the Prince’s father-in-law. No matter how good a nephew is, how can he be as good as his own son-in-law?

 She wanted to win over the Meng family through marriage. The Second Prince is a direct descendant and the civil servants who value orthodoxy will naturally help the second prince. If there is more support from the Marquis of Guangping in the army, who else can compete with the Second Prince?

  She never thought that the Second Prince could guess her thoughts.

  The Second Prince looked at Queen Qiao, his voice slightly lowered: “Mother and son are connected. What is the mother thinking, as a son, I can always guess a few points.”

   Queen Qiao had a smile on her face: “Since you guessed it, I won’t hide it from you. I really fell in love with the daughter of the Meng family.” Then, she wanted to explain her plan in detail.

   Without saying a word, she was interrupted by the Second Prince: “Mother, please put aside this idea! I won’t marry Meng Yunluo!”

  Queen Joe: “…”

   Queen Qiao was choked to silence, and that strange feeling came to her mind again.

   I haven’t seen each other for a few months, and the Second Prince has changed a lot.

  The once humble and gentle jade-like youth has become cold and determined.

   “Why?” Queen Qiao couldn’t help frowning: “Do you already have a girl you like?”

   Could it be that he likes Qiao Wan?

Queen Qiao’s thoughts changed, and she was about to ask a tentative question when she heard the Second Prince indifferently say: “I do have a favorite candidate as Princess Consort in my heart. This matter, Empress Mother doesn’t need to worry about it. I will ask Royal Father in private tonight. I will marry the girl you want.”

The last few words were meaningful.

   Queen Qiao wanted to ask more, but the Second Prince had already bowed and left.

  Queen Qiao: “…”

 Her son has grown up and has his own ideas and opinions. Not even discussing it with her.

   Queen Qiao couldn’t tell whether she should be happy or disappointed. After a long time, she let out a long sigh.


  Emperor Yongjia left the Capital for several months, delaying many government affairs. Busy all day, he stopped only when it got dark.

   Eunuch Liu stepped forward respectfully: “It’s getting late, it’s time for dinner.”

  Emperor Yongjia thought for a while and said, “No need, go directly to Yanxi Palace. I will have dinner together at the imperial concubine’s place.”

   On the first night of returning to the palace, staying in Jiaofang Hall was enough to give a face to Queen Qiao. Tonight, Emperor Yongjia was going to Concubine Meng’s palace.

   Eunuch Liu responded with a smile. Before he left, Eunuch Ma entered the Wenhua Hall to report, “Report to the emperor, the Second Prince, and the Third Prince requests an audience.”

  The sons are here, so they must be seen.

  Emperor Yongjia said casually: “Announce them to come in.”

   Eunuch Ma coughed and replied in a low voice, “His Royal Highness the Second Prince and His Royal Highness the Third Prince have important matters respectively, and would like to see the Emperor alone.”

  Emperor Yongjia: “…”

  The brats are still wet behind their ears, but they’re quite the schemers!

  Emperor Yongjia thought for a while, then sat back: “Well, let’s call in one by one.”

   Eunuch Ma opened his mouth to answer, and was about to withdraw when he heard Emperor Yongjia say again: “Call Third Prince Xuan first.”

   Eunuch Ma was taken aback for a moment and quickly exchanged glances with Eunuch Liu.

   The Second Prince’s remarks in the morning really annoyed Emperor Yongjia. Therefore, Emperor Yongjia deliberately called the Third Prince first and gave a snub to the Second Prince.

   After a while, Li Hao, the third prince, stepped into the hall and saluted: “Er Chen has seen the Royal Father.”

   As a father, there is no reason not to love his son. The five fingers have different lengths, but they are all his own.

  Emperor Yongjia said with a smile: “Don’t have to follow protocol, get up.”

   Li Hao said respectfully, “Thank you, Father,” and then stood up straight.

   “You came to see me on purpose, do you have something to ask me?”

   Confronting his son in private, Emperor Yongjia didn’t put on the stance of the emperor. At this time, Emperor Yongjia was like all the fathers in the world, with a little connivance in his gentle smile: “Just open your mouth, and I will support you and call the shots.”

  Li Hao felt a surge of heat in his heart.

   Yes, as a son, it is only right and proper to ask his father if you wanted something.

   “Your Majesty, Er Chen is asking for something.” A dark red flashed across Li Haojun’s face, and his tone was firm: “My son has a favorite girl, I beg the father to marry her.”

  Emperor Yongjia suddenly became interested and asked with a smile, “Which girl did you like? Tell me.”

  Li Hao’s eyes gleamed: “The daughter of King Xingyang, Lu Mingyu.” Without waiting for Emperor Yongjia to ask questions, he took the initiative to talk about the relationship that was two years ago.

Emperor Yongjia also fell in love when he was young. Looking at his son’s gleaming eyes, he smiled and said, “I already know what you said. However, when it comes to granting marriage, we must first ask what King Xingyang wants. You go back first and wait until I ask.”

  Li Hao didn’t expect things to go so smoothly. He was overjoyed. He immediately knelt down and kowtowed three times: “Thank you Father for your grace.”

  Emperor Yongjia laughed: “Okay, let’s step back first!”

  Li Hao left with brisk steps.

   After a while, the Second Prince was summoned into the Wenhua Hall.

  The Second Prince bowed his hands in a salute, elegant and impeccable.

   As soon as he saw that handsome and jade-like calm face, Emperor Yongjia’s suppressed anger surged in his heart, and his voice sank slightly: “You want to see me, what’s the matter?”

  The Second Prince raised his eyes: “Er Chen wants to ask the emperor to give him a marriage.”

  Emperor Yongjia: “…”

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