Phoenix Hairpin
Phoenix Hairpin Chapter 29: Inquiry

The next day was the great court meeting, all the civil and military officials gathered in the Golden Throne Hall.

  Emperor Yongjia, dressed in a dragon robe, was majestic and unpredictable. Besides the dragon chair, there were four more young figures in bright yellow prince uniforms.

  The eldest prince and the second prince stood on each side, the third prince stood beside the eldest prince, and the fourth prince stood beside the second prince.

   In the previous great court meeting, only the eldest prince entered the court to listen to the government. Today, the second prince, the third prince, and the fourth prince suddenly showed up, which means it is worth pondering!

   Standing at the head of the civil servants was the first assistant, Qiao Ge Lao.

  Qiao Ge is over fifty years old, and he had a beautiful beard, which is the favorite of the civil servants, and he was very elegant.

   Old Qiao’s gaze swiveled around the face of the second prince, and there was some doubt in his heart.

  What happened in the palace can’t be concealed from those who care. After the second prince returned to the palace, his words were careless and angered Emperor Yongjia. Therefore, today, several princes appeared together in the Golden Palace.

   In doing so, he was free-spirited but also cautious. It really doesn’t look like the second prince’s behavior…

  A series of thoughts flashed through Old Qiao Ge’s heart, but he didn’t reveal it at all.

   The daughter is the queen, and the grandson is the prince. The Qiao family is the most loyal supporter of the second prince.

  The second prince is the only direct son of the emperor. As long as there is no major mistake, the position of the prince belongs to the second prince, and no one can take it away.

   Standing at the head of the generals was Lu Lin, the king of Xingyang.

   Lu Lin glanced over the handsome face of the third prince, Li Hao, and the words his daughter had said echoed in his mind… Not to annoy the emperor, but also to reject the marriage.

 That was indeed difficult.

   Next, it’s up to him.

   After reading sentimental books for more than ten years, it can finally come in handy.


  Because the Emperor led his troops away, the last great court meeting was last year. At the Great Court today, hundreds of officials scrambled to sing their praises and beat the dragon’s fart.

  Emperor Yongjia was relieved to hear this, and the depression in his heart was swept away.

   As for the princes, there is basically no chance to speak today, so they just stood by and listened.

  After the end of the great court meeting, Emperor Yongjia asked several important ministers to join him for lunch.

   Among them, the civil officials included the first assistant and the second assistant and several ministers, and among the generals, there were the Prince of Xingyang, the Prince of Guangping, the Hou of Puyang, and others. It is a great honor for the ministers to have a meal with the Emperor.

  All the ministers bowed their hands together and thanked heaven.

   Eunuch Liu, who came to deliver the decree, said with a smile: “The emperor has an order, asking King Xingyang to please go to the Wenhua Hall to meet with the Emperor.”

Here it comes!

  Lu Lin should be holding hands, walking under the unhappy eyes of Puyang Hou, Hou of Guangping.

  The Marquis of Guangping is the self-proclaimed number one general of the Great Wei Dynasty, he was a confidant of the emperor, but he is always dissatisfied with King Xingyang who came to defect halfway. Why can King Xingyang be crowned king in one fell swoop? Why is the King of Xingyang the most powerful? Why did King Xingyang fight so fiercely?

   Forget the first two.

The last thought showed how petty  Hou Guangping was.

   Puyang Hou was also not so happy in his heart.

   He is the nephew of Empress Dowager Zhao’s direct relative and is a cousin to Emperor Yongjia. Before the previous dynasty died, the Li family was a hero. The Zhao family also has soldiers and generals, and the two cousins ​​are on an equal footing. Speaking of which, Li Yuan, his cousin, had to give him a few points.

   Later, the Li family raised the flag and established a new dynasty. Li Yuan became the emperor, and his cousin became the Marquis of Puyang, and there were differences between rulers and ministers. The Zhao family also became a vassal of the Li family.

  The Marquis of Guangping relied on his military merits and kept pressing the Zhao family. When King Xingyang came, the Zhao family had to retreat. The Great Wei was very honorable, and the Zhao family could only rank third.

   Was it not enough to be angry?

  It is natural that he didn’t find King Xingyang pleasing to his eyes!

   “The emperor summoned King Xingyang alone, I don’t know what it was for.” Puyang Hou’s mind was active, and he said something casually.

The Marquis of Guangping smiled calmly and said, “His Majesty has great talents and great ambitions. He has just attacked two cities, and I am afraid that he will be thinking about the land of Yan and Chu again. He summoned King Xingyang, and he must have wanted to inquire and discuss this.”

  Marquis Puyang’s eyes flashed, and he lowered his voice: “If this is the important matter to discuss, it should be you. How is it King Xingyang? In my heart, I feel sorry for you.”

The Marquis of Guangping glanced at Marquis Puyang, who had the word “provocation” written all over his face, and replied without a smile, “In terms of intimacy, I can’t match your Marquis Puyang! It’s not fair for the Marquis of Puyang!”

  The Marquis of Puyang hummed and said hypocritically: “Speaking of which, you and I are also in-laws around the corner. We have known each other for several years. We should get closer to one another.”

  The Marquis of Guangping smiled and said, “The Marquis of Puyang is the natal family of the Empress Dowager, and Lord Hou is the nephew of the Empress Dowager and the emperor’s cousin. Our Meng family is no match for the Zhao family.”

   “You say that, I’m really ashamed.” Puyang Hou immediately picked up the words: “If I say it in front of others, it’s nothing to brag about myself. In front of you, how good can I be? Ashamed and ashamed!”

   Guangping Hou and Puyang Hou talked more and more speculatively, and the more they talked, the more intimate they became. From the bottom of my heart, they spit each other in unison.


On the other side, Qiao Ge was also thinking about the intention of the emperor to suddenly summon King Xingyang.

  The Ministry of Works Jin Shangshu and Qiao Ge Lao have quite a personal relationship, and they whispered a few words beside Qiao Ge Lao. Qiao Ge was calm and shook his head slightly.

   The head of the Ministry of Households and the head of Yushang of the Ministry of Personnel gathered together and whispered in a low voice.

   Of course, no matter how people guess, it is impossible to guess the real reason.


  Lu Lin stepped into the Wenhua Hall, clasped his fists, and saluted: “Your general Lu Lin has seen the emperor.”

  Emperor Yongjia stepped down from the dragon chair himself, smiled, and stretched out his hand to help Lu Lin up: “There are no outsiders here, so there is no need to do this humbly. Come, come and sit down, I will talk to you as if we are at home.”

  Emperor Yongjia was cordial and casual, with no airs at all.

  The previous dynasty died, and heroes everywhere rose up. Li Jiang stood out of all and won most of the country, which shows the power of Emperor Yongjia. What is even more commendable is Emperor Yongjia’s virtuous corporal and his high trust in his confidants.

  Lu Lin led the army to defect back then, and he was indeed a famous general who had to meet the master of Great Wei.

   Lu Lin felt a little warm in his heart, thanked him with his hands, and sat down under Emperor Yongjia.

  Emperor Yongjia sighed first: “My sons and daughters are all debts from previous lives. I will not hide from you. I called you here today for the sake of my sons and daughters.”

  My two sons, both sons, are in love with your daughter.

   These words, no matter how thick-skinned Emperor Yongjia was, he couldn’t say.

   But, this kind of thing can’t be dragged on, lest there be many brothers in the daily dream, it is better to cut the mess with a quick knife.

  Emperor Yongjia calmed down and was about to continue speaking when Lu Lin suddenly sighed: “When the emperor talks about his sons and daughters, he really pokes the heart of the minister. There are some words that are stuck in my heart, and I have to say them out”

  Lu Lin was wearing battle armor and a big beard, and his silver gun was covered with blood like a God of War alive.

   At this moment, the tiger’s eyes suddenly turned red, and there was a faint choking in his voice. Shocking indeed!

  Emperor Yongjia was startled and blurted out: “If you have something to say, it’s okay to say it!”

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