Phoenix Hairpin
Phoenix Hairpin Chapter 28: Marriage (2)

The Second Prince did not miss the surprise in Emperor Yongjia’s eyes.

   It seems that Li Hao has already asked his father first.

  The Second Prince thought calmly, smiled, and said, “Royal Father doesn’t want to know who is Er Chen’s favorite?”

Emperor Yongjia calmed down and said with a smile: “If you don’t say it, I can guess it. I remember that there is a granddaughter in Qiao Xiang’s family who is one year younger than you. She often comes to the palace to accompany your mother. I have seen her a few times. You can call Qiao Wan…”

   “Father has misunderstood.” The Second Prince interrupted Emperor Yongjia abruptly: “I have never had any romantic feelings for my cousin Qiao Wan, but only a relationship between cousins. The girl I admire in my heart is someone else.”

  Emperor Yongjia suppressed his displeasure when his words were interrupted, and asked with a casual smile, “Oh? Which girl do you like?”

  The Second Prince replied respectfully, “The one whom my son admires is the daughter of King Xingyang, Fourth Miss Lu.”

  Emperor Yongjia: “…”

  Emperor Yongjia was shocked, almost thinking he heard it wrong: “What did you say? Say it again, which girl do you admire?”

   The handsome face of the Second Prince showed the shyness of a young man’s love for the first time: “Father, Er Chen wants to marry Lu Mingyu, the fourth young lady of the Xingyang Palace, as his wife.”

  Emperor Yongjia suddenly got up, and his dragon eyes stared at the Second Prince: “Li Jing! Do you know what you are talking about!”

  The two brothers came to ask for marriage with Fourth Miss Lu from the Xingyang Palace at the same time!

   Such absurd things, if it spreads out, will there be any face left for the royal family?

  The two brothers will be separated from each other over this.

   He will never allow his son to turn against each other for a woman!

  Invisible coercion, like Mount Tai, pressed on the Second Prince.

   The Second Prince felt a little lost, and asked with confusion in his eyes: “Why did the Royal Father suddenly get angry? Is there something wrong with what the son just said?”

   After all, what kind of bad intentions can a teenager who wants to marry his sweetheart have?

“Do you know why your third brother came to see me just now?” The anger in Emperor Yongjia’s dragon eyes was gathering and brewing bit by bit as if a storm was approaching: “A Hao has someone he likes, and came to ask for a marriage. Coincidentally, his crush is the Fourth Miss Lu you mentioned!”

   The Second Prince seemed to have suffered a heavy blow, his face suddenly turned white, he took a step back subconsciously, and his voice trembled slightly: “How is it possible! This is absolutely impossible!”

   Seeing the Second Prince panicking, the anger in Emperor Yongjia’s heart finally cooled down a little. However, his doubts were not removed, and he still stared at the Second Prince: “I am also very confused. When did you meet Fourth Miss Lu? When did you fall in love?”

  The Second Prince calmed down and replied in a low voice, “My father really misunderstood. I have never seen Fourth Miss Lu before.”

   “The King of Xingyang is mighty and heroic, his army is extremely strict, and he has won many battles. Lu Fei, the son of the King of Xingyang, is also a young warrior. Er Chen admires the King of Xingyang, so he wants to marry the daughter of the King of Xingyang as his consort.”

   This reason is understandable.

   As a prince, there is nothing wrong with wanting to marry the daughter of a famous general of the Great Wei and marry into the family of a military general with military power.

  The only surprise was that both sons fell in love with Lu’s daughter.

  Emperor Yongjia’s anger subsided a little again and waved his hand angrily: “Forget it, you must not disclose this to anyone. Even if your mother asks, you can’t talk nonsense.”

The Second Prince could not be any more honest and calm at this time: “Yes, Er Chen will follow the father’s order and will never talk about it to anyone.” After a pause, he said hesitantly: “Father, Er Chen takes the liberty to ask a question. Both Er Chen and the third brother fell in love with Fourth Miss Lu, I don’t know what the royal father’s plan is…”

   He even has the audacity to ask!

   “Get out!” Emperor Yongjia was the emperor who immediately attacked the world. He couldn’t hold back his temper and shouted angrily, “Get out now!”

 He picked up a paperweight and threw it.

  The Second Prince has been practicing martial arts since he was a child, and his skills were as good as those of his brothers. The jade paperweight fell to the ground with a thud, breaking into two pieces.

   Dare to hide!

  Emperor Yongjia was furious in his heart, and his eyes swept away, this time he reached out and took a vase that was half a person tall…

   The Second Prince’s scalp tightened, and without thinking, he turned and ran.

  The beautiful vase flew over the air and smashed to pieces behind the Second Prince. The shards flew horizontally, and a few shards splashed onto the legs of the Second Prince, causing a slight sting.

  The second prince did not say a word and flashed out of the Wenhua Hall quickly. The anger of Emperor Yongjia could be heard behind him.

   The guards of the Imperial Army who were guarding outside the hall looked over in surprise.

  The Second Prince changed his appearance in an instant, slowed down, and walked forward gracefully and slowly. That demeanor was absolutely worthy of the words “Pleasant Gentleman”.

  The sky was completely dark.

   A crescent moon hung in the sky, and a few stars twinkled in the sky. The cool spring breeze blew, like a soft willow branch gently brushing the face.

   All the expressions of the Second Prince melted into the darkness. Only those deep black eyes shone with unpredictable light.


  Emperor Yongjia was really angry, blushing and panting heavily, anger flashing in his eyes, his chest heaving up and down.

  The servants stepped forward to clean up the mess.

   Eunuch Liu used his courage and stepped forward to appease him: “Your Majesty, please calm your anger! His Royal Highness the Second Prince is gentle, courteous and filial, humble and filial, and it is definitely not his intention to anger the Emperor…”

  Emperor Yongjia snorted angrily: “You don’t need to speak for that bastard! If he is filial, why did he hide just now?”

   Eunuch Liu said in a low voice: “The small stick will be accepted, and the big stick has to be avoided. The emperor was angry just now. If His Highness didn’t hide, he would be really hurt. In the end, won’t it be the emperor who feels distressed and blames himself?”

  Emperor Yongjia sneered and glanced at Eunuch Liu: “What benefits did the Second Prince promise you, that you speak for him everywhere today?”

   Liu Gonggong can become the confidant of the emperor because he had his own advantages. He replied respectfully: “The slave is born to be the Emperor’s person after death is the emperor’s ghost, and only has the emperor in his heart. No matter who promises benefits, the slave will not accept it.”

   “The servants are so sorry for the emperor, your majesty has been busy all day, and hasn’t even eaten hot food, and now feels so angry.”

   “The emperor is still angry in his heart, so he will use the servants to vent his anger. Don’t get angry and ruin the Dragon body.”[1]in ancient China, the Emperor was considered to be a dragon among men

  Emperor Yongjia was so agitated that he stretched his leg and kicked Eunuch Liu: “Old bastard slave!”

   He however restrained his strength while kicking.

   Otherwise, with the strength of Emperor Yongjia, Eunuch Liu was afraid that he would be kicked out.

   Eunuch Liu didn’t move. He took the kick and smiled at him: “Your Majesty, calm down! The servant will send a letter to the Yanxi Palace, and ask the concubine to prepare some of the emperor’s favorite food.”

  Emperor Yongjia’s tightly wrinkled brows stretched out.

   Eunuch Ma on the side got a look from Eunuch Liu and quietly retreated.

  Emperor Yongjia calmed down and ordered, “Let’s go to the Yanxi Palace!”


1 in ancient China, the Emperor was considered to be a dragon among men

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